Auburn, cry me a river about your stupid trees

Word from Auburn today confirmed reports of soil samples surrounding the live oak trees at Toomer’s Corner. They have been poisoned with lethal doses of the pesticide Spike 80DF.

The Auburn president issued a statement; the trees are as good as dead.

As for who did it, many point to a caller on the Paul Finebaum show on January 27 who claimed he poisoned the trees the weekend following the Iron Bowl. The test samples were taken the following day and weeks later, the test results confirmed poisoning.

The word “fan” is a root derivative of the word “fanatic”. The definition of fanatic? A person motivated by irrational enthusiasm.

If this act was done by an Alabama “fanatic” or any other opposing fan of Auburn University, it is an inexcusable, detestable act. When fanaticism crosses over to criminal activity…and believe me, it can be a short walk…we all have to take a moment to step back and take inventory of what is and isn’t important in life. Whoever did this should be held legally accountable.

Regardless of how stupid I believe a tradition is of throwing butt paper into some trees following a win, all jokes aside, those oaks were an Auburn tradition and should have been preserved.

That being said, Auburn fans, you started this years ago. You have joyfully desecrated what is dear to Alabama fans for decades. I’m sorry about your trees, but cry me a river. You have done your part to catapult this rivalry into well more than a rivalry, but a manifestation of hate.

For years I’ve heard horror stories of what Auburn fans have done to Bear Bryant’s grave at Elmwood Cemetary. Everything from the trivial (Auburn paraphernalia with Iron Bowl scores) to the extreme (urinating and defecating on his headstone).

Need proof? In the following picture sequence, someone felt compelled to go to his grave and compromise his burial plot, burying a picture of Pat Dye under the headstone. But notice too the defacing of the stone itself. It appears to have been drawn upon with a poor attempt to erase what had been done to it.

Returning to the definition of “fanatic”, defacing and defiling a burial plot is an act of irrational enthusiasm.

How about this little doozy?

Think taping a Cam Newton jersey on the statue of Alabama’s most beloved historical figure was cute? Sort of an in-your-face, wasn’t it?

How about this:

What did this really accomplish? Truthfully what we already knew; that even at the height of your temporary championship perch, your Aubsession with us wouldn’t be complete until you somehow made Alabama a part of it.

And of course, there’s this original offering…sure to be seen 50 to 100 times every Iron Bowl, especially in Lee County:

See where I’m going? Poisoning and killing an Auburn tradition was, is and forever will be classless behavior. But it didn’t just happen.

Hate is hate, and Auburn fans have been openly celebrating every opportunity to defile what is sacred to the Alabama faithful for years.

The problem with revenge is people up the ante every time they strike. They’re not satisfied with an eye for an eye. They want the whole head.

Auburn president Jay Gogue urged the Awbuhn Fambly not to retaliate; Alabama athletics director Mal Moore issued a statement expressing his disappointment over the poisoning.

But honestly, what could Auburn do that they haven’t done the last 30 years (since Bear’s death)? Some report they celebrated the very day he died by rolling those trees, and followed suit last January in the same manner on the 30th anniversary of his death. I can’t think of another classless act that the Fambly could muster to illustrate their subculture behavior in live, living color more than they already have. But with Auburn I’ve learned to expect the unexpected.

What Auburn fans should really do is shift their focus from trees to the reasons the NCAA is currently interviewing people in Louisiana regarding the recruitment of Trevon Reed and Greg Robinson. As some speculate, those trees may not be dying alone.

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  1. 1

    what i’m not: a tree-hugging enviro-weenie.

    what i am: a property owner.

    what the idiot who did this deserves: what he’d get for doing the same on my property if i caught him, a load of double-aught buckshot in his azz.

    this idiot is the same kind of person who dumps his unwanted animals on the road i live on. dumps his trash on the same.

    i’m sorry, i guess i’m showing my age. (or thanks to my mom and dad, my upbringing) i just don’t believe you can justify bad behavior with more bad behavior. the things said about Coach Bryant after his death used to bother me. (recall gene bartow writing a letter to the ncaa back in the mid-eighties because he was getting his butt kicked in recruiting against wimp)

    he was a drunk.

    a womanizer.

    a cheat.

    the defiling Coach Bryant’s grave.

    his statue.

    but then i figured out why. in their heads, Coach is still kicking their azzes. Coach Bryant said he was always a winner. and in their heads he’s still winning and they can’t make it go away.

    i never met or knew Coach Bryant personally. but i know his kind. Coach Bryant was my dad. my granddad. an outdoorsman. loved being in the woods. hated anyone or thing that compromised it. and would lay a shotgun down on you a lot quicker than i would, i’d bet my life on it.

    i hate what happened at Bryant-Denny last year as much as anybody. but those are not just “stupid trees”, itk.

    it’s a property issue. public or private, there’s NO EXCUSE.

    wwCBd??? likely draw a bead on your dumbazz.

  2. 2
    Auburn Born, Bred

    ITK…you could’ve taken the high road, but you didn’t.

    This site certainly is the low-class version of Bama blogs. and actually carry some sense of respect between the fanbases. Your tit-for-tat BS and your lack of any compassion show that you and (at least some of) your followers are no better than “Al from Dadeville.”

  3. 3

    We can only hope that this act of criminal behavior was brought on by a fan of the Georgia Bulldogs given their close proximity. I think it is a much worse offense to kill a living organism than to temporarily deface a statue. Speaking as a fan of the Crimson Tide, I believe that the perpetrator should be held responsible for his or her actions. The damage is far more permanent than any kind of defacement that the UA has experienced as of late.

    Who cares about the Iron Bowl of 2010 at this point? All of the informed individuals know that Auburn has plenty more concerns than their post-game landmark to be concerned about. Does anyone else see through the smoke cloud? They beat Alabama. Hell, they supposedly “spotted” us a lead.

    I think it’s time to address one thing: We will spot “Auburn University” the entirety of Spring and Summer to show up on the field next year with a team remotely similar to what they bought last year with the guarantee that they lose by three touchdowns. I say this not out of bitterness, but with the satisfaction that perhaps some Georgia fan felt once your turf was soiled in retaliation to your administration and the NCAA allowing an AU player clearance to attempt to paralyze a human being.

    Dirty will always be dirty until it gets cleaned.

  4. 4

    All you f…..bammer trash are just that trash. What part cant fill in a prison cell belongs in Bryce Mental Hospital. You people are real sick up in there. You think I would ever live in the state of bammer. The whole state is full of trash. Ask anybody.

  5. 5

    Who ever posioned the oak trees needs his ass kicked badly!!
    To the barn fans sorry about the oak trees and I would be mad
    to if a AU fan messed with the Bear Bryant grave or statue.
    People need to get a life and let the hate for each school END!!
    It is only a GAME PEOPLE!!!! RTR

  6. 6

    ole fortune 500 (whatever) mandy rears her ugly head.

    no mandy, i don’t expect that you would want to live in alabama. no motel 6’s here with enough rooms for you to go for that room cleaning record.

    tighten up there girl! if you’re in the lobby on the computer, towels aren’t being washed.

    good luck today with that record!!!

  7. 7


    I know that you don’t have a high school education, but please learn to make a complete and coherent sentence. Your posts do nothing but humiliate yourself. Just give up until you learn one language.

  8. 8

    You trash arent worth spitting on. Your worthless. Plain and simple. AU athletics needs to get far away from you trash for good. I hope all you bammer trash get poisoned thru the drinking water from your own doing. All you fools need to be set on fire and burnt to death.

  9. 10

    AB,B apparently you didn’t read the article, just saw the title and skipped down to comment.

    I didn’t say it was right or okay, just that Auburn fans have done more than their part to create this hate-filled rivalry where stupid things like this happen.

    It isn’t it-for-tat; but you were titting a long time before Alabama fans starting tatting.

  10. 13
    No name

    In response to your article; placing a t- shirt on a statue, a photo on a gravestone (disgusting I might add), or displaying a ridiculous sign is in no way parallel to killing 130 year old oak trees, and doing other yet unknown damage to the surrounding environment. Perhaps you should rethink your analogies and rename your article, which cannot be taken as sympathetic. This dude was one of yours and for that you must take your level of responsibility.

  11. 14

    Your article is condescending to the max. You say not to blame a institute over a fanatic, but point out individual acts of AU fans that are disrespectful? I’m sure you fuck yourself a lot, but do you also debate yourself?

  12. 15

    Aww get over it for Christ’s sake!I think it was pretty classless, but phuck it! Every damn day some ancient tree or pond or wetland gets bulldozed for a house, building, highway or any one of a dozen other things that people deem more important than mother Earth. Sometimes it’s even done in shady manners because of environmenal groups holding up the process. So just get over it. How many dead trees have you seen standing around for your whole life? It aint going anywhere for another 100 years unless you idiots cut it down. Look at it this way – It will forever look like winter and football season and it will be easier to roll without leaves. Bwaa Haww Haww. Hell you’re the Aggies, you have the chemicals. One of your dumbáss fans probabaly did it as self flaggelation for all of your cheating without remorse! And like ITK said, Barnturds are the architects of this kind of bull$hit. Don’t guess any of you bastards remember Barnie greasing the tracks so that the Geogia Tech train slid a mile past the (cont)

  13. 16

    I am glad the tree is going to die. But hey, look, by the time Auburn can grow a new one, they might actually have a reason to throw toilet paper on it again, since it wouldn’t be getting much use next year. I think it would have been cool if someone just took a chainsaw to it. And no, I don’t respect Auburn, its fans and I don’t feel bad about that stupid tree. Great article pointing out the hate filled ways of stupid Auburn fans over the years. Does killing the tree make it right? Hell no. But Auburn fans should have seen it coming.

  14. 17

    (cont) past the station and then couldn’t back up. Tech was a better team that year but lost because they were worn out from carrying all their equipment back to Auburn on foot. But the problem of that stupid áss scenario is – what would have happened if the train had derailed or if there had been a bus load of people coming to the game stalled on the tracks. Hell, UGA’s new mascot just suddenly up and died. Did ya’ll poison him? Strange. Those who live by the sword, die by the sword. Better keep an eye on that damn Buzzard you call an Eagle, cause there’s at least 3.5 millon people in Alabama with a gun and that’s not counting Georgia. RTR!

  15. 18

    Don’t worry people…Cam Newton can touch the tree and it will heal. Then he can provide 500 rolls of butt paper from a 6 roll pack. All will be well, amen

  16. 19
    Indiana Vol

    This is par for the course for a Whiskey Drinking, Mullet Wearing, Two Tooth, Cousin Marrying, Double Wide Living, Waffle House Loving, White Trash, 13 Toed Alabama Fan.

    What a bunch of Bammer-Bastard sore LOSERS!!

  17. 21
    180K is Bama Chump Change

    killing the tree is going beyone the Pale but given the inferior intelligence of Bama fans and graduates….it is to be expected.

  18. 23

    No Name (post #13), whatever the “act” is, if it’s fueled by hate, it is wrong. However, I never claimed to be writing a sympathetic article. I only sought to point out that these kind of hateful acts against what is precious to our University have been performed for decades.

    I might also add that a caller on a radio show making claims doesn’t prove anything, especially with all the yahoos that call that show. No one knows who did this yet. But when he is found, hear me say, he should be prosecuted. And if the trial is in Lee County, he could be hanged from one of the dying limbs.

    dumbed (post #14), all I’m saying is, look in the mirror (as a fanbase) and ask yourselves why there is so much hate in this rivalry. Your bunch has accounted for more than your share. Hate always escalates, it doesn’t maintain the same level of intensity. So I’m expecting Denny Chimes to be hit with a scud at any moment.

  19. 24

    The NCAA has chosen to weigh in on this controversy… (Thank God)

    In an official statement released by Mark Emmert.

    “While we do condemn the killing of innocent trees everywhere, we have have turned over every stone in a one day investigaiton while suspending The University of Alabama and then reinstating the University of Alabama before anyone knew about it.
    Justice is swift in the NCAA and we will not let this atrocity pass!!!
    It is our opinion the The University of Alabama should not be punished for this act because they have denied any knowledge of the deed.
    There …. justice has been satisfied.

  20. 25
    Indiana Vol

    This commentary was posted by Bammer IDIOT ITK. ITK is just as guilty as the $hithead that poisoned the trees. It is because of posts like this and comments by other Bammer Morons on this site that stuff like this happens.

    If this MORON is caught and confirmed to be a Bammer Moron, Bammer should be hit with the death penalty for a year to teach their sorry cheating @ssses a lesson.

  21. 26

    I hope they use a nortoriously inaccurate Scud ITK. It with any luck would phuck up and hit Toomers Bookstore or JHS. ROTFLMFAO. Georgia hates ya’lls ass almost as much as we do. They are your Tennessee. And they were more than just a little incensed at your dirty play and Fartly trying to kill their QB.
    You best take a look in your backdoor before you start in on Bama. This kind of childish work is not our fans normal motif. Hell, you might try looking in Eugene, Oregon too. Everybody hates your a$$e$. There’s no end to where you might look for a culprit. As much as you’re hated right now, I can’t believe you didn’t have someone watching the damn thing. You know it’s not real easy to sneak around with a drill big enough to make a hole large enough to pour in enough poison to kill trees that big, when the damn thing is sitting right there in front of Toomers Bookstore and the most popular place in Auburn. Don’t reckon they might have looked a bit suspicious do you? Obviously they had balls the size of a dinosaur. Hmmmm, maybe it was a Bammer! Bwaa Haww Haww! STFU Vile. You down here teaming up with the rest of the Riff-Raff? UThug and Barnie all going down in a sinking ship together? You living out your fantasy through the Awbies since you can’t compete with Bama? Phucking LOSER!!!! RTR!

  22. 27

    Indiana Vol, just when I think you couldn’t possible say anything dumber than you already have, you show up here and amaze me all over again.

    almightytmc1, post of the day, my friend.

  23. 28

    I can understand Auburn’s dilemma. When their only tradition is killed, well now what?

    I guess they only have the tradition of having the most NCAA probations (and counting).

    Auburn, Tennessee….karma really is a bitch, isn’t it?

  24. 31
    Indiana Vol


    You once again have proven my point about the FREAK SHOW that is Bammer and its classless, inbred followers!

    BTW ITK, do the letters FO mean anything to you?

  25. 32
    Indiana Vol

    From PFRN,

    “Harvey Almorn Updyke, 62, from Dadeville, AL. He will be charged with criminal mischief for applying an herbicide at Toomer’s Corner.”

    This Bammer BOOB is not only evil, but just plain stupid. He commits a crime, then calls a radio show and uses his name.

    This is a prototype BAMMER MORON and just proves, once again, how truly uneducated and STUPID this FREAK SHOW that is Bammer Athletics and its followers truly are!

  26. 33
    Indiana Vol

    “Thank god, someone did something to liven things up until Spring practice starts next month!”

    Hey EGGHEAD,

    Take your opinions and a finger and stick the up your SORRY @SS!

  27. 34

    You bammer pigs must not get it. You stupid dumb f…s. That shite can get in folks drinking water. You morons are about the stupiest dumb f…s I have ever seen and heard of. You people are really dumb. That fat ugly f… that did this is capable of killing a human being. I hope some Aubie gets ahold of this trash and beats his arse to dead.

  28. 35
    Indiana Vol


    No need to try to reason with these fools, they haven’t the mental capacity to understand right from wrong. They are just dum@ss, inbred, mullet-sporting, toothless BAMMER MORONS!

  29. 36

    Yeah, thats the way Mandyke. You are not much different from the idiot that killed the trees. You just lack the ability to back up your hateful comments. You like to talk big and bad, but you are just as nutty as the rest. Too bad about the trees. Auburn people hated Bama anyways, so I don’t see where this really changes anything. But where is the Auburn outrage over the continuous vandalism that has been going on at Bama for years? It’s okay to piss on Bear Bryants grave and take pictures, right? I don’t think that it was right for the dude to kill the trees, but now Auburn will make a martyr out of a stupid tree. It will just reinforce your cult status. You should be more worried about the NCAA investigating you again over Troopers street agents and buying iPhones. Y’all realize that the NCAA isn’t going to stop until they put Auburn on probation, right?

  30. 38

    Vol, it is a shame that you are reduced to being an Auburn fan because your school has fallen on such hard times. But when you really think you can make make me shut up, you can feel free to try. But I really hate to be picking on retarded people. Roll Tide, Vuck the Fols.

  31. 39

    Indy, knows that Tennessee is irrelevant now. He has no choice to but to latch on to Auburn. Once they become irrelevent, he will be as lost as Fulmer in a Weight Watchers meeting.

  32. 40
    Indiana Vol

    Bammerbrenda and 13andtostupidtocount,

    You are both shining examples of the poisoning fool and the rest of the Bammer Moron Nation.

    It is only a matter of time until the NCAA discovers more rampant cheating on the part of Bammer and closes the cesspool known as Bammer football down for good!

    Do the letters F O mean anything to either of you??

  33. 44

    If you hate Alabama so much, why waste your time on this site? And why say “Bammers” can’t reason when your only response to a well-written post is “shut the phuck up”? You don’t have to agree with us, but you don’t need to be rude about it.

    I wouldn’t compare killing two trees to killing humans. It’s most definitely a reprehensible act, but it’s a prime example of a prank gone way too far. Also, please consider using spell check.

  34. 45
    Indiana Vol

    Everyone who believes the Bammer Moron Nation is a bunch of classless BOOBS should go and take a big old $HIT on the Bammer campus and on Bear Bryant’s statue!

  35. 48
    Let's Troll a Troll

    So I’ve figured out who “Indiana Vol” is “in real life”.

    So, Gary, either start acting a little nicer or I’ll tell everyone where in West Lafayette, Indiana you live. I also have your phone number, among lots of other personal information I’d love to share with a lot of pissed off Bama fans.

    Roll Tide

  36. 50
    Let's Troll a Troll

    Nah, I’m not gonna do that since I told him I won’t as long as he “plays nicely”. So far he’s either crapping his pants or not online since he hasn’t replied.

    It means “F off”. In other words, he doesn’t have any response to you.

  37. 51

    Indiana Vol.0
    There is this invention that they came out with, a while back you might want to try one.
    Its called a “book”
    “Books” (as they re called) are designed to educate, enlighten and teach. They appear to be a really handy in fighting ignorance.
    You might want to try one of these new “books”. I hear that even at Auburn University they are thinking about actually incorporating the use of these greoundbreaking new inventions.
    Wow. Just wow.
    In the mean time maybe you and the rest of the Auburn Family* ( Patent pending, all rights reserved) have a great excuse to go test driving for a new chainsaw. See, there is an upside to everything after all.

    And Mandy,
    I will see you on Maury Povich. Cheer up there old girl. Eventually you and Maury will find out who the baby’s daddy is.

  38. 52

    After decades of being covered in toilet paper the trees of toomer’s corner are going to be cut down, and probably be recycled into toilet paper.
    The only thing more Ironic is the game day eagle attacking Pat Dye and clawing his eyes out.

  39. 53

    And as long as we are mentioning irony. Cam Newton, Gene Chizik, and the entire auburn Famly claiming ignorance when Cecil was doing his thing. We know they all lied about the pay for play scheme and yet it is not hard to believe they are ignorant at all.

  40. 54
    Tiger in Tennesee

    I was living in Florida for a couple of years when Bear died so I did not personally see the goings-on. However, I did read in books that folks on both sides were VERY respectful.

    I see that Auburn put black ribbons on the trees when Bear died.

    I also see that the trees were rolled when he RETIRED, not died.

  41. 57
    crimson hammah

    Bear Bryant was never a drunk ….busted in the 50s on cheating and swore that off…was a womanizer and smoker…

    au trees what goes around comes around

  42. 60

    @crimson hammah
    I guess it depends on how you define “drunk”. I admire the Bear, but I won’t deny, he loved the sauce.

  43. 61
    Yee Haww

    Look to me like the writer of this blog is a straight shooter, comparing dumbass things with other dumbass things. The funny thing to me is how the burden of “class” is always the burden on the backs of Alabama fans. If Auburn loses we should show “class” and not bring it up. If Auburn wins we should show “class” and don a Cam Newton jersey. Rivalry is Rivalry. There are crazy people on both sides of fandom for any team/sport/country. Some people use rivalry as an excuse to go out and do stupid shit, such as this. I have been an Alabama fan since birth. I clearly remember being a five year old watching Bear Bryant’s funeral on tv, hysterically crying my little eyes out. I DO NOT condone the killing of these trees. This person should be jailed and have his mental stability checked.

    However what’s done is done and I agree with the other comment that states that Auburn will have time to grow another tree, before the next their next National Championship.

  44. 62

    Rolling trees… who would have thought that would be considered a tradition anyway? This just gives Auburn fans that reason that they were looking for, but the hate from the Auburn side has always been there. They will use this to justify it, but I don’t really care. It happened, they caught the dude, and he will pay for his crime. But for the Auburn fans acting like this was 9-11 or something is just ridiculous. I am sure some Auburn idiot is going to step up and retaliate, but there won’t be any kind of outrage from the Auburn Fambly. Only at Auburn would a high school level prank be considered a great tradition. This whole situation is nuts. I can almost see Auburn mobs with their pitchforks and overalls rushing the streets attacking bammers, ala the LA riots over Rodney King.

  45. 63
    Indiana Vol

    “So I’ve figured out who “Indiana Vol” is “in real life”.

    So, Gary, either start acting a little nicer or I’ll tell everyone where in West Lafayette, Indiana you live. I also have your phone number, among lots of other personal information I’d love to share with a lot of pissed off Bama fans.

    Roll Tide”

    You must know something I don’t because I do not live in West Lafayette, IN.

  46. 64
    crimson hammah

    bear drinking was a false myth…in the early 70s he would have a couple of drinks with the coaches after work…then rumors of drunkeness so he swore off all alcohol in early 70s…

  47. 66

    I heard an auburn alum deny the trees were rolled when Bear died because the AU President Funderburk threatened expulsion if any such activities because two weeks earlier a fraternity had celebrated the tragic crash of Air Florida Flight 90 which took the lives of 74 when it crashed into the Potomac River in Washington D.C. (Florida beat AU in the ’82 season) Sickness begets sickness.

  48. 68
    Indiana Vol

    There is no reason in any of the above posts to justify what was done to those 130+ year old trees, much less to the area surrounding them.

    Do you not understand that the stuff the IDIOT used can seep into the drinking water and doesn’t just affect a couple of trees or go away in a short time? What if your drinking water was contaminated by this stuff and your children were affected? Did not consider that, did you??

    The total disregard of the magnitude of this action shows the sad state of affairs for some of the posters here and their allegiance to the program. Some of these same people were posting stuff a few years ago about “a truck bomb at Neyland Stadium” when Auburn played at Tennessee. Some of you, and you know who you are, make your entire fanbase look bad and it shows your total lack of common sense when you post such things. And you wonder why the college football world views your program as it does; little or no class. No matter what the wins or losses are, you must have some kind of decorum. Pranks are pranks, criminal activity is a totally different matter.

    Think about what you are posting!

  49. 69
    crimson hammah

    au got what they deserved when u draw first blood u have no right to control the payback…japs killed 3000 at pearl harbor so when we retaliated we had a 3000 limit not how it works u reap what u sow but a lot more …when u plant one orange seed do u only get back one orange…



  50. 70

    “from 59-81 bear 19-4 vs au lmao”

    Yeah, the Bear was rough on the aubies.

    Only once in 25 years did they outclass an Alabama team.

  51. 73

    Don’t forget about this Bama student
    November 21, 2005

    Alabama fan stabs five Auburn students
    Nathan at Golden Tornado points out this bizarre story:

    A fan screaming “Roll Tide” outside a fraternity house led to a violent altercation early Saturday that left seven Auburn students injured, five with stab wounds.
    Apparently the guy gets into a fight at the fraternity house, stabs a guy, and takes off. Other students chase him and ends up getting into another fight down the street, where he stabs four more Auburn students. Police don’t have a suspect.

    OK, I get that it’s the Iron Bowl – but it’s just a game.

  52. 74

    the last group that collectively spoke of god that proclaimed themselves the annointed holy ones and called themselves the “Family” was charles manson and the “family” …. that pretty much says it all right there. Trooper and company should wind up in the same place too.

  53. 76
    cimson updyke hammah






  54. 77
    Auburn Born, Bred

    After reading the above posts, I am convinced that this blog is the most classless Bama fanblog on the internet.

    There really are decent Bama fans out there…just none can be found here.

    ITK…these inbreeds are the people you write for. These are the people who agree with you. Maybe you should grow up.

  55. 78
    cimson updyke hammah

    an aubie would not know class if he got whacked in the mouth with it….

    so u admit au is the dirtiest program in the country and is going down …all aubies i know in real life admit it

  56. 79

    Like most Alabama fans I’m saddened by this, but I won’t lose any sleep over it! How about the fact that this clown was a professor at AU????

    The more important story here is the NCAA in Louisiana!!! The fact that the little boy from the Bham news finally wrote a story with SOME truth to it! Also the HBO story is now no longer a rumor and it’s not about oversigning like the aubos thought! Lol! Those are the real stories here and not about these trees!

    Hey why hasnt anyone posted the links about the NCAA, Scarbinskys article, or the HBO story???? We will have some good banter with that!!!!

  57. 80

    Let’s Troll a Troll,

    You may want to rethink any notion of posting private information on this page. The hint of that is harassment and the injured party can take you and Capstone to court and win big with any lawyer. You can be found and sued through a court order demanding your information from Capstone Report.

    I don’t like the things this person posted, but he has the right to do so under the Constitution.

    After all of the court cases against Fulmer over the past several years, do you think a Vol fan would not jump at the chance to take down an Alabama blog and someone who posted private information therein without consent?

    Just some free advice from an attorney.

    Roll Tide!

  58. 81

    This whole thing has become tiresome for me. I know most Auburn fans are jackasses….I should learn to accept that.

    Plus they got so much Sh*t they have to deal with right now, I’m kinda surprised the tree situation is getting to them this much.

    Cam, Louisiana, HBO, dead tree’s, everyone thinking they are a one hit wonder, being accused of being a cult, 80% of the nation thinking their NC is tainted, Bingo Gate, Lowder, Drunk Dye.

    All the Auburn fans I know, it doesn’t seem like they even know they won a NC*. For all this, they only know to blame Bama, like we are responsible for all this.

    Hey Aubs…..I didn’t offer CAM any money, I’ve been to Louisana, once. I didn’t poison the tree. I don’t have HBO. Never bought Dye a drink. Never played Bingo for money.

    Did you ever stop to think that Auburn may be responsible for some of this crap?

  59. 82
    Alex Hamilton

    I agree. Auburn and their “all in” mentality has brought this and all the other bad dark clouds that swirl over the “loveliest village”.

    What kind of world do you people live in? You cheated your way to the championship but now you want to pretend you are outraged that someone broke the law and poisoned your trees? You people are phucked up!

    And as for class? How about how everything Auburn my entire life has been about your “Pat Dye Dyed the Tide” or “We beat you here, we beat you there, we kicked your ass at Jordan Hare”. And who can forget your AUdacious moron AD and his monologue of trash talk telling the world how Auburn was winning the hearts and minds of the youth of Alabama. Then your big eared coach waving a new finger every year. This year, if it wasn’t your $250k $cam grandstanding after every win, it was your thug recruiting coordinator chest bumping his Niggaz after a great play.

    At some places trash talk is in fun. At Auburn it’s a way of life. Your dead trees are just it coming back in your face. You reap what you sow.

    Look at the bright side, Aubies. If the trees take five years to completely die, that’s a full two years after your death penalty. New football team of freshmen will go with your new oaks in 2016.

  60. 83
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Hey Losers,
    You still are losers for the next 7 months, let’s no forget that fact. I am a rabid AU fan and I personally don’t care if you or your bottom of the barrel scummy fanbase or blogsters care about our tradition or the trees for that matter. No one who just paid DeMatha high school 500k for Cyrus Kouidanjio has any rite to say we are cheating. LSU has idiots as coaches and they probably are idiot recruiters as well, it’s no wonder T Reed and Robinson didn’t want to go to school or be coached by these idiots. What is amazing to me is you cameltoes think you can talk smack when you got kicked 2 times before we dominated your midget’s “dynasty” team in front of all your Mullet fanbase at the Mullet Meccah. You lost, we won so STFU, Losers!!

    And really that is what is causing all you Mullets to dream up NCAA investigations, Cam Newton sightings, T Taylor is the devil, and poisoning trees because you have been dominated this year like a Bolivian whore. First by a team we hung 56 on, second by a retarded coach, and third by AU who completely dominated you in the 2nd half. Please don’t kid yourself into thinking we suck this year. We have a junior QB whereas your stringbean has snapped the ball about 3 times and was whipped like a goat by the midget, so we will see who wins this year rednecks. So go lose somemore teeth and get more tatoos or Tatoo (your coach).

    You suck Blowtide and don’t choke on your own bile tonite.

  61. 86
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    I think we should carve a statue out of the tree of Nick Saban getting his midget nuts kicked in by Cam Newton.

  62. 89

    Shocked, the guy you are talking about was not a student but rather a Bama fan from Mobile. I know an amateur mma fighter who trains in the same gym with him in Mobile. Yeah, he yelled Roll Tide at the Auburn frat boys but their mistake was thinking 5 on 1 was going to be a fair fight. After getting their ass kicked they realized this guy was no joke.

  63. 90
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    You get so violent when you can’t win an argument. For people like you, you know special people who are mentally challenged, I expect your answer was as above. It doesnt matter, but with that attitude, you will always be a loser in life as will UAT who right now is getting national press of the true character of your fanbase… A lot of mullet rednecks, who are unemployed, mentally challenged like yourself, hateful, and generally are failures in society. I don’t care if the trees live or die, I know something good will come of it, they may make statues or sell off pieces and make millions for the university. But your fanbase and this blog looks like a Crimson tampon, stinking, putrid, and tarnished. Guess what? No team and university is hated more than UA. Ask Texas how they liked Rammer Jammer like other SEC teams. But in the end, no poison will end your nitemare of having Rammer Jammer rammed up your little Keyster in your own Mullet Stadium.

    How you like them apples…

  64. 91
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Hammah (Homer) Simpson,
    Are we supposed to key those numbers into the computer like in Lost? You know the TV series? Are they numbers of the UFO ships you saw?

    Man what a stream of consciousness…

  65. 92

    It used to be fun to occasionally visit this site and banter. After reading the responses posted about the tree poisoning, it has become utterly clear that most of you lack any sense of humility or class. You are nothing more than a bunch of ignorant, mean spirited losers that take pleasure in the pain of others. I can honestly say that I have never been as disappointed in my fellow man, as I am right now. There is NO justification in this. Your opinion about the tradition is irrelevant! I was shocked and angered when I found out it happened. I’m disgusted by your callous responses!!!

    I’m going to leave you with one thing before I am gone from this site for a long long time, if not forever. If you didn’t attend school at the university, you have no stake in it and are in no way affiliated with it. You are just a spectator that is hanging on to the coat tails of others. Why do I close with this? Because you guys have to be the most ignorant, pathetic, hypocritical losers I have ever encountered, and you don’t even recognize that the very thing you love so much, only views you as another body that will occasionally buy some merchandise at the local wal-mart. Think I’m wrong? Go read the UA’s president’s statement. For all of your boisterous comments about UA’s traditions, many of you don’t know a damn thing about tradition because you are not part of the university. You are no more connected to ua than I am to my favorite tv show. You are an audience that watches others become great people. Many of you never walked across the university to class, or celebrated with your classmates in the student section, or drank a beer with friends just off campus after a hard exam.

    Let that sink in. For all your bitterness and hatred, and all your hatred of auburn, you’ll never know what it truly feels like to be part of the university… And for that reason I will sleep well tonight.

    War Damn Eagle!
    Class of ’98

  66. 93
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    As usual, shitty article but great to rattle cages. You should start your own talk show. Bet you could rival Springer. Peace out, hope you feel better in trying to make this criminal act somehow ok with your “Taliban” blogersphere.

    Later T-town terrorists.

  67. 94

    Nicket, if you’d remove your head from your anal cavity and read my article, you’d see that I never said what the man did was okay.

    I merely pointed out Auburn fans have been doing it for 30 years. And yet, we don’t whine about it.

    Now re-insert your head; like I had to tell you to.

  68. 95
    cimson updyke hammah

    after no mention of aubies urinating on bear’s grave defacing bama honor area with 28 27 …aubies just have no class duh hammah

  69. 96
    cimson updyke hammah

    per trees – we r happy to be put out of our misery…these goathumpers were throwing doo doo paper on occsions

  70. 98

    Okay NTEC……let’s just go ahead and shoot down everything you said!!!!
    UA did not pay CK 500k! That’s just the most idiotic, stupid, mindless comment! You have no idea what you are talking about! If you go google Dematha you will see they received that donation a year before CK signs with UA! I mean there is no way that UA could get a kid they have been “crootin” for over 2 years as opposed to AU who jumped on him 2 weeks before NSD!
    Secondly, your superstar team of thugs is being investigated by the NCAA! There is no way around that! If you can’t admit that then I feel real sorry for you! Even the AU nations “butt-buddy” skarbitchy said it! I guess since PM or CG haven’t wrote an article on it on you don’t believe it!
    As far as the on the field stuff (I really hate to say this) you are exactly right! UA did get beat 3 times this year. The last being the worst after losing the lead that way! If you think your QB is gonna have any success next year then you once again have stepped up and shown what a homer idiot you are! I think you said something along the lines of AU will have more success next year cause they have a junior QB! You do realize he has played less that AJ or PS! Everytime you blew people out this year he was on the bench while cammie finished those games out! Mark it down BT will get hurt by the Clemson game! Playing behind that Swiss cheese o-line he won’t make it 3 games! Then you will have 3 frosh on the o-line and a frosh QB! Recipe for disaster!
    So in closing you are a typical AU homer! Complete denial of anything and everything concrete! I feel sorry for y’all cause the fans are the ones that are gonna suffer the most in all this! Not the beloved thugs like cammie, and NF, or the new group of thugs like the 2 louis. crew!

  71. 99

    Three? Three you say? Dicket, it’s been happening for 30 years. I honestly can’t tell you how many personal accounts I’ve heard of people making trips to his grave. Whatever the case, this really has your man-boobs sagging tonight. I’m wearing black to mourn your loss. And giggling.

  72. 100

    I think this is all very sad. There was a story about a father who doused his two twin toddlers with Acid before dousing himself ..Major uprisings in the Middle East. Yet this story took center stage. I am a huge Bama fan , many would say a die-hard , but my mother and sisters are Auburn fans, die-hard as well.Yet, I cannot imagine wishing harm on any of them because they show the same passion as I do, although a different team. For No name. To say that the UA shares responsibility for some lunatic is crazy. This would be like saying, all mothers share responsibility for the Susan Smiths of the World. In addition, those of you who keep perpetuating the same tired, old, stereotypes,(mullets, farmers, no teeth etc.) YOU ARE IN AUBURN.The most beautiful farm country I have ever seen but the last I checked that is still in Alabama. The SEC is the strongest conference, yet we may not have to worry about our competition for we will fall from within. Stop tearing each other down.Respectfully disagreeing is one thing, but when you have to resort to name calling, well that just proves the point of the other by default.

  73. 101

    While the actions of Harvey were deplorable, so has the moronic, classless redneck behavior from the Land Grant Lee County College over the last 30 years. All these hypocritical responses about rednecks and inbreds from Auburn people are friggin hilarious. A tradition of throwing crap paper in trees. How upscale

  74. 102
    D Cup

    Do you suppose that Harvey suffered from e-credit disorder? He has probably posted on more than one Bama board and the people took him for what he is – A WANNA BE SOMETHING. Well he is now famous (at least in Alabama) and it appears he has gotten the attention he craved. Do you think he might have been laughed at or just ignored? THAT – he could not stand. It is a shame that this world has come to that although he grew up in a different era. I hope that he will be totally ignored and that will be the worst punishment of all.

    In an effort to “justify” (NO WAY) what he has done – I feel just as sorry for the people that say “Auburn fans did this and Auburn fans did that”. Listen to yourselves – I suppose you feel that is ok to attempt to destroy a tradition at any school. In the end – it is still a game but for those that think all this is ok – become a fan of somebody else – somewhere else. Nobody wants you – Alabama or Auburn

  75. 104
    ITK Iotola Terrorist Tuscaloosa

    I am a terrorist ITK of the Keyster, my favorite place. I love to toss Saban’s salad and pick the dingleberries out of my teeth.

  76. 107
    ITK Iotola Terrorist Tuscaloosa

    ITK man of fat women with much girth. The bigger the bigga the butt, the bigger, the bigga the nut!

  77. 111

    @ all the psycho, foaming-at-the-mouth Auburn fanatics

    Wow. Just, wow. I can totally understand being pissed that someone destroyed a beloved landmark. Hell, I can even support having him convicted. But wanting to kill the guy?

    The way you go in, he might as well have been sodomizing and eating babies instead of killing a bunch of trees. Seriously, all you’re doing is perpetuating the stereotype that all Southerners are inbred trailer trash.

  78. 112

    bammer fans are trash… the comments Aubie fans. The whole state of alabama is garbage. Nobody that lives is worht a damn. If I were Aubie fans Id get the hell outta there and come down here to Florida and dont look back. These idiots are trash of the earth.

  79. 113
    you are dumb

    Stories like this reveal their authors to be the truly classless members of the Bammer subspecies. I have read many of them in the last few days, and they make me madder every time I read them.

    Your whole argument is that some Auburn fan “desecrated” what you hold sacred, so we should not complain because turnabout is fair play.

    But what was done at Toomers Corner was not “desecration” it was destruction. No matter how much you would like to say this act is in anyway comparable to previous acts, it is not.

    You might not be bright enough to understand this, but you CAN take a Cam Jersey or a sticker off of a statue. You can fairly painlessly get rid of a little rye grass.

    You cannot unkill 100 year old trees. This was destruction, not merely light hearted fun, or even disrespect. This asshole took something away from Auburn that no amount of work can replace.

  80. 114

    Author forgot the yearly tradition amonngst barn fans of going to the bears grave to take a dump…. yeah, thats nice.

    but really, barn fans are just mad that them and their siblings will have to find a new place to make out. Heck, most barn fans were conceived by their uncle-daddies and aunt-mommas there.

  81. 115

    So the Fambly is upset that someone killed the trees they have been vandalizing with toilet paper for years….Whodathunkit?

  82. 116

    A handful of smart people which is few and far between get it. And the main point is this nut case put poison in the ground which could get in folks drinking watero. And if this fool can do that this idiot can come to the point of committing murder if he hasnt already. Look at the fools record in Texas. Just like I said bammer trash are dumber than a bucket of rocks on top of being mentally unstable. You are all idiots.

  83. 117

    I am an Auburn graduate and currently live in North Carolina. I had no idea the bitterness, hate and ignorance from these two fan bases has escalated to this point. The state of Alabama has very few things going for it, one of which is this “great” rivalry between these two “great” universities. Guess what? It’s just a game. Quit taking things so personally! This article is spot on in that hate breeds hate and escalates beyond what is deemed sane and honorable. My biggest problem is that this author clearly said Auburn started it. I’m Quite sure we can come up with some equally heinous acts from Alabama fans over the years. Bottom line, this act is irrevocable and inexcusable!

  84. 118

    So it’s ok to s**t on someone’s grave? What if it was your parents grave, that would be just fine,huh? Just a lil soap and water will clean it off, but that’s not the point.
    Are Auburn fans tree bigots? Sacrifice younger oaks so we can make TP to throw on an older oaks?

  85. 119

    With Mandy’s comments, I think Auburn fans are right……All Auburn fans are alumni. Speaks a lot for the University.

    I mean they do come up with such logic that they believe all Bama fans never went to the university.

    Like that matters. Its the fans that provide the funding to the university. You need the fans. That is why Auburn can’t get funding to fix that dump of a football stadium. I know I’ve been there.

    BTW, 1999 UA grad here and wife is a 2000 AU Grad. (all my Bama brothers, please forgive me for my marriage choice. What is worse is that her mother is a UT grad. At least I provide a little class to the family:) )

  86. 120

    Nicket, no one is dreaming up anything. It is funny that being ‘All in’ has brought so much scrutiny on your program. The tree thing is just giving y’all something to rally around while y’all ignore the NCAA investigations. With an S. The NCAA won’t stop until Auburn is on probation. It is coming. So, all of you Auburn cult members rally together and cry over your dead trees. Blame Bammer. We have been taking the blame for all the seriously f’d up crap going on at the Barn for years. Nothing has changed. But you all have no problem defacing and vandalizing anything that Bama is proud of. Defacing graves, Sabans house, and all the high school type pranks that you guys celebrate as a ‘tradition’. You guys wouldn’t know a thing about living up to any great tradition that didn’t involve juvenile acts. If you don’t think the NCAA is investigating Auburn on multiple counts, then you are dreaming Nicket.

  87. 121

    Not ever UA fan agrees with what this nutjob did! He has taken being a fan to another level and it’s very sick and disturbing! But don’t come on here and say “every bam is trash and every bam agrees with what happened at TC”. That’s just not true and you know it! Its very interesting to me that this guy called almost a month ago and the day all these stories come out about AU and the NCAA that the trees are dying!!!!! That’s the real story here!

  88. 122

    Oh and 47 good riddance you pompous little f$g! Get off your soapbox! You are the typical AU fan coming in here with that holier than thou nonsense! Your posts on here have been horrible! So don’t act like you are better than anyone cause you graduated from AU! I have a hard time believing that by the way! Nobody that has a college degree comes on a sports website to brag about it!!!!

    Wait wasn’t 47 the doctor???? Or was that 334! I can’t ever remember cause all their posts said the same thing over and over and over!

  89. 124

    Your article shows a picture of the Bear’s headstone and it says he died on Jan. 26 1983. Now how in the world did Auburn roll Toomer’s on the 30th anniversary of Bear’s death? Wouldn’t that be in 2013?

  90. 126
    Indiana Vol

    “Your article shows a picture of the Bear’s headstone and it says he died on Jan. 26 1983. Now how in the world did Auburn roll Toomer’s on the 30th anniversary of Bear’s death? Wouldn’t that be in 2013?”

    That is because most of Bammer’s fanbase cannot count.

    Bammer is getting a lot of bad press due to the tree poisonings and that will hurt the school eventually. This is due, in most part, to the classless posts that are seen above. I have said it beofer and now the nation knows it, the Bammer fans (with a few exceptions) are the most classless fans in college football!

  91. 127

    Indiana Vol, are you really using the Bleacher Report as an article reference?? Seriously??!! They’re not even real journalists!!! Typical Auburn fan

  92. 130

    Although what happened was a deplorable act by one individual, it is typical redneck attitudes that stereotype others. Stereotying fanbases based on one individual who never contributed to the University is no different than stereotyping races of people based on the actions of a few. Or stereotyping genders. Indiana Vol, did you catc that. I don’t stereotype all Auburn fans as classless hillbillies for defecating on Coach Bryant’s grave, defacing our property, or rolling Toomers when iconic figures die. Indiana Vol, your stereotypical attitude makes us all think you are a gutless racist as well hiding behind a screen name.

  93. 131
    David K Ward

    Repeating the lies about Auburn folks rolling Toomers on Bear’s death or anniversary is just beyond sorry. This scumbag that tried to kill the trees did so after reading someone puking up that same old excrement.

    i was there when Bear died, rolling Toomers never ever happened. i know i was there and can prove i was there. Can you do the same? there are no real pics of it because it never happened, then or now. But some sidewalk alum trying to make a name for himself will slather on the lies by the bucket loads to get traffic to his site.

    Again, rolling Toomers after Bear died DID NOT HAPPEN! Pay Dye took the football team to Bear’s Funeral folks. he and bear were very close. If you dont know that it is because you dont want to know it.

  94. 132

    Instead of whining about a tree like a bitch, can’t the Aubies just find another tree to throw butt paper in? Maybe, Indy can start the same tradition in Knoxville, since he so infatuated with this tradition.

    This whole debate on the horrors of what might happen to this tree….well, when you step back….is really over the top and stupid.

    The Auburn professor at the news conference almost started to cry!!! Was he f’ing the tree or something??

  95. 133


    It did happen! I wouldn’t expect you or the rest of your cult to believe it since all of you are in denial about your sordid NCAA probationary hist

  96. 134

    David actually seems level headed. I don’t know if it happened or not either. It wouldn’t surprise me, but I don’t know.

    Hopefully, the tree will survive cause this will apparently be the worst catastrophy since Eric Ramsey, Doug Barfield, and the Kennedy assasination for the Auburn faithful.

  97. 135

    After reading all this Barnturd $hit I recant! Phuck all you rat turd, inbred ba$tards. Phuck your school, phuck your fanbase, phuck your Battle Buzzard, phuck your pussy cat and phuck your dead trees. Wish I’d have done it. I wouldn’t have been caught. I just saw a T-shirt thatI wish I had. It said “The only reason some people are still alive is because it’s illegal to kill them”! I immediately thought of Auburn fans! Bwaa Haww Haww! Well since the poor dude is behind bars I guess The Grove at Ole Miss and the Hedges at Georgia can rest easy tonight – or can they? And phuck your lawyers, judges and the FBI. I live in another country and my posts come from a laptop using public WiFi and a cell phone that is prepaid and registered to a private PO Box with none of my personal info. Find me, I dare you! RTR!

  98. 136

    I have yet to meet an objective, level-headed Auburn fan including Dave. I have yet to ever see an Auburn fan admit their cheating without referencing Alabama

  99. 137

    This SHIT has to stop between Bama and Auburn fans!! I will
    never pull for Auburn but folks this is getting completely
    out of hand. The idiot 62 year family is getting death threats
    because of his crazy story. Indy Vol buddy you are a FUCKING

  100. 139
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Why would I want to find you little pecker? You are like a cockroach crawling around in slimy places. Your team was the Bolivian whore of the west, rode hard and put up wet. Taking Tatoo and all you terrorists out to the woodshed and placing a foot in that ass was good enough for me. We will do it again real soon, and don’t forget you are a Loser this year and will be for 7 months

  101. 140

    Nicket, a lucky 1 point victory over a 3 loss team and your team playing with an ineligible player is not that big a deal. However, ppl like you with your tiny tot dick is the reason Alabama fans loathe Barnbreads so badly. You are the Harvey Updyke of your fanbase you short dick pussy

  102. 141
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Oooooo Big Brain on Rc,
    Does that stand for red CUNT? Hey Bama, da da daaah da, hey Bama, we just beat the hell out of you. Mullet mullet, tooth to Tatoo ratio is very low.

  103. 143
    cimson updyke hammah

    toothlessness is and always will be au
    trailer park trash is and always will be au
    classlessness is and always will be au
    mediocrity at best is and always will be au
    cheauting is and always will be au
    skank is and always will be

    told u so – the plain is burning – lmao –
    ncaa investigating au in ga al ark la


  104. 144

    Yeah, almost as low as Awbies all time won – lost record! Ewok what does it feel like to live your life with a quart of goat jizim in your mouth 24/7?

  105. 146

    You are all mentally retarded. This can be solved easy. Auburn needs to get away from this trash for good. its easy to do dont play the fools in any sport. I mean duhhhhh.

  106. 147

    Yeah, well duhh! Since I don’t think you have a winning record against us in any sport it would certainly improve your attitudes if we stop playing you! How about that Bama womens gymnastics team with more than 100 straight wins over Awbie! Did ya’ll read the Ewok’s baby talk post above. Now I have no doubt we’re dealing with a 12 or 13 year old retard. Just ignore him. He’s irrelevant. RTR!

  107. 148

    It would hurt Auburn a lot more than Alabama if we decided to drop their ass. The University of Alabama is the big draw for Auburn. Most ofvthe “fambly” sidewalk alums would leave in droves without the Alabama game on their ticket package. Think I’m wrong? AU doesn’t fill up their stadium completely for the small games, and they desperately need Alabama on their schedule.

    Crimsonite, I recognized Nicket was either a kid or had bigger penis envy a long time ago. What other person has a fetish for ewoks. He’s got a tiny tot dick

  108. 149

    This blog USED to have some level of sanity to it. Ever since ITK became the primary blogger, it’s been all down hill. So color me shocked when he took the low road (the only road he knows) on this subject as well.

    You cannot seriously equate taping a jersey or putting some stickers on a statue to the total destruction of a 130 year old landmark. There is no equivalence. Auburn didn’t “start” this. The sick, inbred, anger-filled bammers — the ones who take target practice at their kids after a loss — are owned and fully developed by you and your bammer brethren.

    I know some bama fans who are friends and good people. And then there are the bammers like you, ITK. The ones who don’t have a decent thought in their heads, or a decent bone in their bodies. You are so consumed with hate of all things Auburn, that you turn this supposed UA blog into a continual diatribe against Auburn. Get a freaking life. And buy one for your homeboy, Harvey, while you’re at it.

  109. 150
    Indiana Vol

    Crimsonite, ITK, 13andcounting, bammerdon, etc,

    These posters are scum of the earth and are a waste of humanity. These crude bastards are classless and have no scruples whatsoever.

    Anyone who condones the act of the IDIOT BAMMER who poisoned the trees is no class scum of the earth.

  110. 151
    cimson updyke hammah

    if au wants to keep the war phony eagle alive i suggest no au nut mess with anymore bama honored grounds or some bama nut will kill the eagle

  111. 152

    Once again, those who stereotype Alabama fans most likely stereotype races and gender of people. “I know a few good Bama fans” is equivalent to saying, “I know a few good colored people, but the rest are criminals.” Typical of people like Indiana VOL and other fans of different schools who post night, day, afternoon on a Bama blog. In summary, all the Auburn and Tennessee fans who post here are SUPER RACIST as well.

  112. 153

    Indy can you freaking read ASSWIPE I have blasted the village
    idiot for posioning the oaks trees and it is a miracle that you
    can put two sentences together. If one percent of vol fans
    are like you Indy heaven fore bid Knoxville, TN!!!!!

  113. 154

    I wish i could meet all you dumb … bammers, I know yo wont disrespect me to my face. You claim it was just one guy, and not rep of the whole. Yet you turn around and show what some Auburn fans did and say, “Yepp, thats whut day all does.” At first I didnt want something to happen in revenge. Now I can wait to see Bears head removed from his statue.,Cullman Coll. burned, or your field tourched. Thanks for showing the True bammer!!

  114. 155

    It is people like Joe the cow fan that makes the UA/AU
    fan bases look crazy to rest of the country!! One nutcase and
    with Finebaum and the other Birmingham PRO cow college
    writers I am sick of reading about the trees. I hated it happened
    but life goes on. The Bama fans who gave money to help the
    oak trees Thank You and get back to something more important
    than trees!!

  115. 157
    cimson updyke hammah



  116. 160

    Dawg fan, here. That you would say AU “started this” speaks volumes about Alabama and your fans, and your entire state. You are the laughing stock of the world. When AU won the national championship, your fans snapped, and desecrated a living monument. You simply could not take it that they would be in your “club”. I remember watching the Iron Bowl a couple of years back when your team was ahead big. They flashed to the sideline reporter just in time to hear your coach in his usually explitive laced tirade saying “Don’t let up! Do you know how much I hate these fucking guys?!!?” That’s YOUR leader. This Updyke fool was merely folling his orders.

    There simply IS NO JUSTIFICATION, period. This blog is proof that this bozo DOES indeed represent a goodly amount of your fanbase and it WAS NOT an “isolated incident” and the figureheads must politically point out. Your idol-worshipping fans are insane and are an embarrassment to the SEC.

    I used to respect your “tradition” but I now know it for what it is…win at all costs, character and sanity be damned. Congratulations, you have moved to the front of the pack to win the race for the biggest bunch of a-holes on the planet.

  117. 162
    Indiana Vol

    HunkerDawg speaks what the rest of college football already knows; Bammer has the lowest class of fans in college athletics!!

  118. 163

    Indiana Vol, how many posts do you have on here???!!! Insanity is staying on a rival website???!!! You must be either retired, homeless, or a complete loser. Do you have a real, industry job?? Even Nicket, the tiny dick ewok doesn’t post nearly as much as you!

  119. 165

    And if anyone would know stupid, Indiana Vol is the expert. How many stupid posts do you reckon you make here a day, Vol? And are you ever going to debate football, or are you here just to smack talk? You are the epitome of stupid. You haven’t made one intelligent post, ever. It is ‘cheatin bammer’ this and nothing but hate filled rants and name calling. You show your jealousy and spite hiding behind Auburn.

  120. 167

    On this site, there is a lot of stupidity coming from Indiana Vol. Stop cluttering up the board with your ignorance Vol. Bama owns UT for the time being, and the only thing you can do about it is talk trash on a Bama site. You are pretty pathetic. You are about the dumbest person to post here, so it is pretty funny to see you call someone else stupid. Your IQ probably matches the number of teeth you have. Roll Tide!

  121. 168
    Indiana Vol


    How does it feel to have lost 3 games this past season to SC, LSU and Auburn?

    I’ll bet the Auburn stings a lot since they let you think Bammer was going to win, then pulled the carpet out from under the Crimson Turd!

    BTW, Auburn also won the BCS Title. It must really SUCK to be a BAMMER right now!


  122. 171

    Indiana Vol, how bout you get out of the argument about alabama & auburn. I didnt see tennessee doin too great this year so you have no room to talk. Youre the worst excuse for a fan (of any team) i have ever seen.

  123. 172
    Bama Great AU sucks

    It is great to be a roll tider…
    I thank my mom she married a bama man instead of an au skank 7 times a week and twice on sundays..

    The Greatest College Football Program in history and the Greatest College Football Coach in history


  124. 173

    Indiana Vol suffers from the same mental illness as UpDyke. Get some help dude before you kill someone over your extreme hated because it goes beyond the normal fun we have in our beloved rivalry!
    Bammers luv the hate. Bring it on. We know why Aubarns are so jealous. You only have one and can never, never catch us. it’s comedy, sheer entertainment !

  125. 174
    Bama Great AU sucks

    Barners are like dogs that have been beat too much – bama is guilty of big brother child abuse – i’m very guilty

  126. 175

    Indiana queer, how does it feel to lose 5, or was it 6 games each of the past 2 years and 4 slaughters in a row to your worst enemy? Phucking retard! Dawg $hit, don’t know which form of Dawg $hit you are. Mississippi Dawg $hit or Jawjaw Dawg Shit. In either case you can’t remember when was the last time you beat us, so just shove your opinions up your a$$! Jane, I have no doubt that your “daughter” has a ‘dick’ fetish and takes it in the mouth only after first taking it up the a$$. Wish Updyke had killed evert tree in Lee County. Nothing against the trees, but you bastards deserve it! If our SGA is stupid enough to plant a phucking memory tree on Bama’s campus in honor of Aubie, they better do inside the campus holding facility where security can protect it 24/7, cause I personally promise that is the only damn place it will survive.

  127. 176

    i am grateful for Mr. Updyke he retaliated for 50 years auburn criminality defacement bullshit and cheating. they have mocked the dead said vulgar things about good people and smeared and lied their faggot asses all over the place they are shit pure evil shit and their imbecilic cheating liek greasing the trian tracks to paying off refs to stealign the entire 2010 season from deserving teams with their paying for plays abuying off refs as clearly demonstrated against Georgia, Arkansas, and us, throw in LSU as well they blew they had no defense but non calls out the ass and game deciding calls all were given to them even in half a dozen cases overturned in the most half assed bullshti fo fashion that the smell does goes defcon 1. Updyke is man of integrity and should be honored but no the criminal criminal(intentional repition) injustice system wants to give him years for a mere msidemeanor meanwhile lastrangle james and serial murdering, raping, drug pigs at the barn go free. La strangle beat and choked his girlfriend. Attakc a perosn nothing kill a fucking tree LIFE what shit we have in this horrible country mindless moralityless goons and freaks who cant stand for someone to atack their fragile faggot egos and douse some truth. They are damn trees. TREES! like GRASS THEY ARE PLANTS. Misdemeanor crime, that in relaity was turn about fair play, sweet turn about fair play. Hooligans in europe kill each other south americans shoot at each other during soccer matches in America a Bama true fan takes vegenance on a plant for half a decade of horrific wrongs. See the imbalance the lack of perspective. its barley a news story

  128. 178
    Indiana Vol

    “4 slaughters in a row to your worst enemy?”

    Apparently, EGGHEAD has selective memory. It seems that the 2009 Vols scared the $HIT out of the Bammer Moron Nation in Tuscaloser when the refs blew 2 calls at the end of a 2-point win by the CRIMSON TURD! 2 points is a slaughter??

    You are an IDIOT!

  129. 179
    C Hammah

    bama beat tn soundly …up by 9 with 3 minutes to go and ingram running it down tn throat to go up by 16 when ingram freak fumble held up for a while and stripped

  130. 180
    Indiana Vol

    “bama beat tn soundly …up by 9”

    I should have known a Bammer Moron could not understand the concept of soundly. 9 points is NOT soundly!!

  131. 184
    Indiana Vol

    “u stupid ignorant slut up by 9 and adding another 7 to make 16 SOUNDLY”

    But that is not what actually happened, now is it?


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