ON TRIAL: Auburn University?

Forbes: Taylor Bean Chairman on Trial — Along With Colonial Bank and Auburn University

Auburn just can’t get out of the headlines with allegations of cheating and trustees facing all kinds of legal troubles. Forbes provides some of the KEY details: “Four months prior to the Colonial Bank closing, its chairman and CEO, Bobby Lowder, announced his retirement. Great timing. No charges have been filed against Lowder, yet. Lowder, who is on the Board of Trustees for Auburn University and graduate of Auburn, has seen his world crumble these past few years. Besides the bank he founded in 1981 going bust, he had appointed Milton McGregor (Auburn Alum and good friend), to the board of directors of Colonial. McGregor, whose name is more synonymous with being an athletic booster of Auburn football, also owns gambling establishments in Alabama that go under the name of VictoryLand. McGregor was arrested this past October on bribery and fraud charges along with 10 others related to buying votes on gaming laws in the state legislature. Also on the board of Colonial was Pat Dye, former Auburn football coach, who left the program in 1992 under the shadow of NCAA violations for alumni paying players of the team. In fact, there were a number of Auburn alums on the board or in officer positions at Colonial including CFO Sarah Moore, COO Patti Hill, James Rane III (of YellaWood fame), William Powell III (Alabama Cattlemen Assoc) and others. How much of a role, if any, each of these figures will play in the trial of TBW’s Farkas will be seen in the upcoming weeks.”

Interesting stuff. You should click the link and read more of the Forbes article. If any of those names play a role in the case of U.S. vs. Lee Farkas, then it could be an interesting trial to watch.


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  1. 1

    Man, the REC has no limits to its resources and its mission to destroy Auburn. I wonder how much they paid Forbes?

  2. 4
    Indiana Vol

    Out of the 6 postings since from April 1st until today on the Crapstone Report site, half of them involve Auburn; HALF!!

    The Bammer Moron Nation, along with Crapstone Report suffers from an Auburn FETISH. You Morons just can’t go a day without posting something about the Auburn program. Why don’t you worry about Bammer and let other programs take care of their own issues.

    You Morons prove my point about postigs regarding other programs; you make it way too easy to point out how STUPID you people really are!

  3. 5

    You know, most of the alumni and those associated with Lowder and his ilk want him out of there. They are not the true representation of Auburn. But you don’t report that because it doesn’t fit with how you want to portray Auburn. If Lowder goes down you will see lots of Auburn people, including me, celebrating.

  4. 6
    Denny Chimes

    All Capstone Report did was link and quote the information. You barners act like he pulled it out of his butt.

    Can’t blame you though. I would be worried too.

  5. 7

    Its okay Vol, we still don’t like UT either. I know you are getting all jealous because its looking like we replaced UT with Auburn, but its okay. We really hate you both. Can’t you tell?

  6. 8

    Good WDE, then you would want AU to bid rid of Dyes presence too, since he was on the board of Colonial Bank as one of Lowders cronies. Along with Jimmy Ranes, Corky Frost, and Milton McGregor. You can’t dismiss Lowder without dismissing the whole corrupt bunch. They will be the downfall of Auburn.

  7. 10

    Mr. Pavlo went to Federal Prison for white collar crimes. He now gets paid to write about them. If he doesn’t write, he doesn’t get paid. Like you delusional, lazy Bammers, he obviously is devoid of the ability to understand a timeline.

    I suggest y’all open up the doors to the single-wide and get some fresh air so’s you can follow me.

    1. Lowder’s bank went under in April ’09 and Lowder has been investigated and had all his money tied up since way before that happened.

    2. McGregor’s problems with the FBI started in 2008 and the FBI has been around constantly since then. McGregor hasn’t had the freedom to operate like you guys speculate he did since then.

    3. Cam committed to AU on 12-31-09, which is after Lowder and McGregor were already being investigated. Remember, Cecil didn’t even ask for money from MSU until November, 2009.

    I understand that Pavlo is lazy, in a hurry and needs to put out a story in order to get paid and eat, so that explains his willingness to be ignorant. What I don’t understand is that even though almost all of you Bammers live in the state of Alabama and have the knowledge of this time table, why you couldn’t add 2+2?

    Oh yeah …that’s right. You are so biased and eager to speculate something negative about Auburn, that you trip right over a simple timeline.

    You can close the trailer windows now.

  8. 11

    What’s it to ya Volunqueer? The Barnturds hate UThug almost as bad as Bama does. It’s a sad shape of affairs when you have to live out your fantasy with them. Just be thankful we’re not on your a$$e$ at the moment! But don’t worry. As soon as the COI hands down their sanctions you can bet we’ll be back on your ass like a Duck on a June Bug. RTR!

  9. 12

    Hoopie you are so right! McGregor was so afraid and worried about the FBI in 2008 that he was involved in the alleged public corruption case in 2009!!!!!

    Obviously, he was afraid.

    Obviously, you are beyond help. If it doesn’t bother you that your trustees are criminals (allegedly) or so freaking stupid they presided over the collapse of a major bank, then there is no helping you or Auburn University.

    But here is a clue. The timeline isn’t all about Cam. CHEATING has been going on at Auburn since Tommy Tuberville or even perhaps Terry Bowden based on the Emmy Award winning HBO Real Sports and that infamous Terry Bowden interview.

    Next time you want to talk about a timeline, get a clue. There isn’t a real timeline involved with Auburn cheating since Auburn has been cheating for at least a decade, according to AUBURN FOOTBALL PLAYERS.

  10. 13

    Hoopie can’t win… without looking like a loser. Just like an Auburn fan. When the facts start showing, Hoopie conveniently attacks the messenger, justifies corrupt boosters, and otherwise does not blame the University of Auburn for any kind of wrong doing. There is no hope for Hoopie, even after the hammer falls and Auburn is in ruins, he will claim conspiracy. No other school is being looked into as close as Auburn right now. Sure the NCAA is there, but so is the FBI. Now that the trial has started, this is the time for Auburn to really start to worry. This isn’t as much about Cam, but corrupt boosters.

  11. 14

    Jesus Christ. Do you believe this dickhead Poopie? The phucker has an excuse and answer for every Gawddamn thing that has happened, is happening, or will happen. I’ve never in my life seen a bunch of retards like the Barnturds that come on this board. They are living in 100% denial! With their heads in the phucking noose and the hangman pulling on the the trapdoor handle, the phuckers are still screaming “They aren’t gonna do nothin to us!”. For Christ’s sake, first it is us who are living in a fantasyland making up charges against them. Then it was ESPN, USA Today, SI, Fox, CBS, HBO, NY Times, etc. Then it was the REC, and now the most respected business publication in the world, Forbes, is also full of $hit! WOW!!!! You phucking moron! Nobody gives a Shit about your damn timeline! All the crooked a$$holes are in bed together and have been for ages. It all ties together in big sordid pile of corruption regardless if each individual string is tied together or not. Get over it goatphucker. Your school is going down, that’s 100% guaranteed. You just better hope they have mercy and don’t yank your phucking accreditation. Don’t you ever get tired of making a fool out of yourself. Oh well, at least you give me some fasion of entertainment during the dead season! RTR!

  12. 15

    Say there is absolutely no proof, documentation, whatever in at least 7 allegations of cheating ranging from the HBO Four to Cam Newton to the Louisiana recruits to Michael Dyer. Even if AU covered their tracks and Lowder with his errand boy Chette paid off everyone and covered their tracks. Don’t you Auburn people have any morals or decency to demand your Athletic Department to run a clean ship? I know the answer, it is hell no. That is the reason I do not let my family associate with Auburn trash anymore, whether it be my children or anyone else under my supervision or guardianship. Auburn people are trash

  13. 16
    Crimsonite didn't graduate high school

    An Auburn national championship watch ad on the capstone report website… PRICELESS
    I bet all of you will be at Alabama’s A-day since it is the only game most of you can afford to go to baw haw haw

  14. 17
    Crimsonite didn't graduate high school

    Clean ship? Your telling me the team that was on probation just 8 years ago is talking about a clean ship? Those without sin cast the first stone bamers

  15. 19

    “Crimsonite Didnt Graduate,” I know your “cultish” fanbase has taught you a lot of lies, myths, and conspiracy theories, but most Auburn fans I’ve ever seen are plain white trash. This coming from an actual alumnus of UA. We all laugh at the typical ignorance of a fanbase that has cows grazing on campus, yet has the gall to talk about the fanbase of another University

  16. 20

    Actually,i think we can all agree that the smartest people in the world are Tn.Vowell fans that relocated to Indiana.Word.

  17. 21

    Auburn definitely has a couple of bad trustees …they are finally out of power and I hope they get burned.

    Since 1994 Bama has constantly been on NCAA probation.

    Since 1994 Auburn has no been on football probation.

    BTW …most of our “Farmers” are millionaires. In fact many of them own the trailer parks that are full of Bammers. So ..go ahead ..make fun of the “Cow College”.

    Did you boneheads know the Bear Bryant plagerized (stole) that phrase from the Texas-aTm rivalry? So keep showing your ignorance and using that phrase.

  18. 22

    Out of power?

    Just when did Lowder’s term end? Oh? It hasn’t?

    So, maybe soon? Like this month?

    Maybe. But we’ll just have to see what those politicians do.

  19. 23

    RC …I live in ATl. There are about 4 Auburn grads to every Bama grad in ATL. We make more money and have a whole lot more class.

    We have one Bama grad that goes to our church. In January 2010 he actually wore a national championship Bama jersy to church and stood up and bragged about his “Tahd”. You know what the response was? …crickets. He couldn’t “unnerstand” why no one was excited for him. I explaned that one of the pleasures of living in Georgia was that we could ignore crude Bama fans over here. He still didn’t get it.

    So get over yourself. Most Bama fans can’t even find their way out of the state much less find Tuscaloosa on the map.

  20. 24

    Hoopie, more excuses I see. Your current problems are not related with anything Bama. Lets see, last time I checked, Bama right now is not guilty of the following:
    -4 Armed robbers
    -A player whose dad admitted to selling
    -4 former players saying they were paid by fans, boosters and coaches
    -No former coach that got Bama on probation is affiliated with the program now.
    -No NCAA investigation, no FBI involvement.
    So what if Bear Bryant stole a phrase. It stuck, and Auburn is known as the cow college. I don’t care what you heard down by the river fishing.

    But in comparison, right now, in this moment in time, Bama has a bright future. 4 straight top recruiting classes, 36 wins in three years, and a solid team returning for next season.

    Auburn, on the other hand, replaces 18 starters, and everyday it seems like another player has been kicked off the team. Bama will likely be in the top 10 in the preseason polls, Auburn will barely start in the top 20. Bama news in the mass media is all about how good of a job Saban is doing, and Bama is going to be a top SEC team for years to come. You know what they are saying about Auburn.

  21. 25


    I never “justified” a corrupt booster.

    There is no proof, so I can’t blame auburn for anything.

    If the NCAA look long enough at ANY school, then they will find wrong doings. They have been looking at Auburn for a long time now and haven’t found anything. Because of my first sentence in this paragraph, I would normally say that eventually Auburn will get caught for something. Since NOTHING has been found so far, I’m thinking there is a reasonable chance that nothing wrong is going on and nothing will be found.

  22. 26

    Brando …I grew up a Bama fan. My dad(RIP graduated from there in the 50’s. My dad was an active Bama booster in the 60-70’s. I’ve seen a lot of stuff. I had HS football friends play for the Bear and get “taken care of”. I’ve seen Bear Bryant staggering drunk. I’ve seen some of Shug Jordan’s players get paid for not working. Don’t even think that there aren’t Bama alumni that are willing to dole out benefits to players right now. Even with the coaches trying to prevent it …it happens.

    Dismissing players for Armed robbery is not an NCAA violation. If that sorta thing was, then Bama would have been hammered for good ol’ Jimmy Johns.

    If the HBO 4 have proof of payments and want to risk a libel lawsuit, then the NCAA will certainly hammer Auburn. those guys all signed statements before leaving Auburn that they were not aware of any NCAA violations. If they are now aware, then they are liars …so who do you believe? All teams require the players to declare whether or not they have witnessed any violations. This is so the teams can investigate if there were improprieties. Bama and UGA both do this right now. The attorneys require it.

  23. 27

    BBrando … I missed one of your “allegations”. Cam’s dad tried to sell Cam to MSU. Notice that John Bond won’t release the tapes? That’s because the tapes tell the story that MSU sat on the story until after Cam announced he was going to Auburn. That is incriminating for MSU. Auburn knew of this before Cam signed with Auburn and cleared it with the SEC.

    Again …Auburn did nothing wrong. The NCAA has investigated.

    You can keep twisting the story to make it seem that there is evidence of Auburn doing something wrong, but there isn’t.

    Remember ALL OF THE NOISE you guys made over the tapes? Remember the idiot sports radio dude in Huntsville? ..fired.

    now ..nothing.

  24. 28

    Back to the subject of this post.

    The title asks if Auburn University is on trial. The answer is no. Any idiot can see that. It is just another inflamatory, speculative statement to throw slime at Auburn.

    What you guys can’t seem to grasp is that the stuff in that Forbes article is all old speculation mixed with some Lowder/Mcgregor news. All the guy did was package it up …send it to Forbes …and get paid.

    There is no new info in that article. ITK just used it as an excuse to give you boneheads more to read and think is relevant. He’s just repeating the same info often enough that you folks believe it. ..and it’s working.

  25. 29

    Hoopie, nice obfuscation.

    Auburn did NOT report Cecil was shopping Cam. Otherwise, why did they declare Cam ineligible before the SEC Championship game? This is what is going to get you guys in BIG trouble. Either you knew way back then or you didn’t. If you knew way back then and waited to declare him ineligible you are guilty of lack of institutional control because you played a player that was ineligible until he was reinstated by the NCAA. So, it was either NEW information, or Auburn is guilty of a serious rules violation.

    Which is it?

    Furthermore, everyone knows now that Cecil offered to sell Cam to MSU. Are we to believe he didn’t make the same offer to a corrupt Auburn program? We also know that Auburn has bought players as recently as when Gene Chizik was defensive coordinator on Tommy Tuberville’s staff because the HBO Real Sports report showed four Auburn players that said they were paid to play football at Auburn.

    Are these guys not part of your family now that they have broken the code of silence?

  26. 30

    How do you know they haven’t found anything? You won’t know anything until you receive your letter. There is an awful lot going on at Auburn, more than the average school. When you have a history of former players and coaches claiming things, and notoriously corrupt boosters surrounding your program, it won’t take much longer to put it all together.

  27. 31

    Hoopie, I don’t believe a thing you are saying. You have never been a Bama fan. You are die hard Auburn, and you buy into the Auburn propaganda and hate towards Bama like the rest of the cult. If you seriously don’t think that there are issues, today, right now, at Auburn with boosters, you are misguided. The pressure to keep up with what Saban is doing at Bama is the motive. Auburn has been making many risky moves the past few years. The hammer is coming, don’t be so blind that you can’t see it happening.

  28. 32
    Crimsonite didn't graduate high school

    “Auburn did NOT report Cecil was shopping Cam. Otherwise, why did they declare Cam ineligible before the SEC Championship game? This is what is going to get you guys in BIG trouble
    If my history is correct didn’t the NCAA then clear him the next day? And where is this big trouble you bamers always talk about? I’m still waiting on it hahahahaha

  29. 33


    I LIVED in ATL for 10 years, and your ratio of Auburn: Alabama fans is more 2:1 than 4:1. If you think or say any diff, then you’re a liar. Then again, you are an Auburn fan. Second, living in ATL doesn’t make you high class, even if you live in Buckhead, Marietta, Alpharetta, or anywhere else where rich snobs gather together. I wouldn’t be surprised if you live in some seedy studio in Midtown. In fact, I took a raise to move back to Bham, and most Auburn graduates I knew did not have degrees in engineering. Most had degrees in nutrition or some other basket weaving specialty and were just hanging on. Also, the biggest Auburn fans were not the graduates, but the trailer trash probably owned by the Auburn “millionaires” (giggle). Do these same Auburn “millionaires” ( giggle twice) own the same trailer parks Auburn students call home?

    Face it. MOST ppl in the South think of Auburn as one big trailer park full of students who have orgies watching bald eagles fly around. Pure trash

  30. 34
    Crimsonite didn't graduate high school

    RC stop trying to act like you went to Alabama. The only college campus you might have even stepped on was trade school.You couldn’t afford Alabama if you were awarded the Pell grant. So sit down and talk shit when you earn your GED

  31. 35
    Crimsonite didn't graduate high school

    “Crimsonite Didnt Graduate,” I know your “cultish” fanbase has taught you a lot of lies, myths, and conspiracy theories, but most Auburn fans I’ve ever seen are plain white trash. This coming from an actual alumnus of UA. We all laugh at the typical ignorance of a fanbase that has cows grazing on campus, yet has the gall to talk about the fanbase of another University”
    That is strange… you know whats funny? when you go to Alabama games I bet you have to sit in the upper deck? when i went to the iron bowl I sat in the Zone with my very rich Alabama side of the family. The classy donors that i talk to during my visit to T-town don’t think badly of Auburn like you ignorant non graduates do. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if you considered buying a football ticket your yearly donation to Alabama. You act so high and mighty but i bet you haven’t made over 70,000 dollars your whole life. You are a joke and the wife beater wearing Alabama fans that you hangout with that only care about what Auburn is doing or what Auburn students live in (Even though most live in apartments now this isn’t 1980).Enjoy the spring game I heard its free so you wont have to work over time to go to it.
    Btw Auburn grads make easily over 100,000 a year look it up buddy.

  32. 36

    Actually, “Crimsonite didn’t Graduate” I make more than you do, and your response of me not being an alumnus of UA is the typical white trash Auburn response I’ve been waiting on. Furthermore, it’s obvious you are not an Auburn graduate. Auburn STILL has trailer parks on campus you moron. Are you seriously trying to tell me that Auburn and Alabama students don’t hate each other?? Well, it DOES NOT surprise me to hear a lying, white trash, hypocritical, sack of shit typical Auburn FAN say that as yourself. Although I always got along with the student body of Auburn when I was enrolled at UA, deep down both student bodies HATE each other most of the time. I have friends that went to AU and neither side can talk about football to each other because Auburn students and fans hate Alabama ppl because they are our bitch. Even when you guys win, you’re still our bitch. Even Charles Barkley acknowledges that, so why can’t all Auburn trash?

    If you want to discuss this further, we can meet anyplace in Greystone, Inverness, or Hoover and we can settle the score, you gutless Auburn puke

  33. 37

    To all the Auburn fans here:
    Your school is under investigation, and has numerous allegations against them. Your repeated insults, claims of elaborate set-ups and smear campaigns by the REC is so funny to us. You really expect any of us to believe that Auburn is running a clean program? It has been obvious, since the beginning of Chizniks hiring, that Auburn is willing to break a few rules to get ahead. Y’all have been cheering him on for it. Now that the time has come to pay the price, you want to get mad at Bama fans and come here and make a fool of yourselves defending the scandals. We get it. You hate Bama. Last year was Auburn fans wet dream come true. How come y’all still look like losers in the eyes of the whole country? Just stop with the excuses, own up to it, and demand Auburn do things the right way. It seems like you would want a clean program to be proud of.

  34. 38

    Auburn people are trash. They’re not going to stand up to Jacobs, Dye, or Lowder and demand a clean program. Auburn people are the largest group of self-serving Old South hypocrites I’ve ever seen. I think I’d go into cardiac arrest if I ever saw an Auburn graduate or fan show some character and “walk the walk” that they self-righteously preached they were doing during the Tuberville years. EVERYONE now knows that was a damn lie. I’ll crap all over their “creed” if I ever get ahold of a copy

  35. 39

    Thats it Brandy, you tell us. Put us in our place. One has to do but a little research to find that Alabama has been quite the arrogant repeat violator themselves, so being stripped down and spanked by you is comparable to Charlie Sheen in a Just Say No campaign commercial.

  36. 40

    Once again, FBJ, this is about Auburn, not Bama. Has Bama been guilty? Yes. They paid the price. No one is disputing that. I was ashamed of what happened at Bama. I do believe that they made changes and are doing things the right way now.

    Now it is Auburns turn to pay the piper. Do you not think the scrutiny on Auburn is justified in light of all that has been happening? I understand hearing Bama fans take on it rubs you the wrong way. But what Bama did in the past has nothing to do with what Auburn is guilty of now. My question still stands there FBJ: Don’t you WANT to have a clean program to be proud of? Or would you rather break rules and cheat to win? Your logic is ‘well, Bammer cheated to, so it is okay for Auburn to do it and get away with it.’

    Bama hasn’t been accused or found guilty of hardly any of the things Auburn is doing right now. No coach has ever been guilty of paying players. Only one booster, in another state. But you have numerous issues that directly implicate the coaching staff. And it is multiple coaches, over a long period of time. Looks like lack of institutional control to me.

  37. 41


    Finebaum Junkie will never answer your question about wanting Auburn to have a clean program. Auburn doesn’t care about having a clean program if it means losing football games. What they don’t seem to understand is how hypocritical their University is after all their “God” talk and Tuberville’s rants over the years about how clean AU was. Don’t get me wrong, I love the South. Born and raised here. However, Auburn hypocrisy is typical of Old South hypocrisy where people advertise themselves to be virtuous while holding deep dark secrets. I would be floored if an Auburn person ever admitted Auburn was in the fault about anything.

  38. 42

    I agree that Auburn did NOT report Cecil’s money request. They didn’t have to. MSU reported it to the SEC and Auburn was notified. This all happened prior to Cam signing with Auburn. This was for MSU and the SEC to handle. This is not a hard concept.

    Brando ..believe what you want, but in HS I got suspended for stealing a Punt Bama Punt from an Auburn fan, tearing it up and throwing it out the window. I watched my dad/uncle seriously question whether ear still had it after his 6-5 season and a loss to Missouri in the Liberty bowl(+/-1969).

    HEY …why isn’t ITK, et al publishing and reciting Jeff Lee’s allegations into the Peaches-Calloway recruiting scandal? You guys love to speculate about unproven rumors. Why aren’t you addressing that? Plenty of Auburn folks have been aware that the kid couldn’t be contacted or found prior to NSD. He wasn’t in school.

    When are the Bama-Auburn fanbases gonna quit hanging onto and believing every unsubstantiated rumor? If any of these are real, then in today’s information age the truth will come out.

  39. 43

    Hoopie, we are talking about what is going on at Auburn RIGHT NOW. It is more than just Cam, but Cam is part of it. The investigation is still going on. There are multiple issues at Auburn right now. That is a fact. What this has to do with Bama, Bear Bryant, Calloways decision to stick with Bama, I don’t know.

    Auburn paying at 4 players: not an unsubstantiated rumor.
    Bobby Lowder under suspicion for corrupt banking issues that could implicate Auburn: not an unsubstantiated rumor.
    Cam’s dad shopping his son around, and could implicate Auburn: not an unsubstantiated rumor.
    Trooper Taylor using street agants: not an unsubstantiated rumor.

    Calloway not being contacted and actually went to florida on signing day has been documented, by Calloway and his family. It is not a conspiracy, it is what he felt he had to do. Not an unsubstantiated rumor.

    The real question is what did Auburn offer him, after being committed to Alabama for nearly two years, to switch, after just one visit? Now that is an unsubstantiated rumor.

  40. 44
    Crimsonite didn't graduate high school

    “Actually, “Crimsonite didn’t Graduate” I make more than you do, and your response of me not being an alumnus of UA is the typical white trash Auburn response I’ve been waiting on.”
    How many times do i have to tell you that the Alabama trade school is not the same as the University of Alabama? Btw are you trying to tell me that in all of t-town there isn’t a single trailer? Your a joke and your insults are hilarious and ignorant. You are right about one thing… you are the type of person Auburn students/ Alumni make fun of a stupid ignorant graduate wannabe. When I see people like you on the streets i laugh not only because I know you spend every moment of your hard life (factory life is hard) finding reasons to hate Auburn. Auburn is a upstanding institution just like Alabama and if you cannot admit that then I know you are not a graduate because my long line of college graduates in my family both Alabama and Auburn can always admit that. You don’t represent Alabama for what their true graduate fan base really is. A classy well educated group of people who are really fun to tailgate with. How do I know this? Because I tailgated with them under Denny Chimes before the Iron Bowl dumb ass. Your one sided view is pathetic and shows how ignorant and stupid you really are. Roll Tide bahahahahaha

  41. 45
    Crimsonite didn't graduate high school

    As for Bamabrando i will tell you what i say to every Alabama fan.. SHOW ME THE PROOF. i want money trails, video recordings,pictures, bank statements, FBI reports, the coach that supposedly paid the players name… For godsake ANYTHING that can convince me that this happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Until you can give me all this give it a rest man damn. As for the kids getting arrested it could always be worse we could be like f*cking Georgia and have half the team arrested. S*it Rolando McClain was from my home town that kid got in more fights and arrest then any football player I had ever heard of. My point is thugs will be thugs.

  42. 46

    Since the thread where duma$$ FBJ ran his cum hole about Mexico went off the boad 10 minutes after I posted this, then I’ll just repost it here! FBJ, unfortunately dumba$$, the average human lifespan is only about 80 years, so you won’t live long enough to be READY TO. What a phucking copout. And you don’t know a phucking thing about Mexico a$$hole, just like the other 99.99% of the people in this country. As for murder, you can blame the publicity on the phucking sensationalizing US Media. The Cartel wars encompass only a few cities and the murder rates for Mexico are probably lower than any of the US’s top 25 metro areas. As for drugs, if you bastards in the US didn’t buy so gawddamn much, then there wouldn’t be a market or a problem with it in Mexico. What’s more, less than 10% actually comes from Mexico. It passes through on its way from Columbia, Guatemala, Belize, etc. Nothing smells more appealing than the downtown area of any Mexican town or city with the streets lined with street vendors, cooking and selling their food. And I’ll tell you one gawddamn thing right now. Mexico is a lot more free than this country. The US is just one damn baby step away from from becoming a phucking Fascist State with a gawddamn rule, regulation, ordinance or law governing every possible facet of your life. You can’t even slap your wife if you catch her in bed with another man or you’ll get hit with a domestic violence charge and lose your right to vote and to bear arms. This place is bull$hit. I live in an American style house that would cost me $4000 a month over here and I pay 6000 pesos which is $480. A New York Strip, Porterhouse or Ribeye steak costs 75 pesos or $6 a kilo. A kilo is 2.2lbs so that’s $2.72 a pound for what you pay $14 a pound here; and the meat over there does not have steroids or preservatives in it. There’s so much more, I could write a book on it. The phucking people over here know nothing about the rest of the world. They visit someplace for one week in their whole lives and suddenly they’re gawddamn cultural experts, or they listen to the twisted spin on CNN and believe everything they hear. And if you think the legal system over here is so much better; then you obviously aren’t one of the 100,000 or so innocent victims who have been wrongly convicted and locked up for most of, if not all of their lives. You’re obviously not one of the Federal prisoners who can be and have been locked away and held indefinitely under some phucking obscure Federal statute without any formal charges filed or any legal rights allowed. I love both countries, but I’ll tell you right now that I am sick of what the US has come too since 1960, and I will never live here again. RTR!

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