My vote: Give Auburn the ’04 title

With the news that USC has been officially stripped of the 2004 BCS title, much discussion is hitting the airwaves about who the rightful owner of the title for that year should be.

I say give it to the Auburn Tigers. Make them the rightful 2004 BCS champs.

Remember, this is a program that will gladly back into any distinction of significance on any level and hoist the flag to celebrate.

It’s a program that clearly was in on the bidding for Cam Newton, the biggest prostitute to ever hit college football.

It’s a fanbase that received collective whiplash from looking the other way from the clear reasoning “the streak” ever occured. There hasn’t been more ignorance displayed since doubters surfaced following the first lunar landing.

It’s a program that stole the “All In” phrase from Clemson’s Dabo Swinney.

It’s a fanbase that quickly passed over last year’s Arkansas game, when the official awarded the hogs a fumble recovery, then mysteriously, a touchdown.

It’s a program that made fun of our statues, only to be discovered they planned their own in March 2010, two months after Bama began plans for its fifth.

So what’s one more cheap distinction to a cheap program? Give it to them.

Forget that the Tigers were just one among four unbeatens to finish their regular seasons unscathed that year.

It won’t happen, however. The BCS has clearly stated its intentions to leave the title vacated for that year. But it won’t stop the Aubiots from flapping their gums.

Just another reason that Auburn football is the equivalent of an airbrush t-shirt stand at the beach. Cheap, and of very low quality.

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  1. 1

    Coming from an Alabama fan, this just shows how tasteless some Bama fans are. People like you are the reason we are nationally known as a bunch of classeless fools that have nothing to do but hate on others instead of taking pride in the things the Crimson Tide have accomplished. You are an idiot

  2. 2

    Its funny how you say something about Auburn willing to back into distinction when you obviously dont have a clue about the Tide’s history. Many of our so called “National Championships” were retroactively awarded to us. But we have no problem claiming them all. Say what you want about me. Im a Bama fan to the heart but Im smart enough to know when to keep my mouth shut or when to speak the truth. And the truth is you are a tiny little man that needs to down others to make yourself seem relevant.

  3. 3

    First of all, Robert, give it up. We all know you aren’t an Alabama fan. But as an Auburn fan, I don’t want it. I would rather the team win it on the field. Not have it awarded years later by some dubious organization known as the “Football Thesaurus…”

  4. 4


    Give me a break. You are in no matter, shape, or form, a Bama man. Stop jerking off to Chizik’s square jaw.

    If AUburn was awarded the National Title, it would just have to be taken away again because there is an on-going NCAA investigation on 3 players from that 2004 team. You think the BCS wants 2 eggs thrown in their face? That’s EXACTLY what my source in the field told me.

    Additionally, Auburn had a SOFT non-conference schedule that year. THE SEC SChedule does not count. The Non-conference schedule was ATROCIOUS. The CITADEL??!! PLEASE

  5. 6

    Yeah Robert, we all know there arent any decent Alabama fans in the world. Just arrogant assholes living vicariously through someone elses accomplishment.

  6. 7

    Whadda Joke!!! Bama fans claiming that Auburn fans want the 2004 MNC retroactively. This coming from a fanbase that has given their “University” a pass for falsely claiming 13 championships.

    Here’s my answer to a Bammer’s “GOT 13?” T shirt…………..

    NO …I don’t have 13, I have all of my teeth, but I do see that you only “GOT 13”.

  7. 8

    Obviously, Hoopie has never traveled through the Black Belt, or Montgomery, heck, backwards ass Lee County to see the pride and joy of the dentally challenged Auburn fanbase. In fact, Chizik is missing teeth too?!

    Typical Auburn HYPOCRITE

  8. 9
    C Hammah


  9. 10

    Some Auburn fans say they don’t want the 04 NC; they would rather win it on the field. I say….”no you would rather buy one.” ANYONE with common sense knows that Auburn paid Cam Newton and he was ineligible the whole season. Not to mention the “famous four” that confirmed what we’ve known all along. When it’s all said and done, AU won’t have the 2010 National Championship either.

  10. 11

    You guys might want to take a look at the link below before you say any more.

    Some of my personal favorite quotes:

    “Atcheson said that in the 1983 media guide, he added the five pre-Bryant national titles now listed — 1925, 1926, 1930, 1934 and 1941. Taylor Watson, curator at the Bryant Museum in Tuscaloosa, said it was actually the 1986 media guide.

    This much is certain: The 1982 media guide, the last for Bryant, lists 1934 as the only pre-Bryant national championship, adding it in a footnote of Alabama’s SEC history. In the year-by-year results in the ’82 media guide, only Bryant’s six national titles were listed.”

    If you click on the rings at the bottom of the page (“The quest for the 13th title), you have these great facts:

    1925 – “The eight rankings that now list Alabama at No 1 that year all made those decisions retroactively…”

    1926 – “The Crimson Tide received five No. 1 rankings retroactively… The only active poll system at the time ranked Stanford No 1.”

    1930 – “The Crimson Tide is recognized by four ranking systems as No. 1 – but again, all of those came retroactively.”

    1941 (my personal favorite) – Despite Minnesota (8-0) being widely recognized as the undisputed NC in 12 rankings, including the AP, Alabama with a 9-2 record, 3rd place finish in the SEC, and a final AP ranking of No. 20 still claims the title. You really have to read the entire description on the web page to really appreciate had ridiculous this claim is (e.g., MSU beat UA 14-0 and finished 8-1-1/SEC champion, but Bama somehow thinks they deserve the NC).

    I’m tempted to say more about the controversy surrounding some of the other claimed championships, but I will withhold comments for now. The thing I don’t understand is why Bama folks feel the need to embellish their team’s record. By any measure, Bama has an impressive resume. Yet, for some reason the university and its fans feel compelled to exaggerate the truth… and then point fingers at Auburn and its fans for even considering the idea of claiming a NC for an undefeated 2004 season. You guys like to say Auburn fans are hypocrites, well, it’s time to look in the mirror folks.

  11. 12

    how you guys think you are more relevant than any other major program in the country is truly, truly, beyond me.
    It takes some real insecurity, or stupidity, or both, to keep claiming, despite a 9-3 season, that you are the ‘biggest school in the country’
    you wont win it this year, you wont win it next year, and you may win it once in the next decade, but then again, so will every other sec team.

  12. 13

    did i mention that you were preseason #1?
    that had to hurt. and it will hurt again.
    you guys should really stop abusing yourselves…
    and before you say im “trolling your site”, if you write a creepy stalking auburn story it pops up on our daily auburn search to find the latest new, but you deviants love that sht dont you

  13. 14

    It must suck to be an Auburn fan, especially FYI and Barner who get up in the WEE WEE HOURS OF THE MORNING to dispute Bama’s five pre-Bryant National Championships just because you’re jealous of Bama’s winning tradition. Seriously?!:) Both you guys are posting at 1-2AM this stuff?:) it is obvious you guys have Alabama on your mind 24/7, and are really trying to impress the Alabama fans. Are you guys the same person? LOL

    Nobody on here gives a crap what a no-good, white trash Auburn fan(s) think about them. Seriously dumb asses? You’re on a RIVAL website at 1-2AM!?:) GET A LIFE. Auburn’s about to be screwed, and I have a front row seat

  14. 17

    TN- down
    Ohio state-down
    Who’s next? Au or Oregon? Based on timeline from start date of the above investigations, AU is next. Only hold up may be the pending bingo trial. A representative from the NCAA will be at the trial.

  15. 18

    That’s right RC, Scott, and Duckhunter… When cornered, call people names and make accusations. Here’s the reality: you guys make fun of Auburn POTENTIALLY claiming a retrospective NC, so I pointed out your hypocrisy. Honestly, I’m not at all surprised you guys failed to respond to the content of my post… What in the world could you possibly say?

  16. 19

    FYI, I have seen with my own eyes, Bama win 4 National Championships, and Auburn only one. So you still lose. Add in the 6 that Bryant won, on the field, and that is 10, compared to your one. So, we know FOR A FACT there is at least a 10:1 ratio of National Championships between Bama and Auburn. Your argument is stupid. And I don’t care if you want to claim 2004 as a national championship. That is for you guys to live with. I know when you are desperate to catch up with Bama in tradition and history, you will grasp at anything. So go ahead, claim 2004. Maybe say you split it with Oklahoma even. We are still ahead by 8. And you are still a loser trolling a Bama site, so nothing really changes much.

  17. 20


    The facts that were provided by the NYT article and the public relations guy cited in the article seem to suggest something very different from you “facts”.

    BTW, this seems to be another tactic commonly employed by you guys. When name calling and accusations dont work, you change the subject. You’ll notice that I never suggested that AU has as many or more NCs, and I even acknowledged that UA has a lot, regardless of how they are counted. My point, which you seem to be trying to avoid, is that you (Bama fans) can’t point fingers at AU fans for considering counting a retrospective NC when you guys have done it at least 4 times.

    The fact that this seems to be very upsetting to Bama fans is very telling.

  18. 21

    I didn’t point a finger, goofy, I said claim it by all means if it makes you feel good. I don’t care at all, I promise you. And you are quoting a NYT article? Then all the cheating allegations they have leveled at AUBURN must be equally valid, right? Please, you are just another obsessed Auburn cult member, with the little-big man syndrome trait that you all carry. You can’t change the past, no matter how many times Bear Bryant beat Auburns ass. Saban will be doing the same this year, in the present, so just get used to it. You had your day in the sun, the Cinderella story is over. Now sit down and shut up and watch Bama get the respect and the glory that you guys have always hated Bama for.

  19. 22

    You can’t change the past, but you can revise it. And that is what Williamson and the Football Thesaurus did.

  20. 23

    Just like the NCAA will do to the 2010 season for Auburn if they are not as clean as the Virgin Mary.

  21. 24

    But you guys claim that 2004 trophy, just because you say Bama did it too. That figures. For a bunch of idiots who hate Bama so much, y’all sure are trying to be just like them for some reason.

  22. 25

    FYI, what facts??!!

    We claim 13 National Championships while the NCAA RECOGNIZES 4 MORE THAT WE DON’t CLAIM!!! WHAT IS YOUR POINT?! YOU GOT UP AT THE CRACK OF DAWN TO SPAR WITH ALABAMA FANS. WHAT IS THAT?! OBSESSION MAYBE. LOL. Speaking of hypocrites, Auburn people are the biggest white-trash hypocrites of all. YOu sold your soul for Cam Newton, kiss Obama butt today, yet you still want to talk about the Auburn Creed? I wiped my @$$ on that last night and stuck it in my neighbor’s Auburn mailbox.

  23. 26

    It’s okay RC, let them claim 2004. I call dibs on 1966. Seriously, it is the past. Which is all Auburn will be able to cheer about during the course of this season.

    Myself, I can’t wait for the season to start this year. FYI and the other Auburn goons here can argue all they want about the past glory of Auburn, I am looking forward to the continued rise of Bama under Sabans leadership. Bama will make a believer out of Auburn this season.

  24. 27


    there are a number of Auburn fans who have tickets that don’t even go inside their stadium on gameday when Alabama is on television. They watch the Tide from their tailgate set ups. How Pathetic is that?

  25. 28

    FYI:your pissing off a lot of Notre Dame and Michigan fans you know,downgrading their retro titles and all.Simmer down son,we won Rose Bowls before you were a twinkle in you daddy’s ugly mug.

  26. 29


    Auburn people don’t understand MEANINGFUL traditions like Alabama, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Penn State, and other “qualified” teams who claim titles before the AP Polls. Look at Ohio State’s banner next time in a sporting goods store. They claim 11 National Championships and so does Notre Dame!! However, you have to expect that from a fanbase who values dead oaks over human life. I think Auburn fans still crap on Bryant’s gravesite annually

  27. 30

    Auburn’s great traditions:
    1. Rolling trees with TP
    2. Dressing up in blackface and klan robes at frat parties
    3. Revering known cheaters, like Pat Dye and Bobby Lowder
    4. Re-writing the past with each passing decade.
    5. Living in the shadow of Big Brother Bama
    6. Conspiracy theories for each decade
    7. SEC leader for NCAA major violations
    8. Hating on Bama more than rooting for Auburn
    9. Believing Auburn is the bastion for everything good in the world, and Bammers are Nazis
    10. All In with the cult mentality known as being in the Awbun Fambly.

    Bamas Traditions:
    1. Winning
    2. Championships
    3. Bear Bryant
    4. Looking down our noses at little sister Auburn
    5. High Expectations every year (not just beating Auburn)
    6. Filling the stadium for every home game
    7. Supporting our team through good times and bad times
    8. Filling the stadium for A-Day
    9. Winning with class on the field
    10. Having more rivalries than any other SEC team (you know why)

  28. 32

    All I remember about Auburn is them being a middle of the pack SEC team for the majority of their existence, at least in my lifetime anyway. Nowhere close to seeing them win 4 national championships, like I have seen Bama do. Since SEC divisional play, how many times has Auburn made to the SECCG? twice? Or is it three? I know Bama has made it 7 times. So Bama has won the west twice as much as Auburn, just in recent history.

  29. 33

    Not to mention that overall Bama has won the SEC 3 times as much as Auburn (22-7).

    9-3 on a rebuilding year after a National Championship is going to look fantastic compared to 5-7 on a rebuilding year after a National Championship, like Auburn is likely facing this year. Bama will improve their record from last year, most likely. And that improvement will have them in the mix for yet another National Championship run. Amazing, isn’t it?

  30. 34

    Nick Fairley Incident at the White House

    WASHINGTON, DC – May 8, 2011: It was smiles all around for the Auburn football team during a meeting today with President Obama in the White House. But things appeared to change abruptly for Detroit Lions and former Auburn DL Nick Fairley soon after leaving the reception.
    Team mates were seen pulling on Fairley’s shoulders and jacket sleeves to get him on the team bus, as Fairley appeared demonstrably upset, swinging his arms in an apparent attempt to break their grasp and loudly cursing as he exited the grounds. Auburn officials have denied that any incident occurred, and specifically denied that Fairley had to be ushered away by fellow players. The Secret Service commented that, “at no time was the President’s safety in any question. The situation was well in hand.”
    However, sources close to the team, speaking on the condition of anonymity, have indicated that the problem arose when Fairley took his turn to shake the President’s hand as the team exited the White House. Sources say that Fairley stared at Mr. Obama in shocked silence during the handshake, and then moments later flew into a rage to the point of being restrained by team mates.
    According to sources, Fairley’s anger erupted when he realized that this was the first time in his sports career than anyone in a suit had shaken his hand WITHOUT slipping him several hundred dollars of cash.
    Fairley’s agent declined to comment on this report. Repeated calls to the Auburn Sports Information Office seeking comment on this report were not returned. Auburn Head Coach Emeritus, Pay Dye did comment to the report, stating, “Keep it down home, Cuz!”.

  31. 35

    Bama wins the MNC and goes to meet the Prez ..that’s cool.

    auburn does the same and you jealous fools have to make up some deragatory myth.

    Is your self esteem so bad that you always have to make something up about Auburn just to make yourself feel better?

    Phyllis the Psychologist would day ..yes

  32. 36

    I thought it was pretty funny, and well done Slamma. Hoopie just likes to obsess and compare Bama and Auburn all the time, only to get slapped down pretty hard every time. We all know that there is no comparison, but that don’t stop Hoopie from trying!

  33. 37

    I don’t think Hoopity understands that Auburn University, Newton, and Fairley stand for everything that is wrong about college football whether it be about cheating or unsportsman-like play

  34. 39

    Boy, talk about just plain old stupidity. It doesnt matter to me what they do with the 04 trophy. We got left out and thats cool. If anybody should have gotten it, it would be Oklahoma, even though they did get their asses handed to them. But I cant get over the glaring fact of who is NOT in the discussion to get it.

  35. 40

    I heard one reason why Auburn could not get it retroactively is because it could have gotten it taken away too since McClover and Reddick have opened up the statute of limitations for investigations! Just think about the scandal. USC vacates it, Auburn gets it by default, then they have to give it back too!!! Daggers!!! SCANDALOUS

  36. 42

    I agree with you FBJ. Shocking I know. It is really a pointless debate at this point. It just doesn’t seem the same as actually winning them on the field. I know Bama has had some that were retro actively awarded, but I wasn’t there, I don’t care as much about the debate on those as the 4 that I have actually seen won on the field. But if Auburn wants to actively campaign for it, it just makes them look pretty bad in my eyes, and the 2004 Auburn team doesn’t even need that recognition to know what happened that year. They will always be part of a historical Auburn team, that achieved that rare greatness of having a perfect season.

  37. 43


    what scandal? That crap was a desperate attempt by some Auburn loser to derail Alabama’s upcoming national championship run

  38. 44

    I know….that is why I put it into quotations “scandal” I just didn’t know if Tiger Insider idiot has said anything since. He isn’t still writing is he?

  39. 46

    Whore eagle,

    Yeah, he’s still writing from what I hear. Auburn people don’t punish liars or thieves. They pretend to be all “high” and “mighty” but you see where they let Cam Newton play, and how biased their fans are about all the damn cheating going on down there. I think it’s hilarious how the sports journalists in this state acted like Chizik instilled some discipline by “kicking” off Eric Smith and the 5 Trailer park robbers. Seriously, Auburn? They were going to be kicked out of school anyway. Bunch of dumb ass Auburn people

  40. 47

    A couple comments:

    1. Pluto, are you suggesting that national championships should be determined, to some extent, by records in previous seasons? Surely not. Don’t get me wrong, I think claiming retrospective titles is a bit sketchy (see previous posts), but to base it on a team’s previous season success is ridiculous.

    2. RC, Auburn people don’t punish liars and thieves? Instead, perhaps Auburn people wait for hard evidence rather than speculation, accusations from less than credible sources, and message board rumors. You would have us all believe that it is ok to serve as judge and jury even when you really don’t have all the evidence. Of course, if Bama was in the same situation, the entire fan base would have demanded that UA cancel the season and immediately institute self-imposed sanctions, right? I’m guessing that they would want to wait for concrete evidence before making that judgement. But of course, you said you have a “source”. LOL!!!!!

    3. Your statement about Eric Smith and the 4 robbers is absurd. So, the fact that AU kicked them off the team was not sufficient? Perhaps AU should have water boarded the guys. Or better yet, AU should have asked RC about his “source” so they could have predicted that the students would get into trouble before the events actually happened. I’ll tell you what, maybe next time AU should follow Saban’s example and give them all an ice cream cone.

  41. 48

    Let me respond FYI:

    1. The preseason polls are determined by the previous season. Out of all the retroactive titles Bama have, there was at least one organization that considered Bama to be champs…

    2. Auburn still treats people like Pat Dye, Bobby Lowder, Milton McGregor like royalty, so yeah, they don’t punish liars and thieves…

    3. The players that have been kicked off the team are proof of the type of players Auburn is willing to take a chance on, and that Auburn is willing to take big chances (See Cam). Hey you win some and you lose some, right?

  42. 49


    You obviously don’t get the point at all about the expelled players. Two-bit hacks like the biased Kevin Scumbinsky were saying Chizik was all discipline with Smith and the trailer park robbers, when, in fact, it wasn’t his choice. SECOND, the “ice cream” incident was from the 2006 Juwan Simpson incident with Mike Shula as coach. As always, CHECK YOUR FACTS. MOST of the players arrested in Saban’s first year were Shula players as well. THIRD, Auburn University and their redneck fans can no longer talk about ANY TEAM’S players after all the garbage Auburn football players

  43. 50

    You illiterate fools. Your Bama Reading Comprehension Classes have failed you again. I’m not comparing Auburn to Bama. I’m pointing out how your irrational bias has amplified your stoopidity.

  44. 51

    Chizik immediately kicked 3 players off the team for disrespecting a professor. Chizik immediately kicked the felonious 4 off the team for robbery. Chizik gave Smith several chances ..why, we don’t know.

    I don’t know ANY Auburn fans that like Lowder or McGregor. Yep …Auburn has taken their money in the past.

    Shall we now discuss the Bama shady contributors???? Shall we discuss how Paul Bryant Jr. has judges and insurance regulators in his pocket??

    The State of Alabama is full of corruption and that corruption unfortunately finds it’s way into the universities from time to time. Since graduating, I’ve lived in Georgia, Florida, Ohio and Arizona. Those states have corruption, but are squeeky clean compared to that State of Alabama.

  45. 52

    Has Paul Bryant Jr. ever been involved in a federal sting operation into Alabama politics? No. You say you don’t compare Bama and Auburn, but that is your answer to Lowder and McGregor. Not even a remote similarity. I didn’t ask if you like Lowder, McGregor, and yes, Pat Dye. They have all been involved in corruption at Auburn, yet the powers at Auburn have long accepted these guys as leadership inn the athletic department. And I agree with you, Chizik has kicked off a lot of trash from Auburn, that he recruited to start with. That is what I am telling you. Troopa is willing to take in the thug players, using street agents and cash and prizes, as long as the star rating is there. And y’all are blindly cheering him on. At Bama, y’all bitch about is Saban’s players transferring to get playing time, but Chizik kicks them off for being thugs, or they go to prison. Which way is better? When the hard times hit for Auburn this year, that thug mentality will be all you guys will embrace. Kind of like last year, but with more losses than wins. You will be extremely lucky to win 8-9 games this year. And that first loss is going to STING.

  46. 53


    Attacking the self esteem of someone you have never met for posting a joke on an Alabama board says alot about you.

    Go F yourself, Awbarn and your trees,


  47. 54

    BOTTOM LINE is that Chizik had no choice in the armed robber case. Its not like HE made the decision. The only football they’ll play is that prison yard type of football. THEY WERE expelled. Then he allows a piece of trash like Cam Newton and his pimp father into the school’s life. Yes, Cam is one of the best QB’s of all time, but Auburn has always “pretended” to stand for more for their criticism of Alabama’s perceived “win at all costs” mentality. They are nothing but white trash hypocrites

  48. 55

    Slamma me out here. Who, out of this bunch of cursing, foul rednecks, was joking?

    Identify the person and explain the joke. If that person admits that he has only joking all along and I attacked him, then I will apologize.

    This outta be good.

  49. 56


    I guess you think that Harvey Updyke is a saint.

    Oh wait!!! or we’re you “just joking” when you told me to go “F” myself and the Auburn trees.

    Did you even get out of the 5th grade? What an juvenile mentality.

  50. 57

    What’s even more “juvenile” is a stupid, white trash Auburn fan retorting to a “juvenile.” Guess what, Hoopie? We’re going to continue talking about that shithouse University until you and/or the rest of the fanbase go down to Auburn and DEMAND a clean program from Chizik and Jacobs. Since the probability of Auburn fans growing a conscience or the male Auburn fans growing a pair of balls, it looks like we’ll be sparring for a LONG time:)

  51. 59

    FYI we don’t give a shyt when they were published in the media guide, and we don’t give a shyt whether they were retroactive or not. That’s how it was done done and that’s how it came out. Most Bama fans wonder about ’41 too. who knows what criteria they used for that one. But regarding the pre ’41 championships, the Rose Bowl was considered the national championship game. The ’25 championship was won in the ’26 Rose Bowl – Bama 20 Wahhington 19. The ’26 championship was as much Bama’s as Stanford’s since we tied 7-7 in the ’27 Rose Bowl. We also won the ’30 championship by stomping Washington state in the ’31 Rose Bowl by 24-0. And we won the ’34 championship by beating Stanford 29-13 in the ’35 Rose Bowl and that still doesn’t account for the phucking we got in ’61 and ’78. So go jump off a cliff. RTR!

  52. 60

    Opps, typo. Meant the phucking we got in ’78 and ’66. Drop ’41 and add those 2 and we would have 14. But then we would be claiming unawarded championships. As it is, like ’em or not, the 13 we claim were awarded to us by at least one valid publication in every instance. And the dumbazz trying to deny us split championships is too stupid to realize that there have been many split championships the last one being LSU and USC. Not to mention Barnies only other championship was split with Ohio State and that one should have gone to the team that was not on major probation for buying players. Aww hell with it. Nobody gives a phuck what Barnturds think anyway! RTR!

  53. 61

    Maybe Auburn should just wait 50 years and decide to claim the ’04 title. Btw, its freakin hilarious that Updyke likes to call AU dirty when the mulls are the ones on probation. Wake me up when the PLOI arrives. Until then you all just sound like a bunch of jealous ####### who have had their ### handed to them by their main rival 7 out of the last 9 years. Add to it that Mr. 5-19 stole your false god’s thunder after just one year and the pain is close to unBEARable for you clowns. Now let the bragging about your granddaddy’s accomplishments begin.

  54. 63


    Since Mal Moore has been AD UAT has been placed on major probation 4 times. Seems you need to start a little closer to home when demanding accountability for a clean program.

  55. 64

    Spreading the myth. Mal Moore cleaned up the mess Brockrath created. Get your facts straight. Auburn has been on probation for major infractions more than any other team in the SEC.

    All the crap about Bama couldn’t have won a national championship because they lost the bowl game is crap. They awarded it before the bowl because that was the rule. Later they changed the rule, and Bama won it again by winning the bowl game. But the rules in place at the time were bowls games didn’t affect the national championship.

    The 1941 is iffy, even though they beat a good team in the bowl game.

    But the rest are legit, it is a myth you guys have come up with. Show me your proof, and I can show you proof that says otherwise.

    But I have seen, with my own eyes, Bama win 4 National Championships. How many have you seen Auburn win?

  56. 65

    “I say give it to the Auburn Tigers. Make them the rightful 2004 BCS champs.”


    This will set up an unprecedented future event-

    it will be the first time a college football team will forfeit *two* national championships (2004 & 2010) at the same time.

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