Saban visits Gator and Seminole territory

Here are a couple of video reports for you about Alabama football. Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban visited Jacksonville on the Crimson Caravan. According to the report, Saban took the opportunity to talk about the state’s recovery from the tornadoes. Saban also reportedly, “smiled and said Alabama draws well everywhere” even in Seminole and Gator country.

VIDEO: Saban stops in Jacksonville

VIDEO: Sports Illustrated Pays Tribute To Alabama Relief Effort.


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    I expect we will now hear a lot of whining and bellyaching from Tallahassee and Gainesville about oversigning and tree poisoning and other “problems” in Tuscaloosa, as Coach Saban picks up as many recruits as he thinks he might want to take away from FL and FL St. Just like Mark Richt at UGA – if you can’t compete with Coach Saban, then deflect all attention from your sorry program.

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    Hey pete4tide – I agree with what you are saying.

    They will start the bellyaching and forget about it. Then, our own Bama fans will turn their little remarks into a major story that will never die. ha ha

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