Homewood’s coach Goodwin bullied Calloway?


The recruitment of Brent Calloway now casts a deepening shadow on Auburn and its fans including a high school football coach. Auburn’s Jeffrey Lee launched a smear campaign against the Alabama Crimson Tide and its football recruit Calloway. Now we see this was part of a planned effort to damage the Alabama football team and Calloway. To the point, a new report has Calloway sharing how his former high school football coach at Russellville bullied him over his choice. (You really need to purchase Tidesports.com and reward the newspaper’s reporting excellence.)

Many important quotes in the story released by the Tidesports website. However, this tells you everything you need to know about Homewood’s new football coach.

Brent Calloway told the Tuscaloosa News, “Coach Goodwin, we had a good relationship, but after I signed, man, it was chaos. His wife (a Russellville High guidance counselor), his son (a Russellville assistant coach) and him, none of them would speak to me. None of them do.”

Is Doug Goodwin someone you want coaching your child?

Is this professional?

Hell, is this even adult behavior?

But the shady action is even worse. Calloway said, “And when he found out that I was going to Alabama, it was like he started sending me crazier messages, talking about, ‘I’m going to get in trouble.'”


I guess he was right.

Of course, that begs the question.

How did this guy KNOW Calloway would get in trouble?

Is this Auburn’s standard plan?

Smear a kid that doesn’t pick your school?

Homewood should terminate its relationship with this guy. He clearly cannot get beyond his Auburn bias.

Oh, and if you don’t think this guy has an agenda then you need to get this bit of information from the Franklin County Times. According to its report, “Woodruff also provided text messages to the Times on Monday made to him from Goodwin on Jan. 31 asking if he paid Winston $2,500. ‘I told him then that was not true and it’s still not true,’ Woodruff said.”


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  1. 1

    Goodwin is a POS. He ran the program here about like AU runs theirs. (Recruiting high school players from other schools and a lot of other top quality stuff)

  2. 2

    The recruitment of Calloway is obviously shady. I hate to admit it, but it’s true. What really sucks is that we are on probation and this whole deal can only make things worse for us. Sigh, I dont like the way this looks.

  3. 5

    You must be an idiot! It doesn’t look like anything, except some more corrupt Barnturd bull$hit. And even if everything the $hithead said is true, there’s not a Gawddamn thing they can do to Alabama for it. Calloway would simply have to find another college to play for. And CR there ‘aint no way in hell I’ll ever pay TideSports for a damn subscription. There’s nothing in there that you couldn’t get from the Bama site on Rivals before, and now they have locked some things that before would have been free. Screw’em. They have no business charging for their articals. There’s no other paper in the State that charges for their websites. RTR!

  4. 7

    RTRPride13, the only thing shady in relation to this story is Auburn’s dealings and YOUR post.

    Go be fearless and a prick somewhere else. And grab your ankles next November, pal. Gonna get Uuuuuugly.

  5. 10

    You guys are missing the highlights of a fine article. Callaway states that he thinks his coach had some financial stake in him going to AU. Pretty telling if you ask me. Goodwin was expecting benefits that got snatched when he couldn’t deliver. You can bet this won’t fly under the NCAA radar.

  6. 11

    It is pretty obvious that Goodwin was working closely with the Auburn coaches to get him to switch all along. And then the Auburn Fambly cries foul when his dad removed him away from his coach. Auburn coaches actively encouraged these kids to switch, turn on their families, and ‘shock the world’, only these kids didn’t see the outcome of doing so. If a recruits own family can’t have any influence on a recruit (according to Auburn supporters) who does? Sorry Auburn people, your program and your coaches tactics are low class. You deserve all the scrutiny that comes to you.

  7. 12

    Jeffrey Lee reports some supposed recruiting violation by Alabama and it backfires…

    Anywhere Auburn turns they step in the Dog Doo. Deeper and Deeper.

  8. 13

    Since Goodwin is an alumni/booster. Would it not be a violation to press him into going to Auburn as he did?
    I hope Goodwin enjoys getting his brains beat out by Hoover and Vestavia every year.

  9. 17

    I already sent some Auburn kid fan home because I didn’t want Auburn trash playing with my son. I safety clipped a note to his back to give to his parents explaining how I don’t want anymore Auburn trash in my house

  10. 18

    Funny, when $cam and Cecilthe diesel do it, it’s “let the father make the choice”, now, it’s “the kid should make his own choice”. Fact is, the barn is burning and the rats are running for any source they can find. Someone said to me “Bama and *uburn should quit sniping each other,and cirlce their wagons”. This was btw a barn alum who, like the rest, is in desperate search of a life preserver in the hopes of surviving the Inevitable tsunami that’s coming.

  11. 19

    Alabama had nothing to do with Auburn getting in trouble
    with the HBO story and the Cam Newton story and the street
    agent in Arkansas getting players to go to Auburn. Jeff Lee
    trys to smear Alabama for the recruitment of Brent Calloway
    and looks a crazy SOB who can’t tell the truth if it bite him
    on the butt. Auburn has some great people who are really
    good people but Jeff Lee is one sorry SOB who is going to
    regret what he did. He may live in Auburn be he still lives in
    Alabama and somebody is going to make him pay for this BS
    story in the court room or going to ER!!!!!!!

  12. 20
    First Time Caller

    Wow, don. Making threats of physical harm. You’re a big tough guy sitting behind a computer screen, aren’t you!

    Here’s a tidbit of info for you ….. TICK TOCK! More information is coming out!

  13. 21

    First Time anybody can say or makeup stuff like Mr Lee has!!
    If crazy Harvey can kill the oak trees in Auburn just thing how
    a pissed off Alabama fan would do if they got their hands on
    Jeff Lee. First time don’t you know somebody in about 6 months
    or a year is going to do the same thing to Auburn want Jeff
    has tried to do Bama. I am glad I live out of state because this
    shit is crazy as hell. UA AND AU ARE ONLY HURTING THEMSELVES AND THE SEC!!!!!

  14. 22

    First Time Caller, you’re pulling more out of your ass than at a gay toy convention. Your “tick tock” is so freaking gay, not to mention unfounded. I’m sure when Jeff Lee hatches another masturbatory fantasy you’ll jump up and down, but the rest of the world will dismiss it as pure bullshit. Don’t let that stop you from acting more gay in here though. The world needs fags like yourself.

  15. 23

    1stTimeCaller and Jeffrey Lee are equally gay.If they had as many wangs pokin’ out of them, as has been poked in them, they’d look like a porcupine.

  16. 24

    This Jeff Lee thing has the potential to totally backfire on Auburn. Calloway has been talking, and it sounds like he didn’t like the way his coach talked to his dad, and Auburn made promises that they didn’t keep. Auburn thought they stole a recruit from Bama, with the help of his HS coach. But in the end, family and friends were there looking out for him, and BC took that last visit and that sealed the deal for Bama. His Auburn graduate HS coach should be ashamed for pressuring him to Auburn, while telling his dad to stop pressuring him from going to Bama. And somehow Jeff Lee thinks there is something wrong. Where is that car? Where is the money? If Saban thought there was even a remote chance anything was wrong, he would hold Calloway out from enrolling. There is no evidence of any violations, BCs family had every right to keep his HS coach from him after running his dad down. Sounds like Auburn blew it by trying to BS the kid, and Bama was straight up with him from the start.

  17. 27
    First Time Caller

    Attacking the messenger rather than the message; the last gasp of a guilty scoundrel. One day, some day, y’all will tire of being on probation and decide to play clean.

    TICK TOCK! The NCAA is coming to snoop around. You better hide the skeletons deeper!

  18. 28

    Now I know for a fact that the denial is starting to set in. HAHAHA this is beautiful. I told you to hang on to something, but now you might want to find something more sturdy. Told you to make sure to sweep out your closet. But wait….theres more coming.

  19. 29

    Finebaum Junkie and the rest of the white trash Auburn “fambly”

    THere is more coming tomorrow regarding Chaz Ramsey. STAY TUNED:)

  20. 31
    First Time Caller

    The NCAA isn’t concerned with Chaz, but they are going to see what’s up with ya’lls boosters befriending these young boys. It almost, ALMOST, smells like a LOIC charge. Y’all had best talk to Woody, tell him to get his “story” straight.

    TICK TOCK! When will the alarm sound? It won’t be long!

  21. 32

    FBJ is a phucking Parrot. “Just wait, more is coming”, “Just wait more is coming”. Been hearing that for over two months now. Tired of waiting. Phucking Awbie and Lee have the whole Bama nation rolling on the floor laughing our a$$eS off, and they think WE’RE the ones who are worried and in denial. Bwaa Haww Haww! And FTC is the dumbest SumBitch who’s ever posted on here. That’s quite an accomplishment when we have our own personal dumba$$ Volunqueer from Indiana. The NCAA is loaded down with dreging up enough to bust Awbies a$$ and now they have San Diego State’s point shaving to deal with (which is so serious it might actually buy Awbie some time). All of these investigations are currently in progress and undeniable. But this retard makes statements he knows absolutely nothing about in regards to the NCAA investigating Bama for the Barnturds fantasies. When will the alarm sound? Hold your breath phuckface – PLEASE! RTR!

  22. 33

    Saban has a great track record with the NCAA over issues with players eligibility. If there was any kind of incriminating evidence that affected BCs eligibility, they would have done something. But they looked into it, Calloway has no vehicle, they interviewed bank personnel, his mortgage was paid off 15 years ago. And now Calloway himself is saying his coach was pressuring him to Auburn, even though he had been committed to Bama for awhile. Jeff Lee backed off the money and car claims. Calloway said he ignored his coaches calls before signing day, because he didn’t like the way he run his dad down. Case closed, there is no more investigation going on by Alabama or the NCAA. Auburn looks bad in this too. The best thing Auburn can do right now is lay low and hope the NCAA doesn’t find the least little thing. Trying to smear a recruit that turned Auburn down just makes y’all look worse than you already do.

  23. 34

    Chaz Ramsey is supposed to name Eddie Gran as a coach who was paying players in the coming days. This is looking bad for Auburn, according to my inside sources with the NCAA. Malzahn and some HS coach in Little Rock are being investigated for the recruitment of Michael Dyer. My source said the Cam investigation is pretty much over though and has been. AU is in hot water over these other investigations

  24. 35

    Well, whadda ya know?! Chaz Ramsey is talking to the NCAA next week and the crony Auburn lawyers have been told to stay home. Didn’t I report this a couple hours ago? Where did I get my info? HMMM…I think I’m more credible than anyone on Auburn Undercover

  25. 37

    Very mature, Infiana VOL. All the Tennessee and Auburn fans will be ordered to give me rim jobs once this investigation is over

  26. 39

    I hope these recruiting tales are in the single digits. The way things are going now in the state of Alabama will damn near drive a kid crazy to the point of going to another state! Born and raised Crimson or Orange&Puke regardless!

    One thing is for certain – there is a payroll with high school coaches. That’s everywhere – it’s a business now.

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