Paul Finebaum on the Cam Scam

Radio talk show superstar Paul Finebaum on ESPN’s OTL on the Cam Newton situation and the looming problems for Auburn. The interesting comments come at the end of the video. Finebaum’s basic point is that it is almost impossible to believe anything Cam Newton says.

That isn’t shocking when you consider that Cam Newton stole a laptop while at Florida. For our Auburn readers, is that a God Thing too? Is that part of the family values too?


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    When the Devil be messin’
    the Lord be blessin’
    When the NCAA comes a lookin,
    Auburn REC conspiracies are a cookin’
    When the hammer starts a fallin’
    Auburn fans they will be bawlin’
    When the facts show the sleaze,
    Will anyone think of the twees?

  2. 3
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    That ass was beaten. Sure sucks to be a whiny Bama fan this year. I’ll get a nipple for that bottle, Losers

  3. 4

    Funny…for some reason you guys still don’t get it. He was never accused of stealing a laptop. He purchased a stolen laptop.

    Wrong? Yes. But two very different things.

  4. 6

    Hey Stephen:

    You are a dumbass….he stole a laptop; he didn’t buy crap. Google Cam Newton and read the arrest report by the University of Florida police. He broke into a dorm room, stole the laptop, when the police came to his dorm room, there it was…..on his desk painted black with his name in white across it. When 1 # of the S/N was off, they stepped into the hallway to call the owner and verify the serial number on the laptop. When they went back into the room, it was gone. He threw it out a window and text his buddy to come and get it. When his buddy text him back, the police had his cell phone and read the text. After you finish reading that, google his arrests for traffic violations in Florida which happen to be 13 in 14 months. Oh then if you’re not convinced that his character is highly questionable, then read about his cheating at Florida. Yes he is a good athelete but yes he is a cheat, thief and a liar. He is no better athelete than Tim Tebow yet Tim Tebow’s character was NEVER in question.

  5. 8

    $Cum was charged with felony theft, not receiving stolen property. I love these dweebs that come here and don’t know a fact from the holes in their heads.

  6. 10

    And of course, a story reported by ESPN brings the Aubies to this site to spew venom at Alabama.

    We had nothing to do with this, and is yet another reason we may want to consider cancelling the Iron Bowl for a few years. It only benefits Auburn….it has no benefit to us.

    BTW, if Cam is innocent then so is OJ.

  7. 11


    As sick as I am abt 28-27 “Camback” it was not an ass beating. Aubo was ranked 2 and they beat a 3-loss team by 1 point. Congrats on finally beating a good Alabama team.

    Question to you? Is it a God thing when a POS like Newton has a statue outside the stadium?

  8. 13

    Paul is a like Alabama’s number 1 super fan, right?

    Can a rational person believe anything Paul says about Auburn??

    Aren’t Paul and Scotty Moore identical in their blind fanaticism to the g_d of Alabama Football (bow your head)?

  9. 14

    You saw $cam immediately go into guilty defense mode throwing his hands in the air and giving that “I can’t believe what they just said but it’s true” look – right when Suzy Kolber starts to talk about it – I know guilt when I see it. The reverend is about to get his real money in a few weeks after the draft. Then they’ll piss on Awbuhn when the NCAA takes away the NC and the Heisman – no since in pouring that statue Awbuhn fambly – rot in hell

  10. 15
    Bammers are idiots

    I guess all of you bammers were angels during your college days? Oh wait you didnt go to college did you? Yes what newton (what was he then 18?) was wrong , but is it on his record now? NO! He did what the courts asked of him. Shame is if he would have went to bama some old white man would have bought him a laptop , took him fishing, and paid to have cecils church paid off.

  11. 16
    2nd QTR/8:01/24-0

    So according to the deductive reasoning of this “fair and balanced journalist” – – and the Mensa who runs this website, because someone commits a crime, you can no longer believe anything they say again. Ever. Sounds like a UAT education to me.

  12. 17

    I don’t believe a word Scam says and I don’t believe a word Cecil Scum says. They are 2 peas in a pod. You Aubies know the truth even if you won’t admit it.

  13. 18

    2nd qtr/8:01/ Auburn finally beats a good Bama team:

    that’s pretty much right. There’s a pattern there fool. Only someone with a degree from a veterinary college wouldn’t see it. Time to stop drinking the orange and blue Kool-Aid and join us in the real world.

    5:57/nov 26/ Auburn finally beats a respectable Bama team with 3 losses by 1 pt

  14. 19

    Finebaum has been “All In” for the Barn on $cam up until this point. He’s gone on ESPN countless times defending him. On his show he continually pissed off all Bama fans by sticking by $cam. That’s the truth. That Finebaum has finally realized that the Barn has cheated all along is not good-for the Barn.

  15. 20

    Is it me, or does it feel like Auburn never won the NC*?

    Nobody in the country has really talked about it, the Aubs are busy trying to start rumors about Bama (something that they would try to do, if we had just won the NC), and they hardly even mention it to us when they troll this site.

    I’ve never seen a NC* team get so little coverage and a country as a whole see it as tainted.

    Heck, they even put Mark Ingram on the cover of NCAA 2012 and televised Bama’s (and Arkansas, LSU, South Carolina) spring game.

    I think if you take all this and add the media scrutiny and the NCAA investigations, I can see why the Aubs stay pissed off all the time and can’t even enjoy their NC*.

    It does let them enjoy the reason Auburn even has an athletic program……getting revenge on Bama (even though they have nothing to do with their problems).

  16. 21
    C. Smith

    I just don’t understand ol Finebaume, I seem to recall he was on Cammy’s side a couple of months ago, now he’s turning a complete 360 degrees!! What gives?????

  17. 22

    He sees the potential of his ratings going up if he has crazed Auburn fans foaming at the mouth over vacating the National Championship. They are already in meltdown mode, it won’t take much more to push them over the edge. Pweese somebody think of the twees!

  18. 23
    Indiana Vol

    Slimebaum is a Bammer homer and a Nicky Satan ASS-kisser! Slimebaum has his nose so far up Nicky’s ass that he sneezes when Nicky farts!

    You Bammer Morons are unbelievable! When Bammer was caught red-handed buying players in Memphis, every one of you blamed it on Phil Fulmer and Roy Kramer as “out-to-get” the Bammer program. All of the evidence was there and there was no denying Bammer was guilty as charged, but you fools still denied anything “wrong” was done by Bammer.

    Now, with no Ncaa sanctions, and certainly no Federal Court conviction of a booster, you clowns blast Auburn more on this site than you talk about Crimson TURD sports.

    You Bammer fools need to have a reality check, take a long look in the mirror and GET OVER YOURSELVES.

    Bammer is NOT the end all, be all and has more skeletons in the closet than anyone else in college football. So before you Bammer BOOBS go casting stones at another program, take a good, long, hard look in the mirror!!

  19. 24

    There goes Vol, stuck in the 90s again. Hey dude, this is 2011, and Bama paid the price a long time ago. It is over with. Let it go. No one is blaming anyone, but Phat Phil come out looking like a dirty rat. Look where he is and look where Bama is now. Thanks, Phil! Good job on running the UTK program in the ground while trying to take out other programs! Way to go!

    And speaking of reality checks Vol, it is time to cut your mullet, grow up, and get with the times! Aren’t you worried about UTK? It seems like you are more worried about what Bama fans think of Auburn. So before you go casting stones, you should take a good, long, hard look in the mirror. MORON! Typical UTK inbred LOUDMOUTH PUNK!

  20. 25
    High Tide

    Wow “Vol-in-tears” – your Bama obsession and envy are duely noted. Why not trot on off to the Vol boards where you can talk about something boring and get your blood pressure back into the safe range? LOL!!!

  21. 27

    IndianaVol – You do realize that Paul Finebaum is a UT grad? He’s a Vol, just like you, not a “Bammer Homer”. Just an FYI, since you obviously don’t care about the facts anyway.

    “Bammer” wasn’t buying players in Memphis. A Bama booster was paying a coach to steer a player to Alabama and Alabama as an institution wasn’t involved. There again, you’re too stupid to care about facts. Must be that UT education…or maybe it was UT Martin…

    We also knew that Fulmer’s hands weren’t clean in his program either, but he cut a deal to blow the whistle on Alabama. More of that came to light even in later years. So it wasn’t so much that we denied wrongdoing – we knew it really happened and didn’t deny it – as much as we were pissed at the way it was handled. Big difference. Or maybe it doesn’t bother you when a big fat hypocrit cuts a deal to squeal on someone so the authorities will look the other way. That seems to be your mentality.

    Also, as you can clearly see in the case of your own school, it takes time for the NCAA to complete an investigation and hand down sanctions. It took a while to get your basketball AND football team’s infractions documented. In light of all the crap going on with the Vols and the fact that most of your main athletic programs are screwed, I think I’d keep my mouth shut.

  22. 28
    Indiana Vol


    “Bammer” wasn’t buying players in Memphis. A Bama booster was paying a coach to steer a player to Alabama and Alabama as an institution wasn’t involved. There again, you’re too stupid to care about facts.”

    Then what about Cottrell and Ivy Williams; were they not Bammer coaches involved in the mess?


  23. 30

    Nope Vol, you were misinformed. There was not a single Alabama coach found guilty of paying off the high school coaches. Look it up and see for yourself. But that is old news. Today is a different day, and your Vols suck, and Bama is one of the top teams in the SEC every year, in case you didn’t notice. You are stuck in the past, and don’t even know half the truth. You show your ignorance with each post. And you just keep coming back for more. It is like you are obsessed with us or something.

  24. 31

    Hey Idiot Vol,

    Are you just uninformed or stupid? I’m going with stupid….

    Ivy and Cottrell were exonerated of those charges and sued the NCAA and their “informant” for defamation.

    Read this article and catch up:

    “Thomas Gallion, a Montgomery, Ala., attorney who represents disgraced former Tide assistant coaches Ronnie Cottrell and Ivy Williams, has for months been telling anyone who would listen that the NCAA sacrificed its principles and ignored violations at Tennessee in a desperate attempt to nail Alabama. Outside of SEC country, his rants were widely ignored.

    Then in January, he opened his file. Among the documents he had gathered were interview summaries by NCAA investigator Rich Johanningmeier, who was using Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer as an informant against Alabama at the same time Tennessee was under NCAA scrutiny for alleged academic fraud.

    Fulmer was an investigator’s dream. In his first interview with Johanningmeier, he fingered Memphis businessman Logan Young as someone who had been paying for players dating back to the era of Paul “Bear” Bryant. He provided leads and phone numbers. He invited to the meeting three of his assistant coaches, who offered even more leads.”

    Now isn’t justice poetic? Fulmer destroyed your program, then UT hired a punk like Lane Kiffin who put the final nail in the coffin. Now go and hide under your little rock and realize that karma is UT’s biotcchh. Tommy Tuberville was in on that little “takedown” of Alabama too…and lo and behold, Stanley McClover and others come forth and reveal what was happening under his regime.

    He who laughs last LAUGHS LOUDEST, you fool.

  25. 33

    No Vol, but it sure is a different story than you have been spewing. Fulmer did such a good job of ‘putting Bama out of business’ lol! You don’t know half the truth. By the way, did you know that Bama is going to kick the Vols a new a-hole in October? This year?

  26. 34
    Indiana Vol

    Hey GrubbyBUTTkisser,

    You left out a small tidbit: “Now that Fulmer’s role in the scorched-earth probe of Alabama has been revealed, trust is in short supply in Alabama. After all, the NCAA used Smith to make its case against the Crimson Tide. Smith, who originally signed with Alabama, admits to taking $20,000 from a hometown businessman, money that the NCAA contends — and Smith denies — was related to his recruitment by the Crimson Tide.”

    Another example of Bammer cheating!!!!

  27. 35

    Bama wasn’t charged with that, it was all allegations, and the NCAA cleared Bama. The only thing Bama got in trouble over was Means. Get your facts straight. And it is over with, and been over with for nearly 10 years. Since then, Bama has rebuilt, and is back better than ever. You should know, when is the last time UT beat Bama?

  28. 36
    Indiana Vol

    Not only Means, there was another pay for play recruit in Memphis that came out in Young’s court case.

    What about the textbook fiasco??

  29. 37

    Means was the only player Bama got in trouble over. Look it up. Argue about it as much as you want, but Bama is past all that, rebuilt, and kickin UT ass annually. UTK sure fell off the map. What is your excuse? Don’t you get tired of being slapped around by the fans of the school you hate so much? I mean, it is starting to feel like beating up a handicapped kid or something.

  30. 38
    Indiana Vol

    “The NCAA Committee on Infractions released a statement last year calling the University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa the following:

    A “serial repeat violator,” with an “abysmal infractions track record” and an “extensive recent history of infractions cases unmatched by any other member institution in the NCAA.”

    “This was written in response to the school’s textbook probation appeal (which was summarily denied).

    This is the school’s most recent major NCAA rules violation. It has landed the University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa (UAT) a three-year probation that will last through June 10, 2012, their second major NCAA violation in less than 10 years.”

    So much for your silly argument that the Crimson TURD is CLEAN now!!

  31. 40
    Indiana Vol

    LOok im clearly on the verge of a mental breakdown! My beloved vols are in the shitter and will seemingly be there for years to come! The only self gratification that I have is bringing up old news against alabama because I know in mt heart of hearts that alabama has owned UT since the first snap beteween the two schools! So if you all will excuse me I have to go take my seroquel and xanex!

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