Free throws need to be fixed, behind the basket

Okay, Bama Nation, time for a little housekeeping. With only one home game left this season, let’s look ahead to the 2011-2012 basketball season.

We have to get our free throw problem fixed.

No, I’m not talking about our players standing fifteen feet away from the basket, shooting one and the bonus. I’m talking about what’s happening behind the goal.

Bama fans, we have a problem on our hands inside Coleman Coliseum. Ever watched a basketball game, where the opposing team takes a critical shot at the foul line at a crucial point in the game? The camera captures the action from behind the shooter, showing just how steep his uphill climb is to convert the free throw.

Fans going nuts. Signs and balloons distracting him. Large heads taking his eye away from the cylinder. Pretty much something like this:

Yeah, we don’t have that in Tuscaloosa. Not even close. We have a crowd about as intimidating as Aunt Bee.

The basket facing our student section is a site to behold. The aisle literally splits just behind the basket.

On the left side is the student section, where, to their credit, they put in an honest day’s work to distract. Most are doing the best they can.

But across the aisle from these well-meaning students are their parents and professors. Adult ticket holders who look like they’re taking in a lecture at the school of business on voo-doo economics. Their butts couldn’t be more glued to their seats.

At the other end, we have two sections of such folk. So basically, if you’re shooting a foul shot late in the game, you’re tired, the pressure is on…this is what you have to contend with inside Coleman:

Now, I realize our home record is pretty good this season, even with the milquetoast crowd. It’s hard to get better than 15-0.

But come on, administration. Do the right thing and move all the students under both baskets. Get rid of the dead weight. Please help make Coleman Coliseum more intimidating. Believe me, it wouldn’t take much.

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    2 points.
    1. Until recently the studnets didn’t show has only been in the last 3-4 games that students began to show up in any decent number and they are almost never there for pre-conference that shoots down one part of your arguement.
    2. Those people you say sit on their butts pay for YOU to be able to see basketball and without them we wouldn’t have the money to field a good team and most of them I know do far more than sit on their tails. Those are some of the most vocal fans we have.-I know- I am one of them.

  2. 3

    I think that the last game – against Auburn – ought to be played closed circuit throughout the entire Prison System in Alabama 24-7 – especially Death Row in Atmore.
    They would all be screaming for the Electric Chair.

  3. 4

    Don, I agree, and if football game attendance is any indication, there’s work to do for the students. The vocal students sit in the small section I mentioned, but there is more seating up top that needs help.

    But watch a replay of one of the games you go to, when the opposing team is shooting a free throw, then watch virtually any other game on TV, especialy in the Big East or Big Ten. I know you THINK you’re vocal, and by the standards of those around you in Coleman, you are. But in reality, and comparitively, it’s some of the most docile scenery you’ll see.

    I know you think that since you’re paying for us to see Alabama basketball — did you really say that? — you’re owed a debt of gratitude, and I do agree you need good seats. But if you really cared about making Coleman a hellhouse for opponents you’d look beyond yourself and what you believe you’re owed. That kind of blue-blood mentality is what has hurt Alabama for years, and is one reason Auburn has an edge on us. As much as I make fun of it here, they are a “fambly”, and appear unified. We segregate and do what’s best for “us”.

  4. 5

    It is not a “Family” . What I see is a Gullible Mob that is being told what to say and do.
    I agree that the Nation is broken up in factions – but at least good healthy Debate and Conversation is the Norm. I much prefer to be in the Nation.
    Not part of the Aubie Zombie Nation.

  5. 6

    Since when did they start paying refs to throw insignificant basketball games? I didn’t see the game, but no way in hell the home team gets 34 phucking free throws and the visitor only 16 in a fairly called game. Phucking Old Piss got outplayed in every single statistical category, but had 17, 17 more phucking points off free throws with both teams shooting about the same percentage from the line. I hope the phucking bastards in stripes are real proud of themselves for deciding who was going to win. The bastards need to start their own team if they want to play that badly!!! Bastards!!! RTR!

  6. 7
    C Hammah

    told ya all games with betting lines are fixed…ole miss was a 1 pt favorite now who do u think the betting public was on …the bookies win and the public loses…sucker spread of the day

  7. 8

    yeah. The way the game was called – Grant was just going nuts – and for good reason.
    The Technical was the turning point.

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