Pac-10 gets greedy

According to a report, “The Pac-10, deep into its talks with ESPN and Fox, is seeking the richest media contract among all college conferences, according to industry sources.”

Is it worth it?

The SEC crowns its champion and the BCS game is just a formality; it is the coronation of the SEC with the college football world in attendance.

Sure the SEC might cheat a little more, but the college football world centers on what happens in places like Tuscaloosa, Alabama or Baton Rouge, Louisiana or Gainesville, Florida. Does anyone really care what goes on out in the Pac-10?

If the Pac-10 or Pac-12 gets its big payday, what would it mean the SEC contract would be worth? And would it mean that Mike Slive made an error in getting the conference into a long deal with its partners?