Trevor Lacey picks Alabama

VIDEO: Trevor Lacey makes his announcement on May 17th 2011. Raw Video. In this video, five-star basketball prospect Trevor Lacey picks the Alabama Crimson Tide. He thanks God, his family, friends and Butler High School coach Doss.

When Lacey was asked “Why Alabama?” He responded, “It felt like home. I developed a great relationship with Coach (Anthony) Grant.” He said that this decision was made about three days ago. The sales approach used by Alabama’s basketball coach was simple according to Lacey, “If you have what you are looking for at home, why leave?” Lacey said he believes in coach Grant.


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    What happens in 2 years when he becomes a victim of “The Process”. You know, the practice of accepting 10 more letters of intent than you have schollys available.

    “The Process” has worked well so far, but now everyone is catching on and there is a move afoot for the NCAA is issue a “Saban Rule 2.0”. This will limit how many LOI’s over schollys available on NSD can be accepted.

    That will unravel “The Process”.

    Sooner or later $aban will run out of unethical ways to skirt the rules and his act will become much less effective. How will the Bama Nation react? Will they turn on $aban like every other coach except Bear?

  2. 4

    First, Auburn and Ole Miss have more of those players as published by a recent survey. Try picking up a newspaper. Or, go online and look it up. Second, this is basketball moron. Third, I thought you guys thought that two-time National Champion Nick Savan was a terrible coach for leading his defending National Champions to a 10-win season despite losing 9 starters on defense and 4 on offense? It’ll be interesting to see how Chizik fares this year without his purchased QB and SR offensive and defensive lines and LB’s

  3. 5

    This was the basketball equivalent of Julio Jones signing with Nick Saban. Can translate to big things on the hardwood in Tuscaloosa.

    Auburn may not beat Bama on it’s new home floor for a while.

  4. 6

    I think it is safe to say Sabans “process” has produced better results than “All In” and better than anything Trooper Taylor or Chizik has ever done. We will see which “process” is worth it in the long run.

  5. 7
    Denny Chimes

    Hilarious how Hoopie replied without even reading the article to know that this is a basketball player. I guess this counts as only visiting this site to defend Auburn, right?

    It’s a God thing I’m sure.

  6. 8

    I heard Auburn is printing T-Shirts of their National Championship and Newton’s tainted Heisman with “It’s a God Thing” listed below the National Championship

  7. 9

    No, actualy under the BCS National Championship logo there is going to be a picture of T Bell knocking Archie Andrews dick in the dirt.

  8. 10

    Very classy, Junkie. Celebrating the cheap thug hit. That’s ok, our boys have a little something special for Mr. Bell’s thuggery this year if he hasn’t been arrested by November. I guess the Auburn thuggery is a “God thing” too

  9. 11

    I saw a good hard hit. And after that hard hit, I saw ol Greg being lead to the sidelines and lookin all goofy an stuff. Yeah, I hope he doesnt get arrested. Or go to any Bama football parties.

  10. 12


    there you go with your classy Auburn behavior referencing a dead player. First, that “party” was not an Alabama football party. It happened in Jacksonville, FL. That statement alone, laughing at someone’s death, does not surprise me coming from an Auburn football fan. Though there are some good Auburn people helping out with tornado relief, a majority of Auburn fans think the Toomer’s tree poisonings are worse than the tornado’s destruction. Your classless comment is the reason Alabama people hate Auburn. They like to sale themselves as Southern Christians when they are nothing more than cold, heartless, Old South HYPOCRITES.

    Any Auburn fan who has a problem with this, read this hypocrites post regarding the Douglas death again made by the typical, white trash Auburn supporter.

  11. 13

    Typical Barnturd shyte. It’s a waste of time trying communicate with braindead goatphuckers. They had their once in 50 years moment in the sun. Now it’s time for them to take off the mask and let out that freckled red headed stepchild face again. You child molesters come back and see us again in 2060 if this rock is still here and we’ll let you look at our 30th national championship trophy. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  12. 14

    Thats ok FBJ, get your punches in while you still can. You won’t have much to be rootin’ for this coming season (except ever who is playing Bama), because that green defense of yours won’t stop much of anyone this year. And as great as you think that win was, the one where Bama took it all in 2009 was a better win, and that 36-0 beatdown was just plain embarrassing. I am think this years game will fall into that embarrassing category. Probably will cause a movement for having a mercy rule in football.

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