Atlanta Falcons GM on Julio Jones

Atlanta Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff was on the Colin Cowherd Show to talk about Alabama star receiver Julio Jones; The Falcons drafted Jones in the first round after moving up 21 spots. In Birmingham you can watch Cowherd on ESPNU via cable or satellite.

Dimitroff aid the way Julio plays is “ultra competitive” and he played for “one of the best college coaches who demands a lot from his players.” He said coach Saban raves about what a “tough, aggressive” player Julio is. Also, Saban told Dimitroff that Julio Jones is not only a “gamechanger, but a team changer.”

“This was an explosive, playmaking athlete,” Dimitroff said of former Alabama Crimson Tide football player Jones. “He will impact our offense going forward.”

Dimitroff said this NFL draft move “ramps up the receiving corps.” He said it helps the offense on so many levels by making other players more effective.