Homewood’s coach Goodwin bullied Calloway?


The recruitment of Brent Calloway now casts a deepening shadow on Auburn and its fans including a high school football coach. Auburn’s Jeffrey Lee launched a smear campaign against the Alabama Crimson Tide and its football recruit Calloway. Now we see this was part of a planned effort to damage the Alabama football team and Calloway. To the point, a new report has Calloway sharing how his former high school football coach at Russellville bullied him over his choice. (You really need to purchase Tidesports.com and reward the newspaper’s reporting excellence.)

Many important quotes in the story released by the Tidesports website. However, this tells you everything you need to know about Homewood’s new football coach.

Brent Calloway told the Tuscaloosa News, “Coach Goodwin, we had a good relationship, but after I signed, man, it was chaos. His wife (a Russellville High guidance counselor), his son (a Russellville assistant coach) and him, none of them would speak to me. None of them do.”

Is Doug Goodwin someone you want coaching your child?

Is this professional?

Hell, is this even adult behavior?

But the shady action is even worse. Calloway said, “And when he found out that I was going to Alabama, it was like he started sending me crazier messages, talking about, ‘I’m going to get in trouble.'”


I guess he was right.

Of course, that begs the question.

How did this guy KNOW Calloway would get in trouble?

Is this Auburn’s standard plan?

Smear a kid that doesn’t pick your school?

Homewood should terminate its relationship with this guy. He clearly cannot get beyond his Auburn bias.

Oh, and if you don’t think this guy has an agenda then you need to get this bit of information from the Franklin County Times. According to its report, “Woodruff also provided text messages to the Times on Monday made to him from Goodwin on Jan. 31 asking if he paid Winston $2,500. ‘I told him then that was not true and it’s still not true,’ Woodruff said.”