REPORT: Auburn involved in pay-for-play

Does Auburn use cash to lure recruits?

You bet. According to an explosive report from HBO, Auburn has used cash to lure recruits and reward players for their performance in the Iron Bowl.

That is right. Get a sack against Alabama and get some cash.

Sports By Brooks released the explosive details online tonight in what is a transcript of what he witnessed on tape. The HBO Real Sports report will air Wednesday night. Details on the HBO broadcast follow below selections of Brooks’ transcript. Much more should be read on Brooks’ site.

On what caused McClover to sign with Auburn over Ohio State:
Kremer voiceover: “McClover says what he asked for was money. A lot of it. And that he got it. Delivered in a bookbag, exact amount unknown.”
Kremer to McClover: “You opened it up, what are you thinking?”
McClover: “I almost passed out. I literally almost passed out I couldn’t believe it was true. I felt like I owed them.”
Kremer to McClover: “You felt obligated to them (Auburn)?”
McClover: “I felt totally obligated.”
Kremer to McClover: “Because of the money?”
McClover: “Yeah.”

And other Auburn players allege similar types of underhanded recruiting.

According to Brooks, “Troy Reddick talks about his recruitment by Auburn
Reddick: “I was contacted by a local alumni (of Auburn) and offered a large sum of money.

MORE: Reddick: “I started complaining and insinuating that I was ready to leave any day. They had to do something about that.”

Kremer voiceover: “The enticement to stay, Reddick says, became clear to him, when one of the coaches approached him after a team meeting.”
Reddick: “He (Auburn coach) said I got some mail for you up in my office.”
Kremer to Reddick: “Some mail for you?”
Reddick: “And I followed him up to his office and he gave me an envelope. I didn’t open there, I walked out to my truck, took off. … It was about 500 dollars.”

On McClover being paid $4,000 for his performance in the Iron Bowl:
Kremer voiceover: “Stanley McClover says he was also paid while at school (Auburn). Paid by boosters. Like the time he had his eye on this 1973 Chevy Impala.”
McClover: “Private owner wanted seven thousand in cash so I went to my booster who I knew and he gave me the money the next day in a bookbag.”
Kremer voiceover: “McClover says eventually he didn’t have to ask for money, as long as he played well, he’d get paid.”
Kremer to McClover: “How much was a sack worth?”
McClover: “Anywhere between 300 and 400 dollars. For one.”
Kremer to McClover: “I think in one game you had four sacks, what did you earn in that game?”
McClover: “Four thousand. Against Alabama.”
Kremer: “Seriously?”
McClover: “Alabama, a rivalry game.”
Kremer: “More money because it’s Alabama?”
McClover: “Definitely. No other game matters.”

Again, you must visit Brooks for more details in his transcript.

The official HBO release sent to the Capstone Report via email:


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  1. 3

    This will be ugly for a lot of CFB teams.

    If McClover is telling the truth, then $aban was at LSU when McClover got paid on a recruiting trip there.

    Don’t give me the Bama-don’t-pay BS. I’ve known several players that admitted to getting “perks”.

    I’m just wondering why 4 disgruntled Auburn players have talked. I wonder if the REC paid them.

  2. 5

    Haha REC at it once again. Man you Auburn fools blame everything on Bama. Actually, the corruption at Auburn is a tradition as old as rolling trees with toilet paper. Chizik was at Auburn when McClover was recruited, he didn’t go to LSU, he went to Auburn, where ‘the money is too good’. So Chizik knows the Auburn game as well as anyone. Any Auburn fan that is still thinking all this will blow over and go away is really in denial. You don’t want this coming out in the midst of an NCAA investigation. But here it is. We have already seen what this show has caused Reggie Bush.

  3. 7

    Like I have told you all along….before this is over, a bunch of folks will wish they kept their mouth shut. LMAO.

  4. 8

    You don’t know $hit about Prothro cocksucker! What’s more if he did get anything he damn sure deserved it after what happened to him. Besides nothing can be done retroactively for something that long ago and anyway he was recruited by Shula. The real question dickwad is what have the Barnturds been doing lately that your a$$ CAN be fried for? Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  5. 9

    The deal with Prothro is to show how Bama made money of of his catch pictures, jerseys, etc. and how he is now working in a bank. So the damaging report against Bama is Bama made money off of Prothro, and he didn’t get anything.

    A stark contrast on the Auburn story, dontcha think? The show is all about college football being a business. The jersey sales, painting prints sold, and other memorabilia being sold for profit is old news. The Auburn allegations will be by far the most damaging, and it will be the part everyone will be talking about.

  6. 10

    I predicted BARNERGEDDON January 11. There’s so much more to come. From a pro team to freshmen and walkons. Is there a bigger joke in history than Barntard U.?

  7. 11

    A few years ago, on this very blog, there was a running joke that while Saban was landing one top notch recruit after another, Auburn was racking up a bunch of “Private school All Stars.” Now they are a pro team? Go figure.

  8. 12
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Alabama Rednecks;
    It is called 2 top round draft picks. I cant think of any team more relevant now than AU, that is why you are all bashing them because your “dynasty” team was knocked out like McEldork.

    All we heard was “high school offense” and such. Now who is laughing with the crystal ball. Heisman, crystal. Argue that rednecks. Go poison some more trees, redneck terrorists.

  9. 14

    Poor ol Nicket. It sure is funny watching him grasp at anything these past few days. The truth is coming out slowly and painfully over the course of the year, it will follow Auburn into the season AGAIN next season, and he vents his frustration on a Bama site. Must suck to be Dicket. Bama will be fine, my man. Our future is looking pretty good, compared to the crap-storm that is hitting Auburn right now. On a rebuilding year too. Good luck winning 5 games this season. And looks like the Bama draft picks are looking better than your draft picks, for obvious reasons.

  10. 15

    You still have a phucking high school offense SFB. And if you hadn’t bought Scum and Dyer and God only knows how many others, you never would have had the athletes to make it work. And your mighty O only managed 320 yards in the Iron Bowl. Take away 150 yards on two plays that would have been stopped had Baron not been stupid by playing with one usable arm, and you only had 170 yards and no NC*. And Oregon with a D almost as pathetic as your’s held your mighty O to only 2 TD’s. What I want to know is which one of the Barnturd administration, Dye, Cheeze Dick, Jacobs or Lowder, sold his soul to Satan and how many Virgins did they have to sacrifice (Opps, sorry. There are no virgins on the Barnturd campus!) Chickens then; for you bastard$ to get the absurd number of game changing breaks that you got in every single game you played. Probably all the crooked, heathen bastard$ got in a circle jerk and did it together. I know they did something to that effect in addition to buying every one of your star athletes, cause you weren’t the best team on the field in at least half the games last year. That in itself should scare the $hit out you this year, cause without Dirty Fartley and Crooked Cam, not to mention 17 other starters, your high school offense is back to high school quality again. And now you’re down to what, about 50 scholarship players on the team? Bwaa Haww Haww! Fools, you can’t come over here and bother us by ranting and chiding us about the Iron Bowl*, SEC Championship*, National Championship*, and Heisman Trophy*. You cheated, dumba$$e$, and not just a little bit either! The wins are null and void except in your own minds. We can live with knowing that without Scam we would have stomped you a$$e$ as bad as ’07, and that losing by 1 point to a team who had rampant cheating going on and their star QB should have been playing for Miss. St. instead, is not anything that we need to be ashamed of. So go phuck yourselves you bunch of one and done wussies. You’re crying time is just beginning. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  11. 16

    Ha ha ha! Just read and listened to Cheeze Dicks diatribe/rail/rant/denial against HBO. You know, actually the guy comes off as sincere. Truth is he may be innocent. When you think about it the age old cult at Barnturd U. is similar to the Illuminati and Masonic Order. They probably wouldn’t allow their plebes/novices to know their inner workings right off the bat. And I do know how those things work. My Great Grandfather started the Masonic Order in Montgomery, was one of the rare, secretive 14th degree Masons and was the Grand Wizard or whatever you call it; anyway he was head of the Masons in the United States, England and Canada. ie:Important, powerful M/F. When he passed away he unwittingly left in his basement the Masons ultra secretive handbook/bible/codex that has everything you DON’T know about them from time immemorial. I believe only the 13th and 14th degrees are allowed to see it. I never saw it, but before the Order sent their Goon Squad to recover it, some older members of my family read it. Probably why several members of our family from my mothers generation spent their lives railing against the Masons. It’s my understanding from family talk that there were things in there you didn’t WANT to know about. It just opens a can of worms for which there aren’t any answers. That’s about all I’m gonna say on the matter. Sounds kind of like Barnyland doesn’t it? RTR!

  12. 18

    FBJ, if you are trying to be a man, trying to push a fight over the internet isn’t really doing that for you.

  13. 19

    “You ready to be a man yet EG?”

    Careful guys…that may be a sexual proposition from FBJ.

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