Mike Slive: What a freaking joke

Mike Slive, you’re 71, and it’s time to retire. They say the mind is the first thing to go.

Thursday of this week SEC Commissioner Mike Slive made a call to University of Alabama athletics director Mal Moore about the “fax girl”, an Alabama student dressed in her Crimson Cabaret dance gear appearing briefly on a web cam. The camera, shown live on the website “Tide TV” was focused on a fax machine, where player names were posted as their letters of intent made it to the athletic complex.

A “rival” SEC school complained to Slive, and Slive acted immediately in making the call to Moore.

Mike, so we respond to a college student on a fax cam the same day, but Cam’s situation draws nothing but crickets from the SEC office.

So let me get this straight:

Not okay >>> Girl with nice legs in a short skirt on a computer screen

Okay >>> Girl with nice legs in short skirt on a football field aka a cheerleader (LSU had a full pep-rally on signing day)

Okay >>> Father pimping his son out for $180,000

Not okay >>> Being the college that told the media that player’s daddy pimped player out for $180,000

Okay >>> Being a basketball coach and lying to the NCAA

Okay >>> Being a basketball coach and getting caught lying to the NCAA

Not okay >>> Being a basketball coach and getting caught lying to the NCAA and bringing media scrutiny upon SEC for not responding

Okay >>> Being able to cash a big fat pay check and bonus for millions

Mike, you’re a fraud and a joke. It’s time to take your yellow, toothy smile and set it to the side. There’s plenty for you to do volunteering at the Synagogue. After all, that’s what people your age and mental capacity need to be doing with their time.

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  1. 1

    He is still better than Phat Phil’s daddy Roy Kramer!!!
    Mike needs to retire or be fired for the Camgate crap
    and now this? Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RTR

  2. 2
    Indiana Vol

    Same old Bammer Morons, didn’t like Kramer for dropping the hammer when Bammer cheated, now the MORON NATION is sore at Slive for putting Bammer in it’s place again.


  3. 3

    Can’t believe you have the balls or the nerve to show your faggot face on here Volunqueer. You need to take your arse back to Tennessee or Indiana or wherever you come from and worry about your basketball and football probation. Slive has got to be the crookedest, stupidest, slimiest, yellowbelly to ever walk the face of the earth. And there are no ethics rules in the SEC or NCAA about who can send faxes or who can post updates, or about how they can dress. Phuck the stupid bastards. RTR!

  4. 4
    Indiana Vol

    Hey EGGHEAD,

    The “STUPIDIST” label is reserved for you and your Bammer Moron bretheren. You bastards can’t stand the fact Auburn beat your cheating arse and then won the BCS NC!


  5. 5

    today on Finebaum this will be the spin to help Slime(Comish of the Sec)out. There is no evidence of strippers at abieville last weekend and we got bigger fish to fry with the Fax Girl scandal!!!!

  6. 6

    Hey Vol, who is about to get spanked by the NCAA? You know who. It will be years before UT is relevant again. Now go away and let the big boys fight, and quit hiding behind Auburn, who also owns UT.

  7. 7
    Alex Hamilton

    If it’s ok for a girl to wear that get up to a Basketball game, why is it wrong for that to be worn on signing day?

    Oh, I forgot. Alabama doesn’t pay off Slive like Tigers Unlimited does. My mistake Slive, you phucking bastard.

  8. 9

    “They say the mind is the first thing to go.” If that picture offended Mr. Slime, I think something else has already gone.
    Is he a man or a mouse? Answer: rat.

  9. 10

    The Barn is hating on UA cause they had fat ass Trooper Thug sitting at their fax machine instead of some hot chick in a short skirt. Oh wait….there are no hot chicks down in Lee County. Hey Indiana Vol: are you part of the AU Fambly? Are you “all-in”? You kinda sound like one of them inbreds from Lee County.

  10. 15
    Joe Mamma

    Hey Shanie…..

    Maybe you ought to use your finely honed investigative skills and answer one question…

    How has Julio Jones been driving around in a Cadillac Escalade for the last couple of years???

    Got an answer for that, Shanie?
    Didn’t think so…

    To quote you from your enlightening tirades on Finebaum “Something stinks about that whole situation!”

  11. 16

    My favorite post on an AU board ever:

    there are 3 things that are sure in life.

    1. Death
    2. Taxes
    3. If JJ OR his mom drove a new Escalade, Auburn fans would have posted pictures the day after he signed.

    It took them exactly how long to post pictures of the the car and license plates of the Hoover HS advisor they claimed guided Josh Chapman to Bama?

  12. 17

    Hey “joemama” haven’t we already been over this with the whole bama car thing???? Didn’t you guys have some private investigator checking registrations??? Did the thought ever cross your mind that since these kids are getting a free 25k to 30k education that maybe their folks payed for these cars?!! Wait that would take you to actually string together some rational thoughts!

    Get out of here with that old ass made up stuff! If you are gonna come on here and stir something up, please have something that hasn’t been beaten down over and over!!!!

    Where is MANdy???? Did she get the boot???

  13. 19

    Guys, ya’ll just kick back and laugh at the rat eared bastards. The whole Fambuhly is falling apart at the seems in spite of the most succesful year in their history. Now they know what it feels like and what they will miss out on for the rest of their lives. The impending hammer drop has ’em running for cover like a pack of rats. They are so desperate to justify themselves and to try and ignore the future hammer stroke and losing season that’s coming up, that they are desperatly scraping up any and everything they can, even bullshite stuff that even they know never happened because everybody now knows they were the ones who invented the Escalades and Chargers and other lies to try and get Bama in trouble. By the way arseholes, my daughter and her friends were out with Julio And his friends a couple of weeks ago and there was no Escalade. RTR!

  14. 21

    Commissioner Slive: Do you know how you can clear up all this controversy about Scam Newton and whether he knew or whether he didn’t know his Dad was “selling” him to the highest bidder? Put Bobby Bowden on the Finebaum Show and let him tell you about his “recruiting experience” with Scam and Cecil. Oh wait….maybe Bobby has already told the NCAA all about it. You Mr. Commissioner are a piece of $hit and you let Scam Newton play knowing he was ineligible from the get-go. I hope when the NCAA finishes their investigation, you and Auburn both go down in flames. Bobby Lowder can rot in prison and if Pat Dye gets too close to the fire, that cheating SOB will explode with all that alcohol in him.

  15. 22

    11.13andCounting Says:
    February 4th, 2011 at 2:59 pm
    BamaGirl, you want to go out on a date ? I like your style!

    Sure…..I’m alittle hard to handle sometimes but I bet you could tame me. 🙂

  16. 26

    Is obvious that Mikey Slime has become seriously compromised. What is even more troubling is that Pauly is pained to protect his Friend. Really Now Paul. Does eating overpriced Steaks with Mikey Slime at Shula’s – give you some kind of stature with the Mountain Brook Bunch that you crave ?
    They would not pee on you if you were on fire.

  17. 27

    That’s right, I forgot about the cheerleader. Where’s The SEC outrage over a cheerleader acting like a whore in a worldwide publication? Whatever. Who gives a $hit what Slimeass says? It was not a violation of anything what-so-ever. He can take his repremand and shove it up his áss. In fact if I was Mal or Nick or Dr. Whitt that’s exactly what I would have told him to do with it. What’s more, who ever heard of refusing to reveal who filed a complaint against you? That kind of bull$hit can open a big can of worms. Is the SEC running a Nazi operation in Birmingham? Bama made this conference. We could leave and go independent like Notre Dame and phuck it in the áss. I mean at any other time I wouldn’t give a second thought to this crap. But in light of all the $hit that has gone down with other teams in the SEC just in the past year, this $hit by Slimebass is totally uncalled for and completely out of line. RTR!

  18. 28

    Do you realze how phucking stupid this is? Cheerleaders in their ultra-miniskirts reveal more when they jump around, stand on each others shoulders, do cartwheels and especially handstands. And there is nothing between the camera and that pússy but a thin piece of cloth. Hell the same for womens Tennis. And womens Gymnastics and Swimming are even worse cause you can clearly see the shape and crack of their pússies through the skin tight, paper thin material. And the stupid bastard couldn’t have said $hit about any of THEM standing beside the Fax because they are part of the athletic department. There are 2 possible a$$holes In this scenario – Awbie and the Gamechickens because of Cyrus and Clowney. It sounds more like some of Spurriers bull$hit than Awbies. I’m not sure itt would be wise for Awbie to get into a ratout contest with Bama at the moment. RTR!

  19. 29
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    I hope you freaks keep posting here and on Cyrus’s facebook page, so he can see how delusional and f’up you all are. That will secure his services to AU for sure. His brother told him to go to AU because Nicky the Spankmaster takes all the fun out of football.

    See ya Losers (L)
    NC crystal biotches

  20. 30
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    I wish you would go independent from the SEC. Nobody would miss you. Slice is the commissioner, like it or not. He probably has met Saban and that is why he knows how slimy his recruiting tactics are.

    You are a whiney loser.

  21. 31

    bamabino, I had forgotten about the MSU cheerleader. Incredible hypocrisy from Slive.

    Nicket, you continue to support your candidacy for capstonereport.com’s idiot of the year award. There have been more retarded, pathetic posts on CK’s page from desperate Auburn fans than anyone else…it’s what the nation is talking about. AU is being seen for its creepy, cult-like following.

  22. 32

    Hey ewok, IF BAMA went independent the SEC would begin a slow descent into oblivion. BAMA MADE the SEC. The rest of you 11 scrubs are just tag-alongs.

  23. 33

    Julio drives a 2001 tahoe. I’m looking at it now. Aubs continue to be morons. How about asking trevon reed where he got his iPhone?

  24. 34

    Hey Nicket the Ewok Coach Says:

    You are an idiot. Your pathetic, cult-like school has won 1 NC and even it is questionable and you think The Barn is on top. Your cult university has bankrupted Lowder and Colonial Bank, Trooper Thug Taylor recruits nothing but thugs in his image, Pat Dye is a cheater from way back and Gene Chizik is a yes boy and everyone of you hide behind the “God” thing and how you are all family. Oh yeah, let’s not leave out Malzahn….Walt Williams is his best friend now isn’t he? I have to admit though that bringing in the “bad girls club” the weekend before signing day so they could entertain (or persuade) the recruits to come to Cult U was a good move. But when these recuits realize that the “bad girls” was one and done and they are stuck in shithole USA, they will wish they had gone elsewhere. And when the interview the NCAA had with Bobby Bowden and his recruitment of Scam Newton and how it all went down comes out then you can kiss that NC trophy goodbye. LOSERS, CHEATERS, CULT FAMILY INBREDS, THUGS, ALL FAMILY; ALL IN. Bawahaaaaaaa!!!! ROLL TIDE

  25. 35

    Tsk, tsk, bammergirl. So much hate. Cheer up, though. I’m sure you’ll one day be voted the queen of your trailer park.

  26. 41

    Thank you. If you stop at the Tiger Truckstop -at Wire Road – ( The Main Auburn Rest Area ) be sure to comb the hair growing on the Toilet Seats.

  27. 43
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Hey BamaWhore,
    Speaking of the cunttown of the world try tire smell Tuscaloosa. Stay like a CUNT and shove a tampon in your mouth. If I wanted lip from you I would scrape it off my zipper.

    You are all LOSERS this year. Face it not only did we humiliate you in your Mullet Meccah, so did LSU and S Carolina who we beat like a bongo drum. Your O line is gonna need Koondanjio the faxwhore slayer cause it sucked a donkeydong last year.

    It feels great to have your manhood, Heisman, and crystal too. I guess the next thing we take is your coach, after we run his midget ass to the NFL.

  28. 44

    BamaGirl, I just gotta say that if it has come down to you using this blog to land a date, you must be one fat assed heffer. Pathetic, utterly pathetic. Maybe if you DO hook up with one of these fine fellers in here, when you kiss the both of you might have enough teeth to make a full mouth.

  29. 45

    Oooooooh we touched a nerve! And Cyrus just nut kicked ’em in the worst kind of way. I love this boy already. It’s all coming apart on the Awbies. Thank you God! Oooops, forgot He’s an Awbie. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  30. 49

    Why thank you IV. Coming from you I’ll take that as a complement. It means I have been 100% successful at pissing ya’ll off and rubbing your faces in it. Thank you very much you little syphylis infected Smokie humper. ROTFLMFAO! RTR!

  31. 51
    Indiana Vol

    Crimson Hammer (AKA CRIMSON TURD IDIOT) and EGG HEAD White are both great examples of the Bammer Moron Nation!

    Rammer-Jammer, Yeller-Hammer; GO TO HELL ALABAMMER!

  32. 53

    I can see that while I am on enemy turf here, at least I am for a team in the state of Alabama. What I dont get is people like Indiana Vol coming in here spouting off about various things. Last I checked, wasnt The Mighty Vols getting their asses handed to them by both Auburn AND Alabama the last several years?

  33. 54

    It’s alright. I woke him up and invited him back. Anything is refreshing after 4 months of reading Barnturd superteam wet dream garbage. RTR!

  34. 55

    All you idiots wished you were Slive. He makes more money than you fools will ever dream of. You are all idiots. Just curious do you you fools sit up all night waiting on the hammer to fall? Cuz I know you do it during the day cuz ou damn sure dont work. ha..

  35. 56

    No Mandyke. We all want to be like you. You are just so dang smart! We could only hope to be as knowledgeable about football and how things really are as you. What would we do without Mandyke putting us mean old cheatin bammers in our place? Thanks again Mandyke. You are awesome!

  36. 57

    I’ll guarantee he doesn’t make more money than me, not at his day job anyway. But the way he sucks dick, God only knows how much he makes under the table at night. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  37. 58

    Quit trying to make someone think your all that cuz I know better. Your a peon and always will be. Mike Slive is well known and so is my man Chiz and they both makes millions.

  38. 59

    Mandyke makes more money than all of us fat bammers put together. We could only wish we made as much money and worked out as much as Mandyke. Shes tha man!

  39. 60

    According to her she’s a hot number. Guess working the street corner pays better than it use to. Bwaa Haww Haww!I imagine that if it really matters to you, you could Google it and find out exactly how much he makes ligit. I’ll wager less than $150,000. So if he makes millons Mandingo, then that under the table dick sucking also pays more than it use to. Hell, I might even look into it for myself! NOT!!! Think I’ll stick with my 35 young Mexicana sweeties. Yeah I’m just waiting for the smartássed response to that. Got pictures but don’t think Cappy would post em. RTR!

  40. 61

    But Crimsonite, have you ever seen many Auburn girls that DIDN’T look like a dyke? I bet Mandyke thinks she is pretty hot, if you are into bulldykes. She makes her living as a truck driver or something.

  41. 63

    Crimsonshite why you here on a FREE website bragging about how much money you make driving a truck? REALLY!? Come on man. Are things so bad in your life you have to come here and brag about made up stuff? Let me see in just the short little time I have been here you have bragged about …being the baddest person on the internet…hanging out at truckstops….illegal immigrants (which im sure have been snuck in and under age) now you brag about how much money you have? Dude u are full of BS!! Havent seen this much imagination since my kids use to watch barney.

  42. 64

    I don’t know 334, you Auburn folks sure do like to imagine that you have outdone Bama and awful lot. And y’all are imagining at how good your team is gonna be after being depleted this year. And y’all are imagining that the NCAA has totally cleared Auburn of any wrongdoing, when there is still an investigation going on.

  43. 65

    Spare us the pics of your lady friends Rimsonite, dont ruin a good day for us. We all know you have the trashiest mouth on here and we also know that you are one of those truckstop toe-tappers. Now let me surf on over and read this limp piece bitching about benches on the sideline at a basketball game.

  44. 66

    Don’t know where you $hitheads got truck driver from. Other than I travel a lot, like the all you can eat menu at T/A’s Country Pride restaurants, by the way of which the original is at the phucking Bridges Barnyurd Truckstop at I-85 and Wire Road, and I offered to whip the ass of one of you faggot$ at the Montgomery T/A cause it was convienient for him. Never bragged about how much money I make you stupid puke breath. Your street corner slut insinuated that Mr. Corruption Inc, Slive makes more than any of us so we have no right to criticize him. Which in itself is dumber than a box of rocks. And I don’t brag about anything except The University of Alabama and my lovely harem of Mexican Babies which would put Hugh Hefner and Playboy to shame, and that’s a fact. Let me know if you need an escort. Some of them don’t give a $hit what kind of trash they go out with. I believe I could get them to accept even a Barnturd without throwing up. As for my filthy mouth, you syphylis infected roach turds reap what you sow, and I love to cuss cause nothing pisses you dumba$$ bloggers off faster than a barrage of well thought out profanities. RTR!

  45. 68

    Well crimsonshite if you are not a truck driver then you must REALLY love the company of the working women at truckstops. Let me say this very clearly. THERES NO WAY ANY NORMAL PERSON WHO REALLY MAKES $150,000 A YEAR WOULD NAME A TRUCKSTOP GREASY SPOON AS THEIR FAVORITE EATING PLACE. Unless they are an over paid truckdriver. I am alos beginning to wonder if you suffer the same foot in mouth disfunction that hammah has. Here follow me on this:

    “I don’t brag about anything except The University of Alabama and my lovely harem of Mexican Babies Some of them don’t give a $hit what kind of trash they go out with.” Man this is the understatement of the year. Bet the only english those nasty skanks know is “roll tide” and ” STD” . You my retarded bammer friend are a sad excuse of a human being. Either A.) Your life is so pathetic that you have to use the internet as a fantasy world , or B.) You are a truck driving asshole who takes advantage of third world women/girls. Either way you fit right in with majority of the bama fan base.

  46. 69
    5thG AU

    Bama’s been on probation more times than Auburn since Pat Dye came on the scene…so Bama has to cheat to stay competitive….

  47. 70

    bammer trash knows theyve been cheating forever and it will never stop.The longer this shite goes on and mothing is proven on AU, the more I believe no cheating happened period. We have another top class this yr. I really dont think AU would continue to cheat with a so called investigation going on. Some of this is common sense which bammer trash dont have. If nothing ever becomes of this shite there will be no room left in Bryce for you bammer idiots to go. What a bunch fools you are.

  48. 71

    Never said it is my favorite restuarant dumbass. Said I like it. Country Pride is not a greasy spoon you inbred piece of $hit. But then what would a Barnturd know of the world outside of Lee County? Guess you can’t get enough of McDonalds huh? I don’t eat at Papasitos every night fool. As for my ladies, I was joking retard. I don’t run a street corner sweat shop for desperate men. They are all my lady friends, all 18 to 30 and all gorgeous. I don’t go out with Bow Wow’s, unclean or those resembling Hogs. Which eliminates Barnturd women. And even though a few of them will gladly accept a donation after a date so that they can care for their children in a country where a female works 12 hours a day 6 days a week in a plant without safety controls and makes about $50 to $60, none of them are prostitutes. But on that subject you biggoted and totally ignorant piece of $hit, sex for money in poor country’s is neccesary for survival and nobody there gives a good Goddamn about the morals of the USA.

  49. 72

    I guess its true then, 334 is a cow-humper. Well, if I had a choice to be labeled a bammer ‘redneck’ or a delusional cow humping, Cam daddy defending redneck, then i am proud to be a bammer. Row Tahd.

  50. 73

    if it is true that mandy is a porn star then anything is possible…mandy au – u ignorant slut stupids – the longer it goes on – the worse for au

  51. 75

    The latest to come from Barntopia is that by the end of the week,Trooper in a Stupor, will be shown the door in a feeble attempt by Lowder to make him the scapegoat for the multitude of NCAA violations that Barners have committed over the past two years. We shall see.

  52. 77

    You idiots start at least one rumor a day. You dumbarses Trooper aint going anywhere. You all are dumbf…s like Ive said. And if you havent the latest NCAA article in ESPN. You best go read it. Nothing will ever become of this shite. Other schools are tired of talking about it and bammer trash are the only ones that still are. Its not gonna happen just cuz you want it too. There has to be proof, something you idiots dont understand. Ive never seen a fan base thats just playin stupid like you fools.

  53. 78

    Obviously you stupid slut as Hamma so aptly named you, you haven’t read the latest news either. This morning ESPN published a story on a press conference called by Emmrett the Prez of the NCAA who basically said he was embarrassed by what happened with Scam and was going to make sure it never happened again. He said he understood that what happened was very wrong and he was putting in place rules to stop it from happening again. Now whether or not the NCAA trys to get the egg off their faces by looking for a way to reverse the dumbáss decision they made regarding Scam or not. That is not your biggest problem. Your phucking problem is what the FBI may have accidentally uncovered while investigating Lowder. And slut, if you think anybody is tired of this case then obviously you don’t visit many blogs from around the country. Everybody is still indignant about it and it is important enough for the Prez of the NCAA to call a press conference and appologize to the entire football nation about it. It aint over!

  54. 79

    Its over dumbarse. Quit losing sleep. Your making yourself sick. The FBI aint gonna undercover in regards to AU PERIOD. Your a idiot and dumbarse to boot. I thought I told you to lose some weight. dumbarse

  55. 81

    Mandyke! No one I know is losing sleep over Auburn.I could care less if you get caught or not. I am thinking that since Auburn won the NC, it will just wake up Bama, who is already loaded, and whose players may have not been hungry enough last season after winning it all the year before. Now Auburn is motivating a dangerous team like this to want nothing more than to dominate them. Bama already has the players, the coach, now they have the motivation, especially if they are hearing and seeing the way you inbreeds have been acting. Next season can’t get here soon enough.

  56. 82

    And I thought you were told to stay off this blog before your piece of $hit Barnturd computer drops a virus on this site equal to the syphylis that has rotted your brain and your crotch. RTR!

  57. 83

    You stupid cumbucket motherphuckers, everyone of you actually think you did something last year. Every phucking one of you knows damn well that Scum the cum Newton knew EXACTLY what his dad was doing, and that damn well makes him ineligible under NCAA rules. Doesn’t make a phuck what the NCAA’s reasoning was behind allowing him to play ($$$$$$$). He knew. I know it, you know it, the NCAA knows it, Miss St knows it, everybody knows it! He played, but he was dirty and got off scott free. Yet you $hitholes just rant on, as proud as you can be of something you achieved by using a lier and cheater. You’re actually proud of it. No shame, no shame. What a bunch of worthless pieces of $hit. What a worthless piece of $hit program that is so proud of cheating to win! You people make me sick! FO!!!! RTR!

  58. 84

    awww is crimsonpimp oops i mean crimsonshite upset? Did you run out of your daily antibiotics that helps cure your crotch rot you caught from the chicas? Only a bama fan would justify prostitution !!!! This is hilarious!

  59. 87

    Buttwipe, in case you haven’t noticed, this is no longer ” One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”. That’s about as big a crock of $hit as Scum the Cum Newton not knowing what his dad was doing. But for this post the “One nation under God” part will do. God has very little, if anything to do with this nation any more. That being said, anyone who tries to judge anyone else by applying their values to them, especially when it applies to another country with an entirely different culture, is not only a phucking Biggot, but an ásshole as well. RTR!

  60. 88

    Astorylas, the time is neigh…you laugh @ Korn for blowing the lid off of the Scam Newton story. PF did not like that he didn’t expose it first. We had to get it from Kornholio. I lost it for PF after an 18 yr fan. I have to get this story from a caller? Paul has admitted one thing is that they had to get lawyers to really do a job to keep him eligible. Paul and Slive have lunch. Paul gets even more quiet. Paul has been a mentor, but doesn’t break stories now, just reponds and polishes to piss off the opposing side. Bloggers unite. Never let this story die. Get recordings and ask your govt representitives to get the Victoryland documentation where auburn paid players. Auburn decided years ago to figure out better ways to funnel monies. Korn has been telling you for years how they do it. Paul denied it, like he denied the $cam story for months until it broke nationwide. That’s when I knew I m no longer getting the info I need here. Use political correctness to funnel monies. Take a black man (untouchable), a preacher (untouchable) and let them funnel the cash bras! Chette and $cams POS daddy. 666. Burn in hell corrupt bitches. 777 straight to heaven bras. More important news…ian having some personal issues out in Dallas. He may join LT again. LT not enjoying life as a 3rd wheel on Milktoast and Brownie. He fell is a stupor busted his head bad. Sara and Jay own Chewies. Don’t give them your cash. Homeboy blessed with a hammer too. Big unit. Shiny. Frank Sanders got quit. Yes, he couldn’t complete sentences. They made fun of him, LT would get ass whipped. Didn’t happen. Slive is a crook. He covered for Fig Newton to get his conference paid. He silenced finebaum and does not blow the lid off stories. For the real scoop, see Kornholio. God Bless you all. Natas lliw ekat ruoy luos, tond timbus ot sih dnammoc. Remmah fo eht sdog

  61. 89

    “Satan will take your soul. Don’t submit to his command. Hammer of the Gods.” . How funny Prophet. You don’t have to talk in code to confuse Barnturd’s. They already think their Mama’s a hog, their daddy’s a goat and their little sister is a sex toy. LMAO! RTR!

  62. 91
    180K is Bama Chump Change

    i was told that Saban loaded up with herbicide in January….and someone saw a short little troll near those damn trees……call the FBI…

  63. 92

    Hopefully, the tree’s will survive long enough so they can celebrate their Independence Bowl win….maybe (I mean, IF they win the Independence Bowl)

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