Camgate important storyline in 2010 Iron Bowl

There are many storylines in this year’s Iron Bowl. One key story is the Cameron Newton recruiting scandal. Before we look at this week’s AP football picks, here is a key excerpt highlighting Auburn’s latest scandal.

AP: Then there’s Camgate.

The NCAA is looking into the recruitment of Auburn star quarterback Cam Newton after allegations by Mississippi State boosters that his father asked for money to send his son to play for that school.

As of now, Newton is expected to play. He’s the Southeastern Conference’s leading rusher, the nation’s second-most efficient passer and in just one year he’s made a case for being called the best quarterback in SEC history. Former Auburn coach Pat Dye, who coached Bo Jackson, has called Newton, “the best football player I ever saw.”

The Tide will provide his toughest test yet. Alabama has won 20 straight home games and leads the nation with 21 interceptions. Plus, coach Nick Saban and defensive coordinator Kirby Smart have some history of bottling up good running quarterbacks. Just ask Tim Tebow. Below you can find other storylines for this year’s Iron Bowl and picks for this week’s big games.


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    crimson hammah

    per sec office – lsu ark bama playing for west championship

    cam quits after 3rd hit…

    only person who cares less about au football than the hammah cam newton

  2. 2

    Former Auburn coach Pat Dye, who coached Bo Jackson, has called Newton, “the best football player I ever saw.”
    As if Pat Dye’s opinion would be fair or unbiased. Or even relevant to anyone outside of Lee county.

  3. 4

    Storyline: After starting 11-0, the Goat Phucker’s ended the 2010 season 11-3 and accomplished nothing. The outlook for the 2011 season looks dismal as they lose 24 seniors including the heart of an already pathetic defense, Nick Fartley. Even more disastrous was Scam Newton’s jump to the NFL to avoid the penalties surrounding his illegal recruitment, and Gus Malzhan abandoning them to take the head coaching job at Nebraska after Bo Pellini was fired for punching out the university Chancellor. The certain losing season which is fast approaching the Sleaziest Villiage of the Plains is surpassed in disappointment only by the impending threat of the imminent NCAA death penalty. RTR!

  4. 5

    Prophet yet again has this one buttoned up. I predicted alabama would not got west or east this year. I predicted 2 losses possibly 3. Prophet did not see Fig Newtons dominance however…that is more disturbing to me than anything…prophet loathes tumors corner and everything aubarn doesn’t stand for…with that said Prophet hates homers and delusional fans almost as much. Prophet says no loss is above or below CNS…see UAB and LM. So while he is a good coach and should give Scam a run for his money early. The defense that bends and breaks and the fast and furious RBs that have been stifled almost all year long and the QB that has more time to throw than anyone I have ever studied will get beat by 11 to 17 points in the end. If prophet is wrong and its rare, I will step down respectively and channel my energies in the financial or housing sector…. prophet hopes to step down. My record is stellar to say the least. Fran leaving, CNS coming days ahead, Ian Fitzsimmons leaving, Paul going to Jox, the list is endless bras. I also told you that the Legend was a bafoon when many were praising the homeboy. Last year was good, next year better, this year an uninspired team hit the field. I hope they ring his bell early or Prophet stays.

  5. 6
    crimson hammah

    i told u everything – payola II bama 12-0/09 14-0/9 a loss in 10 …camscam
    saban to bama….

    u can’t hold my jockstrap,

    the hammah

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