Alabama’s McElroy projected to make NFL roster

How is Alabama’s Greg McElroy doing at the Senior Bowl?

The New York Times has the answer: “QB Greg McElroy, Alabama: Expectations might have been too low for McElroy entering this week. His on-field intelligence to work the pocket and find open targets downfield was the best of all the quarterbacks on either roster. But he lacks the elite arm that N.F.L. teams seek from a franchise quarterback. McElroy will make a roster and he could develop into an effective starter. Right now, he looks like a backup that should develop over the long term because of his smarts, aggressive downfield mentality and efficiency.”

Much more information on players at the Senior Bowl at the above link.


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    Prediction: GMac makes an NFL roster and has a steady, thriving career. Cam makes an NFL roster and 1)is hurt in his first season and never sees the field again, or 2) continues to fall on the roster to 3rd or 4th string until he’s either forced to quit or goes to the Canadian league.

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    That’s the only thing about McElroy I didn’t like – no zip on the ball – if he could bulk up – as long as he’s protected like any other pocket passer – he could learn and perform the most complex offensive schemes on the planet in the NFL.

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