Superstar Trevor Lacey to Alabama?

You gotta love the internet. Chatter tonight on the eve of Trevor Lacey’s signing of his letter of intent has the 6’3″ combo guard making the decision to spurn mega-powers Kentucky and Kansas to bring his game to Tuscaloosa.

If so, it would be the biggest news since Gerald Wallace inked with the Crimson Tide.

Alabama head coach Anthony Grant has put as much time into Lacey as anybody, though Alabama basketball pales in comparison to the likes of the Jayhawks or Wildcats.

Still, Lacey coming to Bama would have as much impact on the hardwood as Saban getting Julio Jones…maybe more. It sets the pace for what is expected in the future. Grant took a Tide team that couldn’t shoot and won the SEC West on defense alone. Add scoring to that recipe and we may have ourselves a contender.

We’ll see if that happens. Lacey is scheduled to announce his decision at 2:00pm Wednesday afternoon at Butler High School (Huntsville, AL).

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