Lowder out at AU; a foreshadowing of NCAA woes?

SI.com is reporting tonight that Bobby Lowder is leaving the Auburn University Board of Trustees.

Despite receiving a 3-2 vote from the Auburn Board of Trustees selection committee, the embattled banker is apparently walking way from his powerful grip on the university he loves. Lowder had served on the board since his appointment in 1983 from then Alabama Governor George Wallace.

There will be more on this story, no doubt, but with multiple NCAA clouds looming in Lee County, is this decision a preemptive strike by a program being sized up by the NCAA? Is it just a weary figure wanting to pull a Johnny Carson, or is it a foreshadowing of coming storms down on the plains?

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    He ‘retired’ from colonial right before the whole company went down. He was being challenged by a state representative, so he backed out. He doesn’t have to be on the board to still have influence, but the type of ‘influence’ he has had in the past probably isn’t there anymore or won’t be in the near future.

  2. 3

    Staying out of prison is Bobby’s biggest concern at this time.

    The Colonial/Auburn gang went for broke concerning playing an athlete that they knew should have ruled ineligible.

    Likewise, they went for broke concerning TARP funds that they were not eligible to obtain.

    Now, Bobby is going to lose his trophy and his freedom.

  3. 5

    You’re leaving out a lot of information. It wasn’t like Lowder was going to coast back in for another term. But I’ll let you people keep the story how you want to tell it.

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    Del Marsh, a state Rep. and an Auburn graduate, was contesting the appointment of Lowder, and wanted it to be redone in a more fair and legitimate way, so Lowder backs out. Hows that for the facts WDE?

  5. 7

    Ding ..ding ..ding BBrando wins the prize for post #6.

    I can’t believe a Bammer on here actually has a grip on reality.

    In addition to the DM situation, there were lawsuits being filed and a giant groundswell from the Auburn Alum. This doesn’t mean that Lowder will finally be out of our hair, but it does make it much harder for him to exert control.

    By the way, if anything, Lowder would stay on the Board of Trustees at all costs if he thought that there were NCAA issues looming. That’s the kind of stuff he loves to get involved in and try to manipulate.

    I realize that ya’ll don’t want to hear this because it doesn’t feed your paranoid needs.

  6. 8

    Yeah, Hoops – thanks for that diagnosis. It’s all those paranoid bammers out there that are causing all the problems for *U and their BOT. Not the funny business with Colonial, the QB that was pimped out, the armed robbery by the 4 playas, the running back that can’t stay out of trouble, or the connections to the ATL gangs. Nope – just those darn bammers again. Nothing here to see, just move along…..

  7. 9

    He didn’t blame anything on Alabama fans with that comment. Just said that Alabama fans would rather Lowder stay on the AU BOT. I don’t necessarily agree with the blanket “paranoid” description but I think a lot of UA fans would prefer Lowder stay on at AU. It generated nothing but negative press for us.

  8. 10

    My point was when it came down to doing it the right way, Lowder bails out. Par for the course for him. Remember jetgate? Just the way the guy conducts business was bound to catch up with him eventually. I know there are many Auburn people that are happy Lowder is finally off the board. That should tell you something right there. But how much damage could he have done? It’s not completely over with Lowder and Auburn yet…

  9. 11

    Here we go with the FBI tapes, etc. again.

    Guess what ….if the FBI did have tapes ..we wouldn’t know about it. If they had tapes and someone let that info, then someone would get fired. If the FBI had tapes, then they wouldn’t give them to the NCAA. The FBI only cares about criminal investigations and isn’t allowed to get into private/civil matters.

    Now ….go tell the REC it’s time to make up some new stories. These are getting boring. It’ll give us more stoopid stuff to argue about during the off season and keep your minds off of a 24 point collapse.

  10. 12

    By the way …my $1000 bet offer still stands. I’ll bet any of you rednecks $1000 that Auburn never receives any probation because of Cecil Newton trying to sell his son.

    Just to sweeten the pot, I’ll make a concurrent $1000 bet that nothing ever comes out of the Louisiana recruitment of Reed and Robinson. I’m sure that your Bama trailer parks can’t scrape up $1000, so go ask some of those REC members if they will bet. You know they won’t take the bet ..why? ….because they know that they created the smoke and that there ain’t a fire.

  11. 13

    Speaking of trailer parks, Auburn and Lee County have the highest number in the state, per capita, which explains why 4 Auburn football players robbed many of them and are going to trial, you white trash Auburn fan

  12. 14

    Set an account up thru pay pal hippie ill call ur bluff! Hell double or nothing if u prove chizik has teeth!

  13. 15

    Blame it on the REC lol… the fact is, the NCAA has 5 investigations going on with Auburn. You don’t know that they won’t be getting any punishment or not, because the investigations are NOT OVER. And the longer it takes, the worse it looks for Auburn.

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