My vote: Give Auburn the ’04 title

With the news that USC has been officially stripped of the 2004 BCS title, much discussion is hitting the airwaves about who the rightful owner of the title for that year should be.

I say give it to the Auburn Tigers. Make them the rightful 2004 BCS champs.

Remember, this is a program that will gladly back into any distinction of significance on any level and hoist the flag to celebrate.

It’s a program that clearly was in on the bidding for Cam Newton, the biggest prostitute to ever hit college football.

It’s a fanbase that received collective whiplash from looking the other way from the clear reasoning “the streak” ever occured. There hasn’t been more ignorance displayed since doubters surfaced following the first lunar landing.

It’s a program that stole the “All In” phrase from Clemson’s Dabo Swinney.

It’s a fanbase that quickly passed over last year’s Arkansas game, when the official awarded the hogs a fumble recovery, then mysteriously, a touchdown.

It’s a program that made fun of our statues, only to be discovered they planned their own in March 2010, two months after Bama began plans for its fifth.

So what’s one more cheap distinction to a cheap program? Give it to them.

Forget that the Tigers were just one among four unbeatens to finish their regular seasons unscathed that year.

It won’t happen, however. The BCS has clearly stated its intentions to leave the title vacated for that year. But it won’t stop the Aubiots from flapping their gums.

Just another reason that Auburn football is the equivalent of an airbrush t-shirt stand at the beach. Cheap, and of very low quality.

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