The legend of Walt Williams grows

Judge for yourself in this post from Roll Bama Roll: “Legitimacy, lawsuits, and damaged reputation be damned, though, Walt Williams is still forging ahead, and his most heavily-recruited “clients” are still somehow spurning Arkansas and ending up in Auburn. Such are seemingly the limits of litigation and bad publicity. The name may have changed, but the scam has apparently endured.”


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    This has been an issue since last year as Ark people turned AU in over this and fans contacted NCAA enforcement about the entire fiasco.

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    Looks like Auburn will be fighting cheating allegations, once again. How will the NCAA react, on two years in a row of having to look into yet another Auburn player?

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    Death Penalty BOOM? We could only hope haha. It looks like Auburn is at the forefront of one thing: Cheating in the ‘modern era’ as 47 would argue. I mean, they don’t want to count anything Bear Bryant did at Bama because it was unfair back then, according to the delusional Barn fans. And all Auburn fans have their heads stuck in the sand so deep, they can’t see it coming.

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    Has anyone ever seen so much smoke coming from a football program? I mean, if stuff like this gets into the news on a regular basis, something is bound to happen. I mean they still have to worry about the aftermath of Camgate, possibly the casino guy, now the Arkansas mess. Now that they have won the National Championship, the scrutiny will come, and they will be under the microscope a lot more. This is what they wanted, right? Some kind of recognition? It’s just not the kind they were hoping for haha! Can’t wait for the season to get here!

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    I just thought I would point out that the majority of your articles are now about Auburn… of course I’m sure that somehow means we (AU) are obsessed with UAT.

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    Uh… ok, but what did you think about the photo? I mean, gosh, you guys seem to suggest the photo of an AU commit (last year) provides proof AU bought him. Wouldn’t the same logic hold true for a current UAT commit?

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    Well, if he is associated with any shady characters and all, it will eventually come out, just like it will at Auburn. This guy isn’t even at Bama yet, so who knows? The Auburn guy in question went through a recruiting service in Arkansas that has a shady reputation and has ties to Malzahn. FACT. Come up with some FACTS to back it up, like you keep saying.

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    That picture of Marvin Shinn is fake! You can take one look at it and tell it’s fake! What kid that age wears glow in the dark shoes???

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    I don’t know what Marvin Shinn looks like. Is that even him?

    He may have got that money in a drug deal, or after an official visit to Auburn 🙂

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    Well, if 47 says so, it must be true you know. He is an Auburn fan, so we know he is just chock full of integrity, honesty, and sportsmanship.

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    I’m not claiming that pic means anything… Real, fake… I don’t know. The pic does a great job, however, of illustrating the point I have been making. The burden of proof is and should be pretty high, and given a chance it is easy to be biased (intentionally or not) against your rival. So often you guys are sure that you have proof that AU has cheated, yet you are unable to provide any evidence. Even more, you attack the character of AU fans for not automatically denouncing those accused. Here I have shown you guys a pic of one of your recruits in a compromising position. Based on the rhetoric you guys have been spewing out of your mouths, I wonder how many of you will be quick to renounce this young man.

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    That pic of Shinn made the rounds at least 2 weeks ago and was a proven photo-shop. What a lame troll attempt.

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    Hey Pistol,

    Bama is currently on probation for cheating and have been for the last 17 out of 20 years, so clearly they are cheaters. Is that not true? Doesn’t that, by your definition, define you as a “skank”? Regardless, you either missed my point or chose to ignore it because it doesn’t agree with your biased-myopic view of anything Auburn.

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    ITK, how do I attach a photo to my post? When I was on the site there were no link options that I could find, I couldn’t drag it to my post. I copied it to my computer and have it as a .JPG photo and I still can’t get in my post. I know I’m overlooking something. Believe me, ya’ll will like it if I can get it on here. Maybe I can email to you and you can post it? RTR!

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    Hey professor 47, when Shinn is under investigation by the NCAA or if his track record shows things like say, a stolen laptop thrown out the window, or another school has already turned his dad in for trying to solicit money, then I don’t really worry about it. But if things like that were happening to a Bama recruit, you can bet I would be concerned about taking him. I have felt that way before about some questionable recruits for Bama in the past, so I wouldn’t change my stance on that now.

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    Wow, talking about dancing around a question. Pistol, Brando, and Crimsonite, is Bama currently on probation for cheating, and have they not been on probation the last 17 of 20 years???

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    Yep, over the text book thing. If you want to relate that to Cams dad somehow I am sure you will try. It is okay, you guys still have the record on the paying for players thing though. Keep on trying. But you sure dodged that one. Still can’t admit the truth can you?

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    Pistol Pete

    pizzzy anty probaution on bs things like books…so what …

    we r talking about au paying players on 90k salaries worth of death penalty lite

    enjoy death row

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    You need to aim your accusations at the guilty party dumbarse. Unlike Abarn who knew what was up with Scam and did nothing until national exposure and pressure forced them too, and if it turns out he was illegally compensated and therefore probably Dyer and others also, it will be the direct doing of Abarn – the university and its administrators. We are still on probation because of the textbooks which the University had nothing to do with. It was completely the doing of some sneaky athletes. When the textbook problem was discovered it was turned in to the administration who imediately self reported it. What’s more if you compare the Bama textbook situation to all the other ones around the country, we wouldn’t have even been punished except that the NZAA was mad at us because we were still on probation from Albert Means. Now Means – that was stupid, although nothing more than was going on at the schools that ratted us out. However, once again unlike at Abarn, the Good Ol’ Boys who had some part in Means are no longer in control at Bama. Besides those two episodes, the only other probations Bama has suffered was for Antonio Langham meeting with an agent, which sure as hell wasn’t the University’s fault, and a basketball probation, and who the hell cares about basketball. So, we have 2 very minor probations with a basketball and a major probation all being unlucky enough to run consecutively and some of it concurrently. Now if you want to compare what we were punished for versus all that Abarn has been punished for through the years, and the super cluster phuck that they are being accused of at present – then knock yourself out. We don’t give a shite and you’re just making yourself look like more of a fool – if that’s possible. You bastards said you were leaving this board because you weren’t having fun anymore. Good. We don’t intend for you to have fun here. We take our football seriously 365 days a year at Alabama, unlike you bastards who can’t take it seriously because 53 out of 54 years you’re a phucking joke! RTR!

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