NFL Draft: Julio Jones catching AJ Green?

Alabama star Julio Jones
Alabama star Julio Jones

Peter King reports: “Jones is a safer guy, in terms of work ethic and practice habits, several personnel men have told me. It’s now a race. Jones has narrowed the gap between himself and Green to the point where I’m told by two teams with receiver needs that they favor Jones. Draft czar Gil Brandt says, ‘The gap has closed. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jones picked ahead of Green at this point.”’

The draft will be an interesting thing to watch as Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban sends more and more players into the top of the NFL draft. There is no doubt that Julio Jones was one of the most anticipated recruits to sign with Alabama, and Julio Jones was one of the most electric offensive players for the Crimson Tide. It looks like Julio Jones will have a lucrative NFL career. How high do you think Jones will go? If you click the link above, Peter King provides an interesting guess.


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    Well of course we are predjudice. And it would take knowing exactly what each team values most in a receiver to have a clue as to which one they would take. But if you look at their collective bodies of work respective to the type of offenses they played in you would see that they are statistically close even though Julio played in a run oriented offense and AJ a pass oriented one. Also AJ was Georgia’s offense, while Julio had an amazing supporting cast to share the ball with. He also had many Kodak moments blocking while I’m not sure AJ ever threw a block. Also Julio played his entire career at Bama injured, sometimes severely and kept right on going. I seriously doubt AJ would have even played with a plate in a broken hand much less have two record setting games while playing with that hand. And then we come to find out that even with a broken foot Julio is not only faster than AJ, but he is one of the three or four fastest juniors in the draft. So what it boils down to is who has first pick among receiver needy teams and do they want a pure catcher like AJ or do they want a complete and better athlete like Julio? Like I said we are predjudice and in that respect I think Julio is the greatest receiver of all time and I don’t care who replaces him, I miss him already and it makes me nauseous to think of never seeing him again on Saturdays in Crimson and White. RTR!

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    It says a lot about Saban’s methods when these players go into the draft and things like work ethic, and no character issues increase their stock value over their counterparts from other SEC teams that were pretty good. And this will tell future recruits that Saban has a proven successful plan for them not only to get into the NFL, but enter with the respect and expectations that come from a Saban coached player.

    With the questions around Cam and Farley, who were supposed to be the top of the class, it doesn’t look like Chizik will be having the same type of reputation anytime soon.

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