Greg McElroy talks about Rhodes Scholarship

The Alabama Crimson Tide released this statement from Greg McElroy:

Greg McElroy Statement Following Rhodes Scholarship Interview
“Even though I wasn’t selected for a Rhodes Scholarship, I am very proud to have had the opportunity to take part in the finalist interviews today in Birmingham. Just the chance to interview is a tremendous accomplishment in my life, and something that I will look back on with pride. I want to thank everyone at the University of Alabama for the way they have supported me in this process, and the belief they had in me. The University of Alabama has had a profound impact on my life and I will forever be grateful.”


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    almighty tmc1

    Meanwhile, In Lee County. Cam Newton says nothing at all. Because even though his family is poor they can all afford to lawyer up with some expensive attorneys. …….And his lawyer said to keep it down home cuz.

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    crimson hammah


  3. 3

    Joe Paterno’s son sent a nice artical to ESPN praising Greg McElroy who he got to know when Penn Stste was in T-Town. Said Greg’s the kind of person he would want his daughter to meet. Said it’s refreshing to see that with all the controversial athletes nowdays there is still someone who can bring class to a team and conference. Uh, did I hear Cumilla’s name mentioned? Nope, didn’t think so. RTR!

  4. 4

    Oh well, Greg. Guess you’ll have to settle for being the son of the vice-president of marketing for the freaking Dallas Cowboys.

    The Rhodes woulda been nice, but somehow I think you’re gonna make it in life, son.


  5. 8

    Some of you people are despicable. Greg Mcelroy is a good guy is probably a hell of a lot better than those who are making fun of him for not winning this scholarship. Well, even though he lost being a finalist for the Rhodes Scholarship is probably better than what a lot of you have done. And those of you using this as an opportunity to ridicule Cam Newton are equally shameful. Its funny that some of you actually go to church on Sundays while you spend the rest of your time basking in the misfortune of others. And if you think everyone on Alabama’s team is as smart and clean cut as Mcelroy you are sorely mistaken.

  6. 13

    OUR quarterback was a finalist for the Rhodes Scholarship…..

    Their quarterback is being investigated by the FBI and the NCAA.

    Enuff said. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!

  7. 15

    I can’t wait to hear how you guys will defend Mettenberger. DUI and sexual battery are just a tad worse than buying a stolen computer.

  8. 17

    We haven’t signed Mettenberger dumbarse, and probably won’t. We’ve got top QB’s coming out of our arse and don’t need him. He will go somewhere that he can play fast. But I’ll tell you what. The criminal element in college football is getting to be so phucking bad that every school needs a gawddamn lockup on campus. In my opinion the NCAA needs to make a rock solid rule that any athlete who has been arrested either before or during attending college, irregardless of plea bargains or expunged records are forever ineligible. To be eligible they would have to be tried and found not guilty of anything more than a non-criminal misdemeanor. It’s time to clean this shite up. RTR!

  9. 18

    The point is that Alabama offered him a scholarship. To hear the way you people have talked about Newton, you would think that the Univeristy and Seminary of Alabama didn’t want anyone with a questionable past.

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    crimson hammah

    alabama will clean the kid up – newton b/c of scumbag dad was unredeemable for a college career = saban as time has proven was dead on

  11. 20

    Comical on the Aubarn posts.

    The nation gets the last laugh on the beta program – I thank McElroy for his services. I hope he’s got zip on it – that is the game changer – as simple as that.

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