Briefing: Alabama news & notes

Scabs sings a new song
At this website we openly critique the work of what we feel is a very biased state media. That media seems to paint a rosy picture in Lee County despite the barns being on fire, all while watching every movement in Tuscaloosa under a microscope.

One such writer has been the Birmingham News’ Kevin Scarbinsky. However, today Scarbo put the truth down on paper better than I could have done myself. The article, targeted at Auburn’s decision to erect a statue of Cam Newton, is a must read.

A few excerpts:

“Building a statue of Newton at this point borders on reckless. Isn’t it wildly premature to start work on that tribute before the NCAA investigation into his recruitment is closed?”

“(Auburn AD Jay Jacobs) dismissed the notion that Auburn would copy-cat Alabama by expanding Jordan-Hare Stadium. No doubt Auburn would say it’s not building statues of its legendary players – and adding a bust of former coach John Heisman – because Alabama has built statues of its legendary coaches. But consider the coincidence.”

<a href="In a state that comes up short in education, child care and so many other areas that really matter, don't we honor football players and coaches enough? How much is too much? Thanks to details Jacobs provided, we now have a measure. It's a bronze likeness 1 ½ times life-size that weighs about 1,900 pounds. That's too much."

Read the entire article here.

Keeping our commitment, when the state media presents balanced reporting, we’ll let you know. This was definitely one of those pieces.

What every Alabama recruit should know: NFL legends want their kids to play for Nick Saban
Izzy Gould paints an accurate picture of just how good a coach Alabama head coach Nick Saban is. NFL legend want their kids to play for Saban, and come away from first-hand observations of his player development and program management utterly amazed. Read the full story here.

Mobile-Press Register trying to water down the flames
While Scarbinsky takes a reprise from banging the drum for the plainsmen, this piece from the Press-Register tries to squelch at least one of Auburn’s issues. Read where they try and water down Chaz Ramsey’s time with the NCAA here. Yeah, Press-Register…a meeting with the NCAA can be anything but negative. Right.

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