Another Auburn star bolts for the NFL…in secret

The Birmingham News is reporting that Auburn junior Darvin Adams is bolting for the NFL draft. Adams was Auburn’s leading receiver the last two seasons, with 60 catches in 2009 and 52 in 2010.

The DJ Hall look-alike joins fellow Tigers Cameron Jerrell Newton and Nick Fairley in electing to forego their senior seasons to enter the draft.

However, he also becomes the third player to do so under the cover of night, without a press conference or any official on-camera, in-person word from Tiger head coach Pat…Gene Chizik.

Again, contrast this with Alabama head coach Nick Saban’s commitment to do everything in his power to enable his players to make a business decision that may be best for them, even if it impacts his own program negatively.

Alabama players make announcements of this magnitude with dignity, in full camera view and the press welcome…even invited…to ask questions.

The decisions by Auburn’s marquee players just feel, well, cheap and dirty. Is there something they are scared of?

Again, recruits take notice. One staff wants to do everything in its power to make you successful at the next level, while the other…well, you be the judge.

Could it be these rats are trying to jump from a ship that they know is sinking?

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  1. 1

    BARNERGEDDON the Movie:The Fall of Barnie Bobby.

    BARNERGEDDON NIGHTS:The Ballad of Barnie Bobby.

    RUN Barnie Bobby RUN!

    December 12, 2012:BARNERGEDDON
    Annihilates the Plains.

    ITK, that rat sure looks like “Ben” from the 70’s movies. That makes Lowder “Willard.”

  2. 2

    With Adams leaving, looks like this will set the Barn up with another run for the title.:)

    There is no way the Aubies will respond to this post. After all, they “own” Alabama and could care less what “Bammers” have to say.

    They have the best players and coaching staff, etc. And, after all, they are the current National Champions*.

    What else…oh yeah, Bammers are obsessing over Auburn because we said something about them. They don’t do that at the Barn….

  3. 3

    That would be 8 starters on offense, and 8 starters on defense that are gone. Like the article earlier, look how Bama handles the underclassmen leaving, compared to Auburn. Did Auburn not appreciate these guys that helped to win a NC? No, two of the guys were only there to collect a paycheck and move on.

    To say Auburn will have a young team next season is an understatement. Plus a tough road schedule. And a motivated and pissed off Bama team to deal with. Auburn will be lucky to win 5 games and fend off Ole Miss for the bottom of the West. Quickest first to worst team in the SEC.

  4. 5

    Lessthen13andcounting you might be right, but even if you are We have a whole year to We will continue to win on the SCore Board and let bammers have the message boards. Score Board!!!!ROFLMFAO (Wishiknew great pic of the wife by the way. Didnt know you was married to whoopie!”

  5. 6

    The Rats are always the first to jump.
    Check this Out. Looks like that damn Crystal is going to Walmart in Opelika and Monkey Town.
    Squirm Aubies Squirm.

  6. 7

    Aubfag334, you better get as much of that bragging in while you can. I understand that these things don’t happen for you guys very much, cause of that whole ‘keep Auburn’ down conspiracy thats been going on for 100 years. You really showed us.

    We both know Auburn won’t maintain this into next season, and Bama will be back in the hunt again long before Auburn makes another run.

  7. 8

    They may likely be jumping a sinking ship, only time will tell. But I can pretty much guarantee one of their motives for keeping it quite. Neither the athletes nor the coaching staff have the balls nor the answers to deal with the barage of questions and probing they would surely receive if confronted with the media. These phuckers can come on here and grouse it up with their facade of bravado, but The Lovliest Village of The Plains is a dingy color of shite brown at the moment and they don’t know whether to shite or go blind. One of our boosters may have phucked up and our administration may have reacted with less than common sense in the Albert Means mess, but we were never looking at the impending disaster that the Barnturds are if even half of what is suspected is true, and we never had to give back an SEC championship, a National championship or a Heisman trophy. One more good thing about Barnies misfortunes is that the rest of the country has forgotton to hate us and there’s little talk about oversigning at this critical time of the year. Muchisimo Gracias Barnturds! RTR!

  8. 9

    334, you keep typing “Lessthen13andcounting”…

    It’s “than” not “then”. LessTHAN13andCounting.

    Normally, I wouldn’t point out a common misstype. BUT YOU HAVE BEEN DOING IT EVERYTIME, YOU DUMB PIECE OF S**T.

    If you are going to try and put me down, at least do it right. Damn, you Aubies are stupid.

    Whore Eagle!

  9. 10

    Lessthen13andcounting yall show time and time again just how easy it is to get you simple minded bammers off track. The post is about “An Auburn Star leaving”…I have to wnder if he stayed how many of you bammers would have called him a star? Good luck Mr. Adams and you must have been a great one if the bammers are calling you a star now. Please BB and lessthen13andcounting stick to the subject and stip letting a” barner” stress you so much. LMAO SCORE BOARD!!!

  10. 11

    Notreally13andcounting and Crimsonshite,

    You guys keep insisting that you know something about AU being in trouble. I still challenge you to provide one credible piece of evidence (i.e., a reference to some article, etc.) that supports your claim. And again, copying and pasting a chat from another school’s board doesn’t count as credible (yes, that was directed to you Hannah… I mean Hammah).

  11. 12

    jealousy- :0) music to my tiger ears!

    maybe you’ll feel a little better after your cupcake opener next season…

    until then, good luck 🙂


  12. 13

    Hey AubFan334

    What I laugh about is you being on this board ALL THE TIME. Your obsession with OUR board is pathetic.

    Go back to Barnville.

  13. 17
    Pistol Pete

    au cheating only enabled by as skanky fanbase of shoplifters pedophiles losers rapists employee fraud insurance scammers



  14. 18

    great job and congrats to the University of auburn on thier banner year*
    I am sure the war eagles will repeat next year*
    And of course we all know that Auburn did not do anything whatsoever illegal, or immoral to gain thier national championship*

  15. 20


    Nice try using sarcasm to deflect attention away from the fact that you guys have no evidence of auburn doing anything wrong. Bamagirl, it must be incredibly frustrating to have someone actually challenge the garbage you guys have been saying, particularly since not one of you can produce ANY credible evidence. If you want to shut me up, provide a reference to all this crap you guys have been saying.

  16. 23

    Pistol Pete, would you please direct me to the source of you information so that I may evaluate it’s legitimacy for myself?

  17. 26


    Please tell me your source is not tiger Come on man, I’m giving you a chance to hammer me with your overwhelming evidence of auburn’s foul play. Incidentally, I’ve also read everything Evans has written, and believe me when I tell you that guy has no more evidence than you.

  18. 27
    Pistol Pete

    per miss st asst put his story on internet in july …..backed up by rogers ….keep following the sources i gave u.,..tiger droppings excellent source from a lsu fan

    and proof trumps NO COMMENT

  19. 29


    Coming from a scientist with a Ph.D, I can tell your threshold of “proof” is pretty weak. Sorry to break it to you.

  20. 30
    Pistol Pete

    the word of a miss st assistant coach the nocomments from thug trash banging white whores who do his online work and knocking up black gf is trash

    ur lack od discernment is turrible but there is hope pray for wisdom constantly so dp lite will not hit u like a ton of bricks

  21. 35

    Why do Aubbies come on this web site anyway and talk shit?? I’ve never been on one of there site’s?? Jealousy??

  22. 37

    AU47 -> “Coming from a scientist with a Ph.D”

    AU47 is a scientist with a Doctorate?

    Really? I would have never known by your posts…

    Oh wait, I guess you got it at Auburn! Or you are full of Sh*t.

    Either way, I have no “proof”, so you must be a Doctor…because you said so.

  23. 38

    47 has a doctorate in livestock husbandry, which we all know makes him an expert at Auburn football. Don’t make him have to show his cow humping card. Because he will.

    Seriously, 47, no one really cares if Auburn gets in trouble or not. The perception, across the nation, not just in Alabama, is that Auburn played an ineligible player and Fairley took too many cheap shots. You trying to defend that by saying “you got no proof” is pretty stupid. You can’t cover it up, disguise it or change it to something else. It is what it is. You backing it up and supporting it makes you look like you are okay with it, as long as Auburn wins. PhD or not, you look like an ignorant person. But since you love to come over here and troll a Bama board, you can take your ‘PhD’ and shove it. It doesn’t change the FACTS.

  24. 40

    “Seriously, 47, no one really cares if Auburn gets in trouble or not.”

    My question to this little nugget of wisdom is : Then why in the hell is EVERY bama message board, EVERY bama fan’s call into sports talk radio, and EVERY bammer website over flowing with AUBURN? If everyone of the Auburn Fans would leave and never come back to this site again it still would be dominated by AUBURN. Want to talk about sticking your head in the sand! You my little turd friend are just as jealous of the sucsess at Auburn as everyother gump who comes to this site. Not jealous because we won our 2nd NC, But jealous because bama and nick saban could have stopped this train before it got going. How could Auburn in nick saban’s 4th year be competeing for a NC!? Why is Auburn not dead yet? Why couldnt bama hold on to a 24 point lead against a “5 and 19” coach? saban has got to be the most over rated coach ever in the NCAA. The guy cracks under preasure, chokes at the first sign of resistance, and just cant coach period. He sales you gumps every year on these * rankings and of how bama will be the best team in history. Sorry to break the news to you , But a 3 loss team is no where near best team in history status. Look back at the last 3-4 years of 4 and 5 star recruits he “brought in”. How many of them truted nick saban to teach them the game of football and get them ready for the next level to only have their hearts ripped out by a “MEDICAL REDSHIRT” . Like wishiknew says “Again, recruits take notice. One staff wants to do everything in its power to make you successful at the next level, while the other lies to you and will cut your ass so he can get more 4 and 5 star victims so he will win that mythical recruiting NC., you be the judge.” Like I said you gumps keep winning the message boards NC, and the Recruiting sites NC. We just won the BCS NC. I think our trophy is a bit better then yours. SCORE BOARD!!!

  25. 43

    Uh oh bama fans !!! Sabear is about to choke up yet another lead to Auburn. You remember the recruit I told you days ago that would end up an Auburn tiger Kris Frost? He is all in bammers. Bama with 3 more commits is only 3 spots ahead of Auburn. Man if yall lose the Recruiting site NC to us also this website and its bama readers couldnt handle it!!!!This is not supposed to be going on while sabear is at bama! LMFAO! SCORE BOARD!!

  26. 44

    I see Bammer irrationality abounds. The MSU claims have been around for a long time. The NCAA investigated and decided that there was nothing to it. Have you noticed that the guy has now been gagged and won’t speak at all?

    Just keep believing all the propaganda put out on various Bammer boards by the REC. I’m sure it props up that fragile Bammer self-esteem to always try to find fault with others. The REC knows this and will continue to find something to feed to you. The REC knows that propping up that weak self-esteem is important to keep the Bammers from turning against each other every time there is a 10-3 season.

  27. 45

    Only 3 spots behind bama with a few big time recruits who will be on campus for the NC celebration this weekend. THEN to really close this year out with a bang we have another BIG CAT WEEKEND next weekend. Hope that 2 year ride was fun bammers!!! SCORE BOARD!!!

  28. 46

    47: Because it is FUN to talk down about Auburn. I like to fuel the fire when the entire NATION is hatin on you guys. I personally could care less. I can’t stand Auburn fans like you, so I don’t care if you stay pissed off or not. But I am a Bama fan, and I can’t wait for next season, because Bama sure is looking good for the future. But listening to you guys defend allegations of corruption is a pretty fun thing. After all, you guys have been mastering the art for the better part of 50 years now. But do I REALLY care? No. But you squirming around for defense of Auburn on a Bama board is pretty priceless. And we can go back and forth on this as long as you want. But you are here, I am not trolling Barn boards.

  29. 47

    2 year ride…whatever. Bama finished in the top ten 3 years in a row now, and will again next season. You had a one year ride, and losing 16 starters this year. Can you say ‘rebuilding year’? Enjoy your one hit wonder of a season. Bama will be one of the dominant teams AGAIN next season. Bama’s off year was 10-3. What will Auburns be after losing so much? It sure won’t be 10-3. Probably closer to the opposite of that. You see, everyone will be up and gunning for you next season. All the cheap shots tend to motivate people. Now YOU have the target on YOUR back. And with a fresh young team next season, no one will have any mercy or overlook you. Maybe in 2-3 years Auburn may be back in the game, but it WONT be next season. ROLL TIDE delusional boy.

  30. 48

    I wouldn’t worry much about API334, Mandy, and the rest. I’m looking into my crystal ball (one that isn’t tainted) and I foresee their absence in the near future from this site.

    It is kinda murky, but they will commit suicide after the NCAA hammers Auburn or Alabama and the rest of the SEC beats the hell out of them and they finish dead last in the SEC in 2011. Or I see it is possible it will be a combination of the two.

    Either way, as we go on, we will see less and less of API’s. They only come out when they are not embarrased by their team, which is why I haven’t even heard of 334 till this month!

  31. 49

    I wouldnt be hanging my hat on hammers falling if I were you dumbarses. You best be worried about us passing your arses in cruiting. You better step up to the plate before its to late or youll be getting your arses beat for some time. Good luck with that. Our coaches are working their arses off and yalls coaches are sitting on their big fat arse eating little debbie snacks. lol

  32. 50

    BB i was talking about 2009 and 2010 but please continue bragging about a 3 loss season. Then you say “But listening to you guys defend allegations of corruption is a pretty fun thing.” mI havent seen anyone defend anything. All I have seen is people ask for sources and facts not speculation. Ok lets try this…saban is going to quit alabama and will be the coach of west tuscaloosa high schoools soccer team after sources report he was caught in mal moores office in full drag. Now thats specualtion , but its up to you to prove its not true.That is the bammer way. This is hilarious watching you bammers search for crumbs like mice. I tell you what …no hard feelings. I invite each and everyone of you guys to come hangout with us this Saturday on the AU campus. We are having a little party that you guys might have heard about. Then to top it off we can go watch some silly bammer hand over a certain trophy that we let you guys hold for a couple of years. I mean its only fair you get it 2 out of every 9-10 years dont you think? Oh yeah almost forgot SCORE BOARD!!!

  33. 51

    Sounds like you are getting a little defensive there 334. We both know the truth. Make up all the excuses why Farley wasn’t taking cheap shots, and how Cam really had no idea what daddy was doing. Back it up as being full of honesty and integrity. And some angry Barner will be handing the trophy back next season, when you fall 2 more years behind Bama. And when Malzhan leaves after next season amid allegations of corruption, you will be starting all over again, since we know Chiz don’t know chit about offense. But take your 2 game over .500 coach who by all means lucked out and hit the jackpot this year, and we will stick with Saban who is a proven consistent winner. Like I said, 3rd year FINSHING in the top 10, in a row. Something Auburn has NEVER done. 36 wins in 3 years. Has Auburn done that? No, Bama won’t win the NC every year. But as long as Saban is there, they will be in the mix for it every year. Will Auburn? Time will tell, and neither of us can predict the future. But the odds of Auburn being there next year after a crazy amount of losses on both sides of the ball (3 starters return on each side), well even you should know that it isn’t going to happen. That first loss is going to sting you so badly. Call it a crumb or whatever. But deep inside of that pea brain of yours, you know it is the truth.

  34. 52

    And Mandyke, Auburn isn’t passing Bama in recruiting. Just wishful thinking on y’alls part. We will know in a couple of weeks. Bama will close out strong like they have every year with Saban. You can count on that like clockwork. No ‘Big Cat’ weekend or limousines needed. Now, get back to slapping your girlfriend around.

  35. 53

    Well who have yall got left to sign? We have got 8 spots left. And you know who the 8 are. If you dont Ill name em. We are only 3 spots down from yall on scout. If we land who all we intend to. I can see us climbing to number one. I mean look at the numbers. BTW the 8 left are all 4 and 5 stars. I mean duh.

  36. 54

    Just because you have the spots left don’t mean you are going to get them dumbass. Duh. You are such a stupid little Auburn fan.

  37. 55

    Look you fool..You dont know jack about whats going on at AU. Your a dumbarse..I think Bryan Mathews and jeffrey Lee knows way more than your dumbarse..So quit being a dam dumbarse

  38. 56

    Mandy, Bama has a better shot a Crowell than Auburn. Bama also has a better shot at Clowney, the number one player than Auburn. Bama just had a big weekend full of four and five star players. Going by your logic, Bama signs them all and Auburn doesn’t sign nothing but 2-3 star players. You don’t know jack about Bama, but you sure stay on a Bama board alot to be such an expert on Auburn you silly b!tch.

  39. 61

    Facts hurt, don’t they Mandyke? Shuttin up to an ignorant Auburn fan aint my thing…maybe if you know how to make me stop you can sure give it a try, haha. Step up your game if you want to play rough and talk bad. All you are doing is blowing a lot of hot air, nothing you say is very meaningful, and you sure never have your facts straight, you uneducated little b!tch.

  40. 63

    Wow, you’re a class act brando… Who in the world taught you to speak to women like that. I understand banter, but calling a woman you don’t know a “bitch” is a bit much don’t you think?

  41. 64

    Oh let this trash talk like that. Thats what bammer trash does everyone knows how they are. This idiot cant have a gf or wife and if he does they or it has to look like shit. Ive got plenty of guys friends where I live that would lay this fool out in the street. See bammer trash beats on women Its a well known fact. But I guarantee ya. His ass wouldnt come to Pcola Fla on my dam turf and talk like that. And once again I can tell brando which a gay name to begin with is a big fat ugly slob. I just know. Now shut the f…up beuz if you think girl backs down from anyone especially trash like you. Think again. You are beneath me.

  42. 66

    Way to go 47, sticking up for Mandyke like that. You are here, talking to me about class. She is what he/she is. Are you going to do anything about it? Of course not. Did it piss you guys off? Well that was the intent. Heck, you are a whiny b!tch yourself. But don’t go around and even act like you know what class is about. If either of you had any, you wouldn’t be on a Bama site talking trash.

  43. 68

    Mandyke! You sure do talk bad. But threats on the internet aint really my thing. But I am so glad I could make you and 47 mad enough to make them. I must be doing a fine job of pissing you guys off. I intended to do that. And by the way, I am in Pensacola A LOT. I have plenty of friends there myself. You are an embarrassment to the people down there. I will let you know next time I am there where I am at if you want.

  44. 72

    “Saban the most overhyped coach in college football”! Isn’t that how you put it 334??? Lmfao! You can’t really be that ignorant. Well wait a minute yeah you are, especially after reading all your posts the last few months! Since you always ask for facts I would love to see some supporting that statement! He has only won at every school he has ever coached and turned every program around! If being overrated is winning 2 national championships in the most competitive league in college football then I wanna be called overrated!!!! 43-11 in 4 years at Alabama! Last time I checked that was a little over 10 wins a year in the best conference in the nation! I’m sure you are gonna say he choked in the iron bowl, but coaches don’t play in the games they prepare their team to play! Alabama was prepared to play but didn’t finish the game out! How was that Saban choking??? Some blame has to fall on the players! They are the ones playing the game!

  45. 74

    Oh these Auburn fans are so dang funny! Saban is done, and Auburn has just taken over! How disappointed are these guys going to be next season? No one in any of the early pre-season talk even thinks Auburn will be in the top 10. Losing 18 starters is the most ANY team has ever lost following a NC. Auburn WILL be rebuilding next season. And everyone they play will be out for blood. What happens if the injury bug hits next season? I will bet Auburn is no 10-win team next season. My guess is 5-7.

  46. 75

    Lol! Yeah Saban and bama are done, the run is over! Hahaha! Geez you clowns are more delusional than I thought! Auburn won’t win more than 4 games next year! Schedule is brutal, loss of your whole team (cammie), o-line gone, and the loss of 20 something seniors! Wonder how long the ” greatest coaching staff in America” will keep their jobs after a 4 win season! How long before 334, 47, and MANdy are done trolling this board!!!!

  47. 76

    Oversigning is a lot better than p4p! I’ll take sabans way over the good ol auburn way! The last time auburn will play next year is in the iron bowl! No way you guys are in a bowl game next year!

  48. 77

    But hey! Look at all the trees Auburn will save buy not throwing so much toilet paper next season! Think they will at least get some kind of award for it, so their nice new trophy case doesn’t look so empty?

  49. 78

    Hey Aubie fans..Take a look at threads. Its a thing of And dont stop there. Its all going around the internet. I cant wait til tomorrow and from here on out til signing. This shit is gonna be hilarious.

  50. 80

    Ahh, Mandyke trolls all the Bama sites. Where was she at before this year again? And where will she be when the NCAA hammer falls? You know all those guys will have the opportunity to leave penalty free when Auburn gets the death penalty. Bama still ends up with a better class, but Mandyke won’t allow it to be any other way. What a stupid b!tch.

  51. 83

    Hey MANdy buisness as usual on capstone again today! You trolling a bama bored spewing diarreaha from your mouth about auburn and their “crooting” lmfao!!! I laugh so hard everytime I see that! Is that because you can’t spell recruiting or what??? So go ahead and reply and dog cuss me cause that’s pretty much all you can do, well besides troll, troll, troll!!!!

  52. 84

    I know this, all you bammers today are about to drive yourselves crazy as hell on your sites worrying about whose flipping and who we are gonna get. And let me tell ya Aubies are laughing their dam arses off. Jeffrey Lee has completely melted down your dam arses today. I mean this is really funny…Seriously

  53. 85

    No coaching staff of ours has ever worked this hard for AU. And Ill admit I never thought it could ever be thid good.

  54. 86

    Learn how to spell, and as long as Saban is at Bama, I don’t worry about recruiting. But Auburn has to do something, since they are losing 18 starters. Good for you. But I am pleased and happy with Bama’s class, and wouldn’t trade it for the Barns at all. Bama is doing just fine, but I notice you can’t seem to acknowledge that fact.

  55. 87

    The Auburn Eagle message boards are by far the best on the net. We actually talk about OUR team and not west vance university. A storm is coming bammers. The news started leaking out yesterday. Which 4 or 5 star recruit is jumping off of choke master saban sinking ship next? Is it hart or nix? Maybe both? LMFAO You bammers better hold on tight because this ride is about to get real bumpy for ya. SCORE BOARD!!!

  56. 89

    They are all up in here scrambling around everysite from a to z.Using refresh buttons till they are wore

  57. 90

    excuse me i said “nix” meant Dix (doesnt matter that i spelled it wrong aslong as its spelled right on back of his Auburn jersey!) plus Westerman will commit tomorrow. I said its great to be an Auburn Tiger!!!!

  58. 91

    Lmfao!!!! Are you serious???? Worrying about “crootin is the last thing on my mind! It’s so so funny for you 2 to be on here speculating about something that was written in an INTERNET article by some aubo homer! Especially after we have all been preached a sermon by 334 or 47 about Internet articles and the validity of them! Talk about hypocrites! That takes the cake by far!!!! With Coach Saban in charge of ” crootin” I will not waste a single minute of my life worrying about what some 18yr old kid is gonna do!

  59. 92

    Haha this is so funny. They got to take their mind off of the truth about losing 18 starters and the NCAA investigation. Saban has already recruiting two full top ranked classes before Auburn ever had a decent one, and this may wind up be Auburns best class ever, and it still doesn’t match Bama’s this season or any of Bamas past 3 classes for that matter. I have NO problems with Sabans recruiting. But Auburn sure is making lots of promises for early playing time, and Bama is ALREADY loaded.

  60. 93

    No use arguing with Mandy and 334. 1st of all, they are idiots. 2nd of all, they make up Sh*t and state it as fact (“Auburn is going to beat your arse, and win the SEC West”).

    Then, when it all goes downhill for them (and it probably will this year), they will just disappear from this board and only come back when something good happens.

    Kinda like playing “whack-a-mole”. They poke their little heads up, maybe once every 4 to 5 years. I have a feeling that time frame may be extended.

    Roll Tide! And to all our recruits…Welcome to the Bama Family, where championships are a way of life!

  61. 94

    well hivtider you are about the only bammer not worried. Might want to go calm down the thousands of other gumps on other sites that are in meltdown mode. I really wish you had enough common sense to think before you post. can you say hypocrite? Check out these “facts”

    “Worrying about “crootin is the last thing on my mind!” I guess thats why you have made numerous posts about recruiting.

    “I will not waste a single minute of my life worrying about what some 18yr old kid is gonna do!” But isnt that what you do with every post about Cam or Nick? You are wrrying about what a young man will do or in your words has done? Come on hivtider no need to get upset already. The Auburn take over has just started. Pace yourself or you might burn out. lol.

  62. 95

    334, see, you DO have somewhere else to go. Why are you here again? Man this next season is just going to be great. I don’t know which I will enjoy more: Bama going undefeated again, or Auburn losing 8 games.

  63. 96

    I didnt say nothing about winning the dam west. I said I think we will beat your arse in JH Stadium this yr. Hell you fools had us 24 pts and we came back in your place and beat you, btw that should be embarrassing for you guys, but you will never admit it. Anyway, just becuz we lost Cam and other players doesnt mean our team wont be just as good or better to beat you guys and I think we do. Thats what top five recruiting classes and great coaching does for ya. Go Tigers

  64. 97

    Mandyke is drinking too much of the kool-aid. ‘Just because we lost Cam and other players doesn’t mean our team won’t be just as good or better to beat you guys’ has to be the dumbest statement yet.

    Mandyke, you are losing 18 STARTERS. Plus you are losing key backups for those starters. New offensive line, new defensive line, new QB, hell, new everything. 2011s team will not resemble 2010s in any way. You have no idea what you are talking about, just wishful thinking.

    Bama is already looking like it will have a top ranked defense on the field with veteran players, highly ranked JUCO starters and a really good offensive line. And quality depth too. Auburn won’t make it to the Iron Bowl without limping there. Auburn will get the best game out of every team they play, because everyone wants a chance to beat the defending NC. We all know, we have been there. Now it is your turn. But Auburn is losing more than any team EVER after a NC. Bama will kill Auburn next season.

  65. 98

    BB I guess you can say I come here because of the “Car Crash” affect. No matter how bad the accident is you just cant help stopping and looking. Glad to see the typical bammer off season promises are starting again. Undefeated talk is starting to pop up everywhere in turdville. How did those predictions work out for you guys this season? Another top 10 finish..Congrats. How did you guys finish in the SEC, or SEC West? Why is it that a coach with 2 so called #1 recruiting classes in his pocket struggle to a 3 loss season and fall to a .500 winning % against their biggest rival who by the way wasnt suppose to be in the top 25 much less #1 in the country. Throw in the fact that said rival is being coached by a “5 and 19” coach and is full of thugs and cheats. Shouldnt a “top notch” college program with a “top notch” head coach at the very least beat a one man team lead by a loser of a coach? Lets say you are right and Auburn paid Cam hundreds of thousands of dollars. Thats one man. Why couldnt a team of 5 star recruits beat one man? According to you bammers Auburn is a team full of kids that couldnt make the cut at bama. Scared of the competition level. Well just like your beloved song (we took that over also) say. Our team “just beat the hell out of you”, and everyone else that stepped on the field with them. SCORE BOARD!

  66. 99

    Auburn barely beat half the teams they played. Took dirty shots, and had to come from behind. I give you one thing, it took some breaks and timely turnovers, but you guys won it all. Props to you. But you hardly dominated. That is the myth you are consumed with. Say it enough and you believe it is going to last forever. You will be back in your place soon enough and whining about why nobody respects you. And Chiznik will be below .500 again.

  67. 100

    I just cant bring my self to whine about football players playing dirty. Im a girl and I just cant do it.Any guy that says that and whines about stuff like that is such a whimp. I mean to me thats total turn off to a female. How can any man whine like that or whine about anything. What kind of man is that? ewwww

  68. 106

    I’m 2 days late jumping on this but I have to ask where the dumbarse Barnturds are getting their information. No doubt the phucking But two days ago there were posts on here about the Barntards being 3 places behind us in recruiting. dumbarses! It’s 2 days later and you’re still 11th on ESPN and 10th on Rivals, while we’re 3rd and 2nd respectively. Go phuck yourselves! Oh and by yhe way, you wouldn’t have been one spot behind us in two polls and one spot ahead in the other last year if you hadn’t signed 32 to our 28! RTR!

  69. 107

    Ok facts man… to sites where all these recruits are changing their minds and decommitting from UA and committing to AU?? I called you a hypocrite for crying foul over all the posts from bama fans regarding the NCAA and auburn because some are not backed up with enough hard evidence for you! Then you and MANdy come on here and do the same thing quoting some email an aubo got that the sky is falling and bama is losing all their “croots” to AU! I do not post over and over about recruiting because I know Saban will get the best guys he can! You may have seen recruiting in some of my post because I was making fun of that MANdy and how she spells it! So post some links please I need the facts man not just you and every other trolling douches opinion!

  70. 110

    According to MANdy and 334 everyone of our top guys have flipped and picked AU per an email from an auburn message board! Top notch investigative reporting from that site! Much more credible than rivals and espn!

  71. 111

    Why are you gonna come out and reveal that you are actually a man???? Or 334s wife or better yet his sister?? That’s how y’all aubos do it right?? “ALL IN the family” lol

  72. 112

    I have no idea if any of your recruits will flip or not. Jeffrey Lee said something this morning that led us to believe that and we are guessing what or who it could be. Jeffrey Lee and Bryan Mathews knows whats going on inside Auburn. They know what the out come of all this will be. Not you or ESPN.

  73. 116
    Pistol Pete

    aubietrash do not belong in a cfb discussion

    get a winning record vs vandy after 40plus games and the Kings will consider it if u r not on death penalty lite

  74. 117

    Exactly which means????? Hold on…..wait for it………..nothing at all! You and your brothers 334 and 47 have refuted every article written about cammie, the NCAA, and auburn because it came from some bama website or from fox, USA today, and the new York times. No I know why….it wasn’t written by “beavis and butthead” of! Idiots.

  75. 119


    You might want to work on your reading comprehension. It wasn’t me that suggested AU is a few spots behind ua in recruiting, so don’t get your panties in a wad about a lack of citations… I didn’t say it. Also, I haven’t refuted any articles that you guys have suggested because you haven’t provided any, with the exception of some posts on another web page. That’s the point. Direct me to something specific and I will be glad to take a look at it. As it stands, everything that I have come across either (1) doesn’t implicate AU (because it involved MSU) or (2) SPECULATES that something MIGHT have happened at AU but doesn’t provide any evidence.

    I apologize because in retrospect I realuze it was a bit petty of me to bring up the PhD, but I was simply trying to suggest that my training as a scientist has taught me to not put much weight on speculation, assumption, conjecture, or anecdote.

  76. 121

    I didn’t say it was you “Dr douche” I said everyone of your posts was the same ripping Alabama fans for “speculating” about the NCAA investigation into the recruitment of cammie! I just gave you 3 examples Evan Thayer has written 2 articles on, Pete Thamel of the New York Times, and Christine Brennam from USA Today! Those articles are tossed to the side by you because they aren’t written by Phillip Marshall, Charles Goldberg, or some auburn homer from an auburn website! That’s your choice! If you want to ignore that the NCAA is still looking into his recruitment then that’s fine with me! As far as me getting you and 334 mixed up, that was an honest mistake! I can’t tell you 2 apart. Your posts say the same thing over and over and over!

  77. 122

    Scientist my arse. No scientist would either have the time or be interesed in bantering endlessly over the same stupid shite day after day on an internet blog. Unless of course he was an unemployed, stupid scientist. Or maybe you ran out of sperm flasks for the cows and pigs. We don’t need phucking evidence to speculate, dumbarse. That’s why it’s called speculation. All we need is a little information that looks suspicious. And in this case it’s a hell of a lot more than a “little”. You would have to be a Barnturd homer to believe that after shoping Scam to at least Miss St and Tennessee and maybe Oklahoma too, that he would just up and go to Abarn free. Whether anyone is ever able to uncover the professional job they do of cheating at Abarn or not, – everybody knows he was paid somehow. So you can say they will never convict Awbie. You can say nothing has been proven. But only a brain dead inbred Barnturd would say Awbie didn’t do it. The only possible alternant explanation would be that Scam wanted (cont.)

  78. 123

    (Cont.) the NFL ASAP and figured he might have to wait behind Relf at MSU. We already know the bastard doesn’t have any patience cause he wouldn’t wait on Tebow to leave. If he had stayed Florida would have been his team cause their QB sucks. And at Florida he would have had a good defense. Imagine what he could do if he got the ball back on all 4 and outs against everybody he played. Actually I may be right about this. It would make sense if MSU wasn’t going to pay the $200,000 then go to a school who didn’t have QB and jump to the NFL in just a year for even more money. But the Newtons are scam artists. They wouldn’t have passed up the chance to grab a cool few hundred thousand from the Awbies either. See dunbarse, I can speculate in lots of different ways. Still comes out that Barnies always been a cheater. And once a cheater, still a cheater as long as you have Dye and Lowder and Jacobs running the show and worse yet, involved with McGregor. Shite, what a phucking combination! RTR!

  79. 124

    You know you are freid when a sure-fire 18th round draft pick like THE Darvin Adams is jumping ship in his JR year.

  80. 125

    Mandyke needs to slow down her testosterone intake and shave that mustache. And while he/she is at it, why not take a look at Bama’s recruiting class? I haven’t heard her mention anything about that, even though she is big in the ‘crootin’ thing. This has been normal for Bama for 4 years now. And will be next year and the next and so on. I know she all giddy because Auburn is FINALLY getting some recruits, and it is a new experience for Auburn fans, but this has been going on at Bama for awhile. See, that is what winning NCs will do for ya. No props for Bama Mandyke? Surely if you are impressed with one years recruiting class at Auburn, you must marvel at how Saban has been doing it the past 4 years. But Bama’s class this year is pretty good, and could be Sabans best at Bama yet. I think Auburn has one of the best classes they have ever had, but they also have plenty of slots to fill. Can they maintain that level once there is no room? Saban has, and all y’all have been doing for three years is bitch and whine about that. But as long as Saban is at Bama, I don’t worry about ‘crootin’. He coaches players up better than any coach in the country. Who has Chiznik coached up? Cam? Farley? One year players. They were coached up before they got to Auburn. How many Auburn players will go in the draft, out of 24? 3. Bama is sending 3 out of 6.

  81. 126

    If you all are so good in cruiting, why did my Tigers beat your arse this yr then. I think you just like to argue. Im not into that shite. Calling me names and the subjects and words you use sex wise and what not like that proves where your mind is on a daily basis. Most bammers are like that. Thats why Aubies call yall trash. See my mind is not on trashy junk like that. Man you are such a loser. Whoever lives with you if anyone does, I feel sorry for them cuz I couldnt stand it.

  82. 127

    You idiot bammers sitting around waiting on a hammer to fall when its obvious it probably never will. Chiz is not gonna be a part of any of that kinda crap and neither is Jay Jacobs. There is such as hard work in the world and our coaches work hard and its been proven time and time again. Talking about hammers falling is just pointless and shows you idiots dont have any kinda life but worrying about Auburn I mean its hilarious. If the NCAA or anyone else finds something we have done wrong you idiots will know about soon enough and until then I suggest you get a dam life. Life is to short to wait on that shite every dam day. What a bunch of fools you are. War Eagle Go Tigers

  83. 128

    You don’t know Mandyke? Have you forgotten him so soon? Why you barely got to know him and now he is gone. But guess what? Even with all these ‘croots’ you still won’t have him. And no experienced O-line, or D-line. Your top receiver was gone. If all these players were so good for Auburn, why did it take 3 years for them to get to undefeated? These new players with no experience are going to keep the pace? Give me a break. Quit being delusional, frame your SI issue, and your autographed photos, and relax and watch as Bama beats a path to JH and stomps Auburns ass this season.

  84. 129

    Still no word from Mandyke about Bamas recruiting for 4 years. Hey, Bama has a Heisman winner in there too, but he was actually coached up by Saban from a freshman. Julio was too. So was Dareus. Rolando McClain was coached up by Saban. Farley and Cam were hired guns for 1 season. And you have no Farley and no Cam for next season. Just a bunch of young players with big ol’ targets on there backs. You better hope you don’t have any injuries next season, cuz it could really look bad. As one of your idols said, for every true freshman you start, you can count as a loss for that season. (Pat Dye.) Auburn may be starting 8-10 freshmen. So, get prepared to watch Auburn fall to the bottom of the west this season. I know you won’t be here to back up your words, but when it tanks for Auburn next season, just remember, each loss, Brando is out there, laughing his ass off and remembering how ol’ Mandyke was so confused and delusional.

  85. 131

    And no Mandyke, I call you that because you are a girl, but you arent very girly. You come on here talking trash and threaten people like you are some kind of big man. So, MAN-DYKE – Mandy, see? It fits you perfectly. You are what you are. You talk about people on here saying nasty things all the time. But you are MANDYKE because of how you act. The truth hurts doesn’t it? Quit acting like a man, and maybe you wouldn’t be called out on it. Now go back to beating on your girlfriend.

  86. 132

    Good MANDYKE, that is my intention. It’s getting to you isn’t it? Quit being so damn ignorant and coming over here to talk so much sh!t. I have no problem pissing you off. It is really too easy to do. Keep coming here with trash talk, and I will continue to make you cry. But you can’t make me stop.

  87. 134

    Wipe those tears away Mandyke. I tried to get you to talk about football. You don’t think Bama has been recruiting well? You think coming over here, and talking about Auburns class and not acknowledging Bama’s class is nothing other than smack talk? Bring something to the table Mandyke. You want to talk recruiting. I said Auburn has a good class. But what do you think Bama has been doing? Can you give an honest answer? What did you think when Bama won the NC? Do you block that out and only talk the same old tired stuff over and over? Come on, let’s talk about football, and compare sides. You can’t say anything good about what Bama has been doing, even though they have been more successful over the past 4 years than Auburn. I can say Auburn done something good. You can’t do the same. Because you are DELUSIONAL, and IGNORANT.

  88. 136

    Nope. But you won’t talk football, just smack talk. I am proving a point, and you are making it. Answer the question. Quit dodging it. You can’t admit that Bama has been doing really well, and has been pretty successful here lately can you?

  89. 138

    Auburn is not cheating. You all are on probation. We are not. Nothing has beeen proven on us and probably never will. And if the NCAA comes down on us for the Cam crap or any other stuff..casinos..etc. They dam well better have proof and not come down on us becuz other schools or the media is complaing or they will get sued by Auburn University big time and the NCAA knows that. They better have their ducks in a row. Just saying. Go Tigers

  90. 139

    My point is made. Just can’t admit the truth. Did I say anything about cheating and accusing Auburn? No. Just a simple question. I said Auburn is recruiting well. I have said Cam deserved the Heisman, and Auburn deserved the NC, even though I think they had a little luck this year. Cam was tough to beat in the fourth quarter, and that was the main reason Auburn done so well. See, it isn’t hard.

    But what do you think about Bama’s success? You can’t do it. Has anyone here ever seen a bigger social retard than Mandyke here?

  91. 142

    Lmao! Did MANdy just said we cheat??? Holy crap!!! Do you even know what Alabama is on probation for??? And do you really think the NCAA is shaking in their boots worried about auburn suing them if “the hammer falls”??? You have posted line after line after line about “crootin” for 3 days now! Now all the sudden since bb is calling you out, you don’t talk about “crootin”!!! Are you mentally retarded???

  92. 143

    Nope but I think the entire bammer turds are bipolar. Now what.. Yall all need some type of hobbies and yes I know what your on probation for. Your cheaters no matter how you spin and they will hammer you again soon. Give it a yr. You idiots cant stop getting in trouble no matter how hard you try. lol Now take your weekly visit to Bryce for your life long therapy.

  93. 145

    Mandyke, I bet you go to a ‘special class’ too. Bama has a really good class right now, ahead of Auburns class. And Bama will finish strong too.

    Mandyke: Bama’s class bad, Auburn class good, shut up cheatin bammer stop talk bout hammer. Chizik good lookin man gone whup bammer trash idiot stop bugging me.

    And we are the crazy ones. Ha! I knew you wouldn’t let me down, Mandyke. You proved my point, that all you are is a smack talking fool.

  94. 147
    Pistol Pete


  95. 152

    Hey stupid Mandyke Beotch. Did you dig that damn computer up out of Jurassic Park or what? Yeah, Rivals updated alright, dumbarse. Bama is now #1, so who gives a phuck where the Barnturds are? And Rivals is not favored toward Alabama. It was your arses they saved by destroying film of Big Cat Weekend! Dumbarses!RTR!

  96. 154

    She won’t admit who the number one team is…I wonder why that is? Mandyke has some serious mental issues. I tried to say hey, props to Auburn for a good recruiting class. Winning the NC helps. But what do you think about what Bama is doing. And she does nothing but short circuit and fizzle out again. I think she is definitely a little unstable, especially when the fear of Bama is near.

  97. 158

    Lol! You are mentally retarded! “Your cheaters know matter how you spin it” WTF does that even mean?? Who is spinning anything? The way I and most rational educated adults view stuff like probation is if a team gains something on the field! Alabama gained nothing on the field by what a few football players did scamming the “supe store”! UA didn’t pay any players, no players fathers shopped them to bama, and Alabama gained nothing on the field by what happened!

  98. 160

    One other thing. The Barnturds are in 8th place 700 points behind us and yet they have signed only 2 less recruits than us. Even if they sign 9 five stars and we sign 7 four stars I don’t believe they could overtake us. Anyway that’s not even remotely possible. We may each get 2 more 5 stars and the rest 4 stars. If they bust arse they may finish 4th or 5th. After our NC we finished 3rd. After Floridas last NC they finished 1st. Considering that everyone knows the Barnturds are depleted and there is early playing time to be had, you’d think they would be a runaway #1. But then we’re talking about the Barnturds here. Top players want a champioship, not a projected 9th place finish in a 12 team conference. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  99. 162
    Pistol Pete

    fbi wiretaps
    au booster-how r u?
    trooper thugga-i’m fine – just need ANOTHER 200 grand and we r good 2 go.

  100. 163

    Dam with all that money we throwing out to players its a wonder we can pay our coaches. We must have way way more money than old bammer. You dumb f…ers are so dam stupid its unbelievable. Its the good thing the NCAA has good sense. You dumb bastards. And who the fuck said Huggins was a shoe in and that we wanted him above other players. We got bigger fish to fry first. Watch the responses you dumb fu..s post.

  101. 164
    Pistol Pete

    mandy u stupid ignorant sluts like the japs/au celebrated pearl harbor …the good guys usa/bama/ncaa came back and nuked their azzz

  102. 167


  103. 169

    MANdy and 334 I thought the storm was coming and all the “croots” are flipping and jumping ship??? 334 you were on here 2 days ago throwing around Dee Harts name as well as Hasean Clinton-Dix, saying these might be the next 2 to flip and go to auburn! Dee Hart has enrolled early at Alabama and is currently taking classes at UA! So much for your insider information about “crootin”! I bet you believe everything you read on those message boards and that is why you think the NCAA isn’t still investigating the recruitment of cammie cam! Idiot!

  104. 170



  105. 171

    Hey I coulda swore I just heard Aubies chanting rammer jammer go to hell alabammer at the bball it aint so. lol

  106. 172

    Saban made an ” emergency” trip to see Hart after his HS coach gave him a call warning him that Hart was leaning towards jumping ship per a bammer insider. Hart just enrolled at bama…imagine that. Im sure sabear’s and HS coach phone conversation went like ” Dont you like the work we did at your school? Dee better enroll at bama or we will send you the bill!” LOL Besides Its not NSD yet HIVtider. We have 5-6 spots left depending on if Shon Coleman counts on this years class, And you can bet that we will get nothing but 4 and 5 star players here on out. We are killing bama in state this year and it will only get worse. lol

  107. 173


  108. 174




  109. 175




  110. 176

    one minute the aubies were celebrating pearl harbor next minute their eyeballs were rottingin their eye sockets as they stood

  111. 177

    334 you are almost as delusional as MANdy! “Killing bama in recruiting in the state this year”! I thought you didn’t follow recruiting that closely?? Every post for 2 days has been about “crootin”, and about the secret insider information about bama players jumping ship! Notice everyone I threw facts at 334 and he starts making up bullish*t about Saban and dee hart! Yep you are right nsd is not here yet, and every year Saban and bama finish strong in recruiting!

  112. 178

    That word delusional is so lame. Everybody knows people copy it from other people just to be cool. You morons. I cant stand words people use to try to be cool. Its so dam stupid. Dont you know bammer trash keeps there puter dictionary very close. See Im onto you fools.

  113. 179

    Plus Saban is old.That old man aint gonna stay there much longer, Im telling ya. Chiz is still a youngun and cute too.

  114. 180

    It doesn’t matter if the Barnturds win the instate recruiting battle this year. This is a very down year for the State and Bama has looked elsewhere to fill her needs with higher ranked athletes than were available here. This year the State has no Julio, BJ, Fluker, Kirkpatrick, Nico, McCarron, Milner or Mosley – so knock yourself out, you can have em. RTR!

  115. 181

    Mandyke is one bitter beotch with twisted, negative ideas about everything IT posts. With all of her issues i’m surprised she hasn’t slashed her wrists yet. Her daddy and brothers must have used and abused her seriously her whole life. RTR!

  116. 182

    Wow did someone say bama was 2 or 3 on scout rankings? Someone either cant read or just down right Bama #5 .Auburn #6 with 2 less commits. Then hammah brags that Buie would be a bammer…looks like WVU has something diff to say about that. Yeah sabear is finishing REAL strong….2010 Iron Bowl Finish like. Saban is too busy putting out fires ( begging and buying hart after already losing one 5* to Auburn,and Loss of his recruiting co ordinator 2 weeks before NSD) to get out and recruit!!!! Its the Chizik affect!!!! SCORE BOARD!!!

  117. 183

    Lay off the narcotics dumbarse. Rivals and ESPN/ has it Bama #1, Barnie #8 and Bama #3, Barnie #9, respectively. is so far off the marks of the other 2, and not just with Bama and Aubie, as to make them completely full of shite. But don’t let that stop you morons cause even though we beat you in 2 out of the 3 major services last year, you dumbarses still claim you beat us. What tards. RTR!

  118. 184

    UMMM crimsonshite…we did beat you 28-27 remember. Moral Victories will only get you so far. Enjoy them crimsonshite. Our 2 and 3 stars out did your 4 and 5 stars. Think that its safe to say that boils down to coaching. Even South Carolina BEAT bama, and I do mean BEAT. Les Miles out coached sabear. Then Chizik showed what it really means to be a top notch coach , and Coaching his players up when they were down 24-0 to the so called “best team ever”. Please will one of you bammers please enlighten us and tell us what was saban’s best coaching job this year?

  119. 187

    anybody that has a choice-a student at neither school – chooses bama over aubie barngoat trash 99:1…a few local homie trailer trash choose au

  120. 188

    Bama 21-3 sec record worst record 5-3
    Barngoats – 14-10 with 8 forfeits – 3-5 3-5

    au sucks not a national slogan for nothing

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