Mike Slive: What a freaking joke

Mike Slive, you’re 71, and it’s time to retire. They say the mind is the first thing to go.

Thursday of this week SEC Commissioner Mike Slive made a call to University of Alabama athletics director Mal Moore about the “fax girl”, an Alabama student dressed in her Crimson Cabaret dance gear appearing briefly on a web cam. The camera, shown live on the website “Tide TV” was focused on a fax machine, where player names were posted as their letters of intent made it to the athletic complex.

A “rival” SEC school complained to Slive, and Slive acted immediately in making the call to Moore.

Mike, so we respond to a college student on a fax cam the same day, but Cam’s situation draws nothing but crickets from the SEC office.

So let me get this straight:

Not okay >>> Girl with nice legs in a short skirt on a computer screen

Okay >>> Girl with nice legs in short skirt on a football field aka a cheerleader (LSU had a full pep-rally on signing day)

Okay >>> Father pimping his son out for $180,000

Not okay >>> Being the college that told the media that player’s daddy pimped player out for $180,000

Okay >>> Being a basketball coach and lying to the NCAA

Okay >>> Being a basketball coach and getting caught lying to the NCAA

Not okay >>> Being a basketball coach and getting caught lying to the NCAA and bringing media scrutiny upon SEC for not responding

Okay >>> Being able to cash a big fat pay check and bonus for millions

Mike, you’re a fraud and a joke. It’s time to take your yellow, toothy smile and set it to the side. There’s plenty for you to do volunteering at the Synagogue. After all, that’s what people your age and mental capacity need to be doing with their time.

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