REPORT: Chris Rumph leading candidate at UA

REPORT: “A source has told The Tuscaloosa News that Clemson defensive ends coach Chris Rumph has emerged as a leading candidate to replace Davis. As well, is reporting that Rumph has already been contacted by UA.”

You really need to read the Tuscaloosa News report as it contains this important line: “Rumph is among the Clemson assistants recruiting defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, one of the nation’s top recruits from Rock Hill, S.C., who is also a target of Alabama’s recruiting efforts.”


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    Obviously they see something in this guy — something I don’t know about — as a fan, I just have to trust the judgement — then again, I wouldn’t “rush” to a conclusion to satisfy recruiting, et. al.

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    if Clowney signs with Bama I would say that is probably why they chose him. Plus he has coached some pretty good talent at Clemson and done fairly well.

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    Indiana Vol

    The thought of all you Bammer Moron Neanderthals having to endure a year of Auburn being crowned Nationsl Champions is quite funny!

    Hopefully, next year Nicky Satan and the Crimson Turd falls flat on their faces!!!

  4. 4

    Ha Ha Vol, your team is an embarrassment and you are here rooting for Auburn? It must really suck to be a UT fan right now. But all you girls don’t worry, Bama will have another really good team again next year. Further ahead in development than UT and Auburn put together. But we don’t care if Auburn wins it or not. Our trophy case is still way bigger, and it will only have more in it in the future. You all know that.

  5. 6
    The Crimson Hammah

    the greatest team of all time is on a roll …2011 crootiin …3 of 4 crootin titles in last few yrs…cap one beatdown…roll tide commercial…au crootin sucks…cam scam…trials in april …julio hightower barron coming back…cap one beatdown…saban in arizona…cam shameful heisman ceremony …pony excess..dickson to bama …

  6. 7

    Well, whatever you say there Vol, but Bama being worse will still be better than UT next year. Mark my words: Bama will win the West, UT will STILL not be a factor in the SEC. Bama STILL owns you. I have done forgot how long it has been since UT beat Bama. You are pretty funny though. Keep up the good work!

  7. 11

    Hey Vol….Hey Vol we just BEAT the HELL out of you! Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer Give’em HELL ALABAMA!…hahaha 41-10 Butt Sniffer!

  8. 12
    Indiana Vol

    What, no mention on this Bammer-biased site about the Lady Vols victory (110-45) over the Bammer men (er women) in BB last night.

    WOW; 110-45 over an 11-4 Bammer team!! That is not a beatdown, that is a full-fledged ASS-KICKING with extra KICKS!!

    Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer GO TO HELL ALABAMA!

  9. 14

    Basketball? What the hell is that? Is it a sport? And womens Basketball? Do they allow women to compete in athletics at UcheaT? I thought UcheaT women only sucked dick a la Miss Lacy! Bwaa Haww Haww! My God, it must be the pitts at UcheaT now that you need to come over here quoting women’s basketball and rooting for the Barnies, one of your hated enemies. Thank you IV, you made my day! Now STFU and get back to servicing your baby sister! RTR!

  10. 15
    Indiana Vol


    I wrote down before the season began that you “guaranteed” another SEC and NC for your beloved Crimson TURD this year.


    Auburn and South Carolina beat the Bammer CHEATERS. Auburn, your most hated rival, will play for (and probably win) the National Title you predicted for your Crimson TURD Cheaters. I’ll bet that really stings!

    I will be laughing my ASSS off on Monday night while Auburn wins your NC knowing you are steaming mad because it is Auburn and not the Crimson TURD!


  11. 16

    ^^^^desperate for attention. Sad reality check of the state of Tennesse football. Vol here is the posterboy for all the wannabes. I bet he is missing Phat Phil really badly right now.

  12. 19

    No IV, it really doesn’t bother me all that much. I’m disappointed that they played with inconsistency, but on any given day they could beat anybody. The score against UcheaT was about the same as Oregon. but that was a game of two different halves. Bama dominated your arses without mercy for 60 minutes, so we’re better than Oregon. We pounded without mercy the 7th ranked Big 10 champ which is more than the Barnturds are gonna do against their top 10 opponent Monday. And after Barnie gets waxed by the Ducks they will have nothing and be ranked #2 looking at shite for a team next year. While we will have ended our season with the most impressive win in all of football this year, be the preseason #1 and have the #1 signing class. Nope, the year’s not going to turn out so bad after all. By the way, how’s it hanging in Knoxville? Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

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    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Bama will be third in the west next year behind LSU and AU. Mark it down. You think everyone on our team is leaving but we have plenty of great players left. Also closing in on a top 5 recruiting class filling in with Enrque Florence, Brent Calloway, Marcus Roberson, etc. We will close very strong. The little midget will still get outcoached next year, loser. Now sit down boy and watch AU win a NC.

  14. 21

    Bama third in the west next year ?! LOL

    That distinction will belong to Arkansas, with Auburn somewhere behind them. 4th will be the best Aub can do next year, and you should consider that a success!

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