Alabama waits on NFL decisions

The look of the 2011 Alabama Crimson Tide will depend on the NFL. Who enters the draft?

The AP provided a couple of quotes to show the present status of the draft decisions. “It’s a tough decision,” said Ingram, the 2009 Heisman Trophy winner. “It’s a life-changing decision. I’m going to go and talk to coach Saban and meet with my family and things like that in the next week or so and try to make a decision what’s best for me.”

And what about star receiver Julio Jones? “I’m going to talk to my family and to my coaches and we’ll go from there,” he said.

One other name that should be watched for 2011—Courtney Upshaw. According to the story you can read below, “Upshaw certainly looked like a rising star in the past two games when the Capital One Bowl MVP collected five sacks and forced three fumbles.”


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    If you’re not in the first round – nothing over the 25th pick – it ain’t worth it – of course injuries can always affect the future/status of a player –

    I follow the beat writer, I. Gould – he believes that Julio is leaving but everyone tells me that his mother really wants him to get his degree. I don’t see Ingram leaving at all – I think he had an unproductive year and that he could raise his stock by returning and putting up yds/TD – especially in the red zone drill and maybe special teams –

    IMO Hightower is gone – he is a definite top 20 1st rounder –

    The only thing that is shaky about the NFL is the players union collective bargaining agreement – they swear there will be pro football next year but the owners have a problem with profit sharing – it will be interesting to see how all that plays out.

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    If the lockout thing doesn’t come into play, Julio and Ingram need to go pro. Like I said with Ro last year, hate to see them go, but too much money is on the table for them and their families to risk it.

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    I think Hightower stays. He can only increase his draft ranking by coming back. He really didn’t get going well until the last few games. Same with Ingram, I think he goes higher with another year. Julio, if he stays could end up being the top overall receiver in next years draft. I think Darueus is the only one for sure that would go high in this years draft, with Julio and Ingram the next possible high picks. But whatever these guys decide, Bama is still in good shape for next year at every position these guys hold. And I wish them the best, they were part of some great teams and contributed to one of the best runs in school history. They would leave with 36 wins over the past three years. If they did stay, they have an opportunity to beat Floridas SEC record 4 year span of 48 wins, that Bama will achieve next season 🙂 Roll Tide!

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    The Crimson Hammah

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    Alex Hamilton

    Or, some of the third year Juniors could transfer to Auburn and get some of that TARP and gambling money from Tigers Unlimited.

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    Aww screw the possible injury bullshite. The odds are greater they will be injured in a car accident or a drive by in their Hood. Also greater in the pros and how often does that happen? Not very. Look, tons of great players get red shirted and later grey shirted too. Those guys stay 4 and 5 years until they finish their junior season of eligibility before they go pro. Julio, Ingram, Darius, Hightower, Baron and Maze have only been there 3 measley years. It won’t kill them to stay one more. This leaving as a junior bullshite sucks. In my opinion it just validates Saban needing to oversign!

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