Auburn using sex to lure recruits?

This is going to shock you.

Well, maybe not. The wholesome program that speaks of God like he’s on the roster could be up to no good again.

Sports by Brooks is reporting that a night club in Auburn is hosting its first EVER Celebrity Saturday on Auburn’s biggest recruiting weekend of the 2011 recruiting season.

The starlet at the center of the controversy, Natalie Nunn, played a major role in the now infamous Miami party last May that cost several players their college careers.

Says the report…

“From looking at past events at the 18-and-over venue in Auburn hosting Nunn’s appearance, the club has never previously promoted evenings featuring current television stars or celebrities of any kind, z-list or otherwise.

So an eligible female starlet from a reality show called Bad Girls Club who has reportedly dated NBA and NFL players drops into Auburn out of nowhere on the biggest recruiting weekend of the year for the Auburn football program.

What a stroke of luck.

While Nunn’s appearance in Auburn this weekend may seem like a benign coincidence, some may find it troubling that she was part of the story involving an NFL agent-sponsored Miami party last summer that ensnared North Carolina, South Carolina and Alabama football players.”

It just so happens Auburn is hosting one the top recruits in the country this weekend, Cyrus Kouandjio, not to mention top prospects Antonio Richardson, four-star defensive end LaMichael Fanning, four-star defensive lineman Gabe Wright and three-star David Reeves.

Think the boyz will be introduced to the “Chameleon” this weekend?

If so, using sex to sell a recruit isn’t new, but the unbelievable coincidence simply gives me another reason to gag every time I hear them talk about “family”.

And a digital camera outside that club could be the most valuable player in this story.

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