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    Really ???? Seams to me that every major media outlet seems to be backpeddling with the Cam hate….Even a few articles surfacing to defend him…. Keep on with these artciles showing the world “the truth”….Your blog is quickly losing what little respect it ever had….I bet you believe there are alien corpses in Roswell too…..

    Capstone Report = National Enquirer

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    crimson hammah

    agreed – they’ve earned destruction but the powers that be have decided it is in the best interest forthe state for au to survive at least in name with serious restrictions but no death penalty and no sec expulsion – the bama legistors will most likely make au survive

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    crimson hammah

    with the fbi involved the media has backed off a bit and just let it play out.per sec we will make a decision on cam at “end of the month (nov)”

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    crimson hammah

    2/3 analysts taking au – take the points lock of the millenium step au fans and get it at 4 5 the spread will go down

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