AU gets another black-eye on their “big day”

On the biggest orgasmic day in Auburn football’s limited history, the $Cam Newton story just won’t go away.

As a reported 78,000 (possibly counted by UAB officials) filed into Jordan-Hare for the worship service honoring Auburn’s temporary national championship*,’s Gene Wojciechowski released a column simply entitled:

“The Cam Newton affair still stinks

The unresolved issues are a dark cloud over Auburn, Mississippi State and the SEC”

Folks, we are nearly two weeks removed from one of the most boring, and poorly watched (not to mention relegated to cable in favor of ABC’s showing of “The Bachelor”) title games in history, and still new disgust is being penned.

Just a few excerpts, but by all means, please read it all here:

“Cam Newton is no longer on the Auburn campus, but the stench from his father Cecil’s pay-for-play scheme and bungled cover-up still hovers over college football likes gases over a landfill.”

“Auburn has its crystal football and its BCS championship. But was it more concerned about protecting Cam Newton, or protecting Newton’s eligibility in pursuit of that crystal trophy?” (Great question.)

“Of course, Auburn officials who know Cam Newton well say it’s entirely possible that he didn’t have a clue about his father’s actions. He’s a 10-year-old in a man’s body. He’s Tom Hanks in “Big,” an innocent. He’d rather play with other kids than deal with adults. That’s what they say, at least.”

This story and others like it keep surfacing from the national media…people paid to look beyond local homerism to actually report what is happening. We’re not talking about “them bammers that just won’t let it die!” And certainly not state media idiots who would miss the Kennedy assassination if they were standing on the grassy nole itself.

The nation’s heavy hitters…ESPN, the New York Times, the Sporting News, et al…will not let this story go away.

Not because they are trying to keep it alive; for you see, it already has a life of its own. And in the coming months, that life just may be some of the most entertaining grandeur Bama fans have ever witnessed.

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