Mike Slive puts lipstick on a pig

Despite the SEC’s latest action at its Spring Meetings, Mike Slive’s legacy remains one of disappointment. No amount of lipstick on a pig will conceal the fact that many SEC schools cheated during his watch. (Read here about the SEC’s action on oversigning.)

Oversigning is the least of the conference’s worries when it comes to cheating or bending the rules. The NCAA has looked at the University of Tennessee, LSU, and we know continues to probe Auburn’s recruiting practices. Instead of addressing the serious problems created by Slive’s bungling of the Cecil Newton/Cam Newton fiasco, or the allegations raised by the HBO Four about pay-for-play at an SEC institution, Mike Slive decided to focus his attention on roster management.

Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

Mike Slive studies depth charts while the SEC implodes under the weight of cheating.

Good job Mike.

The roster management issues will have some fallout; however, this will not have a profound impact on the traditional powers. This is far more important at the lower-tier programs—the schools who need the most help building or rebuilding.

The coaches did not want it, but Slive insisted.

Too bad he would not or could not insist on compliance with the established rules of the game.