Mike Slive puts lipstick on a pig

Despite the SEC’s latest action at its Spring Meetings, Mike Slive’s legacy remains one of disappointment. No amount of lipstick on a pig will conceal the fact that many SEC schools cheated during his watch. (Read here about the SEC’s action on oversigning.)

Oversigning is the least of the conference’s worries when it comes to cheating or bending the rules. The NCAA has looked at the University of Tennessee, LSU, and we know continues to probe Auburn’s recruiting practices. Instead of addressing the serious problems created by Slive’s bungling of the Cecil Newton/Cam Newton fiasco, or the allegations raised by the HBO Four about pay-for-play at an SEC institution, Mike Slive decided to focus his attention on roster management.

Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

Mike Slive studies depth charts while the SEC implodes under the weight of cheating.

Good job Mike.

The roster management issues will have some fallout; however, this will not have a profound impact on the traditional powers. This is far more important at the lower-tier programs—the schools who need the most help building or rebuilding.

The coaches did not want it, but Slive insisted.

Too bad he would not or could not insist on compliance with the established rules of the game.


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  1. 1
    Indiana Vol

    So what you are saying is Mike Slive is a lousy SEC Commish of the SEC because he has not caught anyone cheating. That would mean his predecessor, Roy Kramer, was a great Commish because he caught Alabama cheating under his watch.

  2. 2

    Slive is showing the classic symptons of “I want to retire but the oney is to good” syndrome . slive has worn out his stay and has become ineffective!!!!

  3. 3

    All this oversigning crap was to make up for the fact that he looked like a stooge for his mismanagement of the Cam Newton fiasco.

  4. 4

    Hey Indy. How’s those big girl panties fitting now ?
    I agree with the sentiment of the Post. Window Dressing. You have to manage your Roster. It is a Business. Anybody that thinks that this is something else – is naive.

  5. 5

    the definition of insanity………..

    when are these pencil necks gonna learn??? (rhetorical question)

    they’ve been cutting scholarships since the eighties, the cheating has only gotten worse. the expectation to win and win big has escalated, the need to criminalize the coaches by these geeks rises exponentially.

    the tighter you rachet down the schools numbers, the harder coaches are going to push the rule book envelope.

    i expect nick saban to push the rule book envelope. i don’t expect him to be an idiot about it.

    meet houston nut.

    remember what i said about houston nutt when he was hired at ole piss and everyone was singing his praises and prattling on about how he was going to turn the rubbles into a national championship contender. this guy has never been nothing more than a poor man’s barry switzer. his oversigning (blatant stupidity) pushed the geeks to act.

    recall what scholarship reductions were about in the beginning. it was to level the playing field between the haves and the have-nots.

    how’s that worked for you??? we currently operate under a system (the bcs) that effectively locks out the have-nots from championship competition. yet we hamstring sec coaches to make connecticut football “competitive”.

    scholarship restrictions doesn’t raise the level for have-not programs. it only drags the haves down. these fools are cutting the competitive legs from under sec programs across the board.

    slive says he’ll request the ncaa to adopt the rules changes across the board.

    good luck with that, doofus.

  6. 6

    I have to agree with FineBammer on this one…..They are turning the league into a Welfare state. Let’s try to bring everyone down to Vandy’s level (Football speaking), so they can have a chance to win more.

  7. 7

    Is Alabama currently on probation? Was that done during Slive’s tenure? Seems like Slive has taken care of the worst offender of the last 20 years – see Albert Means recruiting scandal.

  8. 8

    Alabama hasn’t been the problem. It is Auburn more than any other school right now. Auburn has been on SACs probations because of Lowder, and Lowder has been recognized as one of the most powerful and corrupt boosters in college football. And he isn’t the only corrupt booster. Milton McGregor, who has donated so much to Auburn has also been found to be corrupt. When you have so much corruption at the booster level as Auburn, it is not a stretch to say that Auburn runs their football program in a similar way, since these boosters have more direct control over the football program than the AD does. And this has been going on for years, so when it finally unravels, Auburn will have to pay the price. It is so funny to hear Auburns defense of running a dirty program, after bitching and moaning that Bammer cheats for 30 years now. You celebrated when Bama got in trouble, and now it is your turn. And all you got is, well, bammer did it too! And you wonder why you get no respect and everyone hates you.

  9. 9

    Is Alabama on probation? Has Mike Slive dealt with the worst offender in the last 20 years?

  10. 10

    Actually, on the list of who has committed the most major infractions, Auburn sits at number 3. Bama is not even in the top 20. Auburn, by far, is the worst offender in the SEC, and if any of the current investigations find any major infractions, Auburn could move to number one on the list. Congratulations!

  11. 11
    C Hammah

    bama is on a pizzy anty non competitive advantage text book probation …au is getting death like penalties for competitive advantage buying players by the millions

  12. 14

    Is the University of Alabama on probation? Was that probation issued under the watch of Mike Slive? Is the University of Alabama the most severly penalized program in the last 20 years in the SEC? Has Mike Slive dealt with the program with the biggest issues?

  13. 15

    I love how all AU fans pick and choose their information. “last 20 years”, “last 10 years”, “last 7 years”. How about the AU football program averages 1 arrest a month in 2011. That’s 6 this year for the simple.

  14. 16

    RIGHT NOW, Auburn is the team with the big issues. So Slive will have to deal with the biggest cheater in the history of the NCAA before long. No other team in the SEC is facing more accusations and recruiting so many scandalous players. Auburn is in a class all by themselves. You better hope that the NCAA don’t find a single shred of evidence. They are on a hunt, and Auburn, with their new shiny trophy, is the next target.

  15. 18
    Indiana Vol

    “Hey Indy. How’s those big girl panties fitting now ?”

    Now Pluto,
    Are we going to stoop to childish accusations?

  16. 19

    Wow ..the SEC makes changes to slow down “The Process” and make life more fair to the student athlete recruits and all “The Capstone” is worried about is that the SEC is being watered down? Easy there boys …your bias is showing again.

    By the way, ..I see that Petey Smith is transferring to JUCO. First ..he got processed into a grayshirt that he didn’t expect ..and now …pushed out the door. The Process is alive and well. Now Lil’ Nicky only has about 3-5 more to kick out the door and he’ll have room for all of those excess letters of intent he accepted on NSD.

    Why is this important you ask? Because all of the other SEC schools want recruits to be informed as to the full meaning of “The Process”. Ah….the information age ..isn’t it great!

    I see Brando is coming down to earth a little. At least he now says that “Auburn better hope the NCAA doesn’t find evidence, instead of “Auburn is going down because I heard it on the REC Grapevine”.

  17. 20

    The Process will not be derailed. These changes are going to hurt cheating programs (see Tennessee) and lower-tier programs more than elite schools like Florida or Alabama. Something you should recognize, every single coach in the SEC opposed these changes because they know it will only make it more difficult to get rid of players unwilling to do the work required to win at the highest level. Funny thing about academic scholarships—you better do the work or you won’t get to keep your scholarship. Why are athletic scholarships any different?

    The reality is that the NCAA continues to probe Auburn’s recruiting methods. Odds are Auburn will extend its lead as to NCAA probation.

  18. 21
    Indiana Vol


    You might want to re-think the “cheating programs (see Tennessee)” comment; you are a Bammer fan and Bammer has been in trouble with the NCAA a lot more than Tennessee over the past 20 years!

  19. 22

    Ummm ..academic scholly achievement is based on passing grades. Failing an academic scholly isn’t based on being one of the 22 starters on a team of 85 …and if you miss the top 22 academically, you might get cut.

    Athletic schollys are judged subjectively by the coach and are full of politics.

    By the way, Slive has stated that the SEC will petition the NCAA to adopt the new SEC rules. So let’s don’t worry about the SEC falling behind due to this. Here’s the article.


  20. 23

    Aw shucks Hoopie, I have been firmly grounded from the start. I am commenting on the ongoing investigations. You haven’t been told that they are over, but you seem to think so. But I see you are more worried about Sabans process than Auburns. You see, Auburn has over signed more than Bama over the past four years, so logic says it will affect Auburn a little more. I am not worried, Bama is still in better shape than you guys currently are. Better hope that probation doesn’t include scholarship reductions, because Auburn really would fall behind by years.

  21. 24

    Well ….keep on with “The Process” and we’ll keep pointing out those nasty and unfair tactics to all of the recruits.

    It is good to see that you aren’t trying to deny those tactics. That should mean that you don’t mind those being pointed out to recruits. The “shoved out the door” record being accumulated by $aban is really becoming large and easily understood by today’s media savvy recruits.

    This ain’t the old days when Bear got away with his disreputable tactics year after year just because Auburn had a gentleman coach. We can get the word out to the world easily and quickly now.

  22. 25

    Brando …we had 25 schollys availabel and signed 24 this past NSD. Bama had 13 schollys available and signed 23. we undersigned by 1 and you oversigned by 10.

    We had 75 kids on scholly last season …now exactly how did we oversign?

    THERE IS NO ACTIVE NCAA LETTER OF INQUIRY CONCERNING AUBURN. Keep on believing your little rumor mill. By the way, the REC is slipping. We haven’t seen any new Auburn cheating rumors lately.

  23. 27

    There is no rumor. It is the truth. If you deny the NCAA doesn’t have an investigation going on, you are fooling yourself. When they feel like they have the evidence they need, you will get your precious letter. Get that through your thick head. The investigations are still ongoing.


    Go there and see who is at the top of the list. Man, talk about being dumb and blind. Enjoy your 5-7 season.

  24. 30

    I already know the real story of Petey. He can’t cut the mustard and his brother is an Auburn THUG.

  25. 32

    Brando, you do realize that the tables you referenced do not take into account attrition and overall numbers, right? In other words, the real issue is not the total per year, but bringing in a player when there isn’t an available spot (see Hoopie’s example above).

  26. 33

    Now wait up. I get it now…. I agree with the Bammers on this one. It’s a conspiracy against the Neck Nation. Everybody is out to get Bama and yall know it. All my fellow beer gut, mullet headed, titty baby Bama friends, please forgive me that it took me this long to understand your pain. You know, the more you all bitch and speculate, the more I want to ask each of you just how big your tits really are.

  27. 34

    Hoopie, FJ:

    I’VE ALREADY TOLD BOTH OF YOU that my source in the field has said Auburn is discussed daily in Indianapolis. Stop being in denial and just plain stupid. It didn’t work for Ohio St or USC fans nor Auburn fans in ’93. There is NOTHING you nor I can do about it. It is BOTH (to name a couple) of your faults for not demanding a clean program from Jacobs, Chizik, Lowder, or Dye. First, it shouldn’t matter to your white trash asses what Alabama fans think of Auburn, but if you must know, we think you are all country-fried white trash. Second, your current HC is ni different than Tressel, according to my source. Preach the gospel in one hand, lie on the other hand, then screw his players with a foot (see Barrett Trotter vs. Russell Wilson). ALL DEPLORABLE BEHAVIOR. My source has some more juicy details that will be released around August 22. Sweet dreams, you DA Auburn Hillbillies:)

  28. 35

    Crap, I didn’t realize you have a “source in the field”! That changes everything. LOL!!!! Really, can you really blame us for not buying into what you’re saying. I have sources as well that say the Calloway investigation is not over either. Are you going to cancel your alumni dues and write a letter to the university because I indicated I have a source?

    Also, please tell me that you aren’t now suggesting Auburn possibly playing a transfer over an existing player. Are you really going to suggest Bama has never brought in a JUCO or anyone that got a start over an existing player? At least Trotter doesn’t have to worry about a “medical hardship waiver”.

  29. 36

    Auburn’s investigations from the NCAA are actually legit, but the whole Brent Calloway rumor mill has nor never will be an NCAA investigation because it was a baseless rumor concocted in the basement of Jeffrey Lee’s mother’s house as he was jerking off to Inside the Auburn Tigers. Talk about white trash and no good pieces of $h-t

  30. 37

    Okay FYI, whatever you and Hoopty say. But now Auburn is really going to be in trouble, because they can’t over sign anymore either. 25 is the limit for everyone. Guess which way Chizik voted? So I guess you guys have to get used to playing with 50-60 scholarship players a year. Like I said, it will hurt Auburn more than Bama, because Auburn oversigns more, whatever the reason. You guys have more excuses than any bunch I have ever seen.

  31. 38

    Tubs believed in the JUCO system, because it gave disadvantaged kids a chance to align themselves with a D1 school while they were at JUCO. At that time teams were allowed to sign and place. Fairly was one of those “oversignings”. It may have been unfair too some kids, but those kids still had a choice.

    Since the coaching change, we lost initially lost a bunch of players. Chizik kicked 3 kids off of the team for disrespecting a professor. Auburn hasn’t had a full roster since then.

    Here’s the difference. Auburn signed JUCO kids in January (before NSD) to “backfill” the roster. Those counted against the total 85, even though they didn’t count towards the 25 allowed for a season.

    Lil’ Nicky signs 24 HS freshmen on NSD when he only has 13 spots available.

    So Here is the crux of the difference: Auburn was backfilling the roster just to get UP to 85 players. Nick is kicking kids off just to get DOWN to 85.

    By the way …he now only has 6 more to get rid of, because Corey Grant just left Bama.

  32. 39

    RC …I find it impossible to believe that an NCAA or FBI “field agent” would be stoopid enough to actually tell you what is going on. That is a quick way to lose a job and most field agents aren’t that stoopid. By the way, you aren’t a very good friend for even mentioning this on the internet.

    So which is it:

    1. Your “field agent” friend is a stoopid agent?

    2. You are a terrible friend and are betraying his trust by mentioning this?

    3. You are a liar?

    I don’t know any NCAA investigators, but I don know several FBI investigators and highly suspect that #1 is the answer.

  33. 40

    Hoopie, I believe that it is really the forth choice that you left off. That choice is that Rc is the one with the biggest knockers on here.

  34. 41

    Listen, FJ and Hoopie:

    I don’t care if you believe me or not. I’m not disclosing my source to you. This isn’t a cock fight, though I’m sure both of you would like to participate. Bottom line: Auburn is possibly looking at some sanctions, and it is both of your faults

  35. 42

    BTW, FJ:

    USE SPELL CHECK. YEs, I thinks it’s weak to retort with spelling errors, and I know you attended Auburn with James Brooks and Junior Rosegreen, but “forth” in your context should be “Fourth.”

  36. 43

    RC …I’m not listening to you until you answer #1, #2 or #3. I didn’t ask for names. Try to keep up. I just want a number: 1,2 or 3.

    You sure can cuss like a big man ….if you really got big ‘uns then let ‘r rip tater chip. Give us the answer.

  37. 44

    I’m not answering insulting or degrading questions. READ THEM. Very disrespectful. You need to watch your tongue when talking to me. I would love to sit down and have an educated discussion about the pending NCAA investigation into Auburn’s football program, but I will not stand for uncivil, disrespectful questions and/or retorts. You are being the typical Auburn hypocrite, and it’s not a “God thing.”

  38. 45

    Hoopty, it is no big secret that Auburn is under investigation. 5 of ’em. If Auburn was so clean, they would be over by now. The NCAA already knows Auburn has been cheating, they are just putting together the evidence, and this is going to go deep, back at least 30 years. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are talking to Terry Bowden. There is no statute of limitations when there is a clear pattern and evidence of cheating, according to the NCAA rules. And once the dam breaks, 30 years worth of crap is going to hit. Because Lowder and Dye was involved in every step of the way, even with the last probation, and they are still there.

  39. 46

    I guess you didn’t hear Mike Slive on Finebaum. He says that the NCAA isn’t investigating Auburn. Cam nor his dad broke any SEC rules. In fact he mentioned that the case wherein the SEC did in fact allow leniency was in the case of the Jones fishing trip. That could have been a one year suspension during the 2009 season if fully enforced.

    So according to Mike Slive, Bama won the 2009 BCS with 2 players that could have been declared ineligible by the SEC if the SEC had not played favorites.

    You idiots should thank Mike Slive instead of making jokes about him.

  40. 47

    Once again you’re clueless Hooptie. Start by learning the difference between the NCAA’s Investigative and Eligibility Committees. They are separate entities.The latter has zero investigative powers and relied solely on info provided by Cheater Barntard U. I’d be worried if I were you.Slive lied to Finebaum and tried to sugarcoat it.He knows the difference.

  41. 48

    So …according to you, Slive lied to Finebaum ….and PF just let him do it?

    So I also guess that Slive doesn’t know the difference between those 2 NCAA committees?

    Next you will say that Slive mistook the Julio fishing incident with someone else.

    Unlike you neurotic Bammers on this site, ..Mike Slive is in the know and doesn’t get his info from REC members …or R(e)C, who posts on this site and seemingly has a friend at the NCAA Investigative Committee that risks his job to give R(e)C tidbits about the “hammer that is about to drop”.

  42. 49

    All you need to worry about there Hoopty is Bama whipping Auburns ass in their own back yard this season. I promise you there is an investigation, by the NCAA. The SEC is the only group Slive can even speak for. He doesn’t speak for the NCAA, the the NCAA is not going to comment on an ongoing investigation. Until someone from the NCAA says that it is over, then it will be over. But like I said… ass-whoopin November 26.

  43. 50


    Ditto everything Brando just said. Slive was ONLY talking about the eligibility issue, and Danny Sheridan CONFIRMED EVERYTHING my source told me. And, yes, he/she is real, and I’m going to laugh my ass off when this all comes to pass:)

  44. 51

    So if Slive was ONLY talking about the eligibility issue, then I guess that means Auburn won’t be stripped of a title for playing with ineligible players.

    Slive was talking about more than eligibility, but you just go on hearing it how you want to.

    It’s just amazing how many of the claims that were made last fall/winter have been de-bunked and you bozos just keep on believing ..and hoping ..and wishing ….that nasty Ol’ Auburn will go down.

    How does it feel to know that your self-esteem is so low that all you can do is hate on others to make yourself feel better?

  45. 52

    LOL @ Hoopie and his preaching on self esteem while he trolls on rival Websites all day long. Listen, fool. I realize your goal in life is to get the “last word,” but it is not going to work on here. That’s not only because you are wrong most of the time, but also because it’s pretty chidish. THE BOTTOM LINE is that Auburn is currently being investigated, according to my sources, MAINLY for the recruitment of Cam Newton, but also for the claims by the HBO 4 which opened the statute of limitations on pending NCAA investigations. Not only has my source in the field confirmed this, but Danny SHeridan has confirmed this as well. Let’s see, that’s two people who are in the “know”, not two redneck homers who write for the War Eagle Reader.

    Mike Slive was ONLY commenting on the original eligibility issues on the Finebaum show. That is a DIFFERENT DEPARTMENT OF THE NCAA from the enforcement division. I know this has been spelled out to you before, but I’ll keep reposting this the more you continuously post your biased drivel on here. CASE CLOSED ON YOU, but the AUBURN NCAA INVESTIGATION IS IN FULL THROTTLE

  46. 53

    Hoopty can’t prove or disprove anything. All she has is an opinion, just like I do. But like I said earlier, Hoopty, when all things come to pass, Auburn being in trouble or not, the ass-whoopin is definitely coming this season. Auburn probation will just be bonus material. Watching you guys fall off of the radar this season is going to be so enjoyable. I just hope you show up here to do your crying.

  47. 54

    This is the only Bama website I “troll”.

    I’ll say it again: I only comment on posts that are flaming on Auburn. Tell your moderator to quit making this stuff up and I’ll be gone.

    As further proof of your low self-esteem, I see that you are already bragging about your anticipated great win over what will probably be an 7-4 Auburn team.

    Yep Bama is 2 years ahead of Auburn in the re-building. So what.

    ‘m sure this is too deep for you fools, but you do realize that Bama and Auburn have alternating easy/hard schedules. This is Bama’s easy schedule and Auburn’s hard schedule. Auburn lot around 25 seniors and that disastrous last class from Tubs are now the seniors ….so yup we will struggle to win this year.

    At least I’ve got the guts to admit when we’ve got work to do instead of cussing out anyone that dares to point out my teams problems.

    Bama deserves to be a top 5 pre-season team and may win it all. The problem with that for you folks is that you will still be biased, neurotic, poorly educated idiots wearing “Got 14?” T shirts that you bought from Walmart.

    No matter how much you try and prop up your self esteem with your team’s accomplishments ….you …yourselves will still be the same old losers that you are now.

  48. 56

    Hoopty, take your ass-whoopin like a man, and quit trying to justify your jealous behavior coming to your rivals site an being a troll. Yes, we will ask if you “got 14” and you guys will still twitch and gripe about anything bammer, and you guys will still have the little-big man syndrome you all display so much. Bama will always cast a shadow over your program, Auburn will never measure up in the eyes of any Bama fan, and that ass-whooping is still coming 11-26. And you better hope you don’t have to ‘vacate’ your greatest achievement. Even when you guys win, you are still losers.

  49. 57

    So back to the original post about “Lipstick on a pig”.

    The “Capstone” complains that Slive should have been busy catching cheaters and instead was enacting a rule directed at $aban’s oversigning.

    Now, since June 3,2011 when this post was first put out, we know 2 new things:

    1. It was the college presidents, NOT SLIVE that enacted the signing restrictions. So …once again Ol’ boyz ..you are wrong ..It was the college presidents (all 12 of them) that like the lipstick.

    2. Slive unequivocally clarified that the only cheaters to be caught and punished were Julio and company on their fishing trip, BUT Bama got special treatment and they weren’t declared ineligible . So …another time ….Ol’ boyz … you idiots are wrong.

    Where’s the retraction and apologies for all of the vitriol and accusations put out by you bozos earlier in this thread?

    I’m gonna keep dropping by to point out all of your inconsistencies and lunacy in your posts.

  50. 58

    Brando, If I remember correctly, you told me you live in the Atlanta area. If you curse and act in your regular life anything like you do on here …you can’t have many friends in Atlanta. Most folks I know here won’t tolerate your kind of ignorance.

  51. 59

    Oh I forgot “Hoopty”, you are a full-fledged little-big cult member. Strike a nerve, and you go and get all high and mighty like the word ‘Ass-Whoopin’ has just insulted your dignity or something. It is what it is. You are the little Auburn troll trying to talk all big and bad on the internet whenever someone strikes that nerve. Isn’t that supposed to be your purpose here, making me mad? There is nothing you can say or do to change my mind about what I really think about it, so you are pretty dumb for trying. But it really is fun to strike your nerve and get you all pissy, spewing up defense after defense of Auburn here.

    Never said I live in Atlanta, but you can keep guessing!

    P.S. ASS-WHOOPING. 11-26-2011.

  52. 60

    Yeah Brando …arguing with a 5th grade mentality is pretty stoopid on my part.

    I’ll ignore you from now own.

  53. 61


    you can keep coming back all you want while we continue to demonstrate how white trash you, Auburn University, and their redneck fans are WHILE at the same time pointing out the widespread cheating going on at Auburn University. Check out Dennis Dodd’s article today referencing the current NCAA investigations at Auburn. Listen to Finebaum’s podcast from the Danny Sheridan interview last Wednesday. Both Danny and I have sources close to the NCAA that Auburn fan, Mike Slive is not privy. NOT ONCE did Mike Slive, Auburn fan and SEC Commussioner, EVER say Cam Newton OR Auburn was in the clear REGARDING THE INFRACTIONS COMMITTEE YOU DUMB ASS!

    I’m going to enjoy our little debates so I can watch you continue to whine like a little bitch…In fact, though I can’t hear your voice, just reading your prose gives me an erection, you pussy. See ya around

  54. 62

    I am sorry Hoopty, but I should have known you only made it to the fifth grade. You being here, period, shows the level of your maturity. Ignore on, because I hurt your little feelings with a big dose of THE TRUTH. That ass-whoopin is still coming, and I know that you know that you can’t ignore that.

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