Alabama’s Dareus surges in mock draft

Alabama Crimson Tide star Marcel Dareus is at the top of Todd McShay’s mock draft, and ESPN SEC guru Chris Low provides the details in his blog.

According to Low, “McShay has six SEC players going in the top 10 picks and 10 SEC players going in the first round. Here’s a rundown:

No. 1 (Panthers) — Alabama DT Marcell Dareus
No. 4 (Bengals) — Georgia WR A.J. Green
No. 5 (Cardinals) — Auburn QB Cam Newton
No. 7 (49ers) — LSU CB Patrick Peterson
No. 8 (Titans) — Auburn DT Nick Fairley
No. 10 (Redskins) — Alabama WR Julio Jones
No. 15 (Dolphins) — Alabama RB Mark Ingram
No. 19 (Giants) — Florida C/OG Mike Pouncey
No. 27 (Falcons) — Georgia OLB Justin Houston
No. 29 (Bears) — Mississippi State OT Derek Sherrod”

Another interesting item mentioned by Low is this gem. Low writes, “According to McShay, Fairley is falling because some teams are worried about his football character, and there are also concerns about the way he’s interviewed.”

Character seems to be an issue for Auburn these days. But why is anyone shocked? These guys run around talking about God and family as a cover for what is really going on down on the Plains.


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    I am so surprised the anyone would question the integrity of Farley. Haven’t they read the Auburn Creed? Chizik wouldn’t recruit bad apples. Bammer must have had something to do with slandering this poor kids name.

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    Yeah, we see the price Auburn is willing to pay for winning alright. They had to do something, and fast, because ol Nick was starting to humiliate them. Fire Tubbs, get a puppet coach, get as many questionable players that can play right away, buy a Heisman quality QB, and spend a decade defending allegations of paying players and questionable recruiting. Working out good so far.

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