Dont’a Hightower talks QB battle, defense

The Alabama Crimson Tide closed spring practice last week, but there is still time to talk about how the team is doing. That includes the quarterback battle. And who better to critique the quarterbacks than Alabama’s defensive signal caller Dont’a Hightower. According to Hightower (see video interview below), both A.J. McCarron and Phillip Sims “played great.” But he also provided this analysis: “I kind of feel like Phillip (Sims) stepped it up a lot more than a lot of people expected,” Hightower said. “He looked really good inside the pocket as well as outside.” Much more on the video below on the quarterback play in A-Day and about Alabama’s 2011 defense.

VIDEO: Dont’a Hightower Talks A-Day, End of Spring Practice

Alabama Crimson Tide star football player Dont’a Hightower said the team chemistry is different than this time last year. Players are more together and this goes beyond school into things like hanging out together. Hightower also said he knows his position better this year and is at the correct weight. “I feel like I am very comfortable with the defense,” Hightower said. He also covers the quarterback situation at Alabama and what it is like to play in a scrimmage game like A-Day.


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    UH oh im sensing tyler watts andrew zow bullshiyt brewing the black players are wanting a black quarter back ruh roh raggy! Lol jk guys roll tide!

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    Well I brought the QB issue up on the A-Day thread – I thought Sims could scramble better and his mechanics and poise was great – A.J. Has a cannon and is a good pocket passer – seemed to have problems under pressure on the scramble –

    I also brought up the point that is it possible to have a two QB system at Alabama? I know it CAN work (see Chris Leak, Tebow) and it might not work (Jarett & Jefferson, LSU) — I don’t know – the QB situation at Alabama has more question marks than I can ever remember!

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    I thought Sims looked better this spring, but not by much. AJ has more game experience. I think we are in good shape with either one. But both will definitely play this season. Heck, Bama may have three QBs play a lot this season. But the strength and experience of this team will be the O-line and running backs.
    The defense is shaping up to be very good. Just worried a little about the development of the D-line.

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    Indiana Vol

    Did Hightower drive the Caddy Escalade that he “received” when he arrived at Bammer as a Freshman to Spring Practice?

    It is well known his parents could not afford such a vehicle; huummmmmm??????

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    High Tide

    To Indiana Vol:
    Hightower received his Caddy escalade from the NCAA who prefers to promote Bama and crush the Vols. Payback is hell isn’t it? What’s Fat Phil up to these days?

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    I see the bitterness of those Bama ass-whoopings is still stinging poor ol Vol. Keep on hatin Vol! It is your worst nightmare I know. Bama has there act together, and UTK is flailing in the wind, with no end in sight! Be sure to continue to let us know everyday how much it bothers you, okay?

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    Don’t be hating on Dont’a for driving your wife’s Escalade Indiana Vol. I mean let’s face it…he gave her so much pleasure she needed to show her appreciation some how.

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    Oh my that just hurt me to the bone..I have seen the error of my ways. I have decided I want to be just like that pillar of virtue and class Indian Vol. What integrity he has..spends his days and nights making accusations that he cannot prove on a web site dedicated to a football program he despises. And he calls me a Dumbass? LOL! Should have paid more attention to your old lady.

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    Idiotic Vol strikes again! Fulmer owns Bama so much he got beat down by 20+ points his last two games against Bama. And Idiot Vols butt still hurts. UTK is on their SECOND coach that has never beat Bama. But Vol don’t want to speak of that. He lives perpetually in the 90’s. He doesn’t have the guts to face the present.

  10. 12
    Indiana Vol

    I believe Fulmer OWNED BAMMER (11-5) from 1993 to 2008!!!!!!

    One of those victories was (HEHEHEHE) a FORFEIT (1993) on Bammer for CHEATING!!

  11. 13

    IndyVol couldn’t even tell you what we got caught “cheating” for in 1993. Go ahead Vol, give us details of how we cheated in 1993….if you know.

  12. 14

    *Yawn* Vol, still living in the past. Those times are over. Yes, Bama was down and out. They were stripped of scholarships and bowl games. They went through several coaches. I know. I seen it. But since those times, Bama has got it together and done something about it. They have won 36 games in three years. In the hunt for the NC and SEC championship every year. Where is UTK in all of this? You escaped all the punishment and probation. Talk about how things are now. I dare you. Chicksh!t Vol thought Bama was dead and UT was going to rule the world. Who is UT? Where are they VOL? I know you have no answer. Because you are a COWARD and bitter. Bama has been back for a while now. They paid the price. What’s your excuse?

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    Indiana Vol

    Bammer had to forfiet several games in 1993; including the tie with the Vols in B’ham. LOOK IT UP, THAT IS IF YOU UNEDUCATED BOOBS CAN READ!

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    Indy, what was the cheating act that Bama committed to force us to forfeit the games. Please tell us, since you are smart about such things….

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    Indiana Vol


    The Vol program is in good hands and will be kicking the Crimson Turd around soon enough. Meanwhile, it is only a MATTER OF TIME before Bammer gets caught CHEATING again. t has been a recurring them for many of the past 15 years.

    It’s not IF Bammer will get caught chaeting again, IT IS WHEN!!

    BTW, in case your math skills match your grammer skills, the Vols were NOT at the bottom of the SEC this past year.

    Again, get your facts straight before you make and ASS of yourself (oops, too late, you have already done that!)

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    Indiana Vol

    “People think I’m the greatest damn coach in the world,” said the great Bear Bryant, “but Neyland taught me everything I know.”

    Overall, Neyland was 12-5-2 against Alabama.

  18. 20

    Bear was famous for poor mouthing his own team and downplaying his coaching ability. The records and championships speak for themselves. Bear might have been humble, but he won more and did more than any other coach of his era. Only Joe Pa and Bowden have won more. So, why didn’t they name the Coach of the Year Award after Neyland, if he was so much better than Bryant?

    But here we are, stuck in the past again. You must not have paid attention to the joke that was the UT spring game. There is your future, boy. I like Dooley, but he has a steep hill to climb before he can sit at the big boy table. And it’s just a matter of time, not if, but when Alabama wins another National Championship under Saban. There is no trouble at Bama, even though it makes you feel good to think so. Everything is going just fine. Just get ready for that ass-whooping in October VOL.

  19. 21

    Sims really threw some darts, but me wonders if that’s always a good thing.

    People say that Sims’ stats were skewed because he was the ‘victim’ of several dropped passes. Is he not the reason for those dropped balls?

    The receivers are only human and can’t be expected to alway hang on to the ol’ pigskin when someone throws it at them as if they were trying to decapitate them with it.

    McCarron on the other hand seems like more of a receiver friendly QB. His delivery appears to be based on timing and rainbow arching the ball over the heads of defenders, whereas Sims tries to muscle the ball pass defenders.

    I bet Julio would have dropped a bunch of Sim’s passes in a game time situation.

  20. 22

    I just thought Sims made less mistakes, and Blake Sims will play this year also. Could be a three QB system lol. But there is hardly any difference between AJ and Phillip Sims. We are in good shape with either. If one gets into a slump, Like McElroy tended to do the past couple of years, I don’t think Saban will hesitate to put the other guy in. Sometimes it can be nice to have options that you are comfortable with. Roll Tide!

  21. 25

    So that is why they give the Neyland trophy out every year… How many National Championships did he win? You are right, he was a good coach. If he coached somewhere else besides UTK he may have won more championships. But the other 99% of the country will recognize Bryant as one of college footballs greatest. Neyland wouldn’t make the top 5. But you keep on living in the last century Vol. Bama passed you a long time ago.

  22. 26
    Indiana Vol



    Neyland WOULD be in the top 5 coaches all-time! He had 4 National Titles at Tennessee!

    Previous Honorees
    1967 – Nathan W. Dougherty, Tennessee
    1967 – Herman Hickman, Yale
    1968 – Wallace Wade, Alabama
    1969 – Bobby Dodd, Georgia Tech
    1970 – John Barnhill, Arkansas
    1971 – Jess Neely, Rice
    1972 – John Vaught, Mississippi
    1973 – Bud Wilkinson, Oklahoma
    1974 – Fritz Crisler, Michigan
    1975 – Lynn “Pappy” Waldorf, California
    1976 – John McKay, Southern California
    1977 – Darrell Royal, Texas
    1978 – Ralph “Shug” Jordan, Auburn
    1979 – Frank Broyles, Arkansas
    1980 – Bob Devaney, Nebraska
    1981 – Ara Parseghian, Notre Dame
    1982 – Bill Murray, Duke
    1983 – Paul “Bear” Bryant, Alabama
    1984 – Woody Hayes, Ohio State
    1985 – Duffy Daugherty, Michigan State
    1986 – Bob Woodruff, Tennessee
    1987 – Charles McClendon, LSU
    1988 – LaVell Edwards, Brigham Young
    1989 – Vince Dooley, Georgia
    1990 – Bo Schembechler, Michigan
    1991 – Murray Warmath, Minnesota
    1992 – Bobby Bowden, Florida State
    1993 – Grant Teaff, Baylor
    1994 – Jerry Claiborne, Kentucky
    1995 – Dan Devine, Notre Dame
    1996 – Hayden Fry, Iowa
    1997 – Terry Donahue, UCLA
    1998 – Lou Holtz, Notre Dame
    1999 – Eddie Robinson, Grambling
    2000 – Tom Osborne, Nebraska
    2001 – Doug Dickey, Tennessee
    2002 – Gene Stallings, Alabama
    2003 – John Majors, Pittsburgh
    2004 – John Gaglidardi, St. John’s (Minn.)
    2005 – Barry Switzer, Oklahoma
    2006 – John Cooper, Ohio State
    2007 – John Robinson, UNLV
    2008 – Lloyd Carr, Michigan
    2009 – Phillip Fulmer, Tennessee
    2010 – Ken Sparks, Carson-Newman
    2011 – R. C. Slocum, Texas A&M

    Notice Bammer coaches that have won the award.

    Again, get you facts straight before you make a FOOL of yourself!!

  23. 27

    Don’t know what list that is, but it isn’t the Neyland Coach of the Year award, that is for sure. And I didn’t even see Neyland in your list. Man, you have lost it. Talk about making a fool of yourself. Bryants record was better than Neylands. FACT. Bryant won 6 NC at Bama. Fact. You stick to re-writing history, I am looking forward to next season, and the present. You are still a loser, in either time frame.

  24. 28

    Indianavile: I’m still waiting to be taken up on that bet about utk beating us again. Never heard from u about that. And it is 4 in a row with more to come Why don’t u watch that 1993 victory replay and see how much pleasure it gives you.

  25. 29
    Indiana Vol


    You know as well as I do that streaks don’t last forever. If you want to bet, put your filthy Bammer money where your filthy Bammer mouth is!

  26. 32

    Thats what I thought. Just wait til next year! SO, UTK is going to match Bamas 5 top recruiting classes after this next season huh? I will make the same bet next year too VOL.

  27. 34

    So indianavile doesn’t feel confident enough to put his money where his mouth is or could it be that he’s another corncob chewing pig toting hillbilly who has nothing to back up his mouth .

  28. 35
    Indiana Vol

    chuch (or whatever your inbred name is),

    you should know all about corncob chewing pig toting hillbillys as the Bammer Moron Nation is full of them!!

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