Defending Finebaum: a reply to an open letter

Dear Sirius/XM,

Despite what some have told you (see here), the state of Alabama has more than its fair share of idiots. Sure, most of them wear orange and blue—evidenced by the fact these are the only people who believe Cam Newton—but that fact should not move you to pity them. You could protect them from themselves by banning the Paul Finebaum Radio Network, but they would only find other outlets to embarrass themselves and the state of Alabama. They might call Tim Brando’s show out of desperation for attention! Imagine the carnage if that were to happen. Poor old Tammy.

Nor should you entertain pleas to muzzle free expression on your satellite airwaves. As long as your programming is not indecent, then the marketplace should determine what it likes. Clearly, the state of Alabama likes Paul Finebaum.

You might ask yourself, “Why does the state of Alabama like Paul Finebaum?”

The answer is simple; he is not locked into the groupthink of local media. He does not defend Auburn the way some major newspapers do. He is fair. And that fact angers Auburn fans. They are accustomed to biased coverage through outlets like the Birmingham News or sad radio like WJOX’s Opening Drive—from which many have fled to listen to national shows like Colin Cowherd’s excellent program from ESPN.

In fact, Paul Finebaum’s radio program is the closest thing to fair media available in this state. Everyone has a voice—and that scares some. It frightens the elites because they have never understood talk radio; this is the same fear that consumes some elites about blogs—it gives voice to the masses. In some ways, these are analogous to the development of the printing press. The printing press provided information to many without the cost associated with the production of manuscripts. It sparked a revolution. While on a much smaller scale, sports talk radio and now the Internet have redefined reporting and entertainment. It isn’t all good that comes from talk radio or the Internet. But to muzzle something because Auburn fans are upset that the truth is told, would do harm to the state of Alabama.

Do not pity Auburn and its fans. Let the nation mock if it must, but that is a small price to pay for truth.

An admirer of free markets

PS: You might ask yourself, what is Auburn afraid of today? What are its fans afraid of today? Why not last week or last August? Is something different today? What is their agenda? That answer might tell you the best is yet to come.


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  1. 1

    It’s just the tip of the iceburg… for how far the humiliation of Auburn will go. Imagine how it will be once the probation sets in. Auburn will carry the stigma of being one of the dirtiest programs ever. Ohio State just got their letter, I suspect it won’t be much longer before Auburn receives theirs. Talk about text-books all you want Auburn fans. The stuff you are about to be accountable for is far worse.

  2. 2

    This is the dumbest load of crapI’ve ever read. I wonder if the person who was writing this was taking it up the (|) by Nick Saban as he wrote this, or perhaps had a mouthful of ===D from Eli Gold. The majority of football fans who disgrace Alabama are fans who kill opposing fans (, kill historical landmarks ( and write dumbass letters such as this one (you).

    All you dumb UA fans who support Finebaum when he habitually rips AU (because he plays to his redneck fanbase) are the same ones who cry when he defends Auburn. If you didn’t realize this (you probably don’t because you probably don’t even have your GED), Finebaum plays to whichever fanbase is easier to stir at the moment in time. It’s called RATINGS. He is the Howard Stern of college football and does a damn good job. His show is predominately idiot, white-trash, minimum wage working Alabama fans. And this fine, because the only people who get so passionate about this show are the same ones who don’t realize it’s all just a big joke on all you dumb Alabama fans.

    No, Finebaum shouldn’t have to worry about actions of 62 year-old disgrace of mankind and should keep doing his just the way it is, because honestly, it’s hilarious to hear what the inbred part of the state (West) wants to cry about. You do realize that your team has had the most NCAA sanctions in the last 15 years right? Don’t worry though, keep hating AU because AU fans love that you give such a crap about us when you claim not too. 28-27. Sorry for partying.

  3. 3

    Who is talking about text books? When that story broke, even I was like, whatever. And since you know how Auburn fans are going to react with looming probation, let me ask you this. How will you react when there is nothing to nail Auburn with? Something tells me that will be the straw that broke the camels back. Good column though.

  4. 4

    LMAO@ Barner Fife Jay Coulter and the rest of the Gayberries whining to Sirius like a bunch of whiney pansies. Finebaum’s show is going nowhere.

  5. 5


    I hate to break this to you, but Auburn has been known for years as having the trashiest fanbase in the SEC. For every “Updyke” in UA’s fanbase, there are four sorry Auburn white-trash Auburn fans. Auburn is an agricultural/second-tier engineering school for crying out loud…Oh, BTW, I’m a UA graduate. I thought I’d cut you off at the pass before you went into the typical Auburn “myth” that all Barners graduated from AU. The false “connections” you give non-alumni are no different than sidewalk alumni at UA. Some of the biggest trash I’ve ever met in my life were Auburn fans. Their defense of all things Cam Newton is despicable. I will not allow my children to even converse with Auburn trash anymore until they start demanding a clean program from their athletic department. The Auburn “creed” is pure garbage. Morally reprehensible people

  6. 8


    losing a game that we led 24-0 was surely embarrasing, but trash, I mean Auburn was the no 2 ranked team, and UA had 2 LOSSES going into the game. However, AU FINALLY beat a decent UA team for the first time since the Stallings era. It’ll be interesting to see if trash, I mean Auburn, will be able to keep it

  7. 10

    Wow and the pot is calling the kettle black lmao…what part of “investigation over”, don’t you goons understand? I guess English isn’t understood all that well in Tuscaloosa. Since we suffer from such an inferiority complex, let me remind you that is Auburn, not Alabama, who has had not just one, but TWO undefeated seasons. Burns to know you’re the little brother know huh? You hillbillies are pathetic. Why are Bama’s colors Crimson (red) and white? Because their fans are nothing but rednecks and white trash. 28-27 WDE

  8. 11

    Let me clarify that last statement. I was typing a bit fast. We have had 3 undefeated seasons to Alabama’s 2 in the last 20 years.

  9. 12

    The author clearly misses the point, but an earlier commenter nailed it: Paul Finebaum plays the RATINGS game. He doesn’t care about Alabama, and he doesn’t care about Auburn. He stirs the pot…he stokes the fire — add your description here.

  10. 13

    MAc I challenged you to provide”proof” that the investigations are over! Our two undefeated teams have two titles.your three seasons I. Review 1993 probation 11-0 and nowhere to go! 2004 noone in the nation takes awbarn seriously and they have nothin to show for it….2010 well we all know how that one is going so far that title was has been is and forever will be tainted no matter the outcome! Keep it down home cuz!

  11. 14
    bless your hearts

    BamaBrando wins at spelling and grammar. Is an iceburg some sort of ice city? Kind of like Duckburgh or Pittsburgh?

  12. 15

    I’m not going to debate with you about whether or not we played for Championships in the 1993 and 2004 season, as it’s common knowledge we didn’t. We did, however, beat everyone we played, including the Crimson Tide. How many times can Alabama say that since 2000? One time. Proof? Call the NCAA offices in Indianapolis, wait on hold for available agent for about 30 minutes, and ask them for yourselves if the investigation over Cam Newton and the pay-for-play scheme is over. I did. You know what they told me? “Relax, he’s good. He and the university are keeping their trophies. The investigation wrapped up shortly after we cleared him to play.” If you’d like to call them to get the same answer, go right ahead.

  13. 16

    But if you guys want to keep up these delusions of grandeur that Newton will lose his Heisman, or Auburn will forfeit their National Championship, then I suggest you seek a mental health professional on help with your paranoid delusions. I would be more concerned about how Alabama would be more likely to lose their 2009 National Title, since you guys got 3 years of probation during your title run. I research all my shit talk before I open my mouth. I’d suggest you to do the same. Perhaps you’d sound a bit less ignorant.

  14. 17

    Why do the barn turds only go back 15 or 20 years? i seem to remember the 60 and 70’s when we dominated them but don’t always go back that far. Dumbares. Always trying to get their agenda out to look good.

  15. 18

    Mac, you are fooling yourself if you think the probe into Newton is over. Even Mike Slive has said in interviews that if the investigation were closed, he would have been told that it was closed. Furthermore, Auburn has reason to fear the wide NCAA probe into Auburn’s recruiting practices.

    We know the probe has included talks in other states ranging from LA to MS, and other states and also includes Auburn practices like the Tiger Prowl. If you could look at facts through anything other than orange and blue glasses, you would know that the NCAA is going to do something very bad to your school.

  16. 20

    Oh you’re right, you know more than an NCAA official, who personally assured me the investigations were over. Yes, you’re like the Nostradamus of GD college football. Orange and blue glasses? Again the pot calls the kettle black. Wow. I’m actually one of the most unbiased Auburn fans you’ll ever meet. If wrong is done, then punishment should be dealt, but as I said before, I research EVERY little thing before I open my mouth, making me a dangerous opponent to attempt to debate with, as clearly, I have the right answers. I will say it once more, call the NCAA offices like I did, wait for 30 minutes to talk to an agent like I did, and ask the agent if the investigation is still ongoing just like I did. Oh and btw, the ONLY thing that could strip the Heisman or the National Title would be the pay for play scheme, which is over. The Tiger Prowl and practices allegations would be be merely a fine and a probation, much like your 3 year probation during your 2009 championship run.

  17. 21

    and again, Alabama is the dirtiest player in the game. I would be more worried about Brent Calloway, and the how someone (ahem, Richardson) on an athletic scholarship, who came from a low income background and has two children already, is driving around in an Escalade. Surely his impoverished parents didn’t buy it for him. Perhaps he financed it himself. Possible, but then he has to support two kids as well as pay for a car note and insurance. Hmmmmm. Point the fingers when your the guilty one much?

  18. 22

    whats the phone number mac and what is the name of the official that assured you that it is over? That way when I call up there and get him on the phone I can have him go on the record and assure the public of the exact same thing…and the point about your undeafeated seasons is we won it all on both of ours yall didnt accomplish anything but on one of them! Btw genius we beat everyone we played in those seasons too including awburn hence the word UNDEFEATED! And u only heard what everyone else heard when newton was cleared to play except for one little part …..the pres said “FOR NOW”

  19. 23

    Haha Mac has personal inside information that the NCAA investigations are in fact over. Yet no official word from the NCAA. Plus, he knows all this personal information on players that play for Bama, and is STILL trying to push the escalade thing that has been dead for two years now. Is that you Jeff Lee? Had to change your name and write undercover in the comments of the Capstone Report? What a crock. When that hammer falls, be sure to come back here and explain it all to us. It should be really funny.

  20. 24

    Geez “Bamatruth1977” way to combat genuine truth with half cocked theories. Your handle should be bamaconspiracy1977 instead. Here’s the number.(317)917-6222. I really wish I could recall the name of the person I spoke with for you, just so you can look like an a$$ when they tell you the exact same thing. You’d probably never admit it, or come up with some hair brained “nuh uh” story for all your little crimson friends. Oh btw, it was a she, not he. Ok so let’s review for the general population that “bamatruth1977” here isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. She frequently misspells words such as ‘Awburn’ and ‘undeafeated’ as well as uses completely incorrect grammar “And u only heard”…I believe it’s spelled ‘You’. So Ms. bamatruth1977, please go back to school.

  21. 25

    It is pointless to explain anything to you “BamaBrando”, in 20 years you goons are still going to be clogging up internet chat boards, trying to convince yourselves that Auburn is guilty of some major infraction. The only place the ‘hammer’ will fall is your your mind and among the inferior collective reasoning of a bunch of half-wit Bama fans. Where do they get you women at? I mean, does Alabama have a bunch of PMS’ing women write comments about Auburn and Newton. You ladies need to chill out and get lives.

  22. 26

    Mac has inside knowledge?! LOLHAHAHAHAHAHAHaHaHA. OK JEFFY Boy, white trash Auburn fan. Auburn’s about to burn to the ground, as they should have years ago. White Trash, I mean, Auburn University, SEC leader and third all time in NCAA probations. BTW, JEFF, what’s the NCAA number? LOL

  23. 27

    I think its hilarious that we have all these auburn fans on this Alabama website so worried about what we think. yes mac, auburn beat Alabama last year 28-27 and won a natl championship…congratulations. I hope you enjoyed it, because it will not happen again in your lifetime. Do me, and everyone else a favor and shut up. thanks

  24. 28

    lol ill go gets me some larnin from awburn jes like u little feller btw awburn stands for Awburn Wins But Uses Rented Negroes! ill give em a call! Btw I we know your are lying because youre an awb its not ur fault you cant help it and mother fukker u couldnt beat bo jackson in a spelling bee! Be back in about thirty minutes after I call

  25. 29

    I’m sorry, but REALLY Rc? (or whoever you are). You should be ashamed of yourself. I don’t care where the forum is,your apparent lack of class or any form of good sportsmanship is an embarrassment to the University of Alabama. If this is the kind of vitriolic malarky they teach you at UA, thank God I’m getting a REAL education at Auburn. The statistics don’t lie- Auburn is simply the better school. So go back to work at what is probably your hapless, low-paying job (that you got thanks to that quality UA education) and next time you want to open your mouth, remember that the guy who owns whatever company you work for is probably an Auburn grad. War Eagle.

  26. 30

    “You know what they told me? “Relax, he’s good. He and the university are keeping their trophies. The investigation wrapped up shortly after we cleared him to play.”

    I call BS on that one. Nothing you have said or will say should be believed now. It’s clear that everyone else here knows you are a liar.

    When called on it, you revert to the same thing the rest your ilk does. Point out spelling mistakes.

  27. 31

    WOw only took 3 minutes and I didnt get an NCAA official I got transferred to a voicemail and was told to leave my name phone and e mail and what it is concerning lets see if they call

  28. 32

    guys, I’m sorry for making those comments. I am a flaming homosexual and love auburn too much to have y’all talk bad about my school. Again, I am a flaming homosexual and love making out with guys from Auburn.

  29. 33

    Wow! LMAO omg yeah inside knowledge. Not really inside knowledge when anyone can call and ask. DEE DEE DEE. Rented Negroes? Racist much? Wow, you people from Alabama do nothing to fight off the image of being intolerant racists do you? Love the spelling, girls. Please come back with news that’s shock me. Idiots. Want to hear something hilarious? I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, and not even from Alabama. LMAO. I love jumping back and forth from UA to AU boards and making you inbred hicks get ‘all riled up’ over your precious college programs. What’s that Stephanie? Stop blowing your brother so I can understand you. Did you say Shut up. You girls are feisty! and racist!

  30. 34

    Hey “Mac”….but that was about as clever as any I’ve ever seen, especially since you can put your name as anything you want. Boy you Alabama folks sure are clever. Hey Ma! Come see how clever these Bama folk are! You girls really get your panties in a wad don’t you. LMAO. You clowns are why I’m thankful to be from above the Mason Dixon. My God this is funny stuff.

  31. 36

    @Caughtcha You think I care if you hicks think I’m a liar? Please, I’m BEGGING you. Go call for yourself. PLEASE. Just so you can shut the hell up.

  32. 37

    yes “Mac” I do…please join me? Perhaps we can engage in random acts of racism or incest while we’re at it?

  33. 40

    I just called the ncaa and was told that they do not comment on “ongoing investigations”, mac you are full of shit…..

  34. 43

    Let’s see, The New York Times, Washington Post, ESPN, HBO, Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, FoxSports, and dozens of other reputable organizations have reported on the $cam in *uburn, but only “Mac” truly knows what’s going on. Barner mentality in a nutshell right there. “Mac”, as well as the *uburn nation, is delusional. Mac, enjoy the NC, because it’ll be taken away in the course of the next 12-18 months.

  35. 44

    For the record Mac. I never said you were an Auburn fan, though you certainly(and perfectly)fit the mold. I just said that you are a liar and anything and everything you say should be disregarded. You have now admitted it. I applaud you for taking the first step in your recovery.

    Also for the record, I do not think you are Jeff Lee. I think it more likely that you are his rump riding bitch.

  36. 45

    mmmm hmmmm… sooo jealous lol. You keep digging a deeper hole. I didn’t post that comment with the number until 3:43…you would not have recieved the message nor got through the introduction until well after 3:45. Again, nice try little kid.

  37. 46

    Woe $cam Chicken, a few facts: The U of A is ranked ahead of the *uburn tiggers in Forbes Mag, U.S. News and World Report, and the Princeton Review. Not that you would know that, because those fine publications are not read down in Cowtown. On top of that, The U of A has many more Presidential Scholars and Rhodes Scholars than *uburn. I know you’re not interested in facts, but I thought I’d share them anyway.

  38. 48

    I love Jeff Lee and he loves me. We love going for long walks and candlelight dinners. He can make a pretty tasty dinner!! Just in case you didnt know Jeff is gay and we love making out.

  39. 50

    Oh I’m enjoying our 6 Super Bowls. It frightens me that a Pennsylvania native ‘fits’ the mold of an Alabama native. I guess that means it’s really hard to tell you apart from your sister huh? I do have a question for you. I have heard Jeff Lee’s name being tossed around. Who the hell is he? You are incorrect though, the only place in the next 12-18 months that it will stripped in your twisted little minds. I love how you goons from the South simply tack on extra letters to your obscenities to pass through chat filters, as opposed to using other words or even using a broader vocabulary to express yourselves. Boy, the education system down here sucks!

  40. 51

    @bamazavin I’m sure you did have the number, just like you have the number for Hooked On Phonics. No….that can’t be right lol. I bet I do know what you have the number for. Your cousin Jenny on speed dial for your late night booty calls…yee haw!

  41. 52

    @bamafan, um you’re wrong about Forbes. As of April 15th, 2011 Auburn was ahead of Bama, and Penn State is ahead of both lol.

  42. 54

    But since we’re all spouting out bullshit statistics and facts that aren’t true, let’s have fun with it, shall we? I’ll go first. I’m Nick Saban! I’m the king of Goddamned Englad! I enjoy water polo! I drive a Mini Cooper! I love Zsa Zsa Gabor! Whoo hoo! It’s been fun ‘Bammers’ I think you’re called, gotta go piss off the ‘Barners’. You terds are like Muslims and Jews. Live on the same piece of land, bang each other’s families, yet you hate each other. Morons.

  43. 55

    i can see mac now, 250 to 275 pounds of lard, sitting in front of his computer wearing a wife beater, franticly typing his bs on his keyboard while his skoal runs down the side of his fat neck….lmfao

  44. 56

    @bamazavin you called me on my bs? Really? How so? Do you have your conversation with the NCAA recorded to share with all of us? No? Shut up kid.

  45. 59

    @bamazavin…close but no cigar, wife beater, yes, skoal, no, only Newports. 250 no. 185 more like it. The Army has height and weight standards. What do you do for living?

  46. 60

    @bamazavin OH YES Bitch slapped across the Internet by some dumbass hillbilly kid. Ouch I think I’m gonna need a band aid for my feelings.Enjoy your future in that backwoods state kid.

  47. 62

    “Boy, the education system down here sucks!”

    Down here? I thought you said you were from up there.

    Silly Barner. Give it a rest Ms. Lee

  48. 63

    @caughtcha I’m ‘down here’ unfortunately stationed in Georgia. Oh yes I’m a Barner. This has been the biggest laugh of my life. Thank you hillbillies so much. Hey bamazavin is this your comment from back in 2010? kennedy, I’m sorry dude but i gotta say it…you are one ugly man, do us all a favor and never include that picture of ur ugly mug and chrome dome in ur future articles. dude u r butt ugly!!!!

  49. 64

    @bamazavin….yes kid, everyone’s pointing and laughing lmao. Let me ask you a question and I’ll break it down Barney Style for you, when I log off, who do you think will be living the happier life? Me or you? Now laugh lmao.

  50. 67

    F*ck no I’m not Kennedy, you dumbass lmao. Lesson is, don’t put your personal info on the internet. You’re not hard to find.

  51. 69

    Especially dumbass ones who have a sense of entitlement. We use to kick the sh*t out of kids like you in high school.

  52. 70

    please find me, please, you might be a tad sorry, just saying,

    We use to kick the sh*t out of kids like you in high school.

    we, really, you sorry punks needed help lmao

  53. 71

    Mac, Auburn is not squeaky clean. There are 5 separate NCAA investigations going on, all about the recruiting practices. 4 players got on national TV and admitted to getting paid. And low and behold, Lowder is still on the board, even though his bank went under and he is involved in a lawsuit claiming fraud. No, the real joke is what has become of the University of Auburn, and what they have been willing to do in the face of what Saban has been doing at Bama. And Mac, you are a joke, you have no credible information, and you definitely don’t know anything about any Bama or Auburn recruit or player. If the investigations are over, it would be in Auburns best interest to release that information, dont ya think? Your school is about to be made an example of. But you keep on coming back here and tell us some more funny stories okay?

  54. 72

    @BamaBrando, No sh*t they’re not squeaky clean. Who is clean in the NCAA these days? Tell me. Alabama’s not. No one in the SEC is clean. Obviously not in the BIG 10. No, for someone who’s handle involves ‘Brando’, the joke is obviously in your hand. For the record though, that it is, in all honesty, what the lady at the NCAA told me when I called. Could it have been a joke? Sure. But that is what an NCAA official employee told me over the phone.

  55. 73

    mac is in the army?…..LMAO god bless this country we have enlisted boys that are supposedly calling the NCAA asking about cam newton instead of doin his duty lmao son u are a spherical ass hole! Do u know what that means? It means any way you turn you your an asshole all over now snap to and go spit shine your bunk mates knob!

  56. 74


    Classy screen name BTW. Anyway, I can assure you that I’m a team manager in my company with 2 fellow Bama alums, 2 Floria graduates, 1 Vandy graduate, and 1 Barner. Guess who the stupid one on my team is?! DING, it’s the f—Ed up Auburn grad. Give it a rest, dude. There’s no way to verify that comment. I’m sure you’ll try to dig up some article that has AU 51st in something, but those empirical studies are biased. Bottom line, you are trash, your Auburn friends are trash, and shame on your Auburn “fambly” if they brainwashed you for years and forced you to attend school at that trailer park dump, i.e. Auburn University. BTW, yes I’ve been to that backwards campus of yours. Hillbilly

  57. 76

    Mac, your posts are no longer funny, and you are officially growing tiresome. You have been caught, and everyone now knows exactly what you are. Your posts express you perfectly. A slack jawed mouth breather whose own mother now turns down your amorous advances, and you are quickly running through your sisters. Lucky for you that your kind breeds large families.
    Oh well, you don’t have to be lonely. There are stumps in the field and a large group of your school’s fans are grazing there.

    Stationed in Georgia? I have friends there and elsewhere around the south. I think it would be safe to say that you wouldn’t survive long expressing your views of the south anywhere near our service members. Your slime trail is too evident to believe anything you say about being in the military.

  58. 79

    @Caughtcha How long did it take you to look up all those big words? I’m sorry, I don’t do my mother or sisters like you and your white trash fellow natives of Alabama do. Yes, Fort Stewart. Come see me if you dare. I’d knock your tooth out. You clowns are a bunch of racist, family-banging, trailer park living, suck a$$ education having, knuckle dragging retards who’s sole evening enjoyment is ‘arguing’ with a yankee who likes inciting hillbillies as a mild form entertainment. You are the from the south. There is no possible cut down or joke you could make that would make you any more relevant or less of a joke already. That is the ultimate joke. You’re from Alabama. The nation and a good chunck of the world laughs at you.

  59. 80

    Bryce…that’s right…I was looking about putting Bamazavin’s and caughcha’s mom in a home, right after I put some water in their bowls lmao this is getting good.

  60. 81


    I’m an African-American, and I and my crew would love to meet you and your crew off base so we can whip some sorry @$$es. You’re right about one thing. You’ll see exactly how my crew plays it down south once we get medieval on you and your boys

  61. 82

    Mac, there are stupid people from everywhere. You are living proof. I have been all over the place, and I have seen hillbillies from New York, and California. If you are really in the military, you know this is true. You want to put down the south, try to piss people off, and hide behind your big bad words on the internet. You are just another punk, and you are not as important as you want to think.

  62. 83

    @mac: Stewart? You’re what, a commo guy in AIT? Nah, probably too stupid for that, so what an 11 bang bang who was too much of a goldbricker to make it in the 82 or 101? Get too confused at reading maps to be in 4th Cav — probably the only arm strength you’ve got is in your right forearm from “applying CLP to the little mortar”, so that kept you from even being a semi-decent leg in the 10th Mountain. Oh, I know, you’re a profile ranger on permanent CQ…yeah buddy, make sure those real soldiers sign in and sign out. Stupid bravo foxtrots.

  63. 84

    No, you’re not African-American. You’re American. If you were African-American you’d have been born in Africa and became a naturalized U.S. citizen. Geez, not even sure of what you are. Sure, but I hope your ‘crew’ can handle .50 cals, we’ll see how ‘medieval’ you are then.

  64. 85

    so mac you are saying that you called the ncaa on a weekend or a down day? I too work for the meps on maxwell/afb gunter annex montgomery I know all down days and duty hours soooo exactly when did you call? One the NCAA offices are closed on weekends and federal and statr holidays and if u are in georgia you also are on eastern time zone and your duty hours are 7-4 so you called on lunch or during duty hours which is it?

  65. 86

    Let’s see

    tOSU just got a Notice of Allegations (NOA) from the NCAA.

    UAT is currently and has been under some form of NCAA probation since 1995.

    Auburn has not been under probation since 1992 and even after all of the alleged “smoke” does not even have a NOA from the NCAA.

    So Bammers ..keep on wishing and hoping that something happens to Auburn. Keep on believing that trash that is being thrown out by the Wizards behind the curtain. That’s it ..just hold your breath …it’ll happen ..just …just ..just ..

  66. 88

    hrm I don’t recall inviting you to this party, but you’d better brush up on your military lingo and acronyms before you pop off some ignorant garbage like your counterparts. I’m sure your tour of duty in the National Guard or Reserves taught you alot. Yes, there are hillbillies every where, even in Pennsylania, but not in the concentration of the message boards I skim across for Alabama and Auburn football. You take this football stuff waaaaay to seriously.

  67. 89

    @MAc. WHO IS THE RACIST HILBILLY now. You’re just a lily punk ass kid. Don’t worry, you’re being traced:)

  68. 91

    Rc. There is no use in challenging Mac. He would never come out of his mom’s basement. I’m licensed conceal carry, two years of (off and on) hand to hand training and more military than this guy will ever see, and that is only by way of friends and family actually in the military. All of this AND a college education. I would love to meet him too. I doubt he would do anything other than wet himself if any one of us confronted him.
    I wouldn’t be worried about him, and I am female.

  69. 92

    Oh no! Traced! Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my! Better yet so you don’t have to do all that hard work you can just ask for my address…I’ll be more than happy to provide it to you. You and your counterparts are the racist hillbillies. Your posts show it so.

  70. 93

    I must admit. I have no idea why some Auburn folks/organizations want PF off the air.

    The guy is the Jerry Springer of football and only survives because of the predominately redneck Bammer fan base. Yep …ol’ Paawlll has managed to find a couple of stoopid Auburn fans to call in, but the show has primarily been kept healthy by the large Bammerneck fan base in Bammerham.

    Now that he is on XM/Sirius, I get to hear his nonsense over here in Georgia and now even listen on the internet. This, of course means that the rest of the nation gets to enjoy laffing at PF manipulating the Bammernecks and Auburn folks on his show.

    By the way, during the Mike Shula era, most Bama fans hated Finebaum. It’s simple ..he recognizes the hate between the 2 fanbases that is exemplified on the Capstone Report ….and he exploits both fan bases to bring out that hatred.

  71. 94

    Caughtcha you are full sh*t lmao women can’t be combat arms and if you ‘were more military’ than I, you’d know this. Licensed to carry a concealed weapon! Wow! If you knew a damn thing, you’d know active military doesn’t need a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Hand to hand training? Try combatives every Thursday. You are a sad, sad, individual. I pity you.

  72. 95

    Brush up on “my lingo”? Sorry, I was busy being deployed and didn’t have the time you remfs have to get down “lingo”.

  73. 97

    You are right Hoopie, no animosity for either team, I’m just like an amateur Finebaum, it is fun I must say to stir both fanbases up.

  74. 99

    Umm, active military is *not* allowed to carry personal weapons on base except to deliver them to the assigned weapons locker or remove them from said locker in order to take it off base. You are still bound by state law when you go off base. Son, you better sit down with someone before you get your tail in a LOT of trouble.

    Oh, combatives once a week? That was some of the weakest and most asinine crap I’ve ever done. Also, once a week? You’re supposed to be developing muscle memory with that stuff, once a week doesn’t cut it. I feel sorry for you if you ever do have to actually defend your life without a weapon.

  75. 100

    hrm shush you don’t know what you’re talking about and it’s not worth my time explaining or arguing it with you

  76. 101

    And you think you are winning anything Mac?
    I think the general consensus here is that you are an epic failure and we are stringing you along like a puppet. And I think you are still too dull and thick to understand that you did not comprehend my earlier post.

  77. 102

    so tell me hrm, where and when have you deployed to? Unless you have 6 under your belt to both Afghanistan and Iraq, I don’t want to hear anything. Being a fobbit doesn’t count either.

  78. 103

    MAc you r a fake, don’t worry though. Your @$$ beating will commence Thursday evening. I don’t need your address after all:)

  79. 104

    Stringing me like a puppet? LMAO I’m the one laughing here, pulling you along like a fish by the lure. I ‘comprehended’ it perfectly, as you were too caught up in your feeble attempts to argue with someone who is clearly having too much fun with this. This is classic lmao.

  80. 106

    Oh, so you can pull up one state/federal/county website that says that if you’re active military you don’t need a c&c? Or, maybe how it’s against Ft. Stewart’s (and practically EVERY military installation) to keep a firearm in your vehicle? Oh, so you can just wander about while in uniform with your little .38 — well, darn if that’s not something that requires a waiver (and a waiver that most likely will not be granted). I’ll grant that you may be some little pv2 or something in the military, but you’ve not been in long enough or attained high enough rank to have any clue what the rules are. You are going to get yourself skint up something bad. Have fun with that.

  81. 107

    Well it’s been fun, you’re all invited to join me in pissing off the ‘barners’ tomorrow evening, at which message board I don’t know yet. RTR lol

  82. 108

    I think you protest too much Mac. I would usually post once and move on. But when I find someone like you, I will reel for awhile just to see where they will go. Sometimes they will wind up as a subject for a psychology paper. Sadly, you are too predictable and uninteresting.

    Now. Dance my pretty

  83. 109

    U WELL HELLO THERE QUEENIE MAC! Apparantly you dont know what a down day is! And u still didnt answer my question!

  84. 110

    Mac, chill out, have your fun then bounce, you spend too much time on this dude. HRM that Mac dude is kinda right, I spent 7 years in the Army and if you live in housing you can keep your weapon on you, just as long as its registered with the provost marshal. I was at ft benning for a while and in GA you dont have to have a license to carry a concelaed weapon just as long as it aint in a school or federal building

  85. 111

    If you must know a total of 18 deployments that totaled some 6 years overseas. Most of my time was spent in Afghanistan and central Africa (my unit’s AO was primarily Africa, but when we first moved on Afghanistan, an all hands on deck approach was used). I spent 3 weeks in Malaysia and about 6 months in Central America. Basically, the only time I was in the US was for training and leave.

  86. 113

    Now that the liar has left…

    If Finebaum went off the air today, it wouldn’t bother me in the least.

  87. 114

    Uh, Mac, The University of Alabama is ranked ahead of the *uburn Cow College by a significant margin in Forbes Magazine. Go check for yourself. It’s spelled F-O-R-B-E-S. Quit looking in the Farmers Almanac, it’s not there.

  88. 115

    RTR, yeah, they change things up between the bases, and even the different commands on a single base. What more got me was his “soldier’s don’t need c&c” part. It may be that the local law does not enforce it, but there is no law, statute, or the like that says such.

  89. 116

    dunno i think we need someone to stoke the fire every once in a while just as long as we keep dudes like that updyke fellow away, he makes the whole university look bad

  90. 117

    well like i said I don’t know about other bases but in the state of georgia active duty could carry concelaed pistols. our 1sg told us that one time as long as the ammo wasnt in the weapon we could carry it. still had to be registered on post though

  91. 118

    by the way that dude was talkin crap on auburns board on the other day so dont pay him no mind, i think he just dont like the south in general

  92. 119

    Ah, then it probably wasn’t a “concealed weapon” in the eyes of GA law then. Some states have some pretty stupid laws when it comes to figuring out if the weapon is packed for transportation or a “concealed weapons”…one state I lived in for a bit had a three step rule — if it took three or more steps to fire the weapon (like, open the glove box to get it, load it, rack a round, pull trigger) it was not considered a concealed weapon. I just left all of my guns at home — it was too much of a headache to keep up with and I didn’t hunt then so, no reason to.

  93. 120
    Old Dog

    Too bad I arrived late to the party, as a recent retiree that has spent time @ “Camp Swampy” as well as some time OCONUS I’d have liked to put my .02 in.

  94. 121

    ATTENTION: All Alabama Fans –

    Let them BarnTurds “brag” about their 28-27 IronBowl victory and their bought National Championship and just remember……a light shines up a dog’s ass every once in a while and they will never see another championship in their lifetime.

  95. 122
    Old Dog

    Just to shed a little light though, being governed by the UCMJ, as well as local/state and federal statutes, members of the military can NOT carry concealed weapons (loaded or not),unless you are one of those “very special” guys around Ft.Bragg {the ones with the long hair and beards}(no, not the Green Berets either). If this poser wishes, Im quite sure there are methods to vet his claims, IE; what MOS, where&when did he do Basic/AIT,class #, and heaven help him if he claims to be a Ranger or any other specwar derivative.

  96. 124

    The only thing more idiotic than Coulter’s letter, is this response by the crapstain report. Crimpsum morons.

  97. 125
    Indiana Vol

    “Despite what some have told you (see here), the state of Alabama has more than its fair share of idiots.”

    The overwhelming share wear Crimson TURD colors!

    “In fact, Paul Finebaum’s radio program is the closest thing to fair media available in this state.”


    As a Slimebaum listener, I can truly say he has his head so far up Nicky Satan’s ASS that it is a joke to say Slimebaum is “fair”. He is a BAMMER ASS-KISSER of the highest degree!!

  98. 127
    Indiana Vol

    “I hate to break this to you, but Auburn has been known for years as having the trashiest fanbase in the SEC”. “Some of the biggest trash I’ve ever met in my life were Auburn fans.” “Morally reprehensible people”

    Rc (aka Rotten Crotch), your rant is a detail of the Bammer Moron Nation, not Auburn. As a 3rd party in this conversation, I have been to games in Auburn and Tuscaloser and encountered fans of both schools in Knoxville. The Crimson TURD fans are BY FAR the lowest class of humanity as a group and are the epitomy of “Morally reprehensible people”

  99. 128
    Indiana Vol

    “Indiana obviously has their share of drooling idiots as well.”

    Bammer has the market cornered on that front!!

  100. 129

    Idiot Vol, thats is your way of retaliating from all the butthurt you have been feeling from all those Bama ass whoopings you have been dealing with. Get ready for another. I have been to a few Bama vs. UT games, and believe me, UT has some really backwoods fans. And rude. You are here talking about Bama fans, but you don’t look at your own fanbase.

  101. 130
    Indiana Vol


    There are a “few” in every crowd, but your Bammer bretheren number a “majority” when it comes to no-class, backwoods, rude, toothless, inbred hillbillys.

    I used to live in Bammer; I am speaking from experience!

  102. 131

    Whatever VOL. I have seen UT fans, and my opinion is they are much worse. But who cares? Bama still owns UT. And you are still a bad sport about it.

  103. 132
    Indiana Vol

    “Bama ass whoopings you have been dealing with. Get ready for another.”

    ‘And you are still a bad sport about it.”

    Who is the BAD SPORT???

  104. 133

    I am not being a bad sport. Just stating the facts as they are. Sorry you are so sensitive to it. Why are you always here crying about Bama anyway? You only make yourself look like a fool.

  105. 135
    Indiana Vol

    “another day to celebrate the alabama crimson tide – the greatest football program in world history”…and the biggest cheater with the lowest class of fans!!

  106. 136
    Indiana Vol

    Damn my hemmoroids are acting up again im gonna have to tell chizik to stop pounding me in the ass so hard!

  107. 137

    Indiana Vol:

    Are you saying you have a gaping a-hole? BTW, a Tennessee fan from the hillbilly Smoky mountains is not an objective source for Crimson Tide football

  108. 139

    Vol has been picked on all of his life and likely kicked around on the playground by some mean ol Bammer fans. He has an unhealthy obsession with Bama, and if we are lucky, maybe his hatred for Bama will cause him enough stress to shorten his life span.

  109. 140
    Indiana Vol

    “BTW, a Tennessee fan from the hillbilly Smoky mountains is not an objective source for Crimson Tide football”

    The same can be said for a Bammer Moron from the hills in Bammer for Tennessee football!

  110. 141
    Indiana Vol

    This site is so backward that another party can “hijack” a name already used. Just goes to show the uneducated “backwardness” of the Bammer Moron Nation!

  111. 142


    You need to come up with some new material, man. I already know what you are going to say, before you say it.

    I know you love the word “uneducated” and like to use it. I’m sure its a word you’ve heard your whole life….

  112. 143
    Indiana Vol

    “I know you love the word “uneducated” and like to use it. I’m sure its a word you’ve heard your whole life….”

    You have no idea of my educational background, so don’t even try!

  113. 144

    We see you put your ‘education’ to use with every post, Idiot Vol. Just like Bama has been educating you in ass-whippings. You are still stupid.

  114. 146

    Now what are you going to say, Indy? I’m a “Bammer Moron” or part of the “Bammer Moron Nation”. Or maybe you can let me know about the “dirty cheatin Bammers” or “Fat-ass Phil Fulmer owned the Bammers”. You can even add something about our “no class” fans and….well, you can use your favorite word “uneducated”.

    I think I about covered the extent of your dialog. If you still feel the need to post, go ahead….but I think I just gave away the plot.

  115. 147
    Old Dog

    To all the Bama haters,
    voluntolds- your fat a$$ former head coach went cryin and tattling like the bit$h he is, yeah, we had a booster doing something wrong, bottom line= we paid for it end of that story.
    barn dwellers- your day of reckoning is coming, run to the same shelters you leave your trailers for in tornado weather.
    Bottom line is, the Tide is back.

  116. 148

    It didn’t take long for Mac the hack to take a hike!! I loved that “I am not a fan of any SEC school I like the Steelers”. I was waiting for someone to bust him on his rapist QB, how did that Super Bowl work out for y’all this year??? You are a doushe bag Mac, but keep coming back and we will keep kicking your ass right on back home!!! I bet that “raper rothleisberger” jersey you were everyday is getting a little worn out and used! I bet you treat women just like he does!!! DOUSHE BAG

  117. 151
    Indiana Vol

    “voluntolds- your fat a$$ former head coach went cryin and tattling..”

    Spurrier threatened to expose Bammer for Memphis cheating; why is he not blasted????

  118. 152

    Vol, just shut your goober smoocher. You are such a whiner. Look, Fulmer is GONE, the Memphis fiasco has been over with for a long time. None of this has anything to with Saban, and how he has turned Bama around. He has absolutely destroyed Fulmer, and is probably one of the main reasons Fulmer is not coaching anymore. You are still crying about the past, while Bama just keeps getting better and better. And Spurrier didn’t squeal like a pig because his own program was heading for trouble, it was Fulmer.

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