VIDEO: Alabama unveils Nick Saban statue

Alabama used its traditional A-Day game to unveil the statue of Alabama Crimson Tide football coach Nick Saban. Here is some video of the big event. Also, video from earlier this April of Nick Saban talking about Alabama’s decision to honor him with a statue.

VIDEO: Alabama Unveils Saban Statue

Saban statue now on Walk of Champions

VIDEO: Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban On Statue


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    You shouldn’t talk about yo daddy like that. Now you know he is gonna give UT ANOTHER spankin. Saban is better than any coach UT has ever had, so suck it up, take your beating, and come back here and cry about it. It is what you do. Your jealousy shows so much. Keep it coming Idiot V0L!

  2. 4
    Indiana Vol

    “Saban is better than any coach UT has ever had”

    Again, this statement shows the idiocy of the Bammer MORONS!

    Even your Bear said that Tennessee coach Robert Neyland was the best coach that ever lived.


  3. 5

    Neyland: 173-31-12
    Bear Bryant: 323-85-17
    Phil Fulmer: 152-52
    Saban: 134-53-1, and still going. He will pass Neyland and Fulmer in victories within 5 years. Beat Fat Phil by 20+ his last two years. UT is on their 2nd coach that has never beat Bama.

    So you are wrong. Bear was the better coach, and Saban will own UT until he retires. Neyland never matched Bryant in championships. You know, the things that your program is measured by. So keep on crying IDIOT VOL! MORON! TYPICAL UT ignorant idiotic MORON! Cry some more! lol

  4. 6
    Indiana Vol

    “Even your Bear said that Tennessee coach Robert Neyland was the best coach that ever lived.”

    If you could read you uneducated Bammer BOOB, you would see that Bear was saying that about Neyland.

    Here’s another quotye from your beloved Bryant: “People think I’m the greatest damn coach in the world,” said the great Bear Bryant, “but Neyland taught me everything I know.”

    Overall, Neyland was 12-5-2 against Alabama.


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