Alabama’s Saban on Curt Cignetti

Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban released this statement about Curt Cignetti’s move to Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

“Curt did an outstanding job for us and in his four years at the University of Alabama and I know he will do the same at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He has a great knowledge of the game and I know he learned much of that from his dad, Frank, who won a lot of games at IUP and is a legendary coach there. This is a great opportunity for Curt to put his own stamp on the program as a head coach. We wish the Cignetti family the best in this new role and appreciate all they did to help us be successful here at Alabama.”


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    is it just me or all of our coaches bailing? i understand the cignetti move because of his father but this crap is getting to be every week!

  2. 2
    Pistol Pete

    super overtime is getting old to some – cignetti one – bo not so much more of a mutual deal…pendry retired old simple as that

  3. 3

    Nobody is “bailing,” they’re just progressing in their careers. A great coach like Coach Saban will always staff turnover because they’ll be in demand. Better than having a stagnant staff that no one wants.

  4. 5

    It’s as simple as this:

    Cignetti is taking a head job where his dad was a legend. A step up from an assistant’s job.

    Davis took a lateral job at Texas, where the pressure isn’t as intense (Brown is a milktoast)…but good riddance. We had zero defensive line push this season. Time for new blood.

    Pendry looks 93, and retirement is/was needed, though the guy could still flat-out coach. And, he isn’t really retirement, just taking a desk job, as they say.

    I’ll refrain from finding a cliff to jump from. Turnover sometimes is good for an organization. Sometimes the fish who keep hanging around in your tank are really bacteria. Troopah!

  5. 6
    Pistol Pete

    bo to rumph = positive
    pendry to stoutland positive
    pendry can’t recruit forever
    cignetti – taylor.martin positive

  6. 7

    ROFLMFAO wishIknew says:

    “Cignetti is taking a head job where his dad was a legend. A step up from an assistant’s job.”

    Being a head coach at IUP is a step up from being an Asst at bama!? Finally we agree on something.

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