Cam Newton is the ‘bizarro’ Tebow?

Is this just another way of saying Cam Newton is a liar?

From the Boston Globe: “In many ways, to use a ‘Seinfeld’ reference, Newton may be the bizarro Tebow: advanced mechanics but questionable intangibles. Tebow needed extensive work on his mechanics but had flawless leadership qualities.”

ALSO: And when Newton arrives at the Scouting Combine at the end of February for his 15-minute interviews with each team, he’d better be armed with good and honest answers. “There are some red flags with him,” the scouting director said. “That whole deal with his dad and Mississippi State and saying he had no idea? Something doesn’t add up with that.”

Oh and this warning to recruits considering playing in a high school offense: Newton needs work because of the offense he’s coming from.

“The concern I have with him is the offense they ran at Auburn is extremely simple: one or two reads and his most productive pass plays were when things kind of broke down,” the first scouting director said. “You wonder how well he reads defenses. Going from his first to second to third options, you wonder how well he’s going to be able to do that at the next level.”

You can read more below. But it should give everyone pause to think. If this is the quality of person Auburn produces, and further, embraces, it speaks volumes about the Auburn family and the school.


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    It’s a conspiracy! Cam is innocent I say. Why is everyone picking on Cam? No one should question the integrity of ANY player from the great Auburn University. It must be those dirty cheatin Bammers up to their same old tricks again. When will they ever learn? I bet they think Dyar was paid for too. Auburn would NEVER do anything like that. Plus they have no proof.

    Everyone comes to Auburn to be part of the Auburn Family. And the Auburn Family is all about what is good, honest, and great integrity. That’s why Auburn fans celebrate those values by rolling trees as tribute.

    So did I leave anything out Auburn fans? This is your stance on all this, right? Did I pass the test?

  2. 3

    The Shite just keeps getting deeper and deeper and the Barnturds just keep thinking deny, deny, deny and it will all go away. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  3. 4

    There was some reference made that BPI got banned. Is that true? What the hell do you have to do to get banned on this board? He’s been on here since King Tut. Was pretty interesting the last couple of years, but have to admit about half way through this past football season he got to be real arsehole. However, I can’t imagine him doing anything worse than Mandy The $5 Street Corner Slut and you banned her on one of your posts then never did it. What’s up wid dat?

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    WOW! Another Auburn story. This is getting to be a bit silly dont you think.….you would THINK it has something to do with the university of alabama. Anyway lest get the facts out of this story that you simple minded folk seem to skip over everytime.

    “That whole deal with his dad and Mississippi State and saying he had no idea? ” Now will one of you kind bammers show me where this says AUBURN? Everyone know cecil did some very stupid things when MSU was recruiting Cam, But wheres the “proof” about Auburn? AU did as they should and declared Cam ineligible , But The NCAA QUICKLY turned around and found him ELIGIBLE. Its kind of like the means case at bama/memphis. Means was being shopped around and a certain bama booster stepped up and PAID (not offered but actually paid) Means to play football at the U of A. Means then goes on to play ball at Memphis. Now will some one also please tell me why didnt memphis have to forfeit said games after all of this? Its beacuse MEMPHIS like AUBURN didnt have anything to do with said rule breaking. But anywho enjoy the story.

  5. 6

    I think he drank too much Cammy Cam juice, and two years worth of being slapped around caused him to go over the edge. Good riddance I say. Maybe 334 and 47 will be next. But please not Mandyke. She is such a good spokesMAN(dyke) for Auburn University.

  6. 7

    And there is 334! Getting defensive about Auburn once again! Dude, they are talking about CAM, you know, the QB for AUBURN this past year. They are questioning his INTEGRITY, something you guys turn your heads really quick about. AUBURN didn’t question it, but the NFL is. Auburn declared CAM ineligible AFTER the regular season, not when the allegations and admissions from his dad were made. So quit acting like Auburn is innocent. They took a chance on a questionable player and it paid off. They had to do SOMETHING drastic after what Saban has been doing at Bama. But you keep on defending Auburn with your weak argument. Address the real issues and quit dodging. You have no integrity and you don’t care what it takes, just win at all costs. Bama has and will show you the proper way to win championships with no credibility issues.

  7. 8

    You try to act like such a good investigative reporter. Dredging up info to refute everything we say. Dumbarse, the rules have been changed to keep schools from getting away with things like that. Hell back then Means even played in several Alabama games and we didn’t have to forfeit them either. Also, Aubie defied all warnings and didn’t declare Scam ineligible until the final week of the season after they had obviously worked something out with the NCAA. It was all for show because the NAZI’s don’t work that fast – ever. And none of it will even matter if the COI finds evidence against him. The division that reinstated him is the NCAA Kindergarten Division. The COI are the Big Boys. So Adios! RTR!

  8. 9

    Crimsonite, when someone doesn’t bring anything to the table but only seeks to annoy and clutter ongoing discussion with immature rants and tired, predictable idiocy, there’s no reason for them to be here. Anti-Bama is okay here. But bring something to the table.

    334, we talk about Auburn because it is staggering what you think you’re getting away with in Lee County, and it makes us giddy to countdown to the day of destruction that you’re not even aware yet is coming.

  9. 10

    And another thing fool. Capstone Report didn’t make those statements. The fricking NFL spokesman did! CR is only reporting it. You better wake up and smell the farts dude. If the NFL feels that way you better start running for cover cause shortly the shite will fly. RTR!

  10. 11

    Look at all these haters. Bama just wished ingram wasn’t a dud this year. Cam took all the haters and craped them out down in t – town. I wonder when bama is going to fire saban after they choked on their own national championship in 2010. Bama had to hire a new coach to win a nc. Auburn had to recruit one player that made bama look like retards running around walmart. Cam newton is and always be better than any player from the goon in maroon crimson tide. I think the elephant represents a lot of alabamians big ears and overweight.

  11. 12

    The dude beat Bama in Tuscaloosa and we know Saban’s team had more overall talent than Auburn. Newton knows how to win against great competition and that carries a lot of weight.

    You guys at capstone should move on from the anti-Auburn stories. It’s futile to keep beating a dead horse. In 2010 Bama lost, Auburn won…move on. I for one am ready for the 2011 season and I’m an Auburn fan.

    You won’t see a ton of Auburn posts ripping Ingram’s parents or his draft status.

  12. 20

    334, Who is a bigger piece of shit—a father who commits a crime or a father who engages in slave tradin’?

  13. 21

    Ingrams father didn’t try to sell his sons services and try to be an agent for his son. Ingram didn’t go to three different schools in his college career. Ingram’s credibility and character has never been in question. The NFL won’t have hard questions and worries over any Saban coached player this year. Too bad Auburn can’t say that.

    And John is right, for an Auburn fan. Auburn won, Bama lost. Bama had more talent on the field, but Cam had that way of winning in the end. But he didn’t do it for Auburn. He was ‘all in’ for himself and his dad was too. Thats why there was no Auburn presence around when he declared, just like Farley and Adams. It’s all about the money.

    But I will be glad when there are less anti-Auburn stories too. But Auburn is bring this type of scrutiny on themselves by continuously associating themselves with all sorts of shady characters. McGregor is an Auburn booster, Lowder, the Arkansas pimping company, Pat Dye, and so on. As long as they continue to do so, we have the right to point it out and call it what it is. You Auburn people don’t won’t to hear it, but it is the truth.

  14. 22
    Alex Hamilton

    Actually, BPI isn’t banned. He had to sell his trailer and his 1982 Toyota Truck to get $750 dollars for his NC game ticket. He lives with his mother in rural Coosa County and can’t get Internet service.

  15. 23

    My point is bammers are attacking a young man for the actions of his father. So I was trying to be fair here. Considering this is the fairest website on the net ( I just threw up a little when I said that) the statement about Ingram’s dad shouldnt bother you.How do you know Ingram was not involved in the illegal actions that resulted in his father being put in prison? Can I not speculate just like each and everyone of you? I think someone really needs to look into his involvement. I have “sources” that say Mark Ingram will serve major time in the pen once the investigation is done.

  16. 24

    Also BB dont blame Cam or Cecil Newton for the Auburn take over of your board. This website has been this way since the begining. You turds have always talked more about Auburn then you did bama. So please stop with your attempts to spin.

  17. 25

    Mark Ingram isn’t under any investigation. Cam Newton is. And I don’t have any sources, except what is in the news, and what the NCAA is publicly saying. Man, you just can’t win this argument. Your argument is weak. You can’t take a situation like Cam was involved in, and what Dyer is involved in and try to spin it like Alabama is involved in the same thing. This is Auburns mess, it has nothing to do with Bama. We are just setting back watching and making fun of it. But you let me know when Mark Ingram is under investigation okay? Dumbass.

  18. 26

    Mark Ingrams dad got in trouble, and the trouble he has does not center around his son. Cam Newtons dads trouble IS centered around his son. Mark Ingrams dad was guilty of his crimes, and is paying the price. Cam Newtons dad admitted to shopping his son, and he was banned from access to the Auburn football program. (see how that turned out)But they are still looking into it, the NFL will question it, and this will always stick to Auburn and the Newtons. Ingrams situation is entirely different. No one wonders about his integrity at all. Cam? You know the answer to that.

  19. 27

    and 334, quit trying to compare the crap going on at Auburn to something at Bama. If it is wrong, saying ‘Bama is doing it too’ doesn’t make it right. Will you admit Cecil Newton was wrong in causing all of this? Will you admit Farley made cheap shots over and over? I mean, the truth is there, right under your nose. No speculation, but FACTS. Videos show it, Cecils own admissions show it, yet you still try to defend it. It’s hard for you to admit the truth isnt it?

  20. 28

    Bamabrando…He is reaching and grabbing on to anything he can to try and justify what Cecil did! That’s why he is bringing up Mark Ingrams father and HIS legal issues! That’s the sign of a very desperate man! Marks integrity will never come into question during his interviews with NFL teams while Cammie will have to read from apiece of paper typed out by someone at auburn to keep his story straight! What do you wanna bet he has a lawyer present when he gets questioned I mean interviewed by teams at the combine!!!!

  21. 29

    BB I already said cecil did some underhanded things when it came to MSU recruiting Cam. I just dont understand where you bammers keep trying to tie Auburn into this. Yes Nick Fairly had SEVERAL personal foul penaltys called (very dumb ones at that) , But I wouldnt trade him for any other College D line man in the country. He is the best D tackle to come out of college since Warren Sapp. Yes even better then Suh. If he played at bama you would feel the same way. Gotta love a DT with a mean streak. Now as far as a “Dyer situation” that is BS. Not going to play along with you on that one. Now for you HIVtider never ever have you seen me try to justify anything cecil newton has done anywhere on here. My complaint is this witch hunt you turds have kept going against Cam in hope that this nightmare goes away. Its not sorry . No matter how many posts you guys make about Cam, Cecil, Auburn,NCAA,FBI we are and will continue to be the 2010 BCS Champions, 2010 SEC Champs, and of course 2010 Iron Bowl Champs.

  22. 30

    A couple of posts ago you said tried to clump mark in with his father because of what his father did! Go back and read it again! I don’t know what happened but I know enough to know that it all seems a little bit suspicious! Cammie will be asked and asked over and over again by these NFL teams about it and I don’t blame them. I think a lot of teams will pass on him just because of all the off the field issues!

  23. 31

    So, it is Miss States fault for playing a questionable player? And sure, it is okay for cheap shots, it is just a ‘mean streak’? lol dude you are blind. Auburn is becoming Miami lite from the 80s and 90s. They even hired Luther Campbell to host the big party this weekend. Auburn is full of thugs and questionable recruits. You are gonna need to take some chances again next season too.

  24. 32

    Yeah, you can speculate, moron. You can also be a dumbarse speculating on bullshite you fabricate in your own Syphylis infected mind, whereas we are speculating based on the most reported cluster phuck in NCAA history! Or can’t you understand the difference? Oh, that’s right, I’m talking to a Barnturd! Sorry. RTR!

  25. 33

    hivtider the entire Mrk Ingram stuff I posted was said just too show you turds how you look with this withc hunt. I know MI didnt have anything to do with what his fater did you dumba**. Im sure you just made the rest of the bama fans here real proud!!!! BB Im not sure what part of this Cam Newton story you are missing but PLEASE try to keep up. I tell you what continue posting whatever you like about what ever alabama tinted rumor you want. When all is said and done NOTHING WILL CHANGE! 2010 BCS National Champions. As far as Luther Campbell thats been canceled but just like your idol “wishiknew” you either didnt know or decided to ignore to truth to make yourself feel better about being a bama fan. War Eagle BB…SCORE BOARD is all that matters not bammer message board rumors.

  26. 34

    No, I didn’t know it was canceled. SO Luther Campbell was cancelled because that whole situation was NCAA violations all around for those involved. And Auburn has been pushing their luck this year with the NCAA. But the facts are facts. Everyone but Auburn fans don’t feel like the questions surround Cam, his recruitment, his dads involvement add up. It’s not just Bama fans. This is the entire nation. Google it, and you will see it is coming from everywhere. But I know you don’t care about that. Hey you guys won, and that is all that really matters to you. It’s easy to look the other way, as long as you are winning. If you are willing to take a long, hard, unbiased look at things maybe you can see where everyone else is coming from. But you are defensive and trying to compare something at Bama with that, like it justifies what Auburn is doing. That’s the mentality I am talking about that makes you Auburn fans seem a bit crazy.

  27. 35

    334 I know what you were doing, I just wanted you to see how stupid it sounded that you were comparing the 2! Nice comeback calling me a da! Class class class! Defensive defensive defensive!!!!!

  28. 36

    No in this case the scoreboard doesn’t count – just ask USC. You played with illegal players. Players that shouldn’t have been on the team. Players without any one of which you not only wouldn’t have won the game, you wouldn’t have been in Glendale. The whole country hates you. When the NCAA takes away the crystal football, no one in this country will remember you won the game except YOU! It will be just like a beautiful wet dream where you’re boffing the gorgeous blonde and then you wake up and find your tongue in your mangey dogs arse. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  29. 37

    Still whining over here and wallowing around in your conspiracy theories huh? BWAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! 28-27! National Champions. Stole your thunder. 24-0 and then chooooookkkkkkkkeeeeeee city! Your little god got his arse kicked and outcoached. BWAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!

  30. 38

    This football season has been priceless. To see you little jackarses get humbled and then imply that Auburn has got that much influence with the SEC and NCAA. Priceless. bammer was the best 9-3 team in the country though. Excuse me..10-3. Better check and see if Cecil was in on the JFK assassination. HE might have been on that grassy knoll. BWAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! Cry baby cry. Eat crow you dumbos! We beat your arses and then won the SEC and the National Championship. WAR EAGLE!

  31. 39

    You all can’t stand it. That is what makes it so sweet. The bammer rednecks like you can’t stand it. Priceless. Fairley, CAM, CAM, CAM, CAM, CAM, Fairley, Fairley, Fairley, Those names are forever branded in your memories.

  32. 40

    Better get some Cammy Cam Juice to cheer your arses up. Hey, you can take heart. You won the ‘crootin’ nashunal Champeonship last year. The difference is their names were not Fairley and Newton. You all ought to try and hire Malzahn. Others have tried and he didn’t bite. That burns your arse up to.

  33. 43
    Nicket The Ewok Coach

    Whlat is your point Dave? Here we are trying to save face in all of this crap going on, and you roll in with all your bs. Until you pass to the 7th grade or better yet grad high school, you should just stay off this website. Its a mans world, not a childs. Little beotch.

  34. 44

    Nicket, you are here to save face? And you passed the 7th grade? Wow. I must rethink what I thought about you now. Hmmm… well you are still a bitter little whiny Auburn fan, and you still have a inferiority complex, little big man. So my opinion of you doesn’t change much. Roll Tide!

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