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Finebaum finally agrees with
This afternoon, the scuttlebutt on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network included Paul taking a shot at local media.

We’ve been sounding the alarm for years that the state media is soft on Gene Chizik and Auburn, and worked as hard as anyone on the Auburn payroll to cover anything that may have been going down in Lee County with Cam Newton, and now some of the more current Tiger scandals.

Finebaum finally admitted the same today. In talking to an Ohio caller, Finebaum admitted that the Ohio media has been much more tenacious regarding its dealings with Jim Tressell than state mediots have been with Auburn’s “5-19 coach from Iowa State.”

Welcome to the safe zone, Paul. Glad you’re starting to see things for what they really are.

Rosegreen joins the Auburn “nuh-uh” parade
Former Auburn player Junior Rosegreen joined the assault on Stanley McClover and company on ESPN. Rosegreen, a former sociology major at Auburn (remember that scandal?) and proud owner of a 2/32 NFL Wonderlic score is apparently the beacon of integrity and intelligence the Fambly needs to lead the fight.

Go get ’em Junior!

Where’s the outrage?’s Pete Fiutak raises some brilliant questions in a piece today about the latest Auburn scandel.

A few exerpts:

“The four former players have just attempted to destroy the reputation of Auburn University and its football program, so if they’re lying, Auburn, you have to know ten minutes and three phone calls after the show aired whether or not it was all true. If it’s false, go get them and make them pay and/or get them on the record so that if they’re lying they run into perjury issues. Take them to court and come up with some way to punish them for defaming the school’s name … if you think you’re innocent.”

Sounds like there are bodies buried somewhere in Lee County that a little poking and prodding in the wrong direction may uncover.

Then Fiutak moves on to make another great point about former coach Tommy Tuberville:

“Meanwhile, Tuberville, if they’re wrong, you have a slam-dunk of a defamation of character suit. So either do something real about this or you’re leaving us no choice but to assume that it was all spot on.”

It is a GREAT read. But finally, I leave you with this:

“If I’m a die-hard Auburn football fan – and I’ve heard from dozens who are saying this – I want what I’m seeing to be real so I can enjoy it and be truly proud, and I want the truth to come out either way. I can’t tell you how many Tiger fans I’ve talked to and e-mailed with who had all sorts of conflicted feelings about everything that happened last season, and no, not every Auburn fan blindly cares about winning at all costs.”

Regarding that last statement, those fans are apparently yet to find their way to this website.

JUCO Heaven
Speaking of, remember this is the service that doesn’t count JUCO’s in evaluating recruiting classes. An unbelievable practice in and of itself…as if these new players aren’t even present to make an impact…the latest edition of Duron Carter, the Julio-like son of NFL Hall of Famer Cris Carter has to push the pile over the recruiting pinnacle for Alabama.

I know, I know…the recruiting ship has sailed, and we’re talking about spring football now, but is there a better recruiter in all of America than Nick Saban who is able to get players to step in and fill immediate holes? Jesse Williams on the DL middle, Aaron Douglas at left tackle and now Carter at the black hole left by key possession receiver, Julio Jones.

And to think, none of these JUCO’s daddies were even involved.

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  1. 1

    In fairness to Finebaum, he has been critical of the beat whores covering Auburn for many years.

    The biggest problem that was allowed to develop was letting the beat writer get too close and comfortable with the program. Most organizations rotate beat writers to prevent burnout and bias from making its way into the reporting. However, for the most part the state papers allowed writers to become home on the Plains. It was what got us the non-journalism from the Auburn hacks employed at Newhouse or Advance or whatever the hell they call themselves right now.

    I can’t wait to watch the beat whores attack Tuberville in an effort to defend Auburn. These are the same guys who spent a decade performing fellatio on the guy in print and on tv. Maybe I’ll have to start taking up for Tommy Tuberville since the Auburn guys won’t.

  2. 2

    Carter is going to be AJ’s best friend on the field this fall… I am going to put the predition on here.. that way you will all know i was right when the season comes to an end next year. Trent Richardson will be a Heisman Ceremony invitee, and Carter will be the most productive receiver in the SEC.. Remember where you heard it first.

  3. 3

    Tuberville held the upper hand on the Auburn program after his contract had been restructured after Jetgate. It took the inevitable slide on the field for them to gain any leverage back, and when Jimmy Raines asked about Houston Nutts interest in Auburn, Tuberville cashed out. But, in Tubervilles defense, while he held the leverage, he limited the damage that Pat Dye and the boosters under his influence could do at Auburn. Pat Dye even said as much the day Chizik was hired. It didn’t take long for the boys to get back together and get Auburn on track, did it? I will bet Tuberville knew what would happen when he left, and that is why he has no comment right now. Auburns boosters and Pat Dye will be the downfall of Auburn. Why anyone at Auburn would let Pat Dye have access to the football program, after the damage he caused with the culture he created, I will never know. Where is the outrage from Auburn fans with Pat Dye? He put a huge black eye on the Auburn program, yet they name the field after him. (And they want to give us advise about Sabans statue lol) The lack any outrage at Dye suggests that they are perfectly okay with they way Dye does things.

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