Calloway calls Tuscaloosa home

Remember when Brent Calloway, a two-year Bama commit, de-committed and announced during the Army All-America game that he was jumping ship and going to Auburn?

Speculation was rampant that he had been fed a lie by the good reverend Cam Newton that $Cam would be back for his senior season, and Calloway got caught up in the current.

That was then; this is now.

Brent Calloway signed a letter of intent to play his college football at the University of Alabama today. The 6-3, 227 lb. outside linebacker from Russellville, AL, a Scout 4-star recruit, projects as a very physical linebacker. He was an official Auburn commit until he put ink to paper today.


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    24 points leads aren't what they use to be

    ESPN has Auburn 2nd only behind Florida State… Wow it is as if yall blew a big lead against Auburn or something =)

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    24 points leads aren't what they use to be

    For the second consecutive season Auburn’s highest ranked commitment comes from the state of Arkansas. In 2010 it was running back Michael Dyer, a key cog in the Tigers’ BCS Championship run. For the Class of 2011 it’s quarterback Kiehl Frazier (6’3/215) of Springdale, Ark. Auburn has done a magnificent job of capitalizing on its big season and carried its momentum in to January and should continue right through signing day. Since the calendar flipped to 2011, Auburn has added eight commitments to date, all but one of which a member of the Scout 300. Athletic cornerback Jonathan Rose (6’2/180) could be an early contributor on the Auburn defense next year and running backs Quan Bray (5’11/175) and Tre Mason (5’9/185) should be in the mix to help Dyer carry the load at running back. It’s been a big Signing Day for Auburn garnering decisions by 4-Star defensive backs Jermaine Whitehead (6’0/183) and Erique Florence (6’2/185) and the prize of the class, Scout’s No. 1 offensive tackle and No. 2 prospect regardless of position Cyrus Kouandjio (6’7/295). Kouandjio joins Christian Westerman (6’5/295) to give Auburn the No. 1 offensive tackle and No. 1 offensive guard in the country. Getting Kouandjio, long thought an Alabama lean, took some of the sting out of losing Brent Calloway (6’3/225) to the Tide just minutes earlier in the day.

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    24, we are still 2 top 5 recruiting classes ahead of Auburn. You still have 18 starters to replace. Chizik is still only two games above the .500 mark. The day isn’t done yet, and if Bama lands Clowney, your ranking will be short-lived. But Bama has recruited its needs very well. Even if they don’t sign anyone else, this is a very good class. Congratulations to Auburn for recruiting well. But your mistake is acting like Bama hasn’t done an outstanding job of recruiting 4 years straight. I understand you are not used to being in this spot. How long do you maintain it? Time will tell. Bama has proven over the past three years that they will be in the mix for the near future. Will Auburn?

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    Losing Cyrus was bad, but I hope the kid the best. No doubt in my mind he will be a superstar.

    As far as rankings, I’ve only looked at the Rivals (we WERE in 1st), how are the others ranking us?

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    i think cyrus blows his life on weed and whores – hope not but that is what is looking like…..

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    Rivals #1
    Scout #8
    ESPN #3
    MaxPreps #3

    Take out Scout, since it is an outlier, and it looks like another Top 5 class boys!!!

    May get the Rivals recruiting “title” for the 3rd time in 4 years!!

    Actually, if you sign a consensus top 10 class, then you’re good. How each player ranks with stars, math formulas, etc, is kinda murky anyhow. If you are top 10 and fill your needs then what else can you do? Alabama did another awesome job in recruiting !!!

    Losing Cyrus was bad, but we may still get him later. He could transfer and not have to sit out a year. I’m sure the NCAA won’t mind 🙂 LOL!

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    Uh Oh! Hold the line..

    Per Andrew Bone…

    Developments happening right now with Cyrus Kouandjio. He has not signed with Auburn. @kristenkenney says this one is not over yet

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    This Cyrus K.thing is awesome ! They now say he said he believes he made “the wrong choice” and will reup Thursday….But with who ?

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    Alabama and Auburn both had outstanding classes this year. I think they both filled their needs very well. Bama has the luxury of already having a stacked roster, which makes it more difficult to recruit at this level, and Auburn has the ‘luxury’ of offering early playing time. Winning the NC helped some too. But you stupid Auburn fans thinking that you have somehow eclipsed Bama, you are wrong. You are trying to catch up still. The things that have been going on in Tuscaloosa for 4 years has had a lot to do with motivating Auburn to keep up. Do you not think the opposite is also true? What is happening at Auburn will motivate Bama to do well also. And that is a very good thing for both programs. The thing is, as far as recruiting and coaching, Bama is still ahead of Auburn by a couple of years. Good luck catching up! But you haven’t passed Bama yet.

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    dickson wanted to go with the coin flip….. cyrus goes with the old tried true method of the first thing that pops in my head system

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    from helenatider on BOL…
    a guy that has connections in the bama offices Looks like he will take 24-48 hours to think about it and not make a big deal afterward but I 100% expect Bama to get his LOI soon. Just what I am hearing. The family was slack-jawed when he said Auburn. He has been told so much stuff by AU about Bama and our depth chart and they have made a ton of grandiose promises to him. He was Bama right up till the end…him saying AU sent off some red flags to his family.

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    Auburn is known for being guilty for negative recruiting against Bama. They haved lived by that for years. Like Saban says, in the SEC, when a recruit commits, it makes them a target. Look at how many Bama commits the Barn went after. At least Saban tells them the truth about where they stand. Trent Richardson said he chose Bama mainly because Saban sold him on Alabama and never even talked about another school. What do you guys think Auburns main recruiting pitch is all about?

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    The Calloway situation is just sad. He’s been through hell, between the bammer death threats and his so-called “dad” trashing him in the media. Not to mention that douchebag at the bammer basketball game last weekend with the “Benedict Arnold” sign, and all the goobers calling WJOX yesterday saying “we don’t want ‘im!” after he signed. I sincerely wish him well. He deserved better, especially from his so-called “dad.” No parent who loved his son would trash him in the media like that.

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    peaches was great advised him to stay from the skank cheaters trash thugs…good advice and in the end said “i am no trashy thug”

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