Pac-10 gets greedy

According to a report, “The Pac-10, deep into its talks with ESPN and Fox, is seeking the richest media contract among all college conferences, according to industry sources.”

Is it worth it?

The SEC crowns its champion and the BCS game is just a formality; it is the coronation of the SEC with the college football world in attendance.

Sure the SEC might cheat a little more, but the college football world centers on what happens in places like Tuscaloosa, Alabama or Baton Rouge, Louisiana or Gainesville, Florida. Does anyone really care what goes on out in the Pac-10?

If the Pac-10 or Pac-12 gets its big payday, what would it mean the SEC contract would be worth? And would it mean that Mike Slive made an error in getting the conference into a long deal with its partners?


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    New Pac-12 TV Contract?

    […] the topic of today’s blog post. OS_Beaver I am much obliged! OS brought to our attention that Larry Scott and the Pac-12 are apparently negotiating with ESPN and Fox on a new TV contract that would be the richest in the history of collegiate football. The original article referenced in […]

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    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Yeah you forgot centers on AU Alabama, losers 28-27, NC Heisman. After all we are the NC not your so called dynasty team.

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    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Such jealousy is astounding. I guess it isn’t surprising you won’t name us in your little pseudocolumn since that ass got beat, huh?

  4. 4
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Anymore Cam rumors? How about that Mark Barron arrest? Dont see that here huh?

    Truly deluded pathetic assholes to beat on TN and pile on when they are down. Your momma raised a good mullet. How about that 2009 NC gear, too bad it is 2010 and that crystal was ripped out just like that ball Ingrahm was carrying. So close, yet so far away. Live in your own padded room and just wish it was not all true. I’m gonna go watch Rickys rant on YouTube so I can refresh my memory of all the sidewalk Alabama fans and their hatred of every other team. I hope your Bear Bryant statue gets shit on by some birds. Don’t cozy up to FL and LSU cause their fans hate you too. When you sing we just beat the hell out of you after you win, that doesn’t garner friends, redneck.

    Truly an upward pointing arm and middle finger to you and your retarded website. Go choke on your own vomit.

  5. 5

    Comparing Barron to the AU criminals is comparing apples to armed robbers. Barron was protecting a family member by NOT SNITCHING. Your “all in” ballplayers ROBBED SOMEONE. IN THEIR HOME. AT GUNPOINT. Love your criminal football team somewhere else, jackass.

  6. 6

    IndyVol and Nicket are the 2 biggest A-holes on this blog and
    they must have sorry excuses for a life trying every day to
    piss off Bama fans. RTR

  7. 7

    We are the unanimous National Champions, you are the *National Champions soon to be the weren’t National Champions. Shows your ignorant retarded mind phuckface, or you would know that nobody in history kicked someone who was down worse than Tennessee kicked us for years after they put us down with Albert Means. No one deserves to be kicked while down more than Tennessee. Oh wait! I forgot about the Barnturds who jumped right in to help Tennessee kick us during Means and oh yeah, you bastards do a damn good job of kicking people who are down anyway and without helmets. Just ask Oregon and a National TV audience! $hitbags! Oh, and as far as LSU and Florida hating us, they hate us with respect, unlike how they and everybody else just plain loaths Barnieville! RTR!

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    To the Ewok with the Little Dick:

    Auburn won the National Championship with an ineligible player. That case is still open for a reason, and yes, I know why. Auburn didn’t deserve the National Title and everyone knows it. BTW, MOST AU fans are sidewalk fans too. The only non-sidewalk fans are alumni, and most Auburn inbreads I’ve met have never entered a college classroom including that agricultural cow college in Lee County

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