Briefing: Alabama begins Spring Practice today

The Dothan Eagle warns fans not to look for early answers to the question of who will be Alabama’s quarterback, or who will be the new Julio Jones or what will the Crimson Tide do to replace important cogs on the offensive and defensive lines.

That is good advice from the Eagle’s Ken Rogers. Alabama Crimson Tide football coach Nick Saban likes secrets.

Everyone will be talking about the Alabama quarterback race. And receiver. And the next great pass rusher. And don’t forget left tackle. Last season injuries along the offensive line caused some inconsistencies to offensive play. So getting the offensive line settled will be a big thing too. While Alabama Crimson Tide Coach Nick Saban will caution not to make too much out of groupings, etc. fans will obsess over who might have a chance to start at every position of issue.

And quarterback is very important in the offensive system Alabama utilizes. Experience or more precisely the lack of experience is what makes the quarterback battle this year so interesting. There are two players A.J. McCarron and Phillip Sims expected to battle it out this spring.

According to the Anniston Star, Saban has spoken about the quarterback issue. “Obviously, we’ll have a new quarterback one way or the other and we certainly have some young guys that have shown some talent. Some you’ve seen. Some you haven’t,” Saban said. “There will be — without creating a quarterback controversy of any kind and I would appreciate it if we don’t — somebody is going to have to earn the job through their ability to manage the team, lead the team and make good choices and decisions that allows them to play winning football on the team. That has to be determined and there’s no timetable for determining it.”

Of course it will be fun to watch Alabama’s Nick Saban respond to press questions about the quarterback race. He really doesn’t want a controversy. “I know that at every press conference between now and whatever is going to be, what about the quarterback?” Saban speculated, correctly. “I’m not going to have a lot to really say about it. Because this is something you have to let happen and you have to let it develop. And even though it may create a great news story every day, it’s something that cannot be affected by anything but what happens on the field.”

Tuscaloosa News: No. 2 Tide softball sweeps top-ranked Georgia

In other UA News, The Alabama gymnastics team took home the SEC title on Saturday night in Birmingham. Here is video of the event.


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    Cappy, what I love about our University is that our gymnasts winning the SEC is a footnote to another story, whereas Auburn winning it in swimming is cause for a banner story and parade.


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