Miss State blows out Michigan

What has happened? The world is turned upside down! Mississippi State demolished Michigan. Can we say Rich Rodriguez should have stayed in a smaller program? Details on the ass kicking below:


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    Rich Rod just never fit in the scheme of things in Ann Arbor. Its ok he will still be much sought after if he does get the ax. But who would replace him @ Michigan?
    Les MIles has shown he is an incompetent boob. Hows about Gus Malzahn? Nah. The guy is just plain creepy (even by Michigan standards he would be a bit too much.)
    Maybe out west. But then again I must digress, These days they know the Ted Bundy/ Gary Ridgeway types when they see them coming.
    Could this be the next big step for the Dean of Journeyman coaches, Houston Nutt?
    It will be hard work for Michigan to replace Rich Rod. Becasue most of the good coaches are taken,
    Look for Auburn to give Gene Chizik a raise to just slightly under $10 million a year and offer him a lifetime contract. You know what they say about fools and money.

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    Rich will be out and Mountaneer fans all over will rejoice. Enjoy the retirement Rich as it will be a long one. You worthless coach. As for Michigan, you stole a basketball coach and a football coach, may your poor showings continue, a pox on your programs.

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    I disagree. RichRod took a program that was on the downslide. Hadn’t beaten Ohio St in a lifetime. He put in a system completely opposite to the Michigan tradition, on a team full of players who could not perform in his system. The powers at Michigan knew this when they hired him. He’s only had 3 recruiting classes to change the material and 2 of those classes are sophomores, freshmen and redshirts. He has improved his record every year. The man is a good coach and deserves at least 5 years to get a veteran team under his system. If Michigan throws him under the bus right now they may as well crawl under there with him, cause whoever comes is going to need several years to revert back to the Michigan style. Whatever. Piss on ’em. Only one good Yankee in the whole country and we got ‘im. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

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    His ass is gone – Rich Rod – yeah I want to thank Rods wife for convincing him R-Town wasn’t the place for him.

    I’ll tell ya one thing – Coach Mullen has got that team believing DOR REAL. He’s still working with Croom’s players! I’ve never known a BAMA vs. Miss. St. game to be “easy” except for last year. Just glad we got em in Tuscaloosa this year.

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    Big Ten is way overated, has been for a long time. No one up there is willing to concede that the SEC is just a monster and has been for a while now. But teams like Auburn keep giving the SEC a black eye and justifying the claims the Big Ten fans all believe is true. Thanks Auburn! Maybe the PAC-10 will embarrass your team in front of everyone. Bama and Miss. St. represented well, so who cares if Auburn does? Go Ducks!

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