Things getting bad for Auburn

The Auburn ship is sinking! How do we know this? Because an Auburn beat writer has accused Alabama of cheating!

This novel claim even includes allegations of a new car! Right, you haven’t heard that one before from Auburn fans accusing Alabama of cheating. (cough Alabama cough Dodge Chargers cough Gadsden cough!)

So what are you do to when you know there is systemic cheating in your own Auburn football program? Scream that your rival is cheating too!

Of course this would be so much more reliable if the source of the allegations were not a website dedicated to helping Auburn cheat. Why do I say this? Anyone remember Big Cat Weekend and how posted video of the pep rally that clearly violated NCAA rules. Well, once allegations of cheating hit the Internet (within a couple of hours) then the video was redacted. As we reported June 1, 2009: “Fans who saw both copies posted at allege the parts removed from the video were the most damning, to wit, the recruits names being called out for the fans.” (See how the Auburn website helps Auburn cheat and the ethical ramifications for the Rivals Network )

If you are interested in the allegations here is what is circulating on the Internet via Mr.SEC:
Lee has posted online a number of bulletpoints that are circulating on SEC messageboards this morning. Those points include:

“A supporter of Alabama took Calloway to Tuscaloosa multiple times including the weekend prior to national signing day.

“The supporter allegedly then drove Calloway out of state and kept him there until he returned to his hometown of Russellville, Alabama on signing day.

“Before Calloway’s final trip to Tuscaloosa pre-signing day, the Bama supporter allegedly made cash payments to Harland “Peaches” Winston who is Calloway’s adoptive father.

“Winston supposedly received $2,500 from the Bama fan on at least one occasion.

“Supposedly, Winston also received aid in catching up on his home mortgage.

“The fan also allegedly provided Calloway with a new car that the player drove to school. Supposedly enough questions were asked about the car that it was returned on the same day.

“Allegedly, the car was purchased by the Bama supporter from a dealership in Muscle Shoals owned by yet another Alabama supporter.

“Supposedly, the supporter told Calloway that he would receive $1,200 per month while playing at Alabama.”


I would think Auburn would want to stay away from any real scrutiny about the recruitment of Calloway. But that is just my opinion based on the scuttlebutt that has made the rounds since early this year. However, maybe things are so bad that Auburn knows they have been caught and that their situation is hopeless.

Of course, Auburn always accuses others of cheating. It is their method of operation.


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  1. 1
    Indiana Vol

    Everyone knows Julio Jones and D. Hightower were driving brand new Escalades when they arrived on Bammer’s campus as Freshmen.

    Bammer has a long and noted history of cheating (Albert Means comes to mind). The fact that any Bammer MORON would point a finger and accuse another school of cheating is completely laughable!

    BAMMER MORON NATION; GET OVER YOURSELVES and stop denying the fact that Bammer has and still CHEATS!!

  2. 2

    I don’t know if there is anything to this or not but if you recall, when allegations about Cam first came up AU fans dismissed it as jealousy from MSU and Florida and you guys scolded us for our immediate and furious denial. Now something like this comes up and your reaction is, well, the same as ours. Again, I don’t know if this is valid or not but it is funny that the position you guys will take is exactly what you criticized us for doing.

  3. 3

    WDE ….Don’t waste your time, these Bammers aren’t capable of rational thought. I tried to bring this up on the previous Anti-Auburn post and they gave some weird explanation that it was really Auburn that was trying to pay Calloway. Everyone knows that Peaches drove the boat. Calloway connected with the AU players and wanted to go to AU. Peaches finally got control of the kid and the rest is history.

    Does that history include Bama paying Peaches? Who knows. Probably not …there is no proof. Just like there is no proof to the Auburn rumors.

    Before Brando starts:

    Cecil admitting to asking for $$$ from MSU IS NOT PROOF that Auburn paid Cecil.

    The HBO 4 claiming that Auburn boosters/coaches paid them is not proof.

    4 felony armed robberies is not an NCAA violation for AU. No proof.

    Lowder’s bank fraud is not an NCAA violation. No proof.

    McGregor’s paid politicians has nothing to do with Auburn and NCAA violations. NO proof.

    I can’t even remember the others that were dreamed up.

    This Calloway story makes sense to me because it fits with several facts that have been known to Auburn folks all along, but that doesn’t constitute proof.

    When are the SEC fan bases going to quit trying to tear each other down? The Big 10+2 doesn’t do this and because they don’t blow every rumor out of proportion, there is little press scrutiny.

    The Tressell violations are absolutely unforgivable, yet because there is little outcry, the press has mostly moved on. The Big 10+2 has it figgered out and are laffing at us.

  4. 4

    The position I’m taking is that this information is coming from someone that is a tool of the Auburn athletic department.

    Now, if someone with real evidence comes forward then we can talk.

    However, you can’t say information is bad just because it comes from a questionable source like MSU boosters or for that matter even Auburn boosters. Why? Because the level of information provided can be judged based on who is providing it.

    For example, MSU people knew Cecil was shopping Cam Newton. They knew that the Newton’s told them or allegedly told them other schools were bidding and they could buy him for a discounted price.

    This information is perfectly logical based on this was a conversation involving the booster.

    The information Lee reported depends on information only the family or Alabama supporter would know. How would Lee or his Auburn-biased source know some of the details like the amount of dollars promised once at Alabama? If the source were in the family, then he would have named the source and not just let us guess. It is clear Lee’s source is not as close to the family or Alabama booster/supporter as would be necessary for the story to be true, or even given the benefit of the doubt. It is speculation based on what background chatter he heard in the AU athletic department and message boards.

    Furthermore, I can say that anything writes or reports is bull crap since that site helped Auburn cheat with Big Cat Weekend.

  5. 5

    The only problem with your point about Big Cat Weekend is Auburn self-reported that violation. They never tried to cover it up. So it doesn’t bother me that took down the videos because there was no cover up.

  6. 6

    Let me help Cappy out, Auburn fans.

    Let me design a cartoon this afternoon alleging Auburn of a new cheating controversy.

    Would you believe me?

    Thank you.

    That’s why no one believes Jeffrey Lee.

    Now go mutter something to your friends about Dre something and Dodge Chargers.

  7. 7

    AU self-reported it because Finebaum and everyone else in the media were outraged that AU websites were trying to cover it up.

    They also reported it because about 5 SEC schools turned Auburn in to the SEC office regarding the cheating.

    The story is gigantic because it shows how biased that website is.

  8. 8

    Listen Ho(mo)opie –

    If you think that Uncle Milty wont be the “falling star” with the fambly – you got another thing coming – it’s only been 4 months since your shattered disgraced crystal football – cases in litigation involving material of epic proportions like UnKlE Milty’s – litigation moves at a snail like pace – kind of like the “pace” of Southern Caliornia – no, the NZAA isn’t investigating UnKlE Milty publicly – but there is more than meets the eye –

    the Decipticon of the truth in the future will restore the clarity to the dirty windshield crystal football the Awbuhn fambly has hoisted next to Chiziks pimped out office – he uses the tip of the dirty windshield crystal to prop his BCS hat on so the fambly can dream about what it’s like to have a trophy that you can actually see through true crystal – it’s all in the FaMbLy!!!!!

  9. 9

    And that is exactly why no Auburn fans believed the Cam story when it first came out: it originated on message boards. But that didn’t make it untrue, did it? Again, I don’t know if this is true or not. Frankly, I don’t think anything will come of it. I’m only pointing out that you guys are taking a position very close to the one Auburn fans initially took and the one you all ridiculed.

  10. 10

    The fact still remains: Alabama is not under any kind of investigation by the NCAA, FBI or anyone else.

    Auburn is. Nobody is making up anything about Auburn. Auburn has brought this scrutiny on themselves, and can only blame themselves for all the allegations. None of the accusations have anything to do with Bama at all. But Hoopie, WDE keep trying their best to compare it to something at Bama, tie in something that is not being investigated as actual facts that implicate Bama, and none of it is working at all. Sweat it out boys, it is your turn to pay up for breaking the rules.

  11. 11

    Hey Brando –

    What REALLY pisses the fAmBLy off is that it’s not just some “bammers startin trouble again” — it’s the NATION. Hell, even Ohio State can’t take away “pressure/anxiety” from the disgraced dirty crystal football holders (too bad that crystal football will never be as clear as The Crimson Tide / Oklahoma / or even Floridumbs) —

    I call the Awbuhn’s fambly “shattered dreams” now – shattered crystal that has disgraced the Nation.

  12. 12

    NO WDE, You aren’t getting the point.

    We all knew the origination of the Cam rumors to be MSU boosters. They were telling us stuff they WOULD KNOW. Namely, that Cecil offered to sell Cam.

    Lee has told us information that cannot be told to us by anyone but the family or others close to the family.

    For instance, how would anyone know how the adoptive father paid his mortgage IN CASH???

    Either the family told Lee, which only a fool would believe. Or, someone in the family did—or someone at the bank. If someone at the bank told him that, then the banking person broke the freaking law by revealing that. And I highly doubt a banking official would leak that info to anyone, even in this state.

    So, in sum, I’m telling you Lee just made most of this stuff up or was told it by someone that he should not believe because he would have no way to know it. As I pointed out in my earlier statement.

  13. 13

    Vol you stupid bastard. If you’re gonna talk about something you know nothing about, at least try to get your facts straight. It was Julio Jones and B.J. Scott who had the Escalades. Stupid motherphucker. That and the Kirkpatrick Dodge Charger rumor were planted stories by the same Son-Of-A-Bitch who just made these accusations. It was an ITAT fornication. And our long and noted history of cheating that you reference began and ended with Albert Means. One man, one incident. So much for the long and noted history. The few other things that have happened were minor, and done by athletes on their own separate from the University’s knowledge. Wouldn’t have even been penalized if the administration hadn’t been so damn arrogant and pissed off the NCAA. So phuck off cum deposit! RTR!

  14. 14

    This is the only retaliation that they could come up with. Auburn supporters have had it! No one accuses Auburn of doing anything wrong without saying Bammer did it first! Every real Auburn fan knows that Auburn would never stoop to such a thing as pay for players, but at Bama, that is the only way anyone would ever go there. Look at Cam, for instance. He actually turned down $180,000 from Miss. State, to play at Auburn for FREE! So if anyone did anything wrong it was Miss. State! Auburn fans have been telling the Bammers that the retaliation was coming! First, the Bammers killed the trees, and now they are trying to destroy Auburns integrity. The REC has to be stopped! Look for more damaging reports to come from Auburn websites! Auburn may have lost a few battles, but they will win the war against the evil Bammer Nazis! Navid Nousel said so!

  15. 15
    C Hammah

    a mississi state asst coach blogged an article on a minor sports website with the whole cam scam from start to finish …and followed up and revealed how au funneled the money to cecil newton through construction and trucking enterprises…circ

  16. 17
    Crimsonite didn't graduate high school

    Seems just like yesterday the FBI and NCAA was wrapping up a case that would give Alabama the 2nd worst punishment in NCAA history. Ahhhhh those were the days =)

  17. 19
    Indiana Vol

    “The fact still remains: Alabama is not under any kind of investigation by the NCAA, FBI or anyone else.”

    Not at this time, but Bammer has has “issues within the past 2-3 years (textbook gate) and it most certain to keep the “habitual offender” status with the NCAA.

    “And our long and noted history of cheating that you reference began and ended with Albert Means. One man, one incident. So much for the long and noted history.”

    Egghead, you cannot be that stupid and in that much denial. Bammer has had a history of cheating back to the days of Bear Bryant and everyone knows it but you. What about Julio’s little fishing trip; what about textbook gate?

    Get your Egghead out of the sand and back to reality!


  18. 21
    C Hammah


  19. 24

    Nobody is interested in your phucking opinion of what Bama has done. Facts a$$hole, facts! Where are they? Where are the convictions you’re ranting about? Where are the sanctions, dumba$$? You think Bear was cheating because of rumor. When was he ever caught, convicted or sanctioned at Alabama. Texas A&M don’t count. Besides, he was met at the plane by A&M boosters when he arrived in College Station and they immediately told him to just name the players he needed and don’t worry about it any more, that they would see that he got them. Sounds like another Cow College to me. Bwaa Haww Haww! I told you dumba$$, it was the players, not UA. You just repeated it with Julio and textbooks and you’re still too damn stupid to even understand what you just said. And before you open your phucking cum hole of a mouth and accuse Bear, you dumb $hit – you better remember that the phucking Barnturds were already on probation for paying players before Bear ever arrived at Alabama! They are SERIAL OFFENDERS with a history of over 60 years! RTR!

  20. 25

    Idiot Vol: Auburn IS under investigation, Bama is not. UT IS, Bama is not. Bama is only getting ready to make another run this year for another NC. UT and Auburn will be busy deflecting all the bad press y’all are getting, while getting slammed to the bottom of the SEC standings. It is not going away, and stupid Auburn websites conjuring up allegations is not the same as 4 ex-Auburn players committing armed robbery, and another 4-ex players accusing Auburn of pay-for-play. You see what kind of national splash an Auburn website can make by accusing Bama of something dirty. It just makes Auburn look desperate to do SOMETHING to deflect the blows. What a weak attempt.

  21. 26

    There has never been a program in the history of college football that is as dirty as Auburn. Auburn’s cheating comes from the top down. It has always been institutional and this is evidenced by the fact that it is Auburn insiders who tell the world about what goes on behind the facade.

    According to Auburn’s own head coach, it Auburn trustees Lowder, Raines, McGregor and the rest that set up the slush fund to pay players and Terry Bowden saw it. Of course they threatened to take away Bowden’s hush money if he didn’t shut up.

    It was Auburn player Eric Ramsey that busted No Pants Dye for payments No Pants agreed to make on tape. Now exactly why did Auburn keep a proven cheater on the payroll to this day? You would think a program that valued fair play would distance themselves from proven cheaters, but Auburn embraced him. Why? Because the cheating didn’t come from No Pants. It came from the top. Reject No Pants and he might be tempted to talk like Bowden did.

    Auburn Head Coach Terry Bowden publically stated that there was a slush fund set up by Lowder and other trustees for the specific purpose of paying players.

    It was Auburn Professor James Gundlach that busted open Professor Petee’s academic fraud to keep Cadillac and other players eligible.

    And it was four — not one, not two, not three, but four more Auburn players coming forward and dropping the dime on their “Auburn family” in the HBO special.

    And this doesn’t even include the Cam stuff that everyone knows is true nor does it include the Colonial Bank investigations or the Milton McGregor stuff — all of which threaten to blow the top off the Auburn mafia. Auburn is dirty from top to bottom. The worst ever. The Auburn mafia makes SMU look like amateurs.

  22. 27

    Get back to me when The NY Times, ESPN,HBO, or some other major news service breaks the story and shows the proof.I’d never heard of Jeff Lee before today and it’s pretty obvious he is just a butthurt barntarded loser.

  23. 28

    So far not one single word about this shit in any national publication on the internet. It’s only on the Mobile radio station and of course AL.COM. Nobody is gonna run with a dumba$$ desperation rumor from a Barnturd reporter/a$$hole/retard/mullet/goatphucker. Like we need to buy a phucking LB. Hell, it’s our best position. If we had anymore outstanding LB’s on the team we’d have to sell the motherphuckers. Bwaa Haww Haww!!! RTR!

  24. 29
    Uh Oh bammers

    “So far not one single word about this **** in any national publication on the internet. It’s only on the Mobile radio station and of course AL.COM. Nobody is gonna run with a dumba$$ desperation rumor from a Barnturd reporter/a$$hole/retard/mullet/goatphucker.

    UMMMM Wrong again you little retarded inbred.

    Guess NBC sports is not a national outlet now.I love the part that says “It should also go without saying that the NCAA may have an interest in speaking to a couple of individuals regarding the situation”

    Oh and it was just talked about on my local news as well. Looks like this story has legs lil gumps. Bammer meltdown is officialy underway!!!!

    Remember this …Hell is Coming and its wearing orange and blue.WDE!!!

  25. 30

    The Callaway family says you’re full of $hit and have retained council to sue the $hit out of any and all involved in this charade. But lets just suppose that it’s true for a moment. What a fan does has nothing to do with the University what-so-ever. Just like Updyke frying your Goddamn trees. Worse comes to worse, Callaway will be declared ineligible and never set foot on the field at Bama unless the NCAA clears him. So go phuck yourself a$$hole$! Nobody here is worried about it. Considering what your criminal bastard boosters did with Gene Jelks, Julio Jones, Mark Ingram and Jerrell Harris, the guy you’re calling a Bama fan is probably secretly a phucking Barnturd Booster!

  26. 32

    A good lawyer could handle this BS sideshow from the barn
    sidekick. Lawsuit time Mr Lee and Indy Vol you are dumber
    than Kelly Bundy from Married with Children!! RTR

  27. 33
    Indiana Vol


    “Nobody is interested in your phucking opinion of what Bama has done. Facts a$$hole, facts! Where are they? Where are the convictions you’re ranting about? Where are the sanctions, dumba$$?”

    Aside from the current TN investigation, I would like you to annswer your own questions regarding the ceaseless rants from Bammer Morons like yourself during the Fulmer era. Facts a$$hole, facts! Where are they? Where are the convictions you’re ranting about? Where are the sanctions, dumba$$?”

  28. 34
    Indiana Vol

    “Indy Vol you are dumber
    than Kelly Bundy from Married with Children!!”


    If you believe Bammer doesn’t cheat, your ar dumber than I thought!

  29. 35

    Indy or Kelly Bama has cheated in the past and Your
    Vols have cheated with Bruce Pearl and Boy Blunder
    leading the way. Phat Phil was cheating from day
    one and had Roy Kramer protecting him from the
    NCAA. Got any more stupid comments!!!!!!!!

  30. 36

    I saw somebody post{may have been Brandy} that Bama isnt being investigated, and Auburn is. Now, at this particular time, you are correct. The only thing I told you was this thing is bigger than anyone thinks. Remember me saying that? Yeah, thats right. I’m just an Auburn fan full of excuses, wearing blinders. I am going to say this again….. this is going to get nasty. You can post all the columns and cartoons of Aubies troubles, sing the praises of your “squeaky clean” program, and so on and so forth. Just remember, I already told you to hold on to something yourselves, so now I can just sit back and watch you all squirm now. I SAID THIS HAPPENS AT A LOT OF PLACES, then was kindly told that that just doesnt hold water. HAHA anybody want to borrow my blinders?

  31. 37

    Jeff Lee was a no show on the radio program today. I thought he was going to blow the roof off? I’m willing to bet he was told to back off by Auburn representatives.

    Do I still need to borrow the blinders??

  32. 38

    Yeah, you might need them. Whatever the reason he didnt come on, this is just the tip of that proverbial iceberg. Scott Moore didnt produce those tapes he “had”, and to Bama fans that meant nothing and Auburn will be punished. Using that logic, I hearby call for an aggresive investigation of the Alabama athletics department, and hand down the harshest of penalties. Dang, nothing happened. I demand a Federal investigation of ALL of college athletics, oh wait, thats coming.

  33. 39

    You act like Scott Moore is the only thing we had to go on. What about the rest? (HBO + the Auburn 4, CBS, Thayer Evans, NCAA Investigations in LA and Cam Newton, Miss St. + Cecil Newton, Armed Robbery, etc. etc).

    We didn’t even pay that much attention to Moore (at least I didn’t).

  34. 40

    Good for you. The armed robbery thing is awful, but at last check, not a NCAA violation. As for the other stuff, what about it? HBO? While again I cant say if they got money or not, if just saying something makes it so, then I am looking at some strange UFO gathering in the sky right now. All the stuff you listed has been talked about to death, but its ok. Not a damn thing has happened. Yet lmao

  35. 41

    13 ….there is no proof in any of those “examples”.

    Donald Jackson just said (again) on Mindbomb that there is nothing to the Cam thing and Auburn. I won’t go through it again, but all of that other stuff is just what people say proof.

    THe FBI is gone, the NCAA is gone. I’m even thinking that the NCAA will soon realize that there is a wizard behind the curtain that keeps instigating these rumors just to try and discredit Auburn ..and just not even bother anymore.

    ESPN seems to have quit talking about.

  36. 42

    On to a bigger question…Who is Donald Jackson and what is Mindbomb? Never heard of either…

    And how does he know nothing will come of it? What is his background and expertise? Does he have inside info?

  37. 44

    Thanks for the insight FBJ, however I still don’t know who Donald Jackson is and what Mindbomb is, etc. etc.

    Not saying you know, but I was hoping Hoopie can shed some light…

  38. 45
    Uh Oh bammers

    Saying the University is at fault when speaking about the “Auburn 4” is like blaming bama for Jimmy Johnds selling cocaine. Ridiculous! Saying Auburn paid Newton to play just because MSU boosters offered is again RIDICULOUS. Thinking bama had nothing to do with the HBO thing is RIDICULOUS! Rick Bernstein who is executive producer for HBO real sports grew up in birmingham even sold drinks at legion field. He is a life long bammer turd. Why else do you think that POS show started off with prothro braging about bama?Why do you think they dug so deep but could only find 3 no bodies and 1 almost was to bad mouth Auburn? Hbo weeks prior to the airing of the show made huge donations to stanley mcclovers “foundation”. Dont be fooled lil gumps. You trailer dwelers are getting what you asked for. You know the so called “where theres smoke theres fire” angle you bastards take everytime one of the nashun makes up something about Auburn. Where guess what bubba….dat thar be smoke coming from tucalooser. This is just the start gumps. Wait till the koundjo stuff comes out. lmao

  39. 47
    Uh Oh bammers

    Donald Jackson is an Attorney out of Montgomery who appears on numerous Sports talk shows around the nation. Espn out side the lines has had Mr. Jackson on a few times. He knows alot more about the Cam /Auburn situation then crimsonshite and bamabubba.

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