Alabama & the NIT: a good thing

The Alabama Crimson Tide basketball team is getting ready to face Colorado in the semifinals of the NIT. Alabama coach Anthony Grant previews the trip to New York City in the video below. Also,’s Cecil Hurt examines why the NIT can help the program; he looks at Alabama’s history in the NIT for clues. Click here for Hurt’s column. This is a theme from others around the state too. The Anniston Star’s Michael Casagrande writes, NIT not really a bad thing.

VIDEO: Anthony Grant Previews Bama’s NYC Trip


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    of course the nit is a good thing for the teams involved.

    for alabama, it’s practice in a tournament setting with consistently better competition that most of the pre-season tournaments they play in.

    ‘winning’ (channeling charlie) the whole thing would be a wonderful way to kick off next season.

    now let’s see how they handle a neutral setting.


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    The NIT is a good “start” for Crimson hoops. Sure we could of made a run at the Sweet 16 – it would of been a miracle. I am putting a lot of things in perspective – in a short amount of time – A.G. has taken a “sleeping giant” and made it relevant unlike Mark Gottfreid’s punk ass. Hell, look at A.G.’s former team VCU; making a run in the final four. Seems like he left VCU in pretty good shape – Bama needs to be a marquee place to shoot hoops – winning the West is where it starts – if Fayetteville can pull it off like they did a few years back – we certainly can – no doubt the start of the A.G. regime started slow with Gottfried’s cronies – if we win the NIT which is certainly attainable – it will be HUGE for the future of Crimson Tide basketball – nationally, recruiting & for the other programs. I’ve always said an excellent basketball program in the spotlight is a bonus for recruiting in football – retain the spotlight nationally – it will pay dividends of epic proportions – RTR. Agree? Comments?

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    “I’ve always said an excellent basketball program in the spotlight is a bonus for recruiting in football – retain the spotlight nationally.”

    as Coach Bryant would say, “BINGO! that’s a goodie!

    damage, i’ve preached this to football flunkies for years. most of the kids Saban recruits play basketball too. a nationally prominent basketball program is a draw for them.

    it’s also a sign of a healthy athletic environment.

    i’ve said for years if alabama wants it, we can have it. under wimp sanderson basketball not only was self-sufficient, it MADE MONEY.

    i truly believe gottfried was hired to change the attitudes about basketball at the capstone. unfortunately his arrogance and lack of major college coaching acumen poisoned the well down there. gottfried ran off anybody who could take us to the next level and those who stayed he rode like a rented mule. (ronald steele)

    he hangs his hat on that elite eight run but it set basketball back at alabama for years. gottfried was on the hot seat when that run happened.

    but grant seems to have righted the ship and the fans seem to have noticed. the athletic dept. helped moving more students in and closer to the action.

    atmosphere, atmosphere, atmosphere.

    if you build it, they WILL come.

    (and that’s not bad for football, it’s GOOD for football)

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