More Auburn players arrested; AU the new ‘Canes

Remember the Miami Hurricanes from the 80’s? Renegades. Outlaws. Thugs.

The Hurricanes were a team that played dirty on the field and off. They ran their mouths. Were undisciplined, and had a win-at-all-cost mentality. They employed cheesy stunts to gain attention, and pushed the limit of brash in-your-face arrogance.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new Hurricanes. The only difference is, with one of their returning four starters now kicked off the team, you’ll never hear from AU again.

The Auburn Tigers lost four more players to criminal activity Friday, joining Eric Smith.

The Auburn police charged the four players with five counts of Robbery 1st Degree, one count of Burglary 1st Degree, and one count of Theft of Property 3rd Degree. They are identified as Antonio M. Goodwin, Kowaski Q. Kitchens, Michael A. McNeil, and Harrison “Dakota” Mosley.

Mommas? Daddies? Does this sound like the kind of place you want to send your sons to play?

That sound you hear is Mr. and Mrs. Kouandjio sleeping peacefully tonight knowing that their son is headed to a place of discipline, structure and order, not thuggery and towel-waving nonesense.

So, if you’re keeping score at home, since November we have…
• Rampant speculation about a father shopping his son for $180K at one school, yet letting him pass it up to go to Auburn for free.
• Bellcow players leaving school for the NFL under the cover of night, without pressers and/or the presence of their coaches.
• Clouds of suspicion involving possible Auburn association with street agents in the recruiting process.
• The much discussed (nationally) diry play of Nick Fairley and his teammates
• Cleat kicking an Oregon player in the face in primetime, and the the player never leaving the game.
• Eric Smith being booted for yet another run in with the law.
• Four up and coming players, including McNeil who had 14 tackles in the bowl game, getting busted for armed robbery, among other things.

Is it really great to be an Auburn Tiger?

There’s surely more to come on this story, but one has to ask the question: What in the world is taking place in Lee County? Who is really running that ship? And is that a place a mom or dad would feel safe sending his son to play?

Looks like the Auburn creed needs a revision…

“I believe I have the right to remain silent.”
“I believe anything I say will be used against me in a court of law.”
“I believe I have the right to an attorney.”
“And I believe that if I am unable to provide an attorney, one will be provided to me.”

Auburn fans, you have yourself a mess. And it’s great to be from Alabama.

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