Something rotten in Homewood?

And now we know a good bit more information on the smear spouted by Auburn’s Jeffrey Lee. But, Mr. Lee, where are those allegations of mortgage payments? Where are the allegations of pay-for-play? Where is your evidence?

Just what we thought. Auburn’s Jeffrey Lee is full of…it. He provides no details of those allegations. He is a joke. Yahoo and its Rivals brand (Ticker: YHOO) should be ashamed of itself for offering Mr. Lee a platform to spew his fiction.

The false accusations spewed by the Auburn fan in an attempt to smear the University of Alabama Crimson Tide, Brent Calloway, a teenage recruit that spurned Auburn, Calloway’s family in general and his guardian Peaches Winston in particular and other people in Russellville were the result of information provided by two sources named in Lee’s latest flight of fantasy: Former Russellville High School football coach Doug Goodwin and John Stancil. Stancil was described by Lee as Darren “Woodruff’s long time friend.”

However, Lee’s latest attempt to smear Alabama provides no details other than naming names. With some allegations that Woodruff took Calloway out of state.

And the name and actions attributed to high school football coach Doug Goodwin should make the Homewood City School System angry.

According to, a reputable newspaper with professional standards and real reporters not smear artists like, Woodruff was forced to take Calloway to Tuscaloosa because no coach on the Russellville staff would take him. In other words, Goodwin, obviously an Auburn fan, refused to do his job and help a student.

Goodwin is now coach at Homewood High School. According to the Homewood High School website, “Doug Goodwin was named the new Homewood Head Football Coach … Goodwin comes to Homewood from four seasons in Russellville with a record of 46-9 during his time at Russellville. According to the records of the Alabama High School Football Historical Society and The Birmingham News, Goodwin holds a career mark of 211-81 that spans 24 seasons. That’s a 72-percent winning percentage. His 2004 Demopolis team won the Class 4A state championship. His teams also played for the state title in 1996, 1998, 2008 and 2009. Welcome to Homewood Coach Goodwin.”

Welcome to Homewood indeed.

However, Goodwin’s professionalism is at question. The media should ask Goodwin why he refused to take one of his high school players to the University of Alabama.

Just what was up?

In particular this quote from Mr. Lee’s article raises questions. Goodwin said, “About 11:30 that night, Brent texted me back saying, ‘Coach, I gotta go (to Alabama this weekend). My daddy (Peaches) is making me go, but I’m not changing my mind. I am 100-percent sure (about signing with Auburn).'”

Why would Calloway tell Goodwin he was so committed to Auburn? Why did Goodwin care? Was Goodwin applying pressure?


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    More is coming out on this story…you wait! Answer me this question: How did the bams “investigate” this so quickly? Hummmmmm. 28-27 and Champs!

  2. 5

    It appears that the teenager Brent Calloway—in honoring his longstanding commitment to Alabama—showed more maturity and self-discipline than Jeffrey Lee, who’s supposed to be the grown-up here.

  3. 6

    Hello William, when all it takes is to look at the financial record that the mortgage was paid for 15 years ago, it don’t take long. Just like it shouldn’t be taking Auburn so long to find out if those players were paid. After all, Chizik was there when some of this was going on, Pat Dye was around… did Auburn forget how to get in touch with these guys? And if they are denying it, why is Auburn so silent on the matter? Tuberville is issuing no comment, Jay Jacobs has no comment, yet Bama went right to the sources, found out the truth, and it isn’t even worried about an NCAA investigation into it. But Auburn has the NCAA checking into their problems, thats a fact. Maybe if Auburn supporters spent more time finding the facts about Auburns allegations and stop worrying about digging up dirt on Bama, they could get on with it and get their punishment over with quicker.

  4. 7

    Champs? Yes, champs…due to buying players, plain and simple. Same story as every other time the aubs have been good. If they’re winning, they’re cheating. You’ll get yours soon enough, aubs. Disgusting bunch of cult members.

  5. 8
    Big Brother

    You know, it’s bad enough that jlee has to resort to the tactics that he does, but to listen to barn fans defend this guy and support these accusations is just amazing. You are the kind of people that Jim Jones admired. jlee updyke, two of a kind.

  6. 11
    First Time Caller


    It’s getting louder.

    The NCAA investigation into this matter will not be a pretty thing for y’all in Tuscaloosa (or “Tusclaoosa” as it’s spelled by the crimson white).

    It looks like this will end up in a 5 alarm fire.

  7. 13

    FTC still has his head in the sand I see. No story, no NCAA investigation, J. Lee is a no-show, and is about to be fired. Weak attempt to deflect the bad stuff directed at Auburn.

  8. 14

    Fact: members of the Russellville community contacted members of the Russellville school board in regards to Brent’s change to Auburn on after a weekend visit, one of which the ex Russellville coach attended after the coach would not attend a visit to Tuscaloosa. An example of questions: “Why in the hell is the coach taking visits to Auburn when he should be worried about making it to the state playoffs”.

  9. 15

    I wonder how much Auburn paid that Russellville (now Homewood) Coach? That is sad if it turns out that this high school coach intentionally tried to direct his star player to one school or another… but it is worse if he tried to get him to change his over one year commitment to UA! This Coach should be interviewed and statements taken… because gee you never know what could come up later.

  10. 16

    I did a little research on the AHSAA website. Doug Goodwin attended high school in Sylacauga and attended college at AUBURN!!! Gee, you don’t suppose this coach could possiblly be at the center of why Callaway ever changed his commitment to Alabama, do you? Nah, that would never happen! Right? I mean Callaway declared for Alabama in June prior to his Junior year. And then in January of his Senior year on a big stage at the Army All Star game he announces his change of heart! Right, and that was due to who–his football coach, maybe? Something smells!

  11. 17

    There are two sides to every story. Get Coach Goodwin to tell his part before you assume he is doing anything wrong. I’ve known him a long time and he is an admirable man with strong morals. Shame on you for spinning him in a bad light.

  12. 19

    First Time Caller No Tick Tock at Bama that is going on the
    cow college. NCAA has already started looking in to Family
    dirty dealings something about buying players in LA and
    Arkansas and plus Cam Newton getting paid even if the
    SEC office do not do its job about Cam when everybody
    knows he got payed or Daddy dId and of course HBO did
    a lovely piece on your favorite college by showing how dirty
    the cow college is. So first time caller any more BS!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. 20
    First Time Caller

    Yeah, Don. One more thing:


    The dam is about to break!

    Can’t hear the TICK TOCK as prominently because of the water leak, but it’s still there.

  14. 21

    First time caller we agree to disagree!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I just read the BS story Mr Lee wrote today and it is nothing
    that we already know about. This clown is trying to save
    face but he has made 2 other cow college fans look stupid.
    Peaches get yourself a good lawyer and sue the hell out
    all the SOB’S that made up this BS!!! RTR

  15. 22
    First Time Caller

    By the way, get yourselves ready for Jeffrey Lee’s 3rd installment that will be released soon. Guaranteed to be even more enlightening than the first two. There’s an old saying that goes something like this; a wiggle is as good to a worm as a squirm when it’s trying to get out of the way of a fish. Let me break it down for you, see, you’re the worm. The big hungry fish is the NCAA enforcement staff. Try to wiggle or squirm to stay out of it’s way. Here’s a big hint …. the worm never gets away.

    At least with this extension of the probation that will be handed down, it can only go 6 months because of the mayan calendar running out of time at the end of next year.

    TICK TOCK (trickle)! Yall know what it is.

  16. 23

    First Time Caller, your masturbatory fantasy is hilarious.

    A bogus allegation by an Auburn rube vs. former players openly admitting on camera that their program is filthy. Not quite equal.

    Need to go clean yourself up now. Run along. And go ahead and just throw those shorts away. That stain isn’t coming out.

  17. 24

    It’s really funny that some of the Barn fans are harping on the fact that the Bama supporter took Calloway out of state to Florida??? When Luper or Trooper Thug took the 2 recruits out of Louisiana; without their parents or grandparents consent; to AuBarn. The Grandmother; who is guardian for one of the recruits; filed a missing report on him because she did not know where he was. You Barn fans have NOTHING to talk about concerning Calloway or anyone else. You need to be worried about what is happening on the plains instead of trying to spin a bunch of crap about UA.

  18. 25
    First Time Caller

    Wow, bamagirl! Did bammerperry feed you that bull, or was it Shane from Centerpoint? Do yourself a favor and quit listening to those clowns. Surround yourself with people that will help grow you as a person. The only thing these fools will do is make you stupid.

    ITK (I’m assuming stands for In The Klan) – you know there is a huge, let me repeat HUGE, difference between wild fantasy and fact. Wild fantasy involves fabricating stories with no evidence to back it up. Fact involves details, verifiable evidence that what has been said actually went down. Damning evidence, some would say.

    TICK TOCK TICK, do do do dooooo, TICK TOCK TICK!

  19. 26

    First Time Caller is a 8 year old pencil dick window licker who thinks his agenda is on everyones docket.
    Dummy up FTC – find a site wearing orange and blue glasses.And fix your clock – its not supposed to do-do.

  20. 29
    Auburn paid Cam and you know it

    First Time Caller, you wrote “Fact involves details, verifiable evidence that what has been said actually went down. Damning evidence, some would say.”

    So since the Lee lies about the mortgage being paid off have been proven to be just that, lies, I guess we have the damning evidence that you speak of that Lee is a liar. Thanks for giving us what we already knew, now go bed your sheep !

  21. 31
    First Time Caller

    Has Peaches released his financial records? I don’t thiink he has. Until he does so, I would hold off making that claim. It may come back to bite you in a very tender spot.

    Mal needs to dispatch some of his flying monkeys to Homewood. Yesterdays news is proof that the allegations are gaining traction. Sports by Brooks & Charles Robinson from Yahoo Sports are running with it, and poor ol’ Jay Barker-Evans was stuttering and stammering this morning on the OD.

    TICK TOCK! Can you hear it?

  22. 32

    You’re right Caller, and J Lee presented zero evidence. Only interpretations that will be the subject of an upcoming lawsuit. Calloway may not need scholly once his libel suit is done.

  23. 33

    Can you believe Caller you had FOUR former players admit ON CAMERA in front of MILLIONS WATCHING that Auburn University is DIRTY?

    That they pay players?

    That the Alabama game is all that matters?

    That they paid a player openly while STILL in the probationary window?

    That they’ll do ANYTHING to stay in the game with the Tide?

    And now we’re learning that Chizik was one of the seven who offered $$$ to sway Stanley McClover to Auburn?

    Now quick, here’s where you try and say an Auburn homer’s masturbatory allegations are the same thing.

    The only thing I hear ticking is the timebomb that’s about to go off when the next player in line becomes the next informant…which is coming, my friend. When one gets away, he has plenty to say.

    TICK TOCK! Can you hear it? Here comes the NCAA, and your pitiful attempt to distract doesn’t mean a damn thing.

  24. 34
    First Time Caller

    In The Klan – this one’s just for you!


    The dam’s about to break! You’d better run to higher ground!

  25. 35

    Notice in Lees follow up story, there was no mention of money, cars or any violation for that matter. He just repeated what we already knew about the situation. His dad wanted him to go to Alabama, his Auburn graduate coach wanted him to go to Auburn. The kid was torn between the two, and ended up going to where he committed to to start with. So he ended up where his dad thought he had the best chance to succeed. With the coming punishment Auburn is about to get, he made the right choice. And now the Auburn people are pissed, but there was no violation. After the Cam Newton crap with his dad, Auburn people are hypocritical. If a kid can’t get advice from his own family, who else should have more influence? Trooper Taylor? What a joke. FTC, keep on dreaming. If anything, he could be declared ineligible, like Cam could be soon. But Calloway hasn’t even enrolled at Alabama, and Cam has already left Auburn. I want Jeff Lee to prove there was any money taken and if there were any cars bought. That was the damaging violations right there, and he has changed his tune on that. So, no story, he is trying to save face, but he will still be fired over it.

  26. 37

    Wouldn’t Goodwin have been in Homewood by signing day? Why would he care what BC did or expect to be present when BC faxed his LOI.

  27. 38

    I’m pretty sure Goodwin has taken Brent to Tuscaloosa on several occasions, and there is no shortage of Alabama fans on the Russellville staff that would have taken him if Coach Goodwin didn’t.

    The only thing people are doing is saying that since Goodwin went to Auburn and Brent changed his mind for a couple of weeks, then he HAD to have something to do with it. It’s ridiculous, and it’s sad.

  28. 39

    Wow, did you NOT read what has been said.

    Goodwin clearly used a threat as a method to intimidate Calloway (see latest post). He also accused someone of buying Calloway via a text message.

    The guy is a douche.

    The guy should be fired from Homewood.

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