3 teams off before playing Alabama in 2011


The SEC composite 2011 football schedule is available here. What does it mean for Alabama?

Early reaction via twitter:
Chase Goodbread tweets: “Only 3 SEC teams idle before playing UA this year. SEC composite sked…”

Andy Staples tweets: “The SEC’s 2011 composite football schedule: Cupcakes for breakfast (except for UGA, LSU and Bama), blood for dessert.”

Thoughts on this year’s schedule?


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    Vandy, Ole Miss, and LSU. And we also have an off week before LSU, so there isn’t much advantage there. With respect to the off weeks, I would say that we have it pretty good.

  2. 2

    The schedule is lining up pretty well for Bama. Dropped SC for Vandy, gotta play Florida at the Swamp and play Auburn at their place, (which Bama usually does better there anyway) , and Penn State on the road. UT, Ark, and LSU at home.

    Auburn has to play at Clemson, at South Carolina, at Arkansas, at LSU, at Georgia. They have Miss St. Clemson, (Fl Atl), SC, Ark, Florida, LSU, Ole Miss back to back early in the season. Pretty tough stretch right there.

  3. 3
    Indiana Vol

    If Bammer is the greatest team, why all of the BITCHING about other team’s open weeks before playing Bammer??


  4. 4

    Too bad the Tennessee game isn’t what it used to be. Maybe we can replace UT with UT-Martin so it will at least be competitive.

  5. 7

    That six game stretch proved to be our undoing in 2010. With that unfair competitive disadvantage out of the way, and a deeper team stocked with talent, there’s a better than average chance I’ll be partying on Bourbon Street somewhere in the vicinity of January 10, 2012.

  6. 8

    Wooo Doggie! Bama tore Miami a new a$$hole tonight. Shoulda been in the NCAA’s. We woulda made the Sweet 16 at least cause we were going where they sent VCU instead and looky, they made it. So far we’ve beat teams who kicked the $hit out of top 4 seeded NCAA teams and now we get Colorado who did too. RTR!

  7. 10
    Indiana Vol

    “Too bad the Tennessee game isn’t what it used to be. Maybe we can replace UT with UT-Martin so it will at least be competitive.”

    You MORONS seems to forget the 2-point SCARE-THE-$HIT-OUT-OF-BAMMER game 2 years ago when you cheaters got away with a win because the refs didn’t call your FAT-A$$ mountain for removing his helmet.

    I think you are over-confident about this season and you best think before you post and make and ASS of yourself!

  8. 12

    Indy, we didn’t forget the game where we played our obsolute worst and Tennessee played way over their heads……and we still won.

    I did forget the score of last year’s game in Knoxville. Indy, can you refresh my memory?

  9. 13

    You seem to forget, you stupid cocksucker that the refs and SEC commissioner explained that play and the call was absolutely correct, not to mention that we recovered the ball and if there had been a penalty it would have been a dead ball foul and we would have retained possession and you wouldn’t have gotten a rekick. Phucking dumba$$. And that may have been the most inaccurate score in the history of college football. You were slaughtered and could only manage 3 phucking points on your own. Ingram gave you 7 with the game over by losing the only fumble of his career while simply running out the clock on our end of the field. Then if you want to cuss the refs, cuss the bastards for making two bad non-calls on the following onside kick you recovered illegally. Dumbphuck retard. Luck wasn’t what won it for us, universally huge and undeserved luck is what allowed UThug to almost win it! RTR!

  10. 14
    Indiana Vol

    “Where will ut be partying this year? I think Opreyland is pretty at Christmas”

    Typical uneducated Bammer FOOL, can’t even spell Opry!!

  11. 15
    Indiana Vol

    “Indy, we didn’t forget the game where we played our obsolute worst and Tennessee played way over their heads……and we still won.”

    Typical Bammer Moron LAME-ASS excuse??

  12. 17

    Idiot Vol, you still got beat, your coach (that was doing all kinds of cheatin) left you high and dry, Bama still won the NC, and UT still sucks. And the time had expired when Cody took his helmet off. Sounds like an excuse to me. Typical lame ass Indy Troll excuse.

  13. 18
    Indiana Vol


    Yes, TN lost. But your MORON bretheren saying TN is not competetive after almost taking down the Bammer CHEATERS is laughable!!

    BTW, the time HAD NOT expired when FAT ASS Cody removed his helmet and tossed it!

  14. 19

    What an excuse. Your kicker sucked or he wouldn’t have kicked two kicks that low. Bama had the game in hand until the last minute. But that was two years ago, and you are still crying, and trying to make a moral victory out of it. You didn’t respond to last years score, and what, number 5 or 6 in a row is coming up this year. I expect to see you here crying for years to come Idiot Vol.

  15. 21
    Indiana Vol

    “And UT is NOT competitive. And won’t be for a while.”

    BammerBrenda, Put your money where your big-assed mouth is and bet the double-wide on that!!

  16. 22

    I’ll tell you how sure I am a$$hole. I’ll bet you if Uthug wins I’ll let you watch me suck any dick you want me to, and if Bama wins you let me watch you put a bullet in your head. Is that sure enough for you dip$hit? RTR!

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