The NCAA is probing Auburn’s recruiting and its infamous Tiger Prowl. This bombshell was announced by AL.COM.

According to Jon Solomon’s report: “The NCAA is not reviewing Tiger Prowl as individual violations. They are reviewing the entire event as a whole,” Auburn Senior Associate Athletics Director Scott Carr wrote in response to The News’ request. “Therefore, the investigative phase of this event is still on-going and we are currently working with the NCAA.”

MORE: “Auburn recruiting has run afoul of the NCAA before. In 2009, Auburn was found to have committed five NCAA secondary violations from ‘Big Cat Weekend.’ Auburn self-imposed a reduced number of official visits by recruits and Taylor was not allowed to recruit off campus for four months.”

As a reminder about Big Cat Weekend, posted a video of the cheating; however, the website quickly edited the video to remove evidence of the cheating once the Internet pointed out the violations.

Putting the story into context is simple: The NCAA has interest in Auburn’s recruiting practices and methods over the last few years. With the allegations from the HBO Real Sports report, the Cam Newton affair and a host of other problems, Auburn seems to sit squarely in the NCAA’s target.


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  1. 3

    But remember guys, the clock is ticking for us. Remember, “tick, tock, etc”

    I mean, we are the ones that are about to be hammered by all the dirt Jeffrey Lee has on us. I mean his accusations sounds credible….

    Sorry, can’t type, laughing to hard….

  2. 5

    Okay, I’m fine now.

    Anyhoo, hopefully some Auburn supporters can come on here and enlighten us about this recent development. Please, I know you have a bag full of reasons and excuses. You haven’t ran out, have you???

  3. 6

    Hey First Time Caller…THERE’S that Tick-Tock you have been hearing!!! Shove that up your AUO @$$!!

  4. 7

    Well, there is NCAA investigation number 5. What do you think now Auburn fans? I think they are not going to stop until Auburn hangs themselves. You are in their sights right now. This is where blatant disregard for the rules will get you.

  5. 8

    Someone answer this for me: Didn’t Troopa Taylor recruit in Thibodaux during the time of the 4-month ban on off-campus recruiting?

  6. 10

    I’m just waiting impatiently for the LOI’s to arrive, then I’m gonna throw a beer bash. The War Eagles are gonna be more like a Phoenix. They are going to explode into flames and burn to ashes. Expect little response today from our ‘friends’ on the other side. They’ll have to wait until the horror wears off a little before they can frame some dumba$$ responses. RTR!

  7. 11

    You just know the REC is behind this latest slander. No way a clean program like Auburn could be considered breaking any rule. Don’t they know that all the cheating has been going on at Bama? Jeff Lee will make sure everyone knows what is really going on. Come on, Mr. Lee! It is your turn again!

  8. 12

    Mr 5 & 19 was hired because he was willing to look the other way and not interfere with the real recruiting network.

  9. 13

    Even old Paul finebarn said awburn will be getting a Loi if they squirm out of all of this shyt unscathed the NCAA may as well disband

  10. 15

    This latest Barnergeddon bombshell has scattered the Pygmy People of Charminite.They are nowhere to be found. I hope a few were raptured out of their misery.

  11. 16

    Keep saying twees mother fcker.
    Matter of Fact, why don’t you wear a shirt that indicates your inbred sht for brains.
    Maybe we could use you as fertilizer.

  12. 17


    Stop trolling this site, and don’t use the same lame excuses your white trash fanbase uses for trolling like, “Im here to defend my school”, and don’t follow that up with, “Bammers didn’t go to UA.” This Bammer did graduate from UA and sees Auburn and HAS witnessed white trash Auburn fans say despicable things toward my school. Attending AUB is no more special than graduating from UA

  13. 18

    But what about the twees? I think that jersey Crimsonite was talking about would be a big seller. The number 80 with the name ‘SPIKE’ on it.

  14. 19

    I told ya. The first Barnturd post didn’t make on here until today. At 12:47am the poor little phucker was up all night straining his wittle bwain just to comment on the twees. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  15. 20

    You can almost hear the wind going out of them, Crimsonite. They are starting to realize they have all drank the poisoned kool-aid.

  16. 24

    Haha, Nicky’s won 2 BCS championships without paying anyone to play for him. He’ll be in that game more in his career. Chizik will be the coach peeping through the BCS gloryhole the rest of his career

    what’s even more funny is the AU trashy fanbase actually believe that the NCAA will take any information against Saban seriously. Kinda like taking the word of a felon over a dignitary

  17. 25

    Grab your ankles assholes. We have something special just for you, and we know you like it…
    Inbred mother fckers.

  18. 26

    Please show up to our game with a number ’80’ jersey. Please god
    You will not make it home, you have no idea

  19. 27

    That’s the inbred AU fanbase coming out in Barner. Barner, we will wear what we want at that game and there is nothing you can do about it. You guys really need to read the Bibles you claim as Christians to read regarding turning the other cheek. I’ll be praying for you, Barner

  20. 28

    Barner, you sound like a dedicated cult member. I will wear whatever I want to wear, and the more offensive to you I can be, the better. Thats what you Auburnites dwell on, being offensive to Bama fans. And I really hope you will try to do something about it. But, my guess is, much like the rest of your fanbase, you have that little big man syndrome and inferiority complex. If you can’t take it, you might want to leave the country for a few years, because you being offending has only just begun.

  21. 30

    Its just one bombshell of many thats going to roll out. And listen to them Barner, they can wear what they want. They are easy to spot though, you will catch a wiff of stale beer, cigarettes, and incest when one walks by you.

  22. 31


    the only difference is that whatever “accusation” the barn puts out won’t be taken seriously and will not stick to Saban, while ours to Auburn will. Grow up, inbred

  23. 32

    If thats what you want to believe, then by all means keep doing so. There may be smoke in Lee County, but I’m here to tell you that there are several fires in Tuscalooser, and they WILL keep growing. I told you to watch out weeks ago. And soon, you will find out that the Barn aint the only place you need to worry about. For the record, I am a full grown man, and was not inbred either. Are you?

  24. 33

    I’ve been hearing “you better watch out” for the past month. The only thing that “came out” is the Jeff Lee stuff, which basically blew right back in the Barn’s face.

    FBJ, can you be more specific…watch out for what?! What “fires” do you speak of?

    You need to watch out for what is coming next for Auburn. I don’t know anything in particular, but statistically speaking you are averaging a new NCAA probe or media article about violations on the plains every two weeks.

    All we get from the Barn are vague references about incoming doom.

    I guess if you think if you say it loud enough and long enough it will magically come true.

    Hell, all these allegations against Auburn didn’t come from anyone at Alabama, yet their alumni and fanbase is intent to try to take us down. Makes sense. Just proves the inferiority complex and why it is getting to the point some people are starting to want to end the Iron Bowl. It has no benefit to Alabama anymore when we have a program that is not intent to win championships, but only to try and bring down Alabama. Case in point, Jeffrey Lee had to waste our compliance dept time in order to look into the Calloway “situation”. Auburn is like a damn mosquito infested swamp….you kill one and another one of those little bastards start trying to suck you blood.

    After we beat their @ss this year, my dream is that they lose SACS accreditation, get the death penalty, all of which will get them kicked out of the SEC and will save us, Georgia, LSU, MSU, Florida from having to deal with these people. Let Texas A&M replace them.

    Sorry for the rant, but these people are totally psycho.. (Lowder, Housel, Lee, Stancil, Dye, Rane, and the whole damn fanbase)

  25. 35

    If YOOOOOUR “special rules” spring game has ever been dominated by walkons, yooooooou might be a Barntard.

    If YOOOOOOOUR defense has ever outscored your offense in front of 52K, yooooou might be a Barntard.

    If YOOOOUR sophomore cornerback refers to the defensive huddle as Puppyville, yoooooou might be a Barntard.

  26. 37

    LMAO@ Brooks and FineFlunkie.Peaches owns multiple properties. When you doosh smokers link a specific mortgage to an illegal benefit then come back. Until then, PUT UP, OR SHUT UP.I’ll be waiting for your link.

  27. 38


    DUDE, Seriously?!! We are all laughing at this. Sports By Brooks??!! Seriously?!

    Face it! Auburn is toast. Even if there was something to this, the NCAA is not going to take anything from an Auburn fan, alumnus, or booster seriously against a Nick Saban program. Any accusation made against Alabama will be investigated and probably dropped since so many Auburn people have been crying wolf to the NCAA with meritless accusations. They are aware Auburn is about to be hammered. Ever heard of conflict of interest?

  28. 39


    you still have not answered my question. Is this a God thing? I know you Auburn trash are old school Southern hypocrites, but you can at least answer the question, white trash

  29. 41

    FBJ, 5 investigations into Auburn recruiting is not just the tip of the iceburg, but your ship has hit the iceburg, and is sinking fast. There is nothing to any of the Calloway allegations, Peaches and Woodruff has had an established relationship for over 20 years. Woodruff has already been cleared of being a Bama booster. He is not a booster, and any dealings between them have nothing to do with Calloways recruitment. Just another attempt to deflect. The twees! What about the twees?

  30. 46

    Auburn should be so proud. Will they let him retain the position after he has been convicted? You know, some of the mafia guys continued to run the ‘business’ behind bars. I bet Lowder could do it too. And most Auburn fans would be glad to let him. He is the David Koresh of the Auburn cult. It won’t be long before it all burns to the ground.

  31. 47

    FBJ, still waiting…. is the NCAA investigating the ‘tip of the iceburg’ yet? Or do they have all their investigators tied up at the Auburn branch of the NCAA HQ? At least Auburn is doing something about the unemployment rate. Paying players, creating jobs for investigators, and here pretty soon, expanding the Auburn fire department.

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