Is AU listening as NCAA speaks loudly?

The NCAA Committee on Infractions spoke loud and clear in their recent response to USC’s plea for mercy.

From page 8:

“We believe that the penalties imposed make clear to other institutions the message which the Committee on Infractions intended to convey: Similar strong penalties will be meted out to institutions that do [not] take the problem of sports agents and their runners seriously. It is not enough for institutions simply to educate student athletes about the dangers of unscrupulous agents. Schools must have appropriate staff and procedures in place to combat this significant problem. An institution that does not foster a climate of compliance on its campus should expect serious consequences.”

Though the NCAA doesn’t comment on ongoing investigations…which is why Jay Jacobs wasn’t able to offer a conclusion regarding the ongoing sCam Newton saga…among Auburn’s many clouds hanging over them is the NCAA’s curiosity with their relationship with “street agents.” Interviews with Greg Robinson and Trovon Reed do more than suggest as much. There have also been links made to Walt Williams’ relationship with Gus Malzahn, and the materializing of talent in Auburn from Williams’ realm of influence in his home state of Arkansas…where he played for Malzahn.

Williams company, Pinacle Preps, LLC, claimed to “represent” high school players for payment during the recruiting process. In fact, from his own website:

We’ve covered Williams in the past, but the only way “representing” a player for pay to potential suitors isn’t your definition of an agent is if you’re a member of the Auburn cult fambly.

In short, the NCAA has sent a message on the agent issue, and Auburn is currently swimming with sharks on the same issue. You don’t want to be Auburn, Tennessee, North Carolina or Ohio State right now.

Auburn wanted their moment in history. Looks like they’re about to get it.

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  1. 2

    I said on another post that this site isnt going anywhere. I was wrong. We can look for a long period of posts about probation, violations, investigations, mutilations,masturbations, and God. Then we will be treated to a very long period of posts screaming how justice was not done, the NCAA didnt do it’s job, it’s not fair Auburn got to keep the 2010 trophy, and more than likely, God. However, worry not. This site is good entertainment and good for a few laughs, but it is not a real news site. It’s just a place where a few Bammers come to enjoy each others company and to spread lies. Then they get mad when I come here and take away their moonshine. Keep up the good work guys, just wake me up if you ever actualy break a real news story.

  2. 3

    Then Junkie, why come here? If your view of this site is correct, there would be no need to bother to refute or denigrate. Hurry on back to the home boys on the plains. They can use your support, they know the ugly truth will coming out and so do you.

  3. 4

    Mama take this Heisman from me,
    I can’t claim it… anymore,
    Dad got paid, can’t you see?
    Now Chizik’s knocking on the COI’s door,
    Hey, hey, yeah, yeah, yeah.

  4. 5

    Mama put these guns in the ground,
    I robbed a family because I’m poor,
    That cold dark probation cloud is coming down…
    Feels like I’m knocking on the COI’s door…

  5. 6

    Junkie, your lust for ignorance to what’s really about to happen to your program blinds your reasoning.

    The thing that made the April 27 storms so scary was the atmosphere that settled into the area hours before it hit. The sun came out and the air heated up, making the rolling storms so turbulent and deadly.

    What you refuse to see is that’s exactly what’s happening figuratively to your program. But you’d rather suck on the sunshine pumping teets of the Jeffrey Lees and Phillip Marshalls of the world.

    Well, be my guest. Call the NCAA setting a precedent with a sister institution over some of the same crimes Auburn is overwhelmingly suspicious of committing “not news.” I don’t give a crap.

    But don’t come here when the official word comes out either that Auburn is about to be hit with another period of probation, historically and truly another Auburn tradition.

  6. 7

    Wow, that is really a beautiful story.
    You guys are having to get very creative about your burning barn fantasy.

  7. 8
    Denny Chimes

    I’ve noticed a trend where Barners are now saying USC shouldn’t be stripped of their title. Wonder why that is?

  8. 9

    Auburn people have no conscience, and they only brace morality and religion when it benefits them. Kind of like we used to see in the Old South. My sources in the field are telling me that Auburn is a hot topic daily in Indianapolis. Give it a few months. This thing is going to break wide open, but it probably will not begin in earnest until around August 22-28

  9. 10

    Bwaa Haww Haww Haww Haww Haww Haww Haww Haww Haww Haww Haww Haww Haww Haww Haww Haww Haww! Na na na, na na na na, Goodbye Aubies. Na na na, na na na na, Goodbye Aubies.

  10. 12
    C Hammah

    Fact-Bama on probation for a player pizzy anty text book deal

    Fact-AU will get whacked worse than USC for organized type crime involving the top boosters, coaches and players.

  11. 13
    C Hammah

    if AU is not jealous of Bama National Titles and do not want National Titles – AU is doing a helluva job not getting any.

  12. 14
    *ubarn, AL - Cheaters since $lug Jordan

    1) *ubarn, AL is by far the most boring, backwoods college town in America. There’s absolutely no way in heaven or hell an 18-22 year old would choose to live in that podunk, Mayberry-esque town over the likes of Lincoln, Columbus, Austin, Gainesville, Baton Rogue, Tuscaloosa, Ann Arbor, Norman, etc. There’s absolutely NOTHING TO DO in *ubarn, AL.

    2) *ubarn, AL University houses its students in TRAILER PARKS and endorses rodeos. In addition, *ubarn, AL University’s had a prominent history of virulent racism, ranging from coaches calling their own players the infamous “N” word, to fraternities dressing up as Klansmen on halloween, to students referring to Alabama basketball players as “monkeys and N****RS” on a live ESPN broadcast. I understand racism is present in every aspect of society, but it’s not as blatant and celebrated in other parts of the country as it is in *ubarn, AL.

    3) Gene Chizik was a 5-19 loser at Iowa State. When he was strangely hired at *ubarn, AL to replace a proven winner, he was in his THIRD YEAR as a head coach — and he’s suddenly out-recruiting all of the SEC coaching veterans as well as 95% of all the proven successful coaches in America? And he’s doing so at a second-rate redneck college located in the most boring, backwoods college town in America? GIVE ME A BREAK! And even after a subpar 7-6 season, *ubarn, AL continued to get recruits from places where it is usually difficult for the established, great, schools like Nebraska, Notre Dame, OSU, LSU, Alabama, OU and Texas to recruit – that is, in non-adjoining states.

    I knew *ubarn, AL was cheating when, during Chizik’s first recruiting season, only a month after being hired, *ubarn, AL started getting commits like Tyric Rollison, Demond Washington, and other highly sought after players, even though *ubarn, AL was coming off a losing year, Chizik had a 5-19 record as a coach and none were from an adjoining state or had previously followed *ubarn, AL. Friends it is tough for ANY school to get players to come from far away. Particularly to a school like *ubarn, AL with no great academic traditions or history for greatness in any particular area (other than fielding a professional football team and giving out free grades to jocks), and lastly, located in arguably the worst, backwoods and most boring college town in America.

    Then, this was confirmed that same summer, when the top 3 RBs in the entire country put *ubarn, AL at the top of their list,their favorite. None were from Alabama, none were even from Florida, Tenn, Miss nor Georgia. Not one of the three was from nearby. Then all summer and fall they flew back and forth from places like Arkansas, Texas, and South Carolina. Where did they get the cash to do that every week? What HS kid can afford to do that? In addition, *ubarn, AL outrecruited the National Champions with kids actually willing to go to school a long way from home to play for a so so program with a so-so record, and for a coach with a losing record. What does that tell you? Players like Cam Newton switching instantaneously from his FAVORITE to a school he HAD JUST HEARD OF THE WEEK BEFORE. And to top it all off (much like Groves said during the HBO segment), MOST OF THESE PLAYERS HAD NEVER EVEN HEARD OF *UBARN, AL BEFORE!!!!

    4) Suddenly, there’s more smoke coming from the cow pastures of *ubarn, AL than a battlefield: Friends and family of Robinson begin saying he received cash and an iphone while in *ubarn, AL during a recruiting visit and sure enough, on his Facebook the iphone app is installed! You’ve got several players uploading pictures of themselves holding thousands of dollars worth of cash; players uploading pictures of themselves driving BRAND NEW CARS (one Corey Lemonier even saying, “My new ride I got 4 signing with AU”); a father soliciting money from one school; *ubarn, AL players being spotted at a Best Buy in Opelika, AL buying a $3,000 TV and loading it up in a brand new Challenger, all decked out; etc. etc.

    *ubarn, AL will forever remain as the dirtiest program in college athletics. However, I honestly believe the NCAA just pities *ubarn, AL University because if they didn’t pay players, it’s highly unlikely they’d have a football program because no player is going to elect to live in that pissant, boring town for free and play for a university whose trophy case isn’t even a quarter of the way full.

    How do we know the NCAA pities them? Boosters AND coaches are caught paying players on tape, yet the penalties the Mayberry-esque cow college received were literally a slap on the wrist. Terry Bowden spilled the beans on that program, yet the NCAA simply overlooked it. Remember, Terry Bowden was ran off for trying to put an end to the cheating. In 2004, after SACS probation and the jetgate incident, the Sociology scandal broke where players were receiving FREE CLASS CREDITS in order to remain eligible for football, without having to attend class or turn in any work… nothing ever came of this! During the same time, the HBO 4 also played for *ubarn, AL and we know what was happening then…

    Here’s the key piece to all of this: Eric Ramsey in the early 90s, Terry Bowden in the late 90s, and Quinten Groves in the 2000s all confirmed during separate years the systematic PFP scheme *ubarn, AL uses… Players get signing bonuses and performance bonuses (a certain amount for TDs, sacks, big hits, etc. in a game) as well as cash loaned out to them when they need it. Was this all a coincidental lie? I think not…

    As Tommy Bowden said, “How many schools do you know of that makes coaches and assistants sign non-disclosure agreements?”

  13. 15

    Great link for Auburn fans:

    Phil Steele Picked Auburn Last in the SEC West
    I guess word broke of this yesterday, but this morning is the first I’ve seen of it. Phil Steele picked Auburn to finish last in the SEC West, and yes, that means behind everyone else.

    Steele came closer than anyone did to nailing Auburn last year, as he had them a close second in the division behind Alabama and said his main set of power rankings had the Tigers going 11-0 before the Iron Bowl. He does get some credit for that. It also should go without saying that Russell Wilson ending up in Opelika would change a lot of things and get Steele off the hook for this one.

    And while I do see the Plainsmen falling off a bit from last year, I can’t see them hitting rock bottom. Do you?

    about 6 hours ago Year2

  14. 16

    I think they’ll finish FIFTH in the SEC West ahead of last place Ole Miss. I think they’ll beat Florida and possibly Georgia in Athens or split one of them and end up 6-6 or 7-5 for the season. Tuberville had that bad last season but recruited well evidenced by the NC that Cam Newton MOSTLY won. No matter how well Chizik, Radio, and Luper recruit, I don’t think they will develop the talent. They inherited a great situation in ’08, but the real coaching acumen will be shown this year. Chizik will never beat Saban again and will be gone in 5 years, at the end of his YEAR 7

  15. 19

    The baseball team will probably get a regional bid, but I’m not sure they deserve it. However, they did beat the 18th ranked team while losing to the 18th and 5th ranked teams. There will be lots of other teams in the regionals that couldn’t have done that. Dunno, but I think our baseball program is stagnating. Making a batting coach the pitching coach was just plain dumb! But then I guess LSU’s fans are even more disgruntled than we are. How about those ladies! This was supposed to be an off year for our softball team and they’ve already done better than last years star studded team. And we finally won a series with a phucking Left Coast team. Congrats ladies and Patrick Murphy! RTR!

  16. 20
    Robert Garrard

    Give me a freaking break you total idiot. There is no ongoing investigation at the most important school in the nation. The ncaa questioned LSU,Oregon,bammerville, and many others. If you think this street agent thing has any concentration on Auburn, you are an even bigger Redneck retard than I thought you were. I absolutely can not comprehend why you weird sabanites obsess about your BIG BROTHER sooooooooooooo much!
    p.s. We won the IRON BOWL, hadehadehaha… naynenaynabooboo… stick your face in doodoo!

  17. 21


    Sorry but BIG BROTHER Alabama leads the overall series 40-34-1. Since you white-trash Auburn fans consider your 16-12 record since ’83 domination (LOL), our 40-34/1 lead in the total series makes us GIGANTIC BIG BROTHER. Additionally, since the Low life Auburn fans like to cherrypick years to count and coin terms such as “the modern era of college football,” we Bama fans have decided to cherrypick the last 3 years as “the modern Iron Bowl era” and we lead 2-1. See, if the white trash Auburn fans can do it, so can we.

    Auburn is Alabama’s Little brother. Since our 2009 Natiomal Title TEAM’s championship was considered “in the past” the day after we won it, Auburn’s undeserved 2010 Tainted National Title is WAY WAY in the past. AU is generally picked 6th in the SEC West for 2012. It’s obviously in the past for the rest of the nation as well. Will Auburn ever beat Alabama again?

  18. 25
    Robert Garrard

    Rc and bammerbrando,
    Your mamma! You guys are Redneck idiots. Are you old and retired or just live with mommy and daddy, because you respond to comments extremely fast,and post 24/7. What a pathetic little life you live. I feel sorry for you bammers. I am totally serious. If you need me, don’t call, because all bammers are queer!

  19. 26


    that was a typical Auburn hypocritical Retort. YOU RESPOND TO THEM AT THE SAME RATE YOU DUMB ASS WHITE TRASH REDNECK AUBURN HyPOCRITE. That was classic you retard

  20. 27
    War Eagle!Emily!

    Everyone watch out for Rc! He’s a little nickie humper AND a old creeper that lives with his mommy and daddy!

  21. 28


  22. 30
    War Eagle!Emily!

    The question is how old are you Rc? Probably like 90 you CREEPER. Hahahaha suck on that you little nickie humper! Go fall in a gay pit, you’ll probably see bear Bryant their beating his wife. He told me he misses when you use to rub whip cream on his old hairy back.

  23. 33

    More like 12 and a name like War Eagle!Ernie! But just to be on the safe side Emily!, better keep your skirt from blowing up in here, or else you may find yourself being felt up and attacked. Imagine the smell of a drunken, toothless, redneck running his filthy tongue all over your body, the smell of Coors Light and cigarettes hitting you in the face as he whispers rotten nothings in your ear. Oh Lord, I just threw up in my mouth. On second thought, I think you may be ok as long as you are NOT related to them.

  24. 34

    I just want to say that I was wrong about everything I have ever said about Auburn and their fanbase. I feel like Auburn’s championship run this year was one for the ages and one that will be appreciated for years to come. I mean how can I not say that after the embarrassing 2nd half we played in the Iron bowl?

  25. 35
    RC never attended college

    RC you are a class one bammer. A pathetic excuse for what the Alabama fan base really represents. Keep it up I am laughing at you.
    A true college graduate

  26. 36

    How will Chizik never beat Saban again? He lost by 6 points in his first Iron Bowl against a vastly superior Alabama team and then came back from 24 points down to beat you guys in YOUR back yard. How has Saban proven anything his whole career against Auburn? He was 2-3 against Auburn at LSU and 2-2 against Auburn at Alabama.He hasn’t proven dominance over Auburn at all in his Career.

  27. 37

    Wow I really have an obsession with Auburn for some reason. I don’t really know why I constantly feel the urge to be obsessed with them? I think this national championship they won really got to me…. I mean how could we give up a 24 point lead at home???? how???? I just don’t understand saban was suppose to be th greatest coach in history how could he let this happen!

  28. 38
    I dont hsvr the Intellect to debate to I will juststeal someone's screen name and post a bunch of B*LLSH*T

    Yep, my reasoning is flawed. And I am a mindless dolt. And I will pretty much play every rigged game at the Lee County Fair. But, if I try to steal someone else’s screen name everyone will know I AM clever and witty. Because i am smart like that.

  29. 39
    I dont hsvr the Intellect to debate to I will juststeal someone's screen name and post a bunch of B*LLSH*T

    Gene Chizik won it all fair and square. Why? Because Pat Dye says so. Come back tommorow and I will be posting as InTheKnow. I am so crafty. I can wear my baseball cap backwards an people still know I am 100% Aubie.

  30. 41

    Wow! War Eagle Emily, Alabama is constantly on your mind 24/7/365. Obviously, you must be a heffer without a date or 12 years old, because your posts are absolutely childish in nature. You must have been molested by an Auburn family member because it also seems to be on your mind quite a lot

    to the rest of the auburn fans: we can do this ALL day and ALL night, but we will continue to investigate and report Auburn until you guys clean up your own backyard and demand a clean football program from your athletic department. I am a UA grad, but once again, do you really think I care what a bunch of low life, white trash from Auburn think about me?! LOL. Seriously, you guys hijack screen names in the middle of the night on a weekend??!! Yeah, you’re letting your orange and blue shine on through. You represent the white trash Auburn University very well. Time to go wipe my ass on the Auburn Creed

  31. 42

    Yeah, right robert gerard. Like I said, CULT MEMBER. You should be proud. Emily must be your daughter. Ya’ll arrived here around the same time.

  32. 43

    LOL @ BamaBrando,

    Yeah, I know right! What’s funny are “fans” from a rival team posting ALL WEEKEND on a RIVAL website. A 3-DAY WEEKEND. I mean, MOST people are enjoying their off time, visiting friends, celebrating with family, but it seems most Auburn people are preoccupied with everything BAMA. LOL. They even are mad when we retort at the same rate they post. ON A RIVAL WEBSITE. LOL. HYPOCRITES

  33. 44
    War Eagle!Emily!

    Rc is a old man that lives at his mommy and daddy’s house and on weekends he humps nick Saban. And then every wensday he lures little children into his car he stole with candy and treats. He’s such a little nickie humper. Hey Rc humped any nick Saban lately homo?

  34. 45



    EMILY, why do you think you haven’t been banned already while some of your other white trash Auburn friends have??!! LOL KEEP IT UP, YOU ARE MAKING AUBURN LOOK LIKE THE WHITE TRASH UNIVERSITY ALL ALABAMA FANS KNOW

  35. 47




  36. 48



  37. 49

    What is really disturbing is fbj very graphic and detailed picture that he paints of the molestation of a supposed 12 year old girl! Something tells me he has done that before! Either that or he had one fukked up uncle that played with him waaaaay too much!

  38. 50

    LOL, whoever they are they represent the Auburn Cult very well. Most Auburn people I know are simple-minded, country-fried rednecks

  39. 52
    Uncle Dick

    Heres to our fallen soldiers. Thanks for your sacrifice! What is Abarn going to do on Saturdays after the football team is sunk?

  40. 53

    Well Dick …..mixing thanks to the fallen soldiers with a ridiculous attempt to slam Auburn.

    What’s that fake word you Bammers use? …oh yeah ..Classy!!!!

  41. 54

    The point of the article was: The NCAA is not going to show any mercy for any school that has committed blatant violations.

    Auburn is a special case, because of the numerous investigations. And like USC, a National Championship was been won under the cloud of suspicion of violations. More than one. Out of 5 of them, what are the odds that Auburn is guilty of just one? Because only one would be enough to hang them.

  42. 55


    speaking of fake words and slogans, Auburn people overuse “family” and Gene Chizik makes Christianity look more and more illegitimate everytime he goes into his God talk. God doesn’t want false prophets or a disciple who turns a blind eye to all that cheating and unethical behavior currently going on at Auburn.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Auburn got away with most of the charges against them in the 5 ongoing investigations. It only takes 1

  43. 56

    Good to see Auburn fans trolling on a rival website this Memorial Day. “I only come on here when y’all talking bout the Barn.” Liars & hypocrites

  44. 57
    Uncle Dick

    Hoopie,sorry pal but you can,t point to any statement I have ever made that would be considered classless. There are several ongoing investigations going on right now with auburn as the focal point. If the NCAA gets them for lack of institutional control spanning decades it will be the end of auburn football as it is currently known. That is what i am referring to. If they are guilty I hope they get hammered. On the other hand if not guilty I hope the investigation is closed quickly so EVERYBODY can move on. Alot of fingers are currently being pointed at aub and I am anxious to see the end result.

  45. 58

    The agent deal could easily reach Alabama… the 7 on 7 camps were held in Tuscaloosa…. The NCAA could put 90% of the schools on probation for this if they want to… Alabama spends twice what Auburn does on so-called recruiting services… Does anyone think that Saban really needs someone to evaluate talent for him… This is bigger than Auburn, N.C., Tennessee.. Also lets not forget that Darius went to Miami and that enforcement actions are separate from reinstatement… The agent talks scares me and should scare you… Deflection will not stop this…

  46. 59

    Sorry, but you are not a Bama fan. Nice try though. Saban has been proactive about the agent situation, but the situation with cam, and Trooper Taylors use of street agents are issues unique to only Auburn. Alabama is not under any sort of NCAA investigation, but Auburn has 5 separate investigations going on. They have a National Title at stake if anyone who played last year is found to be ineligible. Bama sat Dareus until he was cleared, Auburn did not do the same thing. So if there is punishment, in Auburns case it will be more severe. The NCAA is making it clear there will not be any mercy for the guilty.

  47. 60

    Slickie Dickie …If you can’t recognize that blending those 2 subjects in adjacent sentences is classless …well ….that just makes my point all over again.

  48. 62
    Uncle Dick

    Hoopie, by all means let’s call each other names! If my opinion or statements offend you…I don’t care! What is your opinion on the investigations? I am asking a serious question, just want to know.

  49. 63
    Uncle Dick

    C Hammah:Correct! considering all the perks saban can offer to recruits he doesn’t have to lie, cheat, or anything else underhanded to get top prospects. I just hope boosters don’t mess it up.

  50. 64

    What investigations? The ones that are only being talked about on UAT internet boards?

    Cam Newton? …contrary to what Paul Finebaum says’s over …sorry Bama fans Auburn did nothing wrong.

    The “FBI tapes” …that radio dude got fired because they didn’t exist.

    McGregor-Lowder paying players and the FBI is gonna lower the boom at any minute? …The FBI doesn’t care about the NCAA and wouldn’t turn over that evidence in the incredibly remote possibility that it did happen and proof existed.

    The HBO 4? ..sure … do you really think that the NCAA is gonna investigate reports from disgruntled ex-players? If they do, then they can throw LSU and Nick Saban in the pile also.

    The Louisana “runner”? Old news and nothing came of it.

    I can’t even remember what other ones have been dreamed up. I suppose if I hung around on Bama boards, I would have a fresh list. The REC is doing a good job of keeping the list fresh in the minds of the Bama fans that are just waiting and hoping for Auburn to “get caught”. Meanwhile, the rest of the college football world, including the NCAA has moved on.

    Many times I’ve offered a $1,000 bet on here that Auburn never suffers NCAA sanctions because of the Cam Newton saga.

    The NCAA is not even pursuing MSU ..and those are the folks that were actively entertaining Cecil’s offer ..until Cam selected Auburn. As soon as Cam committed to AU, MSU reported the issue to the SEC. The SEC notified Auburn. THE SEC/Auburn investigated and determined that Cam was in the clear. AU then allowed Cam to sign the scholly. This happened in January 2010.

    The REC is still operating like it is the early 2000’s and thinks that stirring these rumors will affect recruiting. It doesn’t work anymore. Recruits see right through it and are flocking to Auburn.

    So keep on making fun of our Family and our Godliness and we’ll keep on signing recruits that place an emphasis on those values.

    The entire Auburn Family was shocked when the felonious four committed that robbery. Are there more criminal problems on the Plains? According to the Bama boards there are. Until I see it at Auburn, I don’t believe it.


  51. 65
    C Hammah

    the ohio state piddlin simple investigation on sale of memorabilia started in march to december…..the au organized crime syndicate organization began in july….usc investigation of 1 player took 5 yrs…
    per ncaa committe member au cheating is brazen no one compares but smu

  52. 67

    Great post Hoopie. These guys hate it when facts get in the way of their dreams of Auburn’s demise. Like I’ve said over and over, if real evidence ever comes to light, or the NCAA releases a statement that indicates Auburn is guilty, I’ll be the first in line to complain to the AD and university president. I think most Auburn fans feel the same way… Nobody wants a dirty program. The laugher that really demonstrates these guys’ irrational bias, however, is that they act dumbfounded that every AU fan doesn’t rollover and condemn the university based on allegations, speculation, and conjecture. All of a sudden, Chizik can’t praise God after winning the NC, because someone else accused AU of doing something wrong (and unproven).

    Incidentally, the fact that you guys suggest AU is a cult because we call ourselves the AU family and enjoy the family atmosphere at Auburn, has to be one of the weakest attempts to degrade another team I have seen. If saying we are a family is cultish, calling Bama the “Bama Nation” evokes images of a fascist regime… Ruled by a midget dictator.

  53. 69

    Let’s be clear about something else. Immediately following the storms in Tuscaloosa, myself and many other AU fans visited this site to express our sympathy and provide support. The suggestion by some of you that Auburn fans care more about our trees than people’s lives is just downright childish and lacking sophistication. Our concern and disappointment about our trees has nothing to do with the tragedy in Tuscaloosa. Your statements would be analogous to saying Bama fans care more about football than human life because they continued to debate and discuss the sport during and following the recent disaster in Japan.

  54. 70

    The NCAA has NOT closed the 5 investigations, including the Cam Newton saga. NOT one of you idiot, uneducated Auburn “fans” have sources operating in the field like I do. ALL 5 investigations are still ongoing, and you have to be a major moron to believe that absolutely nothing is being investigated because the NCAA doesn’t feel they have to keep Auburn fans updated every minute, hour, and day. Auburn fans–keep burying your head in the sand. It worked for USC and Ohio St fans. Auburn is discussed daily in Indianapolis, according to my sources. And NO, I am not allowed by LAW to divulge my sources. That will be the next DA question asked by the DA Auburn fans.

    You Auburn people need to exercise a little objectivity and caution when it comes to your team. I’ve been told at least 3 of these investigations are growing legs. They laugh everytime they get calls in their offices or requests from Auburn “fans” on the statuses of their ongoing investigations. Who do you Auburn “fans” think you are? Why in the world do you come on a RIVAL website to defend their cheating? Grow up, and find some integrity and objectivity, Auburn fans.

    BTW, at least 5-10 different Auburn “fans” have compared the dead oaks to tornado destruction. Since all Auburn “fans” classify Alabama fans as “updykes”, I classify Auburn fans as the white trash hooligans who live in trailer parks that parallel dead oaks with human life. It cuts bot ways, Auburn

  55. 71

    Hippie u walking brain fart when SMU got the death penalty guess who got the ball rolling? 1 count it 1 “DISGRUNTLED ” EX PLAYER! That’s all it takes! And y’all keep saying the investigations are closed? Tell u what prove to us where the NCAA has said that is the case and I wont say another word! Until then your incoherent rambling is no different than any other delusional fan of any team! So go take a flying leap off of your trailer!

  56. 72

    Oh, it’s FAR from over. I’m just waiting for the first DA Auburn “fan” to ask me who my sources are…3…2…1

  57. 73

    Auburn people have forgotten Eric Ramsey, Mr. Disgruntled. Or Gene Jelks, who Auburn alumnus, John Thrower paid to come out against Alabama. Typical Auburn hypocrite and moron to believe the NCAA doesn’t listen to testimony from sacks of crap

  58. 75
    C Hammah


  59. 77
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Hammah is the way he is because he was sexually molested by his dog when he was young.

  60. 78

    For the 8th time in 11 meetings, Auburn defeats alabama. And today inside the walls of Bryant’s court…….NEWTON’S LAW REIGNS SUPREME!!!!

  61. 79

    Auburn is going down this year no matter how you look at it. Everyone will be looking to get a piece of you after the dirty shots on just about every team from last year. Georgia is going to destroy Auburn, along with Bama, LSU, Miss. State, Clemson, and every other SEC team on the schedule. 5-7, plus you are not out of the woods as far as some sort of probation is concerned. Bama is in WAY better shape than Auburn is right now, and it will reflect that this coming season. So all the Auburn dreamers, just keep on dreaming big. It is just going to make those losses sting that much more.

  62. 80

    To the DA Auburn fan pretending to be Crimsonite:

    Alabama has won 2 of the last 3 IRon Bowls in what we coin, “The modern era of the Iron Bowl.” We, as Alabama fans, have decided to coin a new period, cherrypick which years we want to count, and put our official stamp on it. See, Auburn fans have been doing it for years with their self-formulated cherrypicking period called, “The modern college football era” that conveniently begins after Bear Bryant retired. SOme Auburn fans have decided to cherrypick the second year of the Dye era. Therefore,we have won 67% of the games in the “moderin era of the Iron Bowl.” However, if you want to join us in the real world, ALABAMA OWNS LITTLE BROTHER AUBURN OVERALL 40-34-1. SInce in Auburn’s universe, they dominate the Tide post Bryant in their “modern era” 16-12 (LOL-WOW REALLY DOMINATING), we completely own LITTLE BROTHER AUBURN OVERALL in the series with our 6-game lead.

    It takes a real man to steal somebody’s screen name on a RIVAL website. Now go call mommy to wipe your @$$

  63. 81

    OH, 1 more thing, 16-12 is not dominating considering that two bad hires would have Alabama in the lead in Auburn fan’s alternative universe, “The modern era of college football.” They all count doinks

  64. 82

    You’re talking out of both sides of your mouth. On the one hand, you belittle AU by saying they didn’t dominate because the difference is only 4 games. Then you suggest UA “Owns” AU because of a 6 game lead overall. Does 2 games really make a difference in one team “dominating” or “owning” anyone? If anything, it looks like the two teams are historically fairly even head to head.
    Honestly, I think you’re correct that it isn’t fair to “cherry pick” segments of time arbitrarily. So… how about we talk about decades (a common unit of measure)? Over the last decade, Auburn has won 8 of 10 against UA (80% in case you are struggling with the math). If we go back two decades, it is a bit closer, but Auburn still has the marginal lead (55%). Examination of the last three decades has Auburn up by 57%. As a point of reference, Alabama has a 54% winning percentage all time over Auburn, which according to you, suggests Bame “Owns Little Brother Auburn.” If we use your clear criteria, we should all be able to agree that, although Bama has the overall lead in the series, Auburn has “Owned Little Brother Bame” over the last 30 years.
    One last thing; As long as we are talking about people selectively picking statistics to examine, let’s consider for a moment this issue that “two bad hires would have Alabama in the lead”. Couldn’t the same be said that Bama should have more wins given the bad hires of Bowden and Franklin? When exactly does a win count? You seem to suggest that poor coaching should somehow negate the other team’s perogative to celebrate a win.

  65. 83

    Alabama and Auburn are not close historically. That is just a delusion Auburn fans feed on. Keep wishing, keep wanting to be like Bama. It is what drives you Auburn folks. But thanks for making the rivalry mean something again. Get ready for a motivated Bama team that is going to embarrass you at home again. I just wish we played you guys first before everyone else beats that ass.

  66. 84

    Lol! That’s right Bando, don’t let hard data get in the way of your opinion and irrational beliefs.

  67. 85


    your CHERRYPICKING your data AGAIN. The Iron Bowl did NOT, I repeat again for the dumb asses from Auburn, DID NOT begin 10, 20, or even 30 years ago. It’s not what happened when I want the date to start, it’s OVERALL!!! You cannot dismiss the years Auburn was throttled, raped, and butchered to support your so-called points. Auburn will ALWAYS have the little brother distinction because of the thrashings they endured for a quarter of a century. 16-12 post Bryant was due to the Shula years MOSTLY and Bill Curry. Congrats on those wonderful accomplishments, but Auburn nor its players earned them. MY POINT for the idiot trashy Auburn fanbase is no matter how you spin it, Alabama has won 2 out of 3 in “the modern era of the Iron Bowl.” we can coin phrases and cherrypick years as well. We don’t count the Shula years or the Curry years where both coaches were combined 0-7 since Auburn fans have erased 25 years of utter humiliation. Last time I checked 7 was less than 25. Take away 2 bad coaches, Alabama leads again. Until this year when AU beat a rebuilding 3-loss team replacing 9 defensive starters by 1 POINT, auburn had not beaten a decent Bama team since ’95. If AU fans consider 16-12 post-Bryant domination, 40-34-1 is complete annihilation by Bama. Therefore, Auburn remains LITTLe BROTHER

  68. 86

    BTW, Terry Bowden was a good coach who beat a living legend TWICE in 4 years. He’s a LOT better coach than Chizik, and time will prove that. GusMalzahn and a purchased QB were responsible for the National Title. Tony Franklin?? Seriously?! Who hired him? Who was the head coach? Tuberville had it easy with probation and bad coaching from Alabama

  69. 87

    Hard Data? GA Tech has more SEC championships than Auburn. Auburn has always been a middle of the pack SEC team. How many times has Auburn made it to Atlanta since the SEC split divisions? Bama and Florida have been more than any other SEC teams.

    Auburn All-Time record: 710-400-47 (.634)
    Bama All-Time record: 802-319-43 (.707)

    Auburn conference titles: 11 (7 SEC)
    Bama conference titles: 26 (22 SEC)

    Auburn bowl game record: 21-13-2
    Bama bowl game record: 33-22-3

    Auburn National Titles: 2
    Bama National Titles: 13

    How is that for hard data, you delusional idiot? Twist these numbers around all you want. Bama is HISTORICALLY better than Auburn in every way, so suck it.

  70. 88

    Brando, do you have a learning disorder? Apparently you have a tough time with reading comprehension. My comments were based on head to head statistics. In other words, when Auburn and UA have played each other, on the field (not some subjective fantasy land in your mind), Auburn has a winning record over the last three decades. That is not debatable. Does UA have a lead in the overall record? Yes. That wasn’t my point (which you would know if you would get your panties out of a wad and read my post). Does Auburn have the edge over Bama in recent history? Yes – dating back 3 decades.

    Your lists about championships is irrelevant to the argument. There are a lot of variables that play into those. I am basing my analysis on when the two teams suited up and determined who was better on the field.

  71. 89

    Head to head, Bama has the better record. For a small portion of the overall record, Auburn has gained ground, but they have not surpassed in Bama yet. And it won’t happen in your lifetime. You said Auburn was historically even with Bama, head to head. I disagreed. You said for me not to let cold hard facts get in the way, and I slapped you upside the head with cold hard facts. There is no convincing you, because you are caught up in your delusion, and thats okay, you believe what you want. Quit coming to Bama sites and trying to convince people you know anything that remotely resembles the truth, and you won’t have to worry about me calling you an idiot.

  72. 90



  73. 91

    Even if you go back and count just the last 30 years, Bama still has more SEC championships and National Championships. But don’t tell FYI, his head will explode. One fluke season doesn’t change the past, or the future. Auburn will always have to live in Bama’s shadow, so get used to it.

  74. 92


    He’s just doing what every other dimwit at Auburn does. They are proud of the SHula year victories and turmoil at Alabama. Those days are gone, and Auburn’s trouble, according to my sources in the field, are about to begin. One thing I will say though, they did finally beat a good Bama team last year, albeit a 3-loss team with 9 new defensive starters

  75. 93

    I agree RC. But hey, if they won it on the field, they deserved it. 6 in a row, they beat their chest about it, and rightfully so. But you are right, those days are over and Bama has become championship caliber again. The thing is, Auburn became extremely desperate to compete, and cut some corners, took some risky chances, and viola, they finally won a championship, so now they all feel like the nightmare is over and now Saban and all the progress and recruiting Bama has done for 4 years is nothing all the sudden. We know the truth, every person that has any knowledge about college football the past 5 years knows the truth. Everyone but the delusional cult members Auburn calls a fan base knows that Auburn will be lucky to finish in the top 20 this coming season. No one will be surprised to see Bama in the SEC championship game this year. But Auburns days of surprising or sneaking up on anyone are over. Every team will be wanting to knock off the defending NC winner. The success will be short lived, and if probation happens to set in, in the future, that championship* season Auburn just enjoyed will come at a heavy price. And Bama will just keep on going, winning, like they have for the past three years. Auburn won’t average 12 wins a year 3 years from now, but Bama will.

  76. 94

    Good grief RC, did I hit a nerve? I really don’t understand what your problem is. If you would calm down and READ what I wrote, you would realize that I never once argued that UA doesn’t hold the all time lead. My argument was rather simple. Head to head, that is, when the teams have played each other, there is a very small margin of a lead by UA. I’m not arguing that in any way. Also, if you go back at least 30 years (3 decades), Auburn holds a very marginal lead. That is not discounting the Bryant years in any way. I am simply pointing out that Auburn has been the better team, head to head, in recent history. Now, you can provide all kinds of disclaimers and excuses, but those are the facts. Whether it is important to you to consider what some are referring to as the “Modern Football Era” or whatever, is entirely up to you. If you don’t like 30 years, how about 40 years… in which case Auburn has the lead by 54%. Again, I am not trying to suggest that UA didn’t not have a dominant period over Auburn, however, I think it is pretty hard to argue that UA is Auburn’s “big brother” or has “owned” Auburn anytime recently. The numbers tell a very different story.

    Now, if this somehow hurts your feelings and you feel the need to ban me, go right ahead. You’ll prove the rest of the CFB fans’ belief that UA fans are irrational and delusional. How dare I write anything that contradicts your fragile belief that AU is superior in any way to UA. Go ahead… stomp, shot, type in big caps, and ban me.

  77. 95

    There are NO ACTIVE LETTERS OF INQUIRY FROM THE NCAA THAT HAVE BEEN DELIVERED TO AUBURN. The NCAA doesn’t send a school a letter when investigating a student-athlete’s parent. If Auburn had done something wrong, then Auburn would have a letter of inquiry by now.

    That, my REC-worshipping Bama friends means that the NCAA hasn’t found anything of interest that warrants a letter.

    RC ..are you really so naive to believe that if the NCAA was investigating Auburn, that they would actually tell your “source”. Your “source” is a REC member that is living in the 70’s-90’s and thinks that he is going to hurt Auburn’s recruiting chances by spreading rumors out to every gullible Bama fan that will repeat it. He is doing well getting the rumors spread, but poorly when affecting Auburns’ recruiting.

    Seems that the NCAA got fooled by the Bama rumor mongers into looking around and now just realize that it was a waste of time. My guess is that the NCAA won’t come around at all now …and this has backfired on the REC. hahahaha

  78. 96

    Oh yeah …most of the rest of the NCAA and SEc fans have realized that there was nothing to see and have moved on.

    In fact, if anything, they are laughing at the redneck Bama fans that just won’t give up.

  79. 97

    In fact, I’ve sent “The Capstone” link to several UGA friends to show them how irrational some Bama fans are.

    YES ….that’s right. I used “The Capstone” as a shining example of the redneck Bama fandom.

  80. 98

    At the end of the day, when all the dust is settled, the facts remain: Bama has the championship tradition that Auburn longs for. Bama has won 3 times as many SEC championships than Auburn, and 5 times as many national championships. And Bama is in better shape, right now, for the future winning of championships than Auburn. I know that it is hard for you guys to hear after last season and all, but you should know by now that Bama is always going to be the big boy in this state, and Auburn will always be living in the shadow of Bamas accomplishments. No amount of Auburn math, twisting numbers around or conspiracy theory will ever change that.

    And Hoopie, that letter will come when they decide to send it. Bama, as you may recall, didn’t receive their letter over a year after the investigation started. USC didn’t receive their letter for over two years when the allegations were made and being looked into. Keep wishing it away. This will hang over your heads for years. The perception across the nation is that Auburn is a dirty program. Way to go! You guys are finally getting that attention you all have been craving.

  81. 99

    And talk to you GA buddies all you want Hoopie. After last seasons game, they all hate Auburn more than any other team. They have that game circled for this season, and I have a feeling they will show no mercy and will enjoy kicking you guys when you are down. And you WILL be down this year, you guys are just too stupid and full of cammy juice to realize it just yet.

  82. 100

    Bama and USC received their letters after the lawsuits got removed enough for the litigants to speak freely and thus the NCAA to complete their investigation.

    There ain’t no lawsuits involved in any of these claims. There is no impediment to the NCAA investigations.

  83. 101

    I’ve predicted that we win 6-8 games. If that is drinking Cammy juice then …OK.

    Why hasn’t “The Capstone” posted the article about $aban storming out of the Destin meetings when he found out that they are going to impose sanctions to limit his oversigning? ….Could it be that because this is the most homeristic, irrational, biased, one-sided college football website anywhere?

  84. 102

    Hoopie, it is a Bama site. It will be biased for Bama because it is A BAMA SITE!!

    It is one-sided because this site is ABOUT BAMA !!!!

    I know you are an Auburn fan, but you’re not that stupid…..are you?

  85. 103

    And please, do respond by challenging me to list # of college degree’s, ACT/SAT score comparisons, etc. That discussion is stupid also, for obvious reasons…..

  86. 105

    Yeah, the War Eagle Reader website where they still celebrate the Punt Bama Punt game and proclaim Saban’s leaving every other day is a real objective website of Auburn athletics

  87. 110
    C Hammah

    au is being investigated in 5 states and trying to dig up dirt on au in the 7 on 7 general investigation

  88. 112
    C Hammah

    old bear – 19-4 vs au 2nd yr to 2nd to last
    new bear – 2-0 vs au 2nd yr to 2nd to last

    ^^^^the only reason au has 5 separate investigations on-going

    Roll Tide

  89. 113
    C Hammah

    per ncaa committe member of investigations/indianapolis, indiana ” au cheating is brazen – no one compares but smu “

  90. 114
    C Hammah

    per ncaa investigator/jackson mississippi to former sec player “this will not end well for au”

  91. 116
    C Hammah

    do not be deceived every au is an au grad because who the f else is obligated to be associated with this cheating mafia style organized skank of an operation

  92. 117

    Hoopie, unless you count the lawsuits against Lowder and how he ran Colonial Bank into the ground. But thanks for playing! And keep trying! Maybe one day you may convince someone other than yourself (or other cult members) that Auburn hasn’t cheated.

  93. 118

    The over signing will affect Auburn more than Bama. Auburn has oversigned more than Bama over the past four years. What will you do when too many players go prison and leave you short on scholarship players? Oh yeah, we will see this season.

  94. 119


    I’m confused about how you would know what is posted on the War Eagle Reader. Haven’t you guys been arguing for years that we Auburn fans are stupid for visiting this Bama site, and that it somehow suggests we are somehow obsessed with Bama? please educate me on how it is different when a Bama fan visits an Auburn site.

  95. 120
    C Hammah

    look at the brightside removing dye and lowder au might begin to be unskanky for once in a long long time

  96. 121


    It’s different because you guys are ALWAYS acting like the “victims” of pure, sheer hate from Alabama fans, and I’ve even witnessed and been exposed to victimization by low-level white-trash Auburn football fans. NOT graduates, like all you hypocrites maintain makes up the Auburn “fambly” but no good, dentally challenged, Auburn fans you guys claim do not exist. I went to the WE reader to see if your fanbase has the “objectivity” you morons claim to have, and guess what?? YOU DON’T!!!! Therefore, shut your piehole and go troll somewhere else

  97. 122

    LOL!!!!!!!! Of course… “It’s different.” HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! You guys are sooooo predictable.

  98. 123

    Well FYI, I for one could care less about what any Cult website has to say about Bama. I hope you guys do hate Bama, I hope you guys grit your teeth and whine all season this year when you have to watch Bama get all the respect and admiration again, when all everyone will say about Auburn this year is about how much they miss cam, and the various scandals and investigations. Watch my prediction and see if it don’t happen.

  99. 124

    I can care less about a website devoted to hating Alabama says also, but I predicted what would be on there and I was right. The sun rises and sets to jealousy over Alabama football on the War Eagle Reader. However, I never got a screename and posted trashy messages like all the dipshits from Auburn do here

  100. 125

    Oh yeah Hoopie:

    here is a quote about UTs current NCAA problem:

    “That’s the latest gripe by Tennessee and the SEC: Lengthy NCAA investigations, which are becoming status quo across the country.
    The investigation into Tennessee unofficially started in April 2009. The official letter of inquiry showed up in September 2010, followed by the notice of allegations last February.
    There’s plenty to get frustrated about with the NCAA enforcement process, but what type of timeline do you expect without subpoena power? If the NCAA rushed into these decisions, the complaint would be that it didn’t do due diligence.
    Lately, the NCAA does appear to be waiting longer before sending out notices of inquiry in order to build cases prior to procedural clocks starting. Can’t blame them.
    Most of the country is shouting at the NCAA for stricter penalties against prominent schools so there’s a better deterrent. That is, unless you’re being investigated, in which case the digging takes too long.”

    That letter will be coming Hoopty, and you know, once it does, that means Auburn is toast. Got any more excuses?

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