State Media Accountability: Rachel Baribeau

Ever read Rachel Baribeau on Tide Sports Extra, the paid site for the Tuscaloosa News?

Here was her Tweet after last night’s game:

“Wow. Wow! Stop reading If you r a Bama fan but 4-6 ( hehe) years @ AU qualifies me 2 say..war eagle. Tomorrow we r back 2 business. promise!”

The lovely Baribeau is a reporter for the Tuscaloosa News, and often appears on the Cecil Hurt Show on Tide Sports Extra.

Can you imagine Charles Goldberg, Phillip Marshall, or another Auburn crony tweeting a similar message after Bama beat Texas last season? And yet, the state media continues to be allowed to pander to the Tigers, whether they are 7-5 or 14-0.

The question is, will this affect your willingness to read or listen to her now, knowing that she’s a barner?


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    Meh. I am a HUGE Alabama fan. I wish a hole would open up under AU and swallow the whole thing. But I really don’t have a problem with what she tweeted.

    She’s always been very gracious and complementary of the Alabama alum and coaches she’s interviewed.

  2. 9

    I was thinking about joining TSE. Not anymore. This stuff has got to end. Jeebus. Can’t we find good Alabama folks to do our stuff? I’m sure she is a nice person but she made a terrible decision and her employer will suffer.

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