WNSP plans more Jeff Lee

In case you missed the first round of a smear campaign against the University of Alabama Crimson Tide, you should not miss tomorrow’s installment on WNSP.

The station plans to have non-biased, Auburn fan website reporter Jeff Lee on during tomorrow’s morning program. You can listen online. It is expected Lee will provide more information on his allegations of cheating involving the Alabama Crimson Tide.

According to an email from a station employee, “He will be on sometime between 6a and 9a tomorrow. Mark Heim is working on details.”

When asked if the station believed or supported the information Lee presented the station employee responded with this: “We do not support anything he says however we are letting him air his matter just as we aired all of the allegations against Cam Newton via Scott Moore.”


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    I am pretty sure this is not true….and I feel a little sorry for Jeffrey. It appears he got bad info from a source and now Jeffrey is going to get sued and he will more than likely lose everything assuming he has something now

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    Doubt if he lives long enough to get sued! He didn’t just say there appear to be improprieties in the Callaway recruitment – The phucking bastard said he is accusing the University of Alabama illegal recruiting. Sorry dickhead, but the death penalty will be occuring further to the East. Maybe we’ll just send Harvey Updyke to visit him! RTR!

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    Auburn people were quickly accusing foul play the instant he switched back to Bama. No NCAA investigation, no FBI involvement. Auburn is still going to fry. The desperation is getting deep.

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    Uh Oh bammers

    J. Lee has more “dirt” that will come out in the morning. This came straight from the source :

    Post #26965
    Auburn, Ala.

    I did a segment this morning on WNSP in Mobile and talked about some of the allegations surrounding the recruitment of Russellville RB/LB Brent Calloway.

    I have been working on a story and spoke briefly about some my findings on the show.

    Here is a quick synopsis of what I touched on this morning (and a little I didn’t have time to touch on):

    According to sources…

    – A supporter of Alabama, not an alumni or booster, was very involved with Calloway and his recruitment. The “supporter” took Calloway to Tuscaloosa numerous times including the last weekend before Signing Day.

    – Following Calloway’s visit to Tuscaloosa that weekend, the “supporter” drove Calloway out of state, most likely to Florida, and kept Calloway there until returning to Russellville Wednesday for Signing Day.

    – Calloway did not attend school during that span, nor did he play in a scheduled high school basketball game.

    – Calloway was excused from school from then-superintendent Don Cox, who informed Russellville principal Tim Guinn that Calloway would be excused because he needed the time to make his college choice.

    – No other Russellville student received excused absences to make his/her college choice.

    – Cox, who is no longer superintendent, has a very close family member that works in the Alabama Athletics Department.

    – Before Calloway’s last trip to Alabama before Signing Day, the “supporter” is alleged to have made cash payments to Harland “Peaches” Winston, Calloway’s adoptive father.

    – Winston received $2,500 from the “supporter” on at least one occasion.

    – In addition to the aforementioned payment, Winston was also behind on his house mortgage, but made cash payments to catch up and then asked how much it would be to pay off the mortgage.

    – The “supporter” also provided Calloway with a new car, which Calloway drove to school. The first day Calloway drove the new car, it raised enough questions that it was taken back by the end of the day.

    – The car was purchased by the “supporter” from a dealership in Muscle Shoals, owned by another big supporter of Alabama athletics.

    – The “supporter” informed Calloway that Calloway would receive $1,200 each month while at Alabama.

    There is much more to the story and I will continue to look into it. I am scheduled to talk more about it Friday morning on WNSP in Mobile”

    Hope crimsonshite, BB, wishiknew, and the rest of you mullet wearing trailer dwellers sleep well.We are about to show you that family sticks together, But nations will fall.

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    Jeff Lee, WNSP and Rivals are dumbasses. Attacking someone’s personal finances is a serious violation of privacy laws.Only Lowder and the Barn would stoop so low.

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    The Callaway family says you’re full of $hit and have retained council to sue the $hit out of any and all involved in this charade. But lets just suppose that it’s true for a moment. What a fan does has nothing to do with the University what-so-ever. Just like Updyke frying your Goddamn trees. Worse comes to worse, Callaway will be declared ineligible and never set foot on the field at Bama unless the NCAA clears him. So go phuck yourself a$$hole$! Nobody here is worried about it. Considering what your criminal bastard boosters did with Gene Jelks, Julio Jones, Mark Ingram and Jerrell Harris, the guy you’re calling a Bama fan is probably secretly a phucking Barnturd Booster!

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    Give em hell Crimsonite – this guy’s getting a “spike 80” from some lawyers who bleed Crimson in the future – he’ll get reamed a new assh0le. #FASTBALL

    #PLANBETTER Awbuhn Fambly.

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    Did you guys think you were just going to throw stones and it wasn’t going to come back on you?
    Death threats? You people are psycho trash!!
    Kill our trees? It’s coming for you bammers, it coming.

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    And like Scott Moore, this dude will be fired in a couple of weeks. In the end, Auburn will still hang. Is this the best Auburn can do? The trees got killed, Auburn is getting grilled, and this is the answer to Auburns problems. Weak.

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    Lee on WNSP today – NO SHOW, NO SHOW, NO SHOW, NO SHOW!!!!! Bwaa Haww Haww!!!! ROTFLMMFAO!!!! RTR!!!!

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    Barner Fife lost his bullet and has retreated to the woods outside Gayberry, USA. Gomer and Goober have formed a search party.

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    Arrow J

    Jeff Lee made allegations but provided no proof. You know there are names for people who make false allegations. LIARS who can and will be sued.

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    Arrow J

    Breaking news on ACJ. Some lawyer named Mountain is asking Mr. Calloway for the case Pro Bono. Jeff your bull is BBQ.

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