BCS viewership down significantly from last year

Read below, a piece this morning from SportsIllustruted.com:

“BRISTOL, Conn. (AP) — The preliminary television rating for the BCS title game is down 12 percent from last year.

Auburn’s last-second 22-19 win over Oregon on Monday night drew a 16.1 overnight rating on ESPN. Last season’s Alabama-Texas game earned an 18.2 on Fox, which is available in about 15 percent more homes.

This year’s ratings were also hurt by a match-up of two programs with less tradition and national appeal than a year ago.

In the game’s first year on cable, it drew the highest cable overnight rating since records began being kept in 2001. The previous high was a 14.4 for last season’s Patriots-Saints “Monday Night Football” game on ESPN.

The 16.1 beat two recent BCS titles games: a 15.6 for LSU-Ohio State in 2008 and a 14.6 for USC-Oklahoma in 2005.

Ratings represent the percentage of all homes with televisions tuned into a program. Overnight ratings measure the country’s largest markets.”

My favorite quote: This year’s ratings were also hurt by a match-up of two programs with less tradition and national appeal than a year ago. Everybody knows it.

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    Pistol Pete


  2. 3

    The ratings were down because it wasn’t on network television. You’re a tool. And trying too hard. Your life must be pretty bad to be such a hater.

    Btw, Florida and Oklahoma did a 15.8

    On network television. Hmm. Why don’t you wait and see what the ratings are next season on ESPN? You’ll look even dumber. BCS ratings were down this year. Why? Because they were on ESPN. I thought Alabama fans were above all this moral victory stuff? You sure are searching hard, Crapstone.

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    Pistol Pete




  4. 9

    No fool you’re the tool. The ratings are not relative to every household in America. They are relative to the households able to tune in to the program. It would be a completely worthless statistic to rate how many households tune to your program if it includes people without tv or service that prevents them from getting it. So you drew a 16 of everybody able to get it and we drew a 18. How many millions were involved in each situation is not relevant to this discussion, even though Bama drew millions more. RTR!

  5. 10
    Crimsonite Is An Idiot

    No you idiot, a rating point is based on the number of households in the United States period. It does not differentiate between a cable household and a broadcast household. A rating of 16 on ESPN is equal to a rating of 16 on FOX.

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    Pistol Pete


  7. 12

    Wow… Burn. Lol!!!! I hope for your sale that’s not true. I thought saban had more class than to stoop to petty behavior like that.

  8. 13

    Remember how all the Barners were making fun of Alabama because our National Championship Trophy was displayed at WalMart??? Remember that BarnTurds??? Well, guess what BarnTurds…..your tropy is going to be displayed at WalMart too. Not near as funny now is it BarnTurds? hahahaha what goes around comes around. But what’s even more pathetic is that AU has to “buy” their players and has to play dirty to even win one. The “Auburn Family” is so pathetic….they are all in. Bunch of cheating @ss SOB’s. hahaha

  9. 14

    Hey AUTiger47: It’s pretty pathetic for Eric Smith and Unfairly to be eye gouging and kneeing the Oregon players just because time was running out and ya’ll could see that NC going down the drain. Especially after all the money AU spent for it. And then to top off AU’s supposedly integrity Mr. Jay Jacobs was asked by the media last night if the pimp Cecil Newton was there and he answered he was nowhere in or around that stadium. And lo and behold a pic surfaces today of Cecil hugging his boy Scam after the game. And when he was reached by phone to ask why he LIED about it, he couldn’t talk right then because he was going thru Airport security. How convenient Mr. Jacobs. What else have you been lying about?? Oh wait, “we haven’t paid Scam and Cecil any money or any other players any money” that’s it. never mind cheater. That’s the Auburn Family way right there. hahahaha

  10. 15

    Wow!? Still more BS that was MADE UP or Twisted in a way only a bammer could do it. Heres the truth:

    Love the part where it says “The telecast likely will become the most-viewed program in the history of cable television, once fast national ratings become available this afternoon. The current top spot is another ESPN MNF contest, Green Bay at Minnesota on October 5, 2009, with an audience of 21,839,000 viewers (P2+) and 15,136,000 homes, based on a 15.3 rating. ”

    wow most-viewed program in the history of cable television. Yeah The Auburn Family should be very ashamed!!! 2010 National Champs…Couldnt have done it with out bama’s help. Thanks Guys!!!

  11. 16


    I agree that that the behavior on those two plays was unacceptable and agree that the penalties were just.

    With regards to AU paying players… Got evidence if that? Don’t think so.

    With regard to his dad attending the game: do you think its possible that his dad got a ticket like everyone else? Was AU supposed to I’d everyone at the gate to make sure his dad didn’t enter? Get real!!!

    You guys are reeeeeeeaaaaaaching for anything that will let your fragile little egos justify Auburn’s championship. The bama fanbase’s true colors are showing and it’s not pretty… But I’m sure having fun watching you guys make a complete ass of yourselves. 🙂

  12. 18

    Rich, so why would ABC choose to air “The Bachelor” over the BCS NCG???

    Because nobody gives a crap about Auburn or Oregon.

    Auburn, you got bumped in favor of the freakin’ Bachelor in like it’s 9th season now.


    Didn’t realize that until this morning, but that’s pretty freaking funny.

  13. 19

    No whats funny is bama choking up a 24 point lead that leads to an Auburn National Championship. WHats funny is you twisting the truth trying your best to find a moral victory for your 3 loss team that was suppose to be the best thing ever in college football history. Lets play your game for a second. Hasnt bama played on ESPN before? What was their ratings for those games? Thought so. 2010 National Champs, 2010 SEC Champs, and last but not least 2010 Iron Bowl Champs. WDE!!!!!

  14. 20

    334, you have a long ways to go to match Bama in anything but swim championships. But good luck with all that. Enjoy your amazing controversy filled, lucky and thuggish fluke of a season. But when the reality of that really sinks in, I can’t wait to see the panic state you guys will be in. But you be sure to be here to back up your big words, little man.

  15. 21

    Idiot…er…Aubfan334…sure Bama has played on ESPN.

    But not for the National freaking Championship. You got bumped to cable because Abarn wasn’t and isn’t ready for prime time network TV.

    Dude, that’s hysterical.

  16. 22

    Then what was the Ratings of said “traditon rich” alabama when they played on ESPN? Thats all I asked. I will bet bama has never come close of the same ratings on espn at any point.

  17. 23

    Oh yeah by the way “intheknow” maybe you should change your name to “wishiknew” or maybe “idontknow” or my fav. is ” dontknowshitsoimakeitup” Love the way you try to spin things to make Auburn look bad : “Auburn, you got bumped in favor of the freakin’ Bachelor in like it’s 9th season now.” why didnt you tell the TRUTH? Is it because you dont know the truth or is it because you cant tell the truth. the TRUTH is ESPN bought rights to air all of the BCS games back in 2008 to start post season 2010 with exception of the rose bowl which will continue to be on ABC until 2014.
    Auburn, you got bumped in favor of the freakin’ Bachelor in like it’s 9th season now.


    Now dont let the truth get in the way of another one of your great stories. Please continue on with your make believe garbage as if the truth never happend. WDE !!! 2010 BCS Champs

  18. 24

    Aubfan**, enjoy your championship. Lord knows you and your ancestors have waited on this day for a long time. But Auburn hasn’t arrived yet. So get back in your place and sweat out the rest of the investigation, hope that this season is not forfeited. Think Auburn is going to average 36 wins the next few years? Your team was just a one hit wonder this year. The 2004 team was a better team than this one, but yet the little team that could finally did. Thug players and a Heisman winner that was pimped by his own dad will be the legacy of this team, and to see all you Auburn goons worship this is halarious. But the season is over, get ready for the onslaught of teams that is going to mistreat your very green team next season.

  19. 25

    This just in. At their current pace, and if Bama were to quit football now, it would take Barntard University til the year 2341 to catch up.

  20. 26

    334, are you done? Because we all hope you are. Your blather adds very little to the forum.

    Is that the FBI I hear? Just wanted to scare ya. Take a picture of your trophy. Soon it’ll be all you have.

  21. 27

    “Your blather adds very little to the forum.”

    Other then truth I guess. I have noticed that you still havent answered my question about what was the ratings of bama’s games on ESPN. I also notcie you dodged the whole post as to why the the BCS game was on ESPN. Then here comes BB with the typical “woo hoo we have 13” crap. Congrats BB, but what does that have to do with the subject of my posts? Im curious as to why “wishiknew” is making up lies and twisting the truth, and why you bama fans are dumb enough to believe any of it? It all boils down too that bama’s season did not live up to all of the hype you guys built up. So in return you make up mor hype its just of the negative type about Auburn just to help ease the pain of knowing bama/saban could have stopped this from ever happening. 24 point lead POOF gone at a blink of an eye. So here come the fairy tales and hopes and dreams of the big bad NCAA or even the FBI going to make it all go away. Sorry but not going to work that way, but hey if it makes yall feel better have at it. Just dont expect everyone to think you have “inside sources” or that you know more then any bama or Auburn fan that comes to this board. Answer the questions Iasked, Address my post about the truth as to why the BCS wasnt on ABC and if you tell the truth (that really you dont know shite)and I will never post hear again. Go ahead and tell the mindless bama fans that read you stories that you really make up crap that most 3rd graders wouldnt believe. Shouldnt be hard . Ill be wating on an adult like response from you , but doubt ill get it.

  22. 28

    334 you don’t add anything. You just ‘blather’ about the same old tired things. You come here to hate on Bama. You seem to think Auburn has arrived and no one thinks so except you Auburn tards. Living in a dream world where 1 NC is greater than many, where 1 good season makes you king of all of college football forever. You were lucky this year. You barely won half your games. The rest of the country laughs at you because your team is the posterboy for cheating and dirty playing right now. But enjoy it for what it is worth. All In means win at all costs, and Auburn did. But in the grand scheme of things, it really means very little, especially when you guys want to thumb your nose at Bama fans like we are jealous of you guys. We are not jealous, we just can’t stand Auburn and the way the fanbase is. We have already seen championships at Bama, and we will again. I don’t think you will see Auburn back again in your lifetime.

  23. 29

    BB…Please stop being such a “Little Brother” and let “wishiknew” answer my questions. As far as “You just ‘blather’ about the same old tired things.” Im sorry unlike you Im sticking to the subject. Out of all of your posts which one did you bring anything to the table about the BCS game ratings? Ummm yeah that would be none of them. You bama fans are the ones being laughed at. Look at the facts. 1) Paying 5,000,000 for a coach that can only win half his games against his biggest rival 2) Thousands of gumps run out and buy Oregon gear…Im sure Oregon Univeristy thanks you. 3) Belive rumor whores such as “wishiknew” and take it as the word of god or bear even. How many of you have actually looked back at the GEMS that this fruitcake has come up with? Here are a few of the GREAT ONES.

    Auburn will miss old offense & Brandon Cox 8-23-08 ( Yeah we really miss it roflmfao . see NC Trophy as our defense)

    Merry Chizikmas 12-15-08 ( Yeah “wishiknew” really nailed this one on the head. LMAO)

    Willis comes home 1-22-09 ( wishiknew really pumped this one up talking about how great of a man willis was. Stayed one year and just recently was arrested on domestic violence. WTF did yall do to him in that 1 year?”

    Chizik Decision making uncanny 1-23-09 ( yeah this is an award winning piece if i have ever seen one. Truly a classic lol)

    Auburn will contend in 2010 8-2-10 ( now dont get happy and act like you really meant this wishiknew. You took every little cheap shot you could trying to compare Auburn to 2009 ole miss…how did that work out for ya?)

    Chiznik knows him some quarterbacks ( This could be the biggest swing and miss of your sorry writing career!!!! I think its funny you bash Chizik for Talking about QBs and how good Newton was. Once again please re-visit this story and let us know how this went also.)

    I miss losing ( Glad USC, LSU, and ESP. Auburn could bring that warm fuzzy feeling back for ya. lmao)

    Abarns ride over 10-31-10 ( Not so fast my friend!!! Damn do you EVER get anything right? )

    Now wishiknew can you do what saban couldnt and make this whole nightmare go away? Answer the 2 main questions from my earlier posts, and address why the BCS championship game wasnt on ABC and Tell the lil gumps that you are full of it and really dont know anything and,Ill go away.

  24. 30

    Aubfag, no one here really CARES at all about what you have to say. Blah Blah I hate Bammers Blah Blah live in the past blah blah you so wrong. Who cares? Why are you here? If you don’t like what is being said, why keep coming back? You are not going to change anything. We will still consider Auburn and its fans a joke and if we want to openly talk about it here, why bother to comment? You aren’t going to change anyones mind, and I could care less if I changed yours. So f_ck off dumbass. No one cared about watching the thug bowl with 2 no name teams playing. Sorry but Auburn doesn’t have the name recognition like the big boys do. Now go away.

  25. 31

    BB you are being very rude. Let iwishiknew grow a set , and actually answer the questions.With the responses you are giving BB I have to ask…are yall a couple? Whos the pitcher and whos the catcher?

  26. 33
    Pistol Pete



  27. 35

    334, don’t make me wade through your sea of bull crap. I think one of your questions had to do with a comparative analysis of Alabama’s ratings this season on ESPN vs. Auburn’s BCS game on ESPN.

    Do you really want me to compare ratings for Bama vs. Georgia State on ESPN up against Auburn vs. Oregon for all the marbles in their temporary championship game?

    What was your other question? I’m sure it’s equally as potent.

  28. 36

    Who is abarn? Ho hum. Let’s talk about important Teams like Alabama.

    Let abarn have the Velcro NC.for the 2010 season.

  29. 37

    334 must really be getting frustrated. His posts are starting to turn into novels. I guess he thinks if he types the most words, he wins!

    Good job, 334!

  30. 38

    334 is what he is. A blind Auburn fan who can’t bear to see the truth when it is right in front of him. And Cam enabled him to actually be brave enough to talk big for once. Praise Cam! I know you shouldn’t pick on handicapped people, but that shouldn’t apply to Auburn fans like 334. He brings all the bad stuff on himself.

    By the way, what happened to the resident Auburn whiner here, BP**? Did he get the ban hammer upside the head or what?

  31. 39

    I truly feel sorry fot the poor guy that claims to be”intheknow” but has yet to show he knows anything. bama played Georgia state on ESPNU. Why not give bama a fair shot in this ratings war you started with you biased story? Wasnt the #1 bama Vs. Penn State game on ESPN? I mean you cant get mor e tradition or history then that match up right? Im sure the ratings for that game blew the BCS game out of the water right? BB stop being wishiknews bitch for a minute and let him pretend to be a big boy answer answer a question . Please try not to spin out of this one.

  32. 40

    Aubfag334, man you are such a whiner. And no you can’t make me shut up, just like I can’t make you stop being stupid. Who gives a crap what TV station the game was on? No one watched it anyways. Enjoy your season. Ya’ll won it all. Ignore the controversies and corruption Auburn has shown. But don’t worry about Bama, they are in great shape for the future. So why are you here, and why do you care about what a bunch of Bama fans think of Auburn? I certainly could care less about what you think of Bama. But you are here. I am not on an Auburn board. That says a lot about you. You won’t win any argument over here. So set back down and shut the f_ck up. Quit sticking your chest out like you have done something. Even though Auburn won, Auburn fans are still losers.

  33. 41

    Lets see 334, were their any other games on that night during the Bama/Penn St game on ESPN? ABC, ESPNU, ESPN2, etc.

    How many other college games were on during the BCS title game?

    Sorry everyone for pointing out a fault in 334’s argument that he got from watching “Blue Clue’s” last week. I couldn’t help myself.

    334 you are awesome! Keep it up!

  34. 42

    334! Shhhhhh, listen! Do you hear it? It’s coming from Lee County!


  35. 43

    Where’s Phil, I mean, BPI? Did he leave?

    Can Mandy or 334 take his place?

    Where have all the Aubies gone? I thought after winning the NC, they would flood this site. Strange. All I hear in Auburn now are crickets and a ticking sound.

    Do they know something we don’t?

    LMAO !!!

  36. 44

    BP** must have been really bad. All his posts are gone, and he has disappeared. First Julia, now his boyfriend BP**. Another Auburn conspiracy is brewing…

  37. 45

    What a shame. I hate it for BP*. He was so smart and provided really insightful posts.

    He will be sorely missed….

    Can we get a monkey to take his place?

  38. 46

    Oh the insults are so painfulll …ohhhh the pain!!!!LMFAO This is typical bammer behavior. Im not here to win an “arguement” as you put it. I just get amused watching the “special people” follow writers or bloggers who pump out BS and you dont have enough sense to realize. wishiknew is the jerry springer of the internet. NOTHING this guy says ever happends. 99% of you are paranoid thats why 99% of your posts are about who? If we are on our way to the so called death penalty and we are “little brother” why do you all come here to be comforted by other bama idiots? Because the only place any of this made up crap will ever happend is here in wishiknew’s made up world. To be honest I wouldnt be surprised if he isnt really a bama fan, but just some nerd who is using your Aubsession to make a few dollars off of. Please dont let me stop that but can any of you show me an Auburn site that has this much rumor or down right lies about alabama? Highly doubt it. It amazes me you claim Auburn is “jealous” of bama…When are you going to start looking in the mirror (most newer trailers come with atleast one im sure) what % of this guys stories have been about Auburn? The title may be tide related but by no means is this a bama site aslong as you have garbage like wishiknew showing his Auburn envy. Now please poor on your same tired trailer park humor insults that only you hicks find funny while the National Champs discuss Auburn. Dont believe me go look for your self Ill bet money or whatever you like that you will NOT find an Auburn site that talks about bama as much as this site talks about Auburn. PERIOD. Enjoy your red neck klan meeting and being wishiknew’s bitch, but dont bash other fans for not believeing anything the idiot says.Notice how he STILL has not addresses the TRUTH I posted here. That should tell you gumps something about your hero.WDE!!!

  39. 47

    Most of the populated region in the United States East of the Missi – was SNOWED in – landlocked!!!! WHO that is a football fan I’m general DOES NOt have ESPN?!?

    That’s the excuse you excrement laden barner’s are using; that it wasn’t on network television?!? Maybe nobody gave sh|t about the game due to frAUdulent activity by West Georgia – hell, most people still think Auburn is in New York still – the delusion is at an all-time high – at first I didn’t buy in to the “delusion” factor on the barner’s – I’m on the bandwagon and then some more. You guys are pathetic down in Pat Died land. Seriously.

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