Something rotten in Homewood?

And now we know a good bit more information on the smear spouted by Auburn’s Jeffrey Lee. But, Mr. Lee, where are those allegations of mortgage payments? Where are the allegations of pay-for-play? Where is your evidence?

Just what we thought. Auburn’s Jeffrey Lee is full of…it. He provides no details of those allegations. He is a joke. Yahoo and its Rivals brand (Ticker: YHOO) should be ashamed of itself for offering Mr. Lee a platform to spew his fiction.

The false accusations spewed by the Auburn fan in an attempt to smear the University of Alabama Crimson Tide, Brent Calloway, a teenage recruit that spurned Auburn, Calloway’s family in general and his guardian Peaches Winston in particular and other people in Russellville were the result of information provided by two sources named in Lee’s latest flight of fantasy: Former Russellville High School football coach Doug Goodwin and John Stancil. Stancil was described by Lee as Darren “Woodruff’s long time friend.”

However, Lee’s latest attempt to smear Alabama provides no details other than naming names. With some allegations that Woodruff took Calloway out of state.

And the name and actions attributed to high school football coach Doug Goodwin should make the Homewood City School System angry.

According to, a reputable newspaper with professional standards and real reporters not smear artists like, Woodruff was forced to take Calloway to Tuscaloosa because no coach on the Russellville staff would take him. In other words, Goodwin, obviously an Auburn fan, refused to do his job and help a student.

Goodwin is now coach at Homewood High School. According to the Homewood High School website, “Doug Goodwin was named the new Homewood Head Football Coach … Goodwin comes to Homewood from four seasons in Russellville with a record of 46-9 during his time at Russellville. According to the records of the Alabama High School Football Historical Society and The Birmingham News, Goodwin holds a career mark of 211-81 that spans 24 seasons. That’s a 72-percent winning percentage. His 2004 Demopolis team won the Class 4A state championship. His teams also played for the state title in 1996, 1998, 2008 and 2009. Welcome to Homewood Coach Goodwin.”

Welcome to Homewood indeed.

However, Goodwin’s professionalism is at question. The media should ask Goodwin why he refused to take one of his high school players to the University of Alabama.

Just what was up?

In particular this quote from Mr. Lee’s article raises questions. Goodwin said, “About 11:30 that night, Brent texted me back saying, ‘Coach, I gotta go (to Alabama this weekend). My daddy (Peaches) is making me go, but I’m not changing my mind. I am 100-percent sure (about signing with Auburn).'”

Why would Calloway tell Goodwin he was so committed to Auburn? Why did Goodwin care? Was Goodwin applying pressure?