Recruiting: Alabama lands top Florida RB

REPORT: “The University of Alabama received a huge commitment Sunday afternoon from Dee Hart, a National 100 running back from Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando, Fla. Hart becomes the first running back to commit to the Crimson Tide in the 2011 class,” according to Andrew Bone’s report in the Tuscaloosa News.

According to, “Hart is a huge pick-up for several reasons with the most glaring being he is a tremendous player who has a chance to be an early impact player for Alabama,” said Watts. “He’s a guy who instantly can come in and compete for that home-run role on special teams that was similar to Javier Arenas two years ago. Also a guy like him can find a spot on any offense in which he can make an impact.”

ESPN grades Hart as an 80. He lists at 5’8″, 190 lbs. provides this conclusion in its evaluation of Hart: “Hart could see early action because he is lightning in a bottle when in space. His superior agility makes him a natural to get looked at as a punt returner early in his career. Depending on the depth chart of where he goes, Hart could make an early splash as a freshman.”


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    Hmm – 5’8″??? I need to see some video – he must be a finesse runner – not a power back like Ingram –

    I noticed one thing about McCarron – he needs to bulk up – I’m afraid he will get the Brodie syndrome – got a cannon but can’t take a hit. Something tells me Simms will give em all a run for their money during A-Day.

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    Dang I thought there was a new sheriff in town, and Saban was too old and ready to give it up. Averaging 12 wins a season just isn’t good enough anymore I reckon. Coaches that are 1 game over .500 are all the rage now I guess. What does Bama getting all these recruits mean when they can’t compete with that? It is over for Bama, they might as well just retire Nick and bring in a 5-19 coach so we can get back on track.

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    Huge. Along with a young secondary, what killed Bama this season was an inability to flip the field with special teams play. Great news.

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    Looks like Bama is recruiting to their needs very well in this class. Jesse Williams and Quintin Dial on the line, DePreist at linebacker next season should improve the pass rush and stopping the run. The offensive line loses only 1 player, and the Douglas signee should have an opportunity to fill in there. Richardson, Lacy and this guy in the backfield, plus he is a ligit punt returner will help a lot. The secondary should be intact and improved over this season as well. The QB battle should produce an adequate replacement for McElroy. But Bama’s strength next season will be the running game. The Defense has the potential to be the best in the SEC next season. The future is looking pretty good, I think they improve on this seasons record.

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    According to BP* and 334 here, it doesn’t matter what kind of recruiting Saban does. It will either be a bust, or Saban has all the talent in the world so there is no reason to have depth issues, or other crap like that. 334 even says that injuries to Bama is just an excuse, and BP says that hey look! Auburn had 1 injury to deal with at the beginning of the season, and they handled it! When the truth was if Bama would have been fully healthy all year the record would have been better. Bama had around 12-13 starters go down at some point during the season, and still managed a 10-3 record. Auburn could not withstand that many injuries and be productive at all with this years team. I look forward to next seasons rejuvenated Bama team. I believe that Saban, like the fans, are drooling over the beatdown that is coming to Auburn next season. And Bama will be in dominate form again, destroying each team in the path to get there. Just like Florida was the motivation to be the team to beat last year, next season it will be Auburn in the crosshairs. Auburn will have a losing record before we get there, but it will be an epic beatdown nonetheless.

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