AU gets another black-eye on their “big day”

On the biggest orgasmic day in Auburn football’s limited history, the $Cam Newton story just won’t go away.

As a reported 78,000 (possibly counted by UAB officials) filed into Jordan-Hare for the worship service honoring Auburn’s temporary national championship*,’s Gene Wojciechowski released a column simply entitled:

“The Cam Newton affair still stinks

The unresolved issues are a dark cloud over Auburn, Mississippi State and the SEC”

Folks, we are nearly two weeks removed from one of the most boring, and poorly watched (not to mention relegated to cable in favor of ABC’s showing of “The Bachelor”) title games in history, and still new disgust is being penned.

Just a few excerpts, but by all means, please read it all here:

“Cam Newton is no longer on the Auburn campus, but the stench from his father Cecil’s pay-for-play scheme and bungled cover-up still hovers over college football likes gases over a landfill.”

“Auburn has its crystal football and its BCS championship. But was it more concerned about protecting Cam Newton, or protecting Newton’s eligibility in pursuit of that crystal trophy?” (Great question.)

“Of course, Auburn officials who know Cam Newton well say it’s entirely possible that he didn’t have a clue about his father’s actions. He’s a 10-year-old in a man’s body. He’s Tom Hanks in “Big,” an innocent. He’d rather play with other kids than deal with adults. That’s what they say, at least.”

This story and others like it keep surfacing from the national media…people paid to look beyond local homerism to actually report what is happening. We’re not talking about “them bammers that just won’t let it die!” And certainly not state media idiots who would miss the Kennedy assassination if they were standing on the grassy nole itself.

The nation’s heavy hitters…ESPN, the New York Times, the Sporting News, et al…will not let this story go away.

Not because they are trying to keep it alive; for you see, it already has a life of its own. And in the coming months, that life just may be some of the most entertaining grandeur Bama fans have ever witnessed.

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  1. 5

    Wishiknew….You are slipping! You cant come up with any new lies? Are times getting so bad in tuscalooser that you have to dig up old crap that you twisted and lied about? Man I hope the people that run this site dont pay you for this. I mean I can appreciate you being the rumor whore you are , But atleast create something new sometimes. Your “ABC / Ratings” BS has already been shown to be 100% made up by YOU and still is BS. That might be the reason why there less the 10 bama fans that EVER reply to your crap. Just how many bammers come to this site anyways? Would LOVE to know how “popular” this site is. Couldnt be too damn popular considering you turds are still pimping the 2009 NC gear on here begging for every last penny you can get. Dont quit your day job wishiknew, Because this one may not be around long.

  2. 6

    Hmmmmm. “he likes to play with kids.” Sounds like he has whole lot of Michael Jackson in him.That Wojo article is great.It sent Boog nation into Barnergeddon meltdown.

  3. 8

    Please BB back up your statement with some links showing where ANY Auburn site is in “meltdown” over this story. Im sure people such as yourself and wishiknew wouldnt speculate about anything would you?

  4. 9

    He actually publishes this ffor barners since they are the ones always here reading and posting. Makes one think they are trying to find out what is really going on since they will never find out fr the family.

  5. 10

    Do all 16 of you bammer posters live in the same trailer park or do yall just use the same computer at the truck stop? Im being nice with the “16” Im not factoring in that people like “hammah” go by 3,4,10 diff names so to be honest may only be 3 or 4 bammers here. Truly sad. The poor guy cant ever “break” a story . He has to depend on other web sites and news sources to breast feed him info. Then it takes his lazy ass 2 – 3 days to even post that. No wonder there no real fan base to this site. Be honest when was the last time he “knew” anything factual? Not speculation , rumor, or 3 days after the fact? Dont lose hope wishiknew, jiffy lube is always hiring. ROFLMFAO

  6. 12

    That’s soooooooooome kinda’ fantasy world they live in over in Barntopia.History proves when brazen arrogance reaches puke gut stage, the wheat is separated from the chaffe.Barnergeddon will burn down the Plains.

  7. 13

    He’s not making it up you sow humper. It’s a legit news artical from ESPN. You inbred cocksuckers just wish he had made it up. And for the record we don’t give a shite about your National Championship* because it’s tainted. Always will be tainted even if you don’t get convicted of anything. Actually we’ll have more fun over the years dissing your arses over a tainted NC* than we would have had if we had won the thing ourselves. So suffer you stupid bastards and wait for the Hammer to fall, or not, doesn’t make any difference now cause in the eyes of the nation your NC* will always be bullshite and faux. As for National Championship gear, last year before the BCSNCG there was no Bama stuff left in the stores. A week after the game there was no NC stuff left. But this year every
    dept. store, conv. store or truckstop I’ve been in is still loaded with Barnturd shite. Nobody wants it. Blue and Orange sucks anyway. Don’t think so??? Then paint your car or house those phucking colors and think again. RTR!

  8. 14

    Well dipshit, since we’re #1 in the conference and have won 7 of the last 8 and beat Kentucky – and you are ‘O’fer in the conference and have lost at least your last 5; then I guess that means your team has shite for talent AND shite for a coach! RTR!

  9. 15

    Typical of “Crapstone” of late: old news, times 10 to the 10th power.

    As a self proclaimed unlicensed, non-practicing physician without a license but owning a degree in agriculture from your beloved cow college, I have a prescription for you that will prevent “Cam-Stench” from ever bothering you again.

    Take four (4) railroad spikes, put them in the oven @ 500 degrees for 30 minutes. Cram two (2) of them up you nose. Then take the other two (2) spikes, and cram them in your ears.

    Leave these in for 3 days, and I guarantee you will not suffer from Auburn-opopbia ever again.

    Yours Truly, Pseudo-Doctor Ed

  10. 17

    Big Ed, I’m sure that was a stab at humor, but that may have been the dumbest collection of words and sentences I’ve ever read.

    You sir, are stupid.

  11. 20

    It’s amazing that you guys continue to post “articles” that attempt to diminish AU’s NC, given you guys “don’t care” about it. Keep them coming! Everytime you guys post a new article, it validates my sense that your precious little egos are quivering in despair. Your own seething hatred must be driving you absolutely mad.

  12. 21




  13. 23

    334 Go ahead and be an inbred cow humper dumber than a box of rocks. Every time you answer it validates my sense that your precious litte pea-brain is incapable of understanding the English language or that you have Syphylis of the brain. We don’t need to diminish your NC*. You phucking morons did that all by yourself. There may be a few fans around who had brain farts over your NC*, but the real Bama fans who are ‘continuously’ discussing your diminished NC*, are doing so for the following reasons: 1. To rub salt into your wounds. 2. To make fun of you “All In” tards who fail to acknowlege what the other 369,000,000 people in this country are pretty damn sure of. 3. Just for the utter joy of knowing it pisses you off. 4. Because it is current, hot news which the whole country is interested in and we are at the begining of the booring season, (Thanks for the adrenalin rush morons). On another subject simply because I know the Barnturds will bring it up. We acknowlege your 78,000 attendance for the NC* party at Jordan ‘Hair’ Stadium, and salute you for it. I mean why in the hell wouldn’t every inbred goat phucker in Lee County go to a celebration for something that has never happened in his lifetime and will never happen again in his lifetime either. We on the other hand are accustomized to these things as everyone who is in attendance at The University of Alabama at this moment has already seen had it happen twice in just their young lifetimes. I personnally have seen it happen 8 times, seen it should have happen 2 more times and seen us play for it and fall short 5 other times. After awhile it gets to be old hat and we have better things to do than travel across State to spend half a day in January freezing on a cold seat. Too bad you Barnturds will never get to that point so you can understand. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  14. 24

    Wish you would have left my comment earlier, Crimsonite. “Bammerssuck” told you what you didn’t want to hear. That Alabamas NC* is tainted as well, as the University of Alabama was on and still is on probation. You Bammers can’t stand that Auburn is #1 right now, regardless of if Auburn is guilty or not. That makes me and the rest of the “cow college inbred goat phuckers” happy, and that is all that matters. War Eagle 28-27 State Champs, SEC Champs, BCS NATIONAL CHAMPS
    Auburn is here and will stay. Saint Nick couldn’t keep us “barn turds” away. Hmm, look who is going to finsh with another top 5 recruiting class. Love you Bammers.

    The Auburn Family

  15. 26

    Man, did I ever touch a nerve. LOL! 😀

    Of course, it doesn’t seem to bother you at all… you seem perfectly at ease. LOL!!

    Crimsonshite, my friend, you couldn’t be more transparent. Auburn’s championship is eating away at you. Let’s be honest, there’s only a handful of AU fans that visit this site, so clearly you aren’t posting all these articles for our benefit to “rub salt in our wounds” or “make fun of us”. If so, that’s a lot of work to do for so few people.

    By the way, your last post was directed at the wrong person. Either you need to check your prescription or pay a bit better attention to what you read. And Hammah, or whatever ridiculous name you are calling yourself today, you make absolutely no sense. Your posts have regressed from loose ramblings, to off the wall tangential thoughts, to complete nonsensical dribble. I sure hope someone is around that can check your mental status.

  16. 27


    The fact that they are currently on probation (and have been 17 out of the last 20 years) is lost on them. They have already justified in their hypocritical minds why their recent cheating ways are ok. It’s almost like they misread the Bible to say, “Let he who has sinned a lot, and is currently serving punishment for sinning, cast the first stone”.

  17. 28

    Crimsonite is right – the Awbuhn NC will forever be tainted – and that’s a fact you barner’s just … can’t … accept. Sure it’s a “win” for you guys – but the rest of the world views it differently. Even after it’s vacated later on – you pukes will continue to press the issue of, “we won it fair and square”. Remember, the money was just too good not to join Mullen & Co. – hell, even Mullen stated the recruitment of $Cam will “be for the book” long after he’s retired – you know, he doesn’t want to get booted from the beat conference in th nation – heaven forbids if you get on Slive’s “bad side”.

    The whole Awbuhn NC “win” reeks of excrement laden false hopes of forever being stamped in the history books. As much as Slive & the NZAA tucked their own tails in to sweep this under the rug both for the SEC & the BCS rumps, the truth will be an iron spike in the back of the heads of the barner fa(gz)ithful.

    Rot in hell cheater$!!!

  18. 29

    Shout out to the 2 DECENT Alabama fans here. If I was you I would either A.) Find a LEGIT site that talks about Alabama or B.) Sue them over false advertising. read the top of the page under Cap stone report. ” News and commentary about Alabama athletics”. Maybe wishiknew didnt get that memo. Roflmfao SCORE BOARD!!!

  19. 30

    Oh – what would be a blog without arguing 365/24/7 with most hated rivalry in the USA? If you don’t like this site – why continue to come here? Otherwise thnks for the web hit – you just purchased ITK’s and Cappy’s lunch tomorrow – lmao!

  20. 31

    Wrong. The post started for 334 but adressed all of you inbred tards. Wrong again. We are on probation for a few textbooks for which every player involved served his time and was cleared and for that matter if we hadn’t still been on probation from Means which would have been over before the NC, we wouldn’t be on probation now as it was extended only because it happened while we were still on probation. And unlike you, if you ask the other 369,000,000 people in this country besides the Barnturds, not a one of them deny our championship, not even undefeated Boise St fans. In fact there are several major authorities (and I’m not talking about just individuals) who are calling ’09 Bama the greatest NC of all time. As for you shiteheads on this board; because I don’t have to personally do a lot of work anymore, I have plenty of time to answer you bastards. And there are 4 or 5 of you that are so full of shite and irritating on this board that I make it a point to phuck with you just for payback. Doesn’t have to be 100 Barnturd posters here. Just one of you shitflys is enough to infect a whole web site. RTR!

  21. 32
    24 points leads aren't what they use to be

    You know what the best part about all this is? If the Alabama coaching staff weren’t the worlds best choke artist then we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. Maybe Alabama fans should be more concerned with why they got butt raped by Steven Garcia against South Carolina, or how Les Miles out coached Nick Saban then worrying about Auburn’s national title. I know that even mentioning the date November 26th, 2010 is a sin in most Alabama households, but seriously on national TV we embarrassed Alabama. To be able to mock that stupid Rammer Jammer cheer yall are so proud of on national TV made it even sweeter. So please I want yall to constantly take up space on Alabama blogs talking about Auburn instead of pointing out the flaws the whole country saw. Just remember no matter how many times yall bitch, moan, cry, or write Auburn is and will remain 2010 BCS national champions. The best part about it is yall were a 24 to 0 lead and a fumbled ball away from keeping it all from happening =)
    War Eagle

  22. 33
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Doing less with more. Top 5 recruiting and taking Calloway like a thief in the nite. Next is Kouindajo or whatever his name is. After he sees how Spanky is treating little brother he is gonna commit with no qualms. Your team has now been Luper and Trooperized. Recruits are running for family not a midget cussing at them. Losers with a capital L.

  23. 34
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    We are gonna take another BCS NC soon, get used to it little red headed step brother.

    We are gonna run Spanky out of the state to the NFL.

  24. 35

    How’s those two great recruiting classes working out for you? You have one experienced player returning from last years #5 class – Dyer, who wouldn’t have done shite with the opposing defenses keying on Scam the entire game. Your 2 best players from last years class were JC transfers who jumped ship for the NFL. Now you have no staters left and nobody with experience. So just how do you plan on winning another NC*? By the time your freshmen and your new signing class are seniors who can lead it will be 2013 and 2014. You think Awbie might be able to have another winning season by then? Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  25. 36

    no u stupid ignorantlying slut – get ur stupid azz head out ur azz = au is going on a death penalty lite probation…u know it – god could not create something so stupid….

  26. 37
    24 points leads aren't what they use to be

    Pearl Harbor you spell your Y O U R not ur. Now that I got that spelling session out of the way lets talk football.I have to say the recruiting class work out great considering I just attended a National Championship celebration while Alabama fans where getting ready to watch a basketball game.South Carolina? Really? I mean come on man Stephen Garcia might be one of the worst quarterbacks ever to play in the SEC and he butt raped Alabama. Jordan Jefferson couldn’t complete a pass all season UNTIL he played Alabama. Nick Saban made Les Miles look like a freaking genius. I mean all the talent in the world couldn’t have kept your coaching staff from choking away a 24 point lead at home. i mean you better hope we get the death penalty so maybe embarrassing things like that will never happen again. I’m curious where you in Bryant Denny when Auburn fans were mocking that stupid Rammer Jammer cheer? God I bet that was so embarrassing.

  27. 38

    not trying to spell anything – trying internet shorthand – u have my permission to do so as well

  28. 39

    au cheated to get that tainted title – everybody knows it will be stripped – yes it is shameful to lose to au

  29. 40

    correct we r both in waiting mode – u r hoping the nukes do not come – we know they will….time will tell

  30. 41

    au did not have undefeated seasons in 57 93 they were banned from bowls so they get incomplete and the games were never made up so failure.

    au pizzyanty probation did not keep them from completing the 09 season to perfection

    everybody knows this – god can’t create anything that would be that stupid

  31. 42
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Crystal biotch. Oh yeah Crimsonturd, we haven’t unleashed shit yet. CJ Uzomah is 6’6 230 and 17. Still growing and about to gnaw off somebody’s leg to play. Just keep believing your own retarded banter. We will whip your ass next year, bank on it.

  32. 43
    24 points leads aren't what they use to be

    Do you even know what has to happen for a team to get the death penalty? A team has to be found guilty of a violation within 5 years of a previous violation. That is why it is called a repeat violator rule.By the way 2,350 men died on December 7th 1941 so to compare a football team/game to that is kind of over the top. (COUGH COUGH Nick Saban after losing to UL Monroe) But seriously a tainted title? Get over yourself man and face facts. No matter how much you and everybody in Tuscaloser wants this whole stripping of the title thing to happen it wont. You can cry and whine all night but nothing will change. Yall still blew a 24 to 0 embarrassing game on November 26th. Yall still lost to SEC powerhouse South Carolina Bahahahahahaha. Yall still lost to a team that cant complete a pass(LSU)I mean yall were preseason number one this year and lost three games! But hey I understand how you Alabama fans think yall weren’t good enough to beat us on the field (after being spotted 24 points)so yall want to try to find some other miracle to make yourself feel a little bit better. Face it (guy that compares one of America’s worst tragedies in our 235 year history to football) the nuke has already hit Tuscaloser 5 times this year. 3 times for three losses 2 more times after this happened
    Auburn 2010 SEC Champions
    Auburn 2011 Fiesta Bowl National Champions

  33. 44
    Dylan Williams

    This article is pathetic. You Bammers just can’t get over the fact that Bear Bryant is dead, and there is a new big brother in the state. A 7-2 record in the Iron Bowl the past 9 years and a 7-1 record at Bryant-Denny-Tuberville-Chizik proves that. Time to put away the jealousy and actually start writing about things that are relevant and have to do with Alabama athletics. And oh yeah, War Damn Eagle National Champions!!!

  34. 45

    Bear who? We have a coach named Nick Saban, Dylan. And Auburn is still the little sister. Auburn may have made up some ground in recent years, but it isn’t enough to overtake Bama just yet. You will need to repeat this past season about 10 more times just to catch up. But I admire your ‘bravery’ coming here on a Bama site and trying to put us in our place. Nice try, but even if you are an Auburn fan, YOU are still a loser. Roll Tide, little sister!

  35. 46

    The 24 point come from behind victory was no doubt impressive. It ranks up there with the year of the “Punt Bama Punt” game.

    And like that year, I’m sure the Auburn fans will be bragging about that magical victory for a decade…..till they manage to beat Alabama again.

    Bama fans may not admit it, but we are anticipating another 10 year run on the Aubies, starting this year.

    Plus, all the little rants on this site is starting to become white noise. But if it helps the Aubies get things off their chest, then by all means, type away !!!

    Alabama 2009 National Champions
    Auburn 2010 National Champions*

  36. 47

    BTW, I understand you feelings Dylan. If I was an Auburn fan, I would want to remember the Bryant years either…

    You’ll end up feeling the same about Saban.

  37. 49

    BARNERGEDDON is nigh Barntards! LMAO@ you retards on a Bama blog at 3:00am and at daybreak.You go to sleep consumed and wake up consumed.Better sell your AU gear and autographed memorabilia now.It won’t be worth an Auburn 2004 NC ring on E-Bay before the year ends.BARNERGEDDON will be very UGLY.Uglier than Mandyke even.

  38. 50

    Right now, Barners everywhere are wanting to remember 2010 as THE year they turned the Tide, so to speak. In their mind, going 14-0, winning the NC and having a Heisman trophy winner is BETTER than going 14-0 and having a Heisman trophy winner. Even though Bama did not have near the controversies and speculation that was brought on by Auburn this past season. Across the nation, the average college football experts and voters not only thought Bama deserved the NC, but thought they may be strong enough to contend for it again, and most voted Bama preseason number 1 for this past season. And it may have been unrealistic for us Bama fans to think they would go through another season undeafeated, after two years in a row, but we hoped it could continue. Then here comes Auburn, lead by two 1 year players, Cam and Farley, who come back time after time, and made it count in the fourth quarter. One player was found to be shopped around for money, and the other played very well, but was willing to take cheap shots on a regular basis that it overshadowed his reputation for being a dominant player. Neither player will be back, along with 16 other starters. No one is giving Auburn another thought as being a top tier program for next season.

    My point is there are two very different programs I am talking about. Both achieved the same heights in success, in back to back years. One program has gained respect the right way, the other has won at all costs, and hurt its reputation. If I had to choose a way for my team to win it all, and the choices were Bama’s season 2009, and Auburns season 2010, it is obvious what most sane people would choose. SO you Auburn fans that think you somehow have turned the corner and have knocked Bama out of the game, think again. Not only have you motivated this Bama program to take you seriously, the manner in which you have done this will ensure you will be thought of as thugs, and everyone in the SEC will be against you. You won’t find success easy anymore. The target is on your backs. And your team will be depleted and playing mostly unproven players next season, and the home schedule is not favorable.

    Just as the rise of Auburn this year was a surprise, the aftermath of it and the defection and graduation of your very best players will not be. Maybe in a few years you may contend again, but the cold reality is that next season, the ride is over. You are delusional if you think otherwise.

  39. 51
    24 points leads aren't what they use to be

    Oh yeah because every fan in the country loves being preseason number one and then proceeding to lose three games right? Auburn went 5-8 just three seasons ago and look where we are right now. Two top 5 recruiting classes in a row? A SEC and national title? The whole country doesn’t talk about Auburn’s so called dirty title just radio talk show host and journalist feeding on idiot bama fans who care more about Auburn football then Auburn fans do this year. You couldn’t beat us on the field so you try to make yourself feel better. 24 points wasn’t enough to beat this years Auburn team… how pathetic on yalls part

  40. 52

    It was pathetic on our part and I don’t think it will happen again. I do believe we will give the Aubs another 36 – 0 drubbing (or worse) in the pasture this year. Payback is hell….

    All you Aubs be sure to stay on this site and talk trash this next football season….if you have the guts. I have a feeling when the season starts, none of you will be around. Hell, I didn’t know any of you existed till this year !! (except BPI, I wonder if he’ll ever come back?)

  41. 53

    They wont be here 13. But when the preseason polls come out, Auburn wont be in the top ten. And it is already looking like Bama will be in the top 5. 10-3 wasn’t a bad year, sure, it isn’t what we hoped for, but still this is three 10+ wins a year for three years in a row, and the third consecutive top 10 finish. With a NC and a Heisman winner, and 2 wins against Auburn and 1 loss. Collectively, that is better than what Auburn has done the past three years, if you want to pigeon-hole facts like Auburn fans live on. And Bama is stacked with talent AND experience for next season, Auburn, not so much. Now their fanbase has these unrealistic expectations for next season. They can’t contain themselves, and they can’t observe the facts. Sure, Auburn had a great season this year. Cam was a beast for sure. So was Farley. But this season is done, and Auburn has lots of holes to fill. Winning the NC and having so many empty spots for early playing time should boost your recruiting. But if you can’t maintain that success, Auburn will be a hard sell in the long run. Saban has been consistent with his recruiting and coaching up players for the NFL. He will continue to do so. Will Auburn? Well, that is really unknown at this point, and if you Auburn people really think this is long term success, then you are speculating. If you have three years like the past three Bama has enjoyed I will give you credit. But you haven’t, and until you do, you can’t claim you have beaten Bama at anything, except for this one game this year. You won’t win them all, all of the time either. But Bama will be more consistent at what they do, while Auburn is receiving a complete overhaul for next season. I think most knowledgeable fans understand that it will be hard to replace 18 starters and some key backups, including a star defensive player and offensive player. Not Auburn fans though. Y’all are flying high on this delusion that this is going to last from now on. Man, that first loss is gonna sting you. You will be worse than Florida after Tebow this past season. You just can’t seem to want to face that reality as a remote possibility at all, and that is what is going to be fun to watch. Plus you still have to worry about the fallout from a NCAA investigation, and if it turns out to be bad, good luck with your recruiting success.

  42. 54

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Now that that’s out of the way. I’d rather be Boise St than you skanks. I’ve been around longer than almost any 3 of you goatphuckers put together and never have I seen a more worthless pack of bastards. You can’t just take your NC* and enjoy it and leave well enough alone. Any rational person knows this ultra lucky season that came out of nowhere is not magically changing you ugly ducklings into a fairy princess after 120 years of mediocraty. Hell even Miami’s run came to a screeching halt. Since induced parity came around there have been several teams who have suddenly sprung into national prominence, and every one of them has fallen back to mediocricty. The biggest of the big have weathered it all and we are all still here the biggest of the big on a regular basis. Football will never change and Awbie will never be able to count on back to back to back to back surperior success (cont)

  43. 55
    24 points leads aren't what they use to be

    Alabama is going to be sooooo good NEXT year just you barners wait and see!!!! Oh my god we have so much talent we are going to beat everybody NEXT year. NEXT year… NEXT year… NEXT year. Auburn might have won a national title but god their program is in shambles right now with a top 5 recruiting class and what not, and what might be one of the best coaching staffs in the country that is why almost ever coaching vacancy there was Auburn assistant coaches where named as candidates!!!! I mean i just feel so sorry for the direction our program is heading right now (sarcasm) I mean sure our head coach won a title his second year (it took Saban 3) but hey he sucks right? Stupid Alabama fan logic pulling things out of your ass. Go hire a coaching staff that doesn’t lose to South Carolina and then maybe we can talk, and remember a 24 point lead just is not what it use to be at Alabama.

  44. 56

    (Cont) like Bama and 10 or 12 other similar schools. There have been shooting stars before since induced parity and where are they now? Where’s Pittsburgh, and BYU and Colorado and Georgia Tech. The answer is the same place Awbie will be next year and the year after. Even Boise St, TCU and Utah with all their recent success have never won shite. The 2 exceptions were Miami and Fla St. who had 15 to 20 years of success, but where are they today and for the past 10 years. And they disappeared without being on probation too. So Awbies your mouthes are setting you up for something your arses won’t be able to handle, just like the arsehole who posted in between these two posts of mine. You are a flash in the pan and Bama is forever. Have you awakened from your wet dream only to find your tongue in your doggy’s arse yet? Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  45. 57

    24, the truth will set you free. See you next season if you have the guts. I see you didn’t mention a thing about losing 18 starters, or how that they will magically be replaced. Thats not ‘bammer logic’, hell, thats life in college football. No explanation of how its going to happen, but in your mind it just is. That is blind faith, and it is delusional. Got another Cam or Farley waiting in the wings? I doubt a freshman or one of your sophomores will do it. Where are the players 24? I have called you out on this discussion, and its ‘you bammers this and that, blah blah’ same old BS. Talk some real football, and stop the smack talk. Truth is you have no answer. Reality will hit you real soon, and you will know the hard way. Keep on being stupid and oblivious, and that first loss is gonna make you cry like the little b!tch you are.

  46. 58

    Arsehole, you’re jumping the gun on that #5 class that you want to boast about. You are #5 in only 1 service and it is so radically different from the rest of the services as to make it irrelevant. You barely break the top 10 everywhere else dumbass. RTR!

  47. 59

    u typical aubie – au did not even play in tbhe fiesta bowl game – u stupid ignorant slut – no wonder 0 nc’s in 150 yrs

  48. 60

    bama was out business due to probation – we r not probation damaged now = so apples to apples bama is 9-4 in the last 13


  49. 61
    24 points leads aren't what they use to be

    Pearl Harbor the National Championship was played at the fiesta bowl game just like Alabama’s was at the Rose bowl so fail. Anyways after a quick review of Auburn’s roster that all you Bama fans probably know better then your own teams I see a large number of players that had a huge impact on us winning a national championship that will be returning next year. T’Sharvan Bell who knocked Greg the fuck out for instance will be returning. This is just one name out of many that stick out to me as players that will make next season very fun to watch because unlike most of you Bamers I can afford to go to every game home and away so it makes the experience a lot better then on your 20 year old TVs. Now I know the thought of blowing another Iron Bowl on the plains next year is terrifying considering how embarrassing this years Iron Bowl was, but just know that I look forward to once again mocking that stupid Rammer Jammer cheer yall love so much with 80,000 other Auburn fans. I actually hope yall are preseason number one so the media can once again talk mad shit about yall when you lose 3 or 4 games next year. Btw please hire a new offensive coordinator because he blew last years Iron Bowl for yall. As for defense we all know who coaches that =) and remember my Bama friends 24 point leads are just not what they use to be so no matter how many passes your QB completes in a row, or how many times your defense gets a 3 and out never feel safe again =)

  50. 62
    24 points leads aren't what they use to be

    Btw I listed one example of Auburn talent returning if you want me to break it down a lot more then that I will =)

  51. 63
    24 points leads aren't what they use to be

    Btw crimsomite where you laughing like thsi (Bwaa Haww Haww! ) when Greg was on the ground after he just helped your team blow a 24 point lead at home and just got knocked the fuck out? Because I was =) Bwaa Haww Haww!

  52. 65

    24 where did you come from? Feel a little good about yourself, so you think you can talk trash?

    That’s okay, I’ll give you 7 months tops to talk your little trash and pat yourself on the back for being so clever. Then when reality hits when the season starts, you’ll crawl back under manure and pop your little head up every now and then.

    But you won’t be back on this site, because you are a gutless wonder. How do I know? Well….Where have you been the past two years? Not here…..

    In a nutshell….you are a P*ssy.

  53. 67

    hey dumazz – playing in glendale az did not make u the fiesta bowl champion that was ok – u played in univ of phoenix stadium – bama played in the rose bowl in the bcs title game…football is not u which is understandable

  54. 69

    yeah 24 break it down. Where is that experience at? The player you mentioned, has he ever played college ball before? You expect these young players to do what it took 4 years for this years team to build up to? I am calling your bluff, and you have no real answers. Do you not think Bama has some big players, just like Auburn? Bama has been scoring high on this recruiting thing 2 years before Auburn got anything going there. Saban and Bama will have a whole lot easier time with veteran players next season than Auburn will. That is a cold hard fact. Are you really going to dispute that? Do you even know anything about football outside of Auburn? Come on man, bring some football discussion here. You want to talk some smack, but dodge the facts. You have nothing to come back with, except beat your chest. You know this isn’t going to last into next season, not with a bunch of freshmen and sophomores. Saban has recruited at the same level over more time, and is still one of the most respected coaches in the game. Too bad you can’t acknowledge that fact like the rest of the country does. Bama is not the posterchild for what is corrupt in football like Auburn became the second time they ever even played for a national championship. Match what Bama has done the past three years. And will continue to do next year. Good luck on your rebuilding year, the one you refuse to acknowledge. Everyone knows it but you.

  55. 70

    Hey, Nostradumbass…..we have dominated you for 30 years now, Why don’t you go retroactively claim another national championship LOL

  56. 71

    It must be nice to live in ITK’s world. I’m sure you bamers actually believe this nonsense. I guess the same way you think you have a kabillion NC’s. The NC game between Oregon and Auburn was the most watched program in cable TV history.I guess if you close your eyes, click your heels and say “13” three times anything is possible. WDE !!!!

  57. 72

    More trash talk from even more AU inbreds… come on you guys, can’t you accept the truth? Talk a little football, and get over your insecurity problem with Bama always getting more attention. Even when you guys win you are still a bunch of losers. But you bring no facts, just talk smack. Thats all you Auburn losers really know how to do.

  58. 73

    there has never been a retrocative – the nation acknowledged the winner of the rose bowl – national champs per la time 1920s 1930s….bama books in early 60s…but of course a barngoat would not know cfb history with their shameful history who cam blame them bama 9-4 vs au in last 13 without probation damage including scissum fiasco

  59. 74

    au cheating plants the seeds in aubies at early age to be shoplifters at best child molesters at worst

  60. 76

    per saban – i’m staying at bama for 10 yrs and i guarantee the au program burns to the ground

  61. 77

    Yeah well it wasn’t important enough to put on network tv so everybody could see it. And if I were you I wouldn’t be too proud of being the most watched cable program, cause 98% of those watching tuned in hoping to the Barnturds get the shite beat out of them. And you other cocksucker – McElroy didn’t get hurt on a great hit like McCoy did by Darius. He was desperately grabbed by the front of his jersey and triped over another player which catapulted him on his head. It, like everything else that happened to the Barnturds in that game and all season was purely luck. Phucking tard. you and Mandyke should get together and suck each others dicks. Valuless bastards who revel in athletes getting hurt.

  62. 78
    24 points leads aren't what they use to be

    Since 2000 Auburn has accomplished: 9 winning seasons, 8-3 record vs alabama, 5-1 record in Tuscaloser, 3 SEC championship appearances 2000 2004 2010, 2 SEC championship victorys 2004 2010, 2 BCS bowl bids 2004 2010, 2 BCS bowl victories 2004 Sugar Bowl, 1 Heisman trophy winner 2010, 2 undefeated seasons 2004 2010, 1 national championship 2010, 2 coach of the year winners 2004 2010. Suck it

  63. 79

    u stupid ignorant slut – bama was out of business for 8 yrs – bama 7 sec west titles in 12 yrs au 4 in 19 ….bama 7 3 over au in 90s including scissum fiasco

  64. 82


  65. 83
    24 points leads aren't what they use to be

    Minus probation? Hell in that case add another national title to Auburn resume (1993)

  66. 84
    24 points leads aren't what they use to be

    Dude I argue with these other Alabama fans because at least they bring up real shit but Pearl Harbor you are a joke haha

  67. 87


  68. 89



  69. 91

    Gentlemen: we still have a payroll to meet. faUAd’s. You guys are losers when you are “winners”.

    Can’t wait for the eulogy.

  70. 92

    24, Auburn is losing 18 starters plus key backups, including a Heisman winner and their best defensive lineman. Even though they are recruiting well, Bama is recruiting just as well, maybe a little better. Bama in 3 seasons has finished in the top 10, with two trips to the SEC championship game, 1 SEC Championship, 1 National championship and a Heisman winner. Lost three starters on defense, but has experience and depth coming back. Lost three starters on offense, but has experienced players coming back to replace them also. Auburn is not that fortunate this season. Lets talk about the past three years, and look at the direction Bama is going, and you can talk about what your old coach did some other time. Lets talk about now, in the present and this coming season. Auburn isn’t doing bad, but they are losing an awful lot from this years championship team. Bama isn’t losing much from a 10-3 team. Bama is looking better in the long term than Auburn in most peoples opinion. What do you think about that? Don’t change the subject.

  71. 93

    Really don’t need to even argue with these tards. Just look at what the professionals say. Forcast for 2011: Bama possible undefeated season and to play in BCSNCG. Barnturds to finish 9th in SEC. As for recruiting, when you win the NC you should have a great recruiting year. Florida was a runaway #1 recruiting in ’08. Considering that you have lost the entire team and the recruits know there is immediate playing time, you should be a runnaway #1, but you aren’t. For Bama to even be close to #1 in recruiting with all the great athletes we have is really an accomplishment by our recruiting staff. Those athletes have to come here knowing they will have the battle of their lives to get any playing time for at least 2 years. That is part of the reason we weren’t #1 last year and the other part is because we were such a popular NC (unlike the Barnturds who are hated) that Saban and all of our stars were innundated with media. Saban was making movies and commercials and Ingram was making commercials and traveling back and forth to Flint for awards and highways being named after him, etc, etc etc. Even though Saban didn’t want it to affect recruiting, it did. Contrast that to the Barnturds. Where are the movies and advertisements for Cheesedick? And your stars have already left the building. It’s pretty phucking bad when nobody wants to talk to the Heisman winner because they know he’s a rat. So rant on fools. Quote all the stats you want. Spin em to make you look good. We can spin em the opposite way, and the whole country knows the truth. If you’ve been so damn good the past 10 or 15 years, then why is Alabama still looked up to as an elite team and the current power of the SEC and nobody thinks shite about the Barnturds except in the moment that they actually do something? RTR!

  72. 94

    You are right Crimsonite. Notice when you point out the obvious flaws in Barner logic, they quickly turn their heads and try to change the subject. ‘We won 6 in a row’ we done this amount of owning bammer between year x and year y. And nothing else matters but that timeframe! No mention of Bamas steady success the past three-4 years under Saban. They all panicked when Saban was hired, and they fell apart, didn’t even want Chiznik at first. But now, you won’t find an Auburn fan who would admit they hated it when they hired him. What a delusional bunch of fools.

  73. 97

    You’re #4 in beotch. You’re #8 and #9 in Rivals and ESPN/, the 2 most popular recruiting services. What? Has Dye been meeting with Are they on the Barnturd payroll too? RTR!

  74. 98

    u stupid ignorant slut – bama is anything but losers being the greatest program of all time…capstone report is king… roll bama roll what a bunch of fags

    yup – dye saw another bear in saban – bear s 19-4 stretch…dye said we better go with payola III….

  75. 99

    Blah blah blah blah. Bottom line is bama is loaded with talent. (per every recruiting site) The down fall of bama football is the fanbase, and coaching. Bama is becoming Georgia west. Not taking anything from what they did in 09, but at the same time giving credit to shula for bringing in key pieces to make that happend. Same as Tubs did for the NC this year at Auburn. I asked this question before “what was saban’s best coaching job this season?”. The man is a complete BEAST when it comes to bringing the talent in, But he is also know for choking away a game that he shouldnt as well. Look back with such losses as UAB, La Mo, Then the 24 point meltdown in the Iron Bowl. The man is too hard headed to make adjustments. I know I joke and pick at everyone of you , but facts are facts. He is one of if not the best head coach in america, But he is lost with out great assistants. I also believe the same thing about Chizik. Atleast that is what it looks like so far. Saban will continue to be in the top 5 every year just because of his work ethic alone, But aslong as he runs his coaches off or works them into the ground he will not be a NC contender every year.See this year as an example or even 04 at LSU. As far as Auburn rebuilding next year…NO DOUBT, But I can safely say Auburn will be in the top 10 in the nation in offense. Malzahn has done that every year even with new QB’s with exception of Arkansas when nutt had him handcuffed, and even then the offense was deadly. Then you bama fans keep saying the talent we are losing on defense… that a good or bad thing? Yes we lose fairly and bynes, but we have major guys that had playing time this year coming back. I am willing to bet you Auburn will have one of the best front 7 in the SEC next year, And a talented but young secondary. Even with the tough schedule I say auburn still wins atleast 9 next year, and if you want to call a 9 win season a rebuilding one look out in 2012.

  76. 100

    What? Did you take a chill pill? That was the first reasonable post you’ve made. Thoughtful insite and little delusion. Don’t exactly agree with all of it, but it’s reasonable. Saban has had a rep for chokes but they were mostly with schools inferior to what Bama can field and this year they weren’t from his coaching. All three losses were caused by breakdowns in a completely inexperienced secondary which sometimes was depleted even further by injuries to even the expeienced players. For example Menzie played the entire year on a bad wheel which was supposed to have kept him out the entire year, and then Baron was practically useless in the Iron Bowl and gave up 14 points. No coach can make freshmen play like seniors, and no freshman plays without errors. But even our inexperienced secondary showed what it can do when they are mentally ready to play in the Cap 1 bowl against one of the nations top 5 QB’s. Don’t even blame Saban for the Iron Bowl choke. No Bama or Auburn player should ever need a coach to fire them up for that game. Whatever happened besides Baron’s injury that gave up 14 stupid points, you can blame the loss on the team – not on Saban. RTR!

  77. 101

    334, your faith in Malzahn is noted. I understand why you feel that way. But Auburn is also going to be breaking in a new offensive line and a new qb. Your top rusher and passer from this past season is gone. Top 10 offense is a stretch in my opinion. But Saban blowing a game he shouldn’t? Not really. He went undefeated in the regular season 2 years straight, losing to Florida, who eventually won the NC. Then won the NC outright the next season. This past year, there were fears that the secondary, while talented, was totally inexperienced. And Bama had to deal with a lot of adversity. Robby Green will be back next season, along with an experienced group in the secondary. Bama had to deal with numerous injuries, and shuffled key players around week to week after the fourth week. I think, with the exception of the SC game, Bama done as well as could be expected under the circumstances. But a lot of inexperienced players got valuable playing time, and this is a team with 4 straight TOP 5 classes. Only replacing 3 starters on each side of the ball. Depth should not be an issue. The home schedule is favorable. Everything is looking like it is lining up for Bama to have a better than 10-3 season for next year. And as you well know, the past 5 years, winning the west in the SEC can get you to the championship game. Auburn won’t contend for the west next year, but could be the spoiler team in the end. But Bama is in great shape, Auburn, while 2 back to back good recruiting classes is a great step, replacing so many starters at so many key positions will be a difficult obstacle. They may be a great team again in the future, but this coming season will be a rebuilding one, in my opinion. The mistake I think Auburn fans are making right now is thinking this ride will continue to last, but just look at Bama, coming in this season ranked highly. It is harder to maintain that spot once you get there, and for Auburn to do it with a completely different team next year is highly unlikely. Auburn had to escape more than a few games this year when they were down, but they main players responsible for all those comebacks played one season and now they are gone. Losing Cam was big, and so was losing Farley. As a Florida fan how much they miss Tebow now.

  78. 102

    You also HAVE to take into consideration that every major game (ie: SEC game) that Bama played this past year was on one week’s prep while the opponent had 2. You cannot discount the advantage that had for opposing teams, particularly offenses. No way does USCe have the game they had with one week’s prep – same with LSU. When you have week after week of rested SEC teams as opponents, you are going to have serious injury problems and mental lapses. The SEC should have corrected that problem this past season, but, now that is has been corrected, it will be a different game with the field leveled.

  79. 103

    I don’t think many thoughtful Auburn fans believe we will win the NC aging this year. I think the apocalyptic predictions, however, lead some fans to argue more strongly about next season in response. Keep in mind that Malzahn was able to lead AU to one of it’s most prolific offensive seasons in 09 with an injured chris todd. I think the defense will actually be a bit improved due to more balance and think a 8-9 win season is likely. Remember that AU went 8-5 in just chizik and malzahn’s first year. I think they will be better than the 09 squad. A 10 win season is not likely, but possible if we get some breaks.

    With regards to bama, I think they will have a better season than auburn, but I don’t think a NC is likely. Keep in mind that the offense was inconsistent this year, and you are loosing Julio, Ingram, and McElroy. Although richardson is a great back, I can’t see the offense improving with those three gone and a new inexperienced QB. I see bama winning 10 games with it’s defense… 11 if the cards fall right.

    I think Arkansas has the best chance for the west.

  80. 104

    au is never in the conversation – super cheats win – probation

    capstone is king-roll bama roll = homozz

  81. 105

    cudos to robby green mark ingram
    dre kirkpatrick michael bowman – dedication to their craft

  82. 106

    cheezik chizik (ha ha) come october 2011 will have an asterisk as big as a starship – per espn radio guest analyst and host

  83. 107

    I think LSU and Arkansas will be the teams to beat to win the west this year also. But Bama went undefeated with McElroy his first year starting, and with Brandon Gibson, Marquise Maze and Darius Hanks, you have a lot of experience in the receivers. McCarron has been at Bama for two years and has had some experience, about as much as McElroy before he became the starter. It’s not like we are replacing a Cam Newton. The main thing is the offensive line is intact with a lot of experience there also. Bama is still stacked at running back. I wouldn’t count Bamas offense out for next season. I like Bamas chances of having a proficient offense even more than Auburns, simply because of experience and depth, which Auburn will have to build next season. The main area that will limit Auburns offense is replacing the entire offensive line. But Auburns defense gave up lots of points this year, and now that senior experience is gone there also. Not trying to sound apocalyptic, but when you lose that many people at once, odds are you are going to have some issues, shuffle people around during the year, and rebuild. Not a position you want to be in going up against teams with depth and experience. But Bama definitely has the talent there already to hang with any team in the west.

  84. 108

    I was with ya’ll until you madeArky the West Champion, especially since both Arky and LSU play at BDS. Arky’s whole offense revolved around Mallet and there is no other Mallet in the entire SEC. And everybody knows they have no running game or defense. LSU lost their RB and they have no one equal to Richardson to replace him as we took Lacy away from them. They lost Peterson who was probably more important to their secondary and special teams than Arenas was to ours. At QB Mettenberger is not ready to take over yet and returning Jefferson is more of a handicap than us starting nubie McCarron. Hell, I think MSU has as good a chance as either one of those unless something surprising happens. Truth be told and this isn’t just looking through crimson colored glasses, I think Bama has a cake walk through the West and unless somebody really steps up in the East the SECCG will be nothing but a stepping stone to the BCSNCG. As for Bama’s offense, it wasn’t inconsistent. It was better than ’09 and most of the (cont)

  85. 109

    Arkys backup QB this year looked pretty well. But LSU with a new OC may be the team in the west to beat, they have a stout defense and returning a lot of experience. But you are right, playing them at home may give us an advantage over Arkansas, but it seems Bama wins more at LSU than at home at times. But I think it is better to have the home game myself. And I agree that Bama’s offense was better in some areas than it was in 2009. It was the offensive line problems with injuries, and it hurt the run production. Passing numbers were up, rushing numbers were down, but overall we scored more points, and ended up with the 5th best defense. I think Bama improves on both sides of the ball, as long as the injury bug doesn’t hit like it did last season. Depth should be better this year also. Plus, I think this team has a certain goal this year, and I think the message is put people away in the fourth quarter and never let off the gas. I think this team will be hungry again, and hopefully will find the killer instinct the 09 team had. But that Auburn game will motivate them and you can bet Saban will use that.

  86. 110

    (Cont.) time it was practically unstoppable. The problem it was injuries to the best linemen , Ingram and Richardson both having leg injuries and having to out score 3 hot offenses when the inexperienced defense screwed up. Our biggest loss will be Julio Jones. Don’t care how much speed or how good of hands Bowman and others have. Nobody has the combination of size, speed, moves, blocking ability, hands and desire of Julio. Just his presence on the field without catching more than 2 or 3 passes won several games for us the past three years. But I have confidence in the offense we will field this year. As for Aubie, not trying to spew hate, but nobody can logically expect their offense to be more than 2/3 as good as last year. And I can’t agree that the D may be better. Maybe more talented but very inexperience and definitely not better. We are the model to measure a defense talented and inexperienced by and look where it got us. Anyway, I think it will be an interesting season and more fun for us than you.

  87. 111

    Plus remember, hopefully we will not be playing a bunch of “Bye week” babies this year like we did last year. That in itself will help us.

  88. 112

    I think we will play only four SEC teams with bye weeks this season lol. But we do have the favorable road schedule and drop SC and pick up Vandy. Easier schedule, more experience next season than last, and a renewed motivation to finish games all combine for a better than 10-3. I just hope we can stay healthy.

  89. 115

    uh hammah,pissy, or whtever you are calling yourself these days. Aub is 3rd on scout, 6th on rivals, and the only reason they are still 9th on espn is they have not updated their ranking since westerman,fulse,etc committed. Once again …dont panic. Dont let truth get in the way of another one of your fabulous posts.

  90. 116

    truth is au – brazen cheaters no one compares but smu indy in per ncaa inv

    au cheez to have asterisk as big as a starship come october

    per nation – title tainted
    per marketeer – tarnished au kid
    per saban – au program will burn to the ground

    au sucks au happens – not national slogans for nothing

  91. 117

    Hammah, I can’t argue with you because half the time I have no idea what the heck you are saying. What in the world does “not national slogans for nothing” mean? Here’s an idea: try writing a complete sentence sometime.

  92. 119


  93. 120


  94. 123

    And Auburn is still trying to catch Bama. Wahoo! It is recruting. Bama has been in the top 5 for going on four years now. Welcome to the club. So, if I use Auburn math, lets see…. 1 NC+1 Heisman + 1 top 5 recruiting class > 1 NC+1 Heisman + 4 top 5 recruiting classes. Yep that is Auburn math for ya.

  95. 124

    hammah….being the only trailer park dweller here could you please tell us how big a “starship” is? Now please factor in the amount of natural light you drank before seeing said “starship”. Plus you bring up this “starship ” alot here lately… missing the anal probing there hammah?

  96. 125

    hammah is the anti-trailer park poster …
    starship? why u asking me,that was espn radio but see the sci-fi movie of ur choice…

    not at all i might be the last registered and feared homophobe in the country

    takes skank to enable skank

    where do fall in the shoplifter to molester range?

    bama domina

  97. 126

    tes au historically and if au does not cheat historically vandy challenges au …wait 20 20 1

  98. 127

    Hammah, what in the world does “where do fall in the shoplifter to molester range?” mean??? You comments have gone from annoying and petty, to absurd and outright dribble.

  99. 128

    any human being that gives green light to lowder and dye has personal integrity problems….so any au fan that enables dye lowder to do what they do is at best a shoplifter and at worst a serial rapist

  100. 129

    Thats right hammah oops per saban (this week) Auburn should take the same approach that bama NASHUN and the REC took with logan young…..kill them. Those that live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones hammah. I mean how many teams can say they have been on probation 17 out of the last 20 years other then bama? Now go back to your “UFO Watch Club” at the trailer park and leave sports talk up to people that have atleast a little sense…you are embarrassing the other 4 Bama fans that come to this site.

  101. 130

    And hammah would you please post a link to show where someone other then you actually said anything about a “starship”. I did some research and the only person I can find is you. True it comes under 1000 diff. names but its still you. You are even on screaming like chicken little under the name “cheautsblownout” with the same BS. Man IF you have a wife and kids go spend some time with them. If you dont get out of your 1964 mobile home for a while and go see the world, or atleast outside the barbed wire fence arout your” trailer community” and hopefully you will realize theres other things in life besides being obsessed with Auburn. If you do make this discovery PLEASE take ITK with you on the next trip. Thanks.

  102. 131
    24 points leads aren't what they use to be

    (Forcast for 2011: Bama possible undefeated season and to play in BCSNCG. Barnturds to finish 9th in SEC.) Crimson like I haven’t heard that one before (cough cough preseason 2010) Baw haw haw loser

  103. 132



  104. 135
    Where is your class Alabama?

    Dear certain Alabama fans, Your program prides itself on being “classy” but all I have seen this year is far from that. I could have handled the crap yall pulled in Bryant Denny on November 26th, but poising a historical tree in the city of Auburn? On this day I am ashamed to be from this state.

  105. 138

    I guess if you try to screw with us (mess with our grass, putting a sticker/jersey on the Bryant statue), then you better be prepared for the retaliation.

    You can still throw toilet paper in a dead tree can’t you?

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