The Alabama team everyone expected

This was the Alabama football team experts and fans expected. We saw glimpses of it during 2010. The domination of Penn State and Florida were examples. However, there were many examples of incomplete games—games where Alabama missed the wakeup call (or maybe even the bus to the game.) This time Alabama played 60 minutes.

New Year’s Day in the Capital One Bowl was a definitive moment in the development of the 2011 Alabama football team. Players throughout the roster contributed—particularly on defense. This bodes well for next season’s squad. Of course, the biggest question on next year’s roster will be the quarterback. We do not have a definitive answer on that (and likely won’t until fall camp.) This will make the spring an interesting time. Every word uttered by Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban will be parsed for a clue as to the next Alabama quarterback. It should be fun to watch. It will make spring interesting.

So, what was the difference today? The offensive line was there. Healthy. Something that wasn’t the case very often during the 2010 campaign. But the team seemed different on many levels. It was focused. It was tough. It was what you expect a Nick Saban football team to be.

With so many bright spots, it is hard to single out just one. However, I’ll try. Courtney Upshaw’s play was impressive. It showed just how dominate he is when healthy.

But enough of that. Fans are ready to argue over the next quarterback. You can bet those discussions are already flaring up on message boards and in family kitchens. Will it be AJ or Sims?


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    If no one can score on us next year, then who plays quarterback is a non-issue. I’ve heard the Sims kid is pretty good though, however I think McCarron will be the starter next year.

  2. 2

    We will know when Nick says so.
    I think Nick will go with McCarron. He seems to prefer mature leadership/experience in the process, over raw athleticism.

  3. 3

    Great way to finish off the season. I know this team had better expectations then playing in the Capital One Bowl, but they truely did look like the monsters I expected to them to be this year.

  4. 4
    Tommy Williams

    I love this ball club. I watched these guys mature right in front of me. To the reporters: The players that get playing time at any position are the players Nick Saban says will play. That’s that. He is the coach and his method works. We won’t win a national title every year, as much as I want us to, but coach gives us the best shot. So lets let him do his job and he will tell us what we need to know.

  5. 5

    Over on the MSU boards they were duly impressed. One guy has followed MSU for 24 years and said he’s never seen a team as tough as Alabama. He said neither Ohio St nor Michigan under Shembechler could hold a candle to what he saw today. Really I don’t blame him. We knocked 8 players out of the game for a period of time each, including both QB’s. The guy that finished the game isn’t even a QB. Makes you wonder even more what the hell happened at halftime of the Iron Bowl. I’m likin’ 2011 already. The Big 10 screwed the pooch today and I rooted for every SEC team. Too bad I can’t do that in 9 days. At one time I thought I could, but the more I think about it the more it turns my stomach. It will be hard to pull for those funky Nike Nightmares too. Maybe I’ll just skip it and go get a piece of ass. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  6. 7

    i worry less about who the qb is gonna be and more about who’s coming back. listen to saban on the topic. i’ve heard him say nothing about the qb situation. i HAVE heard him mention the nfl deal in relation to our juniors.

    our defense will definitely be better if dareus comes back. i think ingram is gone. julio maybe. hightower, no way.

    will dareus be a first rounder??

    regardless, this looked like a typical saban team with a month to prepare.

    the big ten again sucked the big one today. michigan state in no way was ready to challenge our physicality and speed. michigan was firebombed by mullen and $tate. florida struggled but beats penn st.

    (wasn’t it funny to see paterno with no inclination to retire and crier walking away. paterno is from a different world. losing a quarterback doesn’t make him quit, even in his eighties. it strikes me that joe pa is twice the man that meyer is)

    i really thought wisconsin would play better. i thought their coaching staff made a mistake by not running straight at tcu more.

    what of malzahn and the maryland job?? will he take it?? my sense is he better. tim tebows and cam newtons don’t fall out of trees. if i knew cam wasn’t coming back, i’m outta there. either way, i’d be thinking about it. we know he wants to be a head coach. how can his reputation improve at this point. and what better conference for his offense?? in the acc he could win right away.

    regardless, i sleep well knowing newton likely won’t be back and nick saban will.

    and auburn now has a big target on it’s back.

    (ask urban meyer about being targeted by saban)

    with the way our basketball team sucks, i’m looking forward to the fall.

  7. 9

    I know this will sound racist, but CNS has a track record of going with big black QB’s w huge arms. Just ask Sean Payton how that worked out in NOLA (Culpepper or Brees?) My vote is for Bama Bangs, come on CNS, please dont make me look at Sims for the next few years. FYI, Bama Bangs came from the Dan Patrick show. We must admit that our QB’s post 2000 must have problems with their foreheads!

  8. 10

    Personally I don’t care which one is the starter. I never saw McCarron in high school but I followed Simms and I know what he can do. Against better competition he was an equal passer and a better runner. One thing that worries me about McCarron is durability. He’s a stringbean. How many hits can he take. And he even looks like he was just weened from his mama’s tit a few weeks ago. In either case I think the QB position is in good hands. That being said, I’ll tell you right phucking now, I am going to miss Greg McElroy. Hell I already miss him. I wish we hadn’t wasted him behind Wilson. Wish we had him 2 more years. 24-3 and none of the losses were his fault. 3000 yards passing on the year. 600 yards passing, 40 completions in 54 attempts for 74%, and no interceptions in his last two games. Led the nation with 71% completion percentage. I went to high school with Snake Stabler, but Greg is my all time favorite QB. I’d take him over a half dozen Scum Pootins. Did you see that block he threw for Julio? I’ll never forget maybe the greatest National Championship of all time, and played every snap with broken ribs while pussy McCoy chickened out. You phuckers who have dissed him are gonna miss him too. RTR!

  9. 12

    Great game just wished Bama played like this against the barn!!
    Sims will make a serious run at the qb position but AJ will be
    the starting qb next season. RTR

  10. 13

    Ahh! 18 hours so far and not one single Barner. Then again what could the brain dead motherphuckers say about the most impressive football game of the year by anybody? What could they say about being served notice that Bama never went away and that #14 is on the horizon. ESPN is already talking preseason #1. Nicky’s all washed up and thinking about quiting? Three 10 or more win seasons in a row and no end in sight. SEC record 36 wins in 3 years. 36 wins in 3 years tied for most wins in nation (non AQ Boise St and TCU with their schedules really don’t count). The worst beatdown of a Big 10 champion in history. And now the Barnies are at the top of Nicky’s kickass list. Not good Mullets! Oh well, guess they’re all still hung over from the corn squeezin’s and humpin’ their sisters! Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  11. 14

    One more thing Awbies. You still haven’t won shite. And I’ll gladly take the total anhialation of a 11-1 Big10 Champion as a consolation prize. In fact I’ll take that any day over losing the BCSNCG to the phucking Nike Nightmares and finishing #2 with a loss, which means absolutely nothing! Go Quacks! RTR!

  12. 15
    The Crimson Hammah

    aj should be the man – yes still a string bean but has bulked up noticeably and will really push in the wt room til next yr…aj is a stud passer esp downfield but hopefully smart enough to dink and dunk

    either way we win nc w/ perfect season

  13. 17

    as everyone debating AJ or Sims next year should remember what McElwain said about McCarron recently (about a month ago) “Alabama fans are going to love AJ’s arm”

  14. 19
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Good game losers,’just wasn’t your year to beat the team of destiny. You made the SEC look good. Got to give Bama props.

  15. 20
    The Crimson Hammah

    greatest football program in history anything but losers

    bama has played in 19 games with title on line…

    au has never played in a title game

  16. 21
    The Crimson Hammah

    An aide to NCAA Director of Agent, and Amateurism Activities Rachel Barker, has said “off the record” that the investigation is almost over and they will probably issue sanctions against AU sometime mid to late spring or early summer. The aide stated that sanctions would be severe and there has been talk of a punishment similair to SMU under the “repeat violator” rule but, due to the devastating effect on SMU’s program they will instead vacate any wins in which an inelligable player participated and most likely lose at least a year of TV games, 5 years of post-season probation, and at least 8-12 scholarships per year for 3-5 years according to the source.

  17. 24

    Three 10 wins or more the past three seasons, and Auburn fans really think Saban and Bama are done. Another top recruiting class in the making this year, just destroyed another top 10 team, and this team will just be licking their chops for a chance at Auburn all next season. And I doubt Bama will need that Auburn luck in coming from behind. Bama’s defense will be tough to deal with this coming season. All the players and experience are lining up for them to have a special defense. I look forward to watching all the Aubbies squirm and worry all next season, knowing deep in their simple little minds that Bama is going to destroy their team in the end. Enjoy this last game, better hope you beat Oregon! Roll Ducks!

  18. 25

    Has there ever been an Auburn team that has more pressure to win one game than this one? Has there ever been two teams with such a lack of defense in a National Championship game? Has there ever been two teams with as many thug players to play with everything on the line? Tune in Monday to witness the disgrace of all NC games! Two forgettable teams play for all the glory in their one shot at success in a century, two non-defensive teams in a shoot-out! Will the shopped around Heisman disgrace bring his team another come from behind victory? Or will the girlfriend beater upstage him? Who knows? Does anyone really care? What are the odds the TV ratings will be way down from last time? What are the odds that either team will even be able to defend their success next year? So be sure to watch Monday as the most unlikely of teams square off in this one-time event. Auburn finally gets a chance since they were denied in 2004. Will they live up to the challenge? Maybe, if Auburn has the ball with two minutes left in the game. Will Oregons speedy high powered offense expose Auburns weak secondary? Count on it! Early and often! Will Auburn be able to stage a 30 point come from behind victory? Probably not! But it will be fun to watch the wind come out of the Auburn sails, that alone would be worthy of watching.

  19. 26

    What else is Barntard University hiding? The players grades have been posted for over 2 weeks and they’re getting on the plane for Arizona today.Yet Chikzit is holding fast to his stance that they still have some academic issues to “clear up.” Did the Barntards run out of hush money for the professors?

  20. 27

    Well rest assured – academics are an “off-season” issue at Aubarn. So no one will receive punishments – like . . . Ever.

  21. 28

    Just yet another instance of barners slapping the rest of the country in the face and stupid enough to believe they’re getting away with it. Oregon declared over a week ago. Chickzits hiding one or more key players. If I were Oregon,I’d at least like to know on a timely basis. It could seriously affect their game-planning, depending upon the players.

  22. 29

    Quack attack has WAY more speed on both sides of the ball – don’t count the quack attack out – it won’t be a blow out.

  23. 30

    Just more proof of how jealous you turds really are!!! Several signs at YOUR bowl game talking about Auburn/Oregon. Here you are on YOUR website on a thread about YOUR bowl game and still more talk about Auburn/Oregon. Man that 24 point choke job must have left a very nasty taste in the bammers mouth. Even a blow out victory over a top 10 (ROFLMFAO) Big 10 team couldnt take the taste away!! “The team we thought they was” …So yall thought bama was good enough to be Big 10 Champs huh? Still finished middle of the road in the SEC. Yall beat a POS football team that plays in the most over rated BCS conf in the NCAA. Great job bama! I mean TCU beat what many believe was the best Big 10 school. Hey Ill go ahead and say great job bama on being top 3 preseason for the 2011 season, But I will also be here this time next year after they finish with atleast 5 losses as well! Oh by the way hammah great bedtime story on the ncaa going to get the big bad “barners”. I believed the $300,000 trailer story more then this BS!!! LOL Can you tell the truth about anything you silly gump?

  24. 31

    5 Losses next season? For Auburn, probably, but not Bama. I’m sure you based your “unbiased” opinion on something more than just being a douche.

    Unlike Auburn, we will be in the National Championship discussion year in and year out.

    This will be Auburn’s one chance to get one for the next 50 years. Alabama has won and played for more National Championships than Auburn will ever dream of. Just because Auburn made it this one year, does not mean they are a equal to Alabama. They are and will always be second rate to Alabama. You need to have tradition, wins, and records to be on par with Bama. Sorry Auburn, you’ll always have to have that chip on your shoulder and use fuzzy logic and revisionist history to even sniff at Bama’s college football greatness. To quote the AJC…”Auburn tries to be as arrogant as Alabama but with only 1/10th the justification”.

    Plus, all of our National Championships are untainted. We win them the right way.

    So please Aubies, don’t come to this site and try to sound big and bad. It only makes you look more pathetic to us Bama fans. No matter what venom you spew, we are always going to look down on you because we know that your football team is second class. Just compare our body of work to Auburn’s body of work. Only an idiot would argue that point.

  25. 32

    No Aub334, you are here doing a poor job defending your team. We HATE Auburn as much as you hate Bama. But you are here, instead of on an Auburn site patting yourself on the back about how Bama is OVER, and Saban is done, Auburn is going to out-recruit everyone at the last minute, and this Auburn dynasty is going to last into the next decade with that 1 win over .500 fellow Chiznik.

    The truth is you won’t be nowhere to be seen here this time next season. Heck you will disappear next Tuesday. By next year you will be hiding with your tail between your legs wondering what happened to your shattered perception, at the bottom of the SEC West, and pretty much forgotten about by the rest of the country. Especially after Oregon jacks Auburn up for 50 points.

  26. 33

    You bammer trash are such idiots. What Chiz or Auburn does is none of your dam beeswax. Chiz knows just what to say to piss all you fools off and it works. He owes noone and I mean noone an explanation. Look there is nothing you trash can do to stop us from winning the NC. Get over it. You lost. You are all losers. Now go kiss Chizs arse. Hes bent over waiting. We are gonna beat your cheating arses again next yr. Get ready cuz its coming. Go Tigers

  27. 34

    Hey Mandy ! Nice to hear from you. Don’t know exactly what you just said, but nice to hear from you anyways !

  28. 36

    Why hey, Mandyke! Back from riding your woman around on your Hog I see. I have never heard a word Chiznik says. I promise. The last time I remember reading quotes from him was how he said it was a God thing, explaining the extreme luck he was having in winning from behind. After that, it was hard to take him serious. Like God favors one football team over another. He is a joke, has an over achieving team, and no way he sustains this success through next season. Roll Tide Mandyke!

  29. 38

    LOL the so called”13″ national championships is nothing more then a little teddy bear that you bammers are squeezing the hell out of while this nightmare is going on. If Auburn is such a worthless ,cheating, little brother of a program why cant yall have a simple discussion without bringing us up? This was suppose to be a disscussion about bama’s “milestone” victory. However you still feel that lump in back of your throat. You know that lump when Auburn stormed back and took the lead over bama and use the gumps as a stepping stool to get to the NC game. Oh bama has a great tradition never disputed that, But Auburn has NEVER choked up a 24 point lead in the Iron Bowl to help bama win a NC. The sting of this years IB will never go away. Your great great grandchildren will talk about this game for many years to come. Now you bama fans are sitting back and praying that Oregon or the NCAA will do what bama couldnt against a “1 win better then .500 coach” as one of you turds put it. All I know is bama has 1 BCS Title, and Auburn will be playing for their first on the 10th. bama has a losing record against Auburn at not only Jordan Hare but at Jordan Hare West as well. The 5 million dollar midget can only muster a .500 winning percentage against that “little brother” program from Auburn. oh and by the way love how yall keep saying auburn cheats….just googled “Auburn cheats” and “alabama cheats”….Auburn search came back with 260,000 hits…alabama search came back with 2,080,000 hits. WOW!!!! Yall won that one also. This calls for a Rammer Jammer!!! LMAO!

  30. 39

    Yeah you brain dead motherfucker all the Google hits show is that Alabama is 10 times more popular to read about than your insignificant pissant school. Of course anybody not dumber than a box of rocks already knew that. Laugh it up cum breath. Enjoy your moment in the sun while it lasts until next September or the NCAA hammer, whichever comes first. Once in every 50+ years must be a beotch of a wait. By the way inbred retard, this is our board and we discuss what is interesting. And your arses future hammering by the NCAA not only interests us, but it is the #1 topic of interest in the whole nation. Hell, who knolws; before it’s over everybody might actually understand that Auburn is not in Upstate New York. Bwaa Haww Haww! And believe me shite-for-brains, the IB didn’t bother us all that much since we had already screwed the pooch all by ourselves. And the whole country knows after the Cap 1 Bowl who really has the best team in the Nation, albeit not the most consistent. So eat shite and die . RTR!

  31. 41

    Crimsonite you poor bastard!!! You really believe that cake walk of a ballgame that bama just won showed us anything we didnt already know? What that game showed us is bama can beat the snot out of a pissy Big 10 school and thats it. bama has showed all season they cant play with the SEC this year. Where did yall finish in the west again? Like I said this IB will live FOREVER! Everytime bama takes a lead in the IB they will show highlights of the choke job saban put on. Everytime a bama QB is sacked they will show where T.Bell knocked opie’s ass stupid. Thats what the bastard gets for shooting birds at the crowd anyway. More bammer class by the way. Your team is garbage.Your fanbase for the most part is mullet wearing trash. No one is scared of bama. No one is just going to bow to saban because he beat a team 99% of the SEC would have beat. If Michigan State was so good they wouldnt have been playing in the bowl they was in you dumb ass! Troy State would have beat Michigan State. Now yall go back to your bedtime stories …telling your fellow bammers that everything will be ok…..the ducks and or NCAA will kill the big bad tiger….no one remembers the 2010 IB…..saban is worth every penny even though he does less with more then anyother coach in NCAA history. I mean even Mark Richt is like “damn he choked” lmao

  32. 42

    Who is the posterboy program for cheating in football right now across the nation? 334 get over over yourself. Auburn won by a measly point. Hardly a dominating performance. I like your spin though. You can tell the Bear Bryant days affected your grandaddy, your daddy and it was pssed done to you. Saban scared the hell out of you with that 36-0 beatdown too. He has averaged 12 wins a year for 3 years and all the sudden it is over with huh?

    Your team looks like the most unlikely and lucky team to ever play in a National Championship game. You hardly dominated anyone, had to come from behind more times than not, and rely on timely turnovers at the right time just to get to where you are. The 2004 team was better overall than this team is. At least in 2004 the defense was able to dominate some teams. And are you denying that Chiznik is not one win above .500? Well, he is. Saban has coached 4 times the games Chiznik has and never had a losing season. Just admit the truth, without Cam Auburn is 7-5 this year. Bama could have set their Heisman winner and still went undefeated. Auburn is still the ‘little sister’ and always will be and you will always be the hateful little Auburn fan with the little big man syndrome. Bama will always be ahead of Auburn in head to head victiories, Bowl Games, SEC Championships, National Championships and in overall wins. It will not change in your lifetime. So, get back in your place sh!t for brains. Bama will be on a mission to destroy Auburn this coming season, and you don’t have the guns to stop it.

  33. 44

    Aubfan334…where are you from? I’d like to talk to you face to face. Let me know..and we will see just how bold you really are.

  34. 46

    I live in Montgomery Jim. I guess You want to come “whoop” me now. lol Let me know when the visiting hours are at your “special hospital” and ill come visit ya. And yes a 1 point victory is a whooping when you come from 24 points behind to win by 1.As far as my Grandfather and father goes….both were Georgia Fans so doubt it bothered them much but just keep telling yourself it did so you can get some sleep tonight. Look forward to hearing from ya “JIM”

  35. 47

    Come on “JIM” I am waiting….Put down the pork skins and natural light. come on out of your bedroom in your moms trailer and lets set this meeting up. You name the place and Im free all tomorrow morning. Anywhere in Montgomery boss and Ill be there. Hurry “JIM” your crimson brothers are betting on

  36. 48

    I told you Aubfag334 has a little big man problem. He will be gone soon enough. Next Tuesday he will still be just a sad little man with a double-digit IQ.

  37. 49

    I’d love to critical condition a lot of you motherfuckers that contaminate this site. Then again it’s just the Internet – if u r up to it – let’s sign some waivers – and give me a good excuse to bust my knuckles up with joy – lmao! Ahh – nothing like college football!

  38. 50

    Kind of hard to put someone in critical condition when you sit your lard ass in front of a video game or computer all day, But just like 99% of the posts you turds put on here pure fantasy Dont let me stop you from living in your fantasy world.If you really want to fight same goes for you…name the place in montgomery you would like to meet and well go from there. Until then shut the phuck up with the empty threats.You truly resemble your pathetic team..big, bad, and unbeatable then when I kick the dog crap out of you you will say it was luck or I cheated. Anywho let me know where chump.

  39. 51

    Aubfag334 talks as big and bad as the rest of ’em. You are just a big blow hard Auburn fan coming on a Bama board, because for the first time in your life you feel like you have something to stick your chest out about. Win or lose on monday, you are still a d!ckhead with an inferiority complex. I thank God every day that I was not born an Auburn fan like you.

  40. 52

    Im sure your uncle/daddy is proud of you bamabrando. Cute how you chnaged my name up there also. I bet that took you all freaking day to come up with. Great job lil buddy. Still waiting for where im supposed to meet either of you at for the so called whooping tomorrow…Just dont pick a wal mart or good will….ill be out numbered there.ROFLMFAO

  41. 53

    Aubfag334, you do your inferior inbred race you call a fanbase proud. Takes big, i mean big balls to try to act like you are some badass on the internet. I mean seriously dude, you need to get a life. No one is scared of the big bad Auburn fan with his chest stuck out. All I want you to do is be here and run that goober smoocher of yours for the next year, but you won’t be here for me to tell you I told you so. You will be gone Tuesday. But you aint bad, you aint gonna be whooping up on anyone. You are just a d!ck with ears, another insecure little wussy Auburn fan that got brave cause they finally made it to the big game. Now you know what it feels like to be a Bama fan. But we don’t lose them once we get there. Auburn hasn’t proven they can win one yet.

  42. 55

    Excuse me “Sir” but your fellow bammers started the “country boy ass whooping” threats so to be exact ever little insult you just used applies for them even more. Thanks for the back up BB. Yes its a very silly thing to throw useless threats out over the internet and the two bama fans should learn from your informative post. i bet they learned their leason and will NEVER get drunk and post such crap on this great board again. Now that we got that out of the way lets talk some “bammah” football.OHHHHHH thats right yall are in the middle of another one of your “Wish we was Auburn ” rants. The poor guy has worked his tail off to bring you hope for your beloved bama team , And all you turds do is turn it into a Auburn love fest. Man you guys suck as fans. Props to the person who wrote such a great report on bama doing less with more. Too bad the few bama fans that can read had to come and ruin it by bringing up that “lil brother” team that bama just choked up a 24 point lead too. Smile and show off your 4 teeth and be proud bama will be over hyped again next year which will make the fall even more fun too watch next year. Oh and too the two bammers that wanted to meet me in person Im still waiting on a place. Just get back to me with that.

  43. 58
    The Crimson Hammah

    au has never played in a title/bowl game with title implications – bama 19 times

    even using barner math 19>0

  44. 60

    oooo Aubfag334, guess you feel like a good and proper Auburn Tiger. All thats missing is the black face paint and the toilet paper. But let me straighten you out on one point. I don’t wish Bama was like Auburn in the least bit. The history and tradition that Alabama has built up for more than a century now is a lot better than anything Auburn has ever done. You can’t wish it away and one good season for Auburn doesn’t even make it equal. I know all of you Auburn rejects have a hard time with math, so I won’t bore you with the numbers cuz you wouldn’t understand them anyway. But Bama leads Auburn in every important category. Number of undefeated seasons, number of National Championships, Number of overall wins, bowl games, iron bowl victories, Sec Championships, against the rest of the SEC, etc and so on. Facts are facts and Auburn don’t hold a candle to Bama. Even if you duplicated this year for the next ten, you still wouldn’t be caught up with Bama. So take your high and mighty act to your inbred brethren, because nothing you say here will change those FACTS. I have told you this before, and I see that you have no response except for your wishful thinking on what you perceive as Bama wanting to be Auburn. Man, that is the craziest thing you could have said. You have no idea what it means to be a Bama fan, and this year is your only taste of remotely getting a glimpse of it. Bama will be in contention for more National Championships over time, as you already know. It hasn’t stopped, Auburn finally got there for once, but it doesn’t mean Bama won’t ever be there again. You know this as well as I do, because you have been watching Bama get all the glory and Auburn choke more often than not. i know we will be back, you can’t say the same thing. This is a once in a lifetime event for Auburn fans. Enjoy, roll a tree, have your KKK parties, and hope with all your might that Auburn can luck out just one more game, because you are going to look very stupid if they can’t.

  45. 61

    Once again lets break down the gibberish that BB has puked out here:

    “The history and tradition that Alabama has built up for more than a century now is a lot better than anything Auburn has ever done.” never disputed what bama done YEARS ago. College Football has changed since the 70’s BB and there will never be a team that is on the level that bama fans think their team is every year. What you did in 1971 means shit now.

    “But Bama leads Auburn in every important category.” WRONG once again lil fart nugget. The most important ones is 2010 IB champs, 2010 SEC champs, and come Monday poss. 2010 BCS champs. Thats alot more important then what happend back in the 40’s.

    “Even if you duplicated this year for the next ten, you still wouldn’t be caught up with Bama.” Sure we could if we get awarded the same NC’s that bama was awaraded back in the day. The enterprise laundromat NC for 1830!!! Come on. Here answer this…How many NC Trophies does bama have? Be carefull answering this

    “Bama wanting to be Auburn” Im sorry but please show me where I said this? I was talking about you loseres here who cant enjoy your teams victory without bringing up Auburn. Go back and start at the beginging…I didnt start posting until after some turd brought up Auburn. Nice spin though.

    “You have no idea what it means to be a Bama fan,” THANK GOD!!!!! Thats the nicest thing you said to me yet!!

    “This is a once in a lifetime event for Auburn fans.” Nah not really Ive seen numerous Undefeated seasons. We will get ours. dont worry lil ass clown.

    “have your KKK parties” this coming from a person talking about black face paint and fags? Man pot meet kettle!!!

  46. 62

    Undefeated is not the same as a National Championship.

    IF you get one this year it will be because everyone in the right places got greased even Slive & Finepuke.

  47. 63

    Aub334, please keep you responses coming, they are almost as good as Mandy’s!

    12-2, 14-0, 10-3
    SEC West Champs, SEC Champs, National Champs.

    We are talking recent history here, baby.

    But, please continue to post because I do enjoy them so….

  48. 64

    LMAO@ internet tough guy Aubfag334 and his numerous 3 undefeated seasons.Barntard U. was was caught cheating and on probation for 2 of them and irrelevant in the 3rd.

  49. 66

    The barner is somewhat right…Can’t believe I just said that. As an Alabama fan of 40+Years I have never seen so much Aub watching. Do You think any of Our National Championship Coaches was worried about what that cow college was doing? Then why are we here on this site even bringing up the name Auburn and any thing to do with them? For us to ever be the School/Team we once was We have to stop watching over our shoulder to see whos catching up. Despite this being a less then perfect season We are still YEARS ahead of Auburn, So why even entertain this jerk with a response? Im so tired of this pissing contest on every football board! I know I am going to piss alot of people of by saying this , But Auburn is the better team this year.We had our chances , But we let them slip through our fingers. Hopefully next season will be alot different, But there is nothing anyone here can say that will change this fact. All of these threats and name calling is so beyond childish its silly. Heres one Bama fan speaking to other Bama fans Let him bark all he wants , But dont stoop to his level. Some of the language here is pure trash. How can We talk about tradition then call someone a F*G in the same sentence? Act your ages and support Your teams , And stop worrying about other teams.

  50. 67

    Well said Bamaborn. I’m as guilty as any of them. But you are right, we are still years ahead of the Barn and we should just ignore the classless Aubies that come to this site to instigate.

    But if the NCAA throws the hammer at them, I will LMAO….

  51. 68

    Honestly from what I have been hearing from what few sources I have is that Auburn will not see any type of punishment. If I understood this correctly there has been constant communication between the NCAA and Auburns compliance office before the trip to Arizona, And Auburn will not be punished. IF any school or school boosters are to be punished it will be MSU. Don’t get Me wrong I would be the first person to let out a chuckle if Auburn was to go down, But I think most of it is internet speculation by fans of other schools. As Alabama fans Im sure you know all about internet speculation. Heck just read on a message board that CNS is going to be leaving Bama to coach a 7th Grade girls soccer team in North Dakota. See how easy that was.

  52. 70

    Actually, BB2win this has nothing to do with any link btwn AU and Miss St. Rumor is CAM was just the tip of the iceberg, and the FBI have tapes that shed light on EVERYTHING. Again, only rumor…I haven’t heard any of the McGregor tapes.

  53. 71
    The Crimson Hammah

    bama – when in business = 92-99 08-present

    11 yrs – 7 sec west titles
    19 yrs – 4 sec west titles – 1 vacated

  54. 72

    Haha 334, your argument is so weak. I wasn’t talking about the 40s. But Bama won the NC just last year and has been pretty consistent over a long period of time. Auburn has not. But you have been on probation two of the three times in your life that Auburn went undefeated. Not the same as winning a NC though. Nice try loser. But arguing with a mathematical handicap such as yourself is really no contest. All I ask of you is to be here after next Tuesday, and throughout the next season. Bama is nowhere near done, Saban is really just getting started going well. Like I said no response from you about 36 wins in three seasons. Has Auburn ever done that? You know the answer.

  55. 74

    True About FBI having tapes , But you can bet if there was anything major about Auburn on any of those tapes it would have been out already. The FBI is nothing like the NCAA , And They do not drag stuff out for years Especialy when its involveing one of Their biggest gambling targets in recent history. Now Crimson Hammah, These are the exact type of posts I was fussing about. Why do You continue to try and discuss anything with idiot fans from other schools? Everyone in Their right mind knows not many schools come close to the football history in Tuscaloosa. CH this is not a knock on You , But please act like you been here before. Did you ever see Bear or Gene doing fist pumps , Or waiving a goofy towel? NO. Thats the type of fan every Bama fan should shoot to be IMHO.Let the play on the field, And the crystal balls do all of the talking for us. Stop lowering yourself with such nonsense.

  56. 75

    FBI usually doesn’t like to leak stuff before a major trial date. Oh well, we’ll see what happens in April.

    BTW, in the Under Armor game last night, I was pleasantly surprised by the play of the Sunseri kid. He may be a better player than I thought……

  57. 76

    Bamaborn you don’t know what you’re talking about. The FBI could care less about NCAA violations. They have their noses a mile up Barnies arse because of Lowders possible fraudulent bank failure and Lowder and others in the Barnie administrations possible links to organized crime relative to McGregor’s dog track and his election tampering. In the process there is little doubt that all of Barnies dirty laundry is on tape, and if as many supect, it includes Barnie recruits and athletes using unmarked bank cards and winning on fixed machines at McGregor’s place, then the evidence the NCAA needs is tied up in the FBI’s case and the NCAA won’t get shite from them until they have their targets in cuffs. So you impudent, inbred motherphuckers enjoy your once again as usual fraudulent shot at a championship. And then in a few months or a year or two you best give your souls to God, cause your arses will belong to the FBI and the NCAA. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  58. 77
    The Crimson Hammah

    the ohio state suspensions began with a law enforcement investigation last march of non players was kept under wraps til late december – au skank is deja vu all over again

  59. 79

    Its good to see you turds are still over here telling your bedtime fairy tales. Aint seen this much trailer park trash sitting around telling BS stories since they Jerry Springer was popular. This is amazing to say the least!Now here is the most ironic part about this so called FBI tapes arguement. If I was to say that there was nothing about Auburn on those tapes you choke artists would blow a gasket asking how do i know what was on said tapes, BUT you can sit and swear you have a”inside source” or ” you read somewhere” that Auburn was on the tape and the FBI and NCAA will shut down the Auburn program once and for all. You dont know S**T about whats really on the tapes. All this crap is wishfull thinking by lil bammers every where because their $5,000,000 savior can only manage a .500% Vs. Auburn. And Bamaborn bubba at the jiffy lube does not count as a “source”. No “JIM” will not meet you half way. Not my fault the 72 pinto will not make it to Montgomery. As far as you gumps not cheering for us come Monday…THANK YOU!!!! God knows the last thing we want is for the rest of the nation to think you mullet heads are Auburn fans. Besides why all the hard feelings? I mean we gave you a 24 point head start , and this is how yall treat us? Yall have my permision to return to your crimson circle jerk with BB and Hammah in the middle.

  60. 82

    Phuckface, nobody said what’s on the tapes! The simple fact is there are tapes and the FBI doesn’t wiretap a bunch of phucking crooks like Auburn’s good ole boys are known to be, for two years and not come up with lots of dirty shite. Sure, it’s speculation dumbass. But pretty damn good speculation. As for you, it’s easy to tell that you’re just another stupidass internet motherphucker who’s dumber than a box of rocks. but there are Aubies who are intelligent, wealthy and informed. Some of these people know what’s been going on over the years and they are worried to death. So it matters nothing what your ignorant assed internet whore of a mouth says. And by the way Braveheart Bastard, meet me at the T/A Travel Center at noon tomorrow – Friday Jan. 7th. I’ll be in a red and white baseball jersey and a 13 Times National Champion cap. Let’s find out what kind of Aubie POS you really are! RTR!

  61. 84

    ROFLMFAO!!! Do you know how many rednecks will be at that TRUCKSTOP wearing the very same thing that you decribed!! This is CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!! A bama fan saying” Hey boy meet me at the truckstop.” LMFAO Funniest thing I have heard in a While.Thanks man. Not even going to ask why you are at said truck stop…..maybe picking up one of the many “working girls” that roam that parking lot? Thats your business but anywho nice try you little ass clown. WDE!!!! and good luck with the ho’s!

  62. 86

    Speculation huh….more like RUMORS started by pissy bammers who are still in shock over the IB choke job that lil nicky just pulled off. RUMORS started by angry MSU boosters because even their money couldnt pull Cam in. RUMORS started by Website,TV,and Radio sports jocks because they know they can get easy ratings by pleasing a brain dead fan base such as bama’s. You gumps just dont get it. Your all are ignorant little sheep that will buy anything and everything if it sas bama or has a made up “13” NC on it. Why is it here we are after saban has brought in a so called 3 straight #1 Recruiting classes and still yall complain about quality depth and being “young”. Its because the Rivals and Scout sites know that bama fan will spend their last welfare dollar on a subscription if they talk highly of alabama. Its called being a salesman. Its truly sad, and it will never stop as long as you have people like BB, hammah, and crimsonite around. Be honest you three guys . How many times have you had to make the life altering decision…6 pack of cheap beer or Pay for Rivals because its “crooting” time? Oh by the way crimsonite…sorry about that crack about the ho’s…..didnt know you had family at the truckstop.

  63. 88

    Sounds like sour grapes from a motherphucker who’s already impregnated his little sister twice and aborted it with a stick. Jealous because your schools not worth a shit and nobody wants to buy any of their crap in the stores? You chickenshite little bastard child. You called Brando or any Bama man out to meet you in Montgomery. Well here I am cocksucker. No better place to stop for a good meal and a fight than Country Pride Restaurant and a Truckstop. You got a problem with getting your arse kicked at a truckstop? How about in front of a hospital so you’ll be closer to emergency care? You tell me where, you chickenshite motherphucker. But hurry the phuck up. I have important things to do. Come on chickenshite, come up with another excuse! This was your idea. Put up or shut up. Drag your faggot arse down here or get the phuck off of our board! RTR!

  64. 89

    334, still no response on the fact that Bama has 36 wins in 3 seasons. Where is the props? Give some credit where it is due. Auburn has never done it in their HISTORY. And I am talking about the past three years, not 50 years ago. So don’t try to twist the words around, Get it straight.

    And the FBI did wiretap some prominent Auburn boosters that ran the casino, and everyone knows the trouble Lowder is in. What does it look like when you have board members and big-time boosters affecting your program? Lowder is the reason Auburn was put on academic probation. The casino guys were shut down, and they were interfering in the state politics, paying off politicians. All these are known facts. It would be a shock to no one the depths of corruption these guys may be found guilty of. And you are hear painting all these people as moral and upstanding people, that live by the Auburn ‘creed’ which is a bunch of BS. Never seen an Auburn person affiliated with the program actually live by it.

    But way to go.
    Step 1: ignore the FACTS
    Step 2: Change the Subject
    Step 3: Skew partial FACTS into something that isn’t hard to swallow.
    Step 4: Call Bama fans names and say something about a dead coach from 30 years ago.
    Then you can be a complete Auburn fan. Oh yeah, and learn how to get the most out of a roll of butt paper when you roll a tree.

  65. 90

    You chickenshite out on this again and come back on here with another smartassed post I’m gonna have my brother in law in the FBI find your arse with your IP address and I’m gonna come over there and drag your arse out kickin and squealin like a little girl. Pussy!

  66. 91

    Come on Puss. I’m the only one here dressed in red and white. No other rednecks, right now and no whores either unless your mother is on the way over. Nothin here waitin on you but a good ole mullet type arse whuppin. Come on spineless Barnturd Beotch! RTR!

  67. 92

    That’s it. Nearly 3 hours here waiting For 334 and no show. I’m outta here. Now we know for certain what kind of lying, loudmouth, chickenshite, pansyassed beotches the Barnturd fans are. RTR!

  68. 93

    Brando, I’m sorry, but that was hilarious. The 4 steps to becoming a complete Auburn fan was pretty dang funny.

    I think the truth of it, made it even funnier.

  69. 94

    If you was at a truck stop for 3 hours they must have had one hell of a sale on ho’s. I see why you little ass monkeys are pissed. Lose your #1 RB, #1 QB , #1 DL, and your #1 WR and theres news about lil nicky might have cheated again. man yall have had a rough day . Then throw in the fact that Gov. Riley (Who by the way is the #1 guy after Victory Land) Announce there will be a Cam Newton Day in the state of Alabama. Wow there will be some Wife/cousin beating tonight in bama land!!!!THen throw in we are just 3 days from Auburn bringing that Crystal ball back (easy mullet heads I said Crystal BALL not Crystal meth. You can get that anywhere in your trailer parks but not from me)Oh and your littlle “36 games in 3 years” CGC will be at 22 wins in 2 years after monday and we got him alot cheaper then that PMSing midget yall call a coach. Now to your post about “meeting a bammer hick” wasnt my idea you little biotch. Scroll back up and see where “JIM” started the whole thing. I just didnt back down from him just like Im sure you didnt back down from darla’s buy one ho get one free sale today. Tell your brother in law in the FBI ( F**king Bama Inbred)I said hello. Love peace and truck stop anal grease bammers im gone till Tuesday. WAR CAM EAGLE!!!!!!!

  70. 95

    Yeah asswipe and we have 2 more who might go, unlike the Barnturds who never in their history had 3 juniors on the same team good enough to leave early, much less six. Hell, you’ve never had 6 seniors go pro. Unlike you pathetic bastards we’ll be better in 6 months whereas without Fartley and Cum Bucket you’ll be lucky to go 4-8, cause we have players #1A and #2 To replace all those #1’s we lost. Yeah, you have your Scam Newton day shithead. And why wouldn’t Riley and the rest of the crooks in the Alabama Government have a day to honor another crook? Maybe he can get McGregor to foot the bill and get all the crooks involved. It won’t be much of a celebration with only 20% of the state being for the Barnturds. And after the Ducks kill you there will be even less. Don’t be engraving your name on anything cause you’ll be giving it back shortly. Phucking morons. RTR!

  71. 96

    Cocksucker, you know way, way too much about truckstop whores. I haven’t the least bít of interest in hearing your explanation why. I guess like mama, like son. As for me, it’s an all you can eat restaurant. I had 2 delicious Patty Melt plates with fries, and hot tea with honey and lemon; while I played on the internet and waited on a chickenshit Barnturd Internet Rambo who never showed. As for truckstop whores, I never touch em. In fact I don’t touch any American girls. The regulars on this board know I live in Mexico. So I have little use for American girls bullshit. I live where the girls are young, beautiful, phuck first and talk later. But then you’re obviously an expert on truckstop whores. Oh and by the way, you won’t be back Tuesday. After the Ducks finish with your arses we’ll never hear from you again. RTR!

  72. 97

    had a little extra time on my hands while I waiton the NC game tomorrow figured I would look and see how many of you bammers have went suicidal over the last couple of great Auburn Days! I see or crimsonshite responded to my post with his typicl classless post. Let slook closely at what he had to say:

    “cause we have players #1A and #2 To replace all those #1′s we lost.” I couldnt agree with you more!!! Thats why I have been asking the question Did saban do less with more? You FULLY answered that for me so thank you for being man enough to say saban isnt the coach you thought he was.

    “And why wouldn’t Riley and the rest of the crooks in the Alabama Government have a day to honor another crook?” Was talking about Cam Newton day not Mark Ingram day….thats so last year.

    “It won’t be much of a celebration with only 20% of the state being for the Barnturds.” I agree with you about the 20% thats what makes Auburn’s recruiting class so Unbelievable! I mean we are so out numbered and still will sign the top 3 players in the state poss 4 of the top 5!!!!

    “As for me, it’s an all you can eat restaurant.” Um never been with a working irl but Im pretty sure you pay them to do things for you…not the other way around.

    “I had 2 delicious Patty Melt plates with fries, and hot tea with honey and lemon” Like I said not much exp. with the women of the night but I assume this is codewords for diff types of sexual acts they offer guys at this truckstop such as yourself.

    2 delicious patty melts…2 fat women named patty

    With fries….havent took a bath in weeks so they are extra greasey

    hot tea with honey and lemon…This is a little nasty I must say.

    also how do you know all of the women at the truck stop was american? you must have went at the very least window shopping to know this. anyway let me get back to this wonderfull weather and yall have a wonderfull night. Lord knows yall need one after CGC kicked the midget’s ASS in recruiting the last few days, and yall lost 99% of your already dreadfull returning offense for next season. Win or lose tomorrow night 2011 will be ANOTHER great year for Auburn football. Like crimsonshite was screaming at the truck stop :Im ALL IN !!! WDE!!!!

  73. 98
    Pistol Pete

    lmao – bama upstaging au at every turn roll tide commercial cap one beat down ua game dickson aa dee hart mvp poy saban espn pony express ingram heisman makes cam look like a worthless thug pos – my parents do things behind scenes = frost fiasco – au booed at suns game – au crootin – thayer articles – trials in april

  74. 99

    Wow pistol pete TRYING to come hard. Poor lil guy. He talks about a turd commercial that 99% of bama fans bitched about. Then brings up a MVP of Mr. Hart ..same person who will A). NEVER play running back at bammer. DB is his future. B). Guy broke 1 long run…please tell everyone here how the rest of the game went. C). Committed to bammer earlier in the week BUT saban asked this kid to de commit and re commit at the army game so bama could get a little positive news. D). goes to show you bammers dont really care about truth…wasnt the UNDER ARMOUR game you silly gump. Then brings up pony express….sorry dude but since the SMU days you might want to check to see which team has been investigated more by the NCAA. Now for the “frost fiasco” as you put it. Kid will be an Auburn Tiger no worries. Lets see bama’s #1 recruit jumps the sinking ship and lands at Auburn due to the classless act of the “bammah nashun” at the IB . The kid seen how much class bama has when they started the “son of a preacher man” and “take the money and run” music . He also witnessed the monoply money being thrown by the mullet wearing bammers. as far as thayer….F**k him. All he is doing is stirring up crap that he knows people like bammers will buy. It all boils down to the money he can make at your expense. Call it the finebaum theory. Trials in april = the bammers last hope. Pretty sad that you have to create something on message boards and in your local trailer park neigborhood meetings because you couldnt hold on to a 24 point lead. Biggest choke job in IB history…wonder if that will be on the cover of the bama 2011 media guide…doubt it because its 100% true.

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