Cam Newton is the ‘bizarro’ Tebow?

Is this just another way of saying Cam Newton is a liar?

From the Boston Globe: “In many ways, to use a ‘Seinfeld’ reference, Newton may be the bizarro Tebow: advanced mechanics but questionable intangibles. Tebow needed extensive work on his mechanics but had flawless leadership qualities.”

ALSO: And when Newton arrives at the Scouting Combine at the end of February for his 15-minute interviews with each team, he’d better be armed with good and honest answers. “There are some red flags with him,” the scouting director said. “That whole deal with his dad and Mississippi State and saying he had no idea? Something doesn’t add up with that.”

Oh and this warning to recruits considering playing in a high school offense: Newton needs work because of the offense he’s coming from.

“The concern I have with him is the offense they ran at Auburn is extremely simple: one or two reads and his most productive pass plays were when things kind of broke down,” the first scouting director said. “You wonder how well he reads defenses. Going from his first to second to third options, you wonder how well he’s going to be able to do that at the next level.”

You can read more below. But it should give everyone pause to think. If this is the quality of person Auburn produces, and further, embraces, it speaks volumes about the Auburn family and the school.