Things getting bad for Auburn

The Auburn ship is sinking! How do we know this? Because an Auburn beat writer has accused Alabama of cheating!

This novel claim even includes allegations of a new car! Right, you haven’t heard that one before from Auburn fans accusing Alabama of cheating. (cough Alabama cough Dodge Chargers cough Gadsden cough!)

So what are you do to when you know there is systemic cheating in your own Auburn football program? Scream that your rival is cheating too!

Of course this would be so much more reliable if the source of the allegations were not a website dedicated to helping Auburn cheat. Why do I say this? Anyone remember Big Cat Weekend and how posted video of the pep rally that clearly violated NCAA rules. Well, once allegations of cheating hit the Internet (within a couple of hours) then the video was redacted. As we reported June 1, 2009: “Fans who saw both copies posted at allege the parts removed from the video were the most damning, to wit, the recruits names being called out for the fans.” (See how the Auburn website helps Auburn cheat and the ethical ramifications for the Rivals Network )

If you are interested in the allegations here is what is circulating on the Internet via Mr.SEC:
Lee has posted online a number of bulletpoints that are circulating on SEC messageboards this morning. Those points include:

“A supporter of Alabama took Calloway to Tuscaloosa multiple times including the weekend prior to national signing day.

“The supporter allegedly then drove Calloway out of state and kept him there until he returned to his hometown of Russellville, Alabama on signing day.

“Before Calloway’s final trip to Tuscaloosa pre-signing day, the Bama supporter allegedly made cash payments to Harland “Peaches” Winston who is Calloway’s adoptive father.

“Winston supposedly received $2,500 from the Bama fan on at least one occasion.

“Supposedly, Winston also received aid in catching up on his home mortgage.

“The fan also allegedly provided Calloway with a new car that the player drove to school. Supposedly enough questions were asked about the car that it was returned on the same day.

“Allegedly, the car was purchased by the Bama supporter from a dealership in Muscle Shoals owned by yet another Alabama supporter.

“Supposedly, the supporter told Calloway that he would receive $1,200 per month while playing at Alabama.”


I would think Auburn would want to stay away from any real scrutiny about the recruitment of Calloway. But that is just my opinion based on the scuttlebutt that has made the rounds since early this year. However, maybe things are so bad that Auburn knows they have been caught and that their situation is hopeless.

Of course, Auburn always accuses others of cheating. It is their method of operation.