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    Iron Bowl for sure. i told someone today that if Auburn lost every game after the season (or every other game in the season) but we beat the Bammers, it would be a good season. nothing’s nicer than having bragging rights over Bammer friends and relatives.

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    Yeah I would say about the only thing that could save a coach from being fired after going 1-11 at Alabama is that one win being over Auburn.

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    IMO , Bama would like to call Auburn it’s rival. But in reality LSU and Georgia are bigger rivals…Bama is just too insignificant.

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    You’re an idiot!!! 13 MNC’s and 22 SEC championships and insignificant? LOL. If that is the case then the barn is way below insignificant!!! 37-21 Bama!!

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    Butt Plug just can’t help coming on here and acting a retarded arsehole. All 25 of the other Barner fans in the State of Alabama concur that Barnie only exists to beat Bama. Georgia and LSU to them isn’t even as big a rivalry as Tennessee and LSU are to us. What’s more we have become LSU’s biggest rival and Florida is Georgia’s biggest rival. If not for Bama there wouldn’t be anybody to hate Barnie worse than any other rival. We’re the reason they live. Bwaa Haww Haww! You stinking Goat Phucker’s ready for your beatdown? Ya’ll get out your razor blades and cyanide now ya heah! RTR!

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    You Bama fans seem nervous. Auburn’s got this one for sure, but it’s all good. Your pals at SC will avenge you in the championship! 🙂

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    We aren’t nervous fool. The Goat Phucker’s are nervous because they are fixing to lose their dream today. We’re just playing to get experiece for the BCSNC we’ll win next year. And dude, USCJr is NOT our friend. Spurrier hates Bama and the feeling is mutual. However, feel free to stomp the Goat Phucker’s arse if you can. We’ll be pulling for you especially if we lose. RTR!

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